51 Sexy Things to Do While You’re Stuck Inside During the Corona Outbreak

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Written by Beducated Magazine

We all know being stuck at home can be tough. Itching for things to do that don’t revolve around scrolling through your social media! Amidst all the chaos out in the world, ahem – coronavirus – ahem, you want to keep things sexy, safe and sane while you’re indoors, right?

That’s why, here at Beducated, we’ve decided to help you itch that scratch with 51 fun things to try out – so hopefully you’ll never get too bored, and may even learn a thing or two along the way.

Here Are 51 Things to Do When You Need to Stay at Home

1. Clean Your Sex Toys

We’ve all done it. Used a toy and left it on the side to be cleaned later (and forget to). Now’s your chance to clean them all – it’s also a good idea to clean them regularly to keep them in good condition. Plus, once clean, you can always have a cheeky play.

2. Give Yourself a Juicy Labia Massage

Get super intimate with this one. Grab some of your favourite lube and get stuck in there. With no goal in mind, except total relaxation, you can just enjoy indulging in your juicy outer lips…

3. Get that Vibrator that You’ve Always Dreamed Of

Having laid out your toy collection, you suddenly notice, hmm – there’s something missing. That G-Spot vibrator you’ve always wanted, but never committed to getting. Just get it! You’ll thank yourself later.

4. Take a Beducated Online Course

We have a range of courses for you to choose from – in total making up to more than 100 lectures of essential sex information, along with real practical advice, to become the expert lover you always wanted to be.

5. Start a Yoni Egg Practice

Yoni egg practices are great for maintaining your pelvic floor health. What better time to start than now! Get started with our extensive article on Yoni Eggs.

6. Netflix, of Course!

Grab the popcorn and watch a new series. Re-watch old faves. Oh, and don’t forget the side of chill. Download the new Netflix Party chrome extension to group watch shows.

7. Do a Lingerie Photoshoot

Who said being home alone wasn’t fun? Dig out all your old lingerie. Yes, even that red thong you haven’t worn in years. Check yourself out in the mirror, and to hell with it, take some fun selfies. These are for your eyes only… except the really good ones – those you can share with your lover, or friends!

8. Learn How To Have Heavenly Anal Sex

Even if you’re hesitant about this one – you don’t actually have to do it! Did you know your butt has thousands of delicious nerve endings? Learn all about the dos and don’ts, the ifs and butts, of your derriere delights here.

9. Get a Sex Swing

Didn’t you always want one of these? Bring some added fun into your solo and couple play with a sex swing!

10. Get a Sex Pillow

When it comes to hitting the G-spot, it’s all about the angles! Sex pillows are made so you can toss awkward sex aside and get into the position you actually want to be in.

11. Listen to a Podcast

While your spring cleaning your sex toys, or taking those naughty selfies, stick on a podcast about something you’ve always wanted to learn! A couple of our sex-themed faves include: The Butterfly Effect; My Dad Wrote a Porno and Sex Ed with DB!

Things to do Corona Headphones

12. Make a Sexy Playlist

What songs really turn you on? Take the time to dig out some of your most aurally arousing tunes. Need some inspiration? Think Usher, In This Club or start with the Fifty Shades Soundtrack – and you can’t go too wrong.

13. Have a Sensual Bathroom Soiree

Maybe you are too afraid to play your sexy playlist during sex? Run that bath, add your essential oils, turn up the volume and give it a test run as you sensually touch yourself under the bubbles!

14. Start With Tantra

Not sure what Tantra is all about? Check out our ultimate beginners guide to give you the low down.

15. Try Out New Sex Positions

Thought oysters were an aphrodisiac? You haven’t seen anything yet. This Viennese Oyster sex position is bound to get you going.

16. Check out Life Drawing

You don’t have to be the next Botticeli to be able to pick up a pencil and jot down a sketch. Try drawing your partner – naked if they are willing – or a self portrait in front of the mirror or from your earlier photoshoot.

17. Do Yoga

Not only does Yoga help to calm the nervous system and keep you fit, did you know that there are also specific Yoga poses that can improve your sex life? Check out these 7 poses.

18. Or Do Yoga…In the Nude!

Bonus challenge, try stripping off and do your yoga practice in the nude! Aside from feeling free from constricted clothing, bonus effects of trying this out in front of the mirror can be yummy body confidence and hella self love for all your lumps, bumps and textures. Your body is beautiful!

19. Have a Hands-Free Orgasm

Okay this does take practice! But the mind is very powerful, the most powerful sex organ in the body, some say. Read all about it, and see how far your mind can take you!

20. Try Prostate Massage

Perhaps you or your partner struggles with erectile dysfunction, a really common experience! Prostate massage is one of the known ways to overcome penile issues. Plus, the orgasmic benefits are explosive.

21. Handle These Blue Balls

Take it from a monk… It is totally possible to live without ejaculating – and no, your balls won’t explode. Depending on how far you’re willing to go, here’s some tips to help you along the way!

22. Try a Testicle Massage

Okay, if Blue Balls are not your bag of tea, we’ve got some awesome massage techniques to stimulate them.

Things to do Corona Couple Couple hugging in bed

23. Invent Your Own Board Game

How many people are you stuck at home with? What will the theme of your game be? What will your pieces look like? How do you win? The options are endless! Do make sure someone can actually win though… creating a new Monopoly isn’t fun for anyone.

24. Work on Yourself

We all have our inner demons that we are too afraid to face. We spoke with a healer who taught us about ‘shadow work’, and a simple practice that you can do in the comfort of your home to guide you to loving yourself more deeply!

25. Paint a Genital Self Portrait

Speaking of deep love. Have you ever gazed at your own genitals? How about drawing them? For many people this can bring up a lot of emotions due to the shame we associate with our sexuality. Just grab a mirror, your paper and pencils and practice kindness towards your most intimate body part.

26. Erotic Embroidery is also a Thing!

Taking up a new skill like stitching can be a great way to pass the time. Get inspiration from Instagram artists such as @JazMoodie and @IceCream.Taco

27. Have a Zoom Karaoke Party with Friends

Tired of singing in your room alone, and don’t have a balcony to sing from? Get all your friends, family, loved ones to join you in a Zoom call and sing to hearts content. Just make sure you all have a decent connection…

28. Repot Your Plants

Just as you’d care for a pet, or even a child, repotting your plants is providing your babies with fresh nutrients and a new comfy home. Nurture them, and help them grow into beautiful adults that blossom and bloom in your home.

29. Survive Long Distance Relationships

If you are stuck far away from your partner, try these 6 tips to help you survive the time apart, from sexting to sexy care packages! Fill it with anything from chocolate and sensual bath bombs, or nipple clamps and a vibrator.

30. Have Phone Sex

Hey there cunning linguist. Why not practice your dirty talking and give them a call? Filthy tip: Tell them what you’d like to do to them, or them to you, using each of the five senses. E.g. I’d like to watch you undress for me; I can’t wait to taste you; I love it when you squeeze my ass hard.

31. Use Long Distance Smart Vibrators

Even better! Control their pleasure long distance with a remote control vibrator. The official name for these is ‘Teledildonics’ and you can sync your smartphone to the toy and control it locally via Bluetooth or from the other side of the world via WiFi. How crazy sexy is that? Just jump on a video call at the same time to make it extra fun.

32. Make a Homemade Dildo

It’s time to get super creative with your playtime and make your own sex toy. Buy some clay. Mould it. Bake it. Cool it. Wrap it up in a condom. Dollop on some lube and ride all the way into Pleasure Town. Experiment with different shapes, making every time unique.

33. Masturbate, Masturbate, Masturbate!

How many times do we need to tell you: Masturbation is good for you! Release those endorphins, boost your immune system and enhance your sleep. Just check out our guide to pleasuring yourself for some extra sensual suggestions.

Things to do Corona Women Legs in Bed

34. Give Yourself a Delicious Breast Massage

There are many benefits of regular breast massage, including firmer breasts along with the release of yummy hormones! Quick, where’s the oil?

35. Empower Your Partner!

Okay, so you’ve totally empowered yourself with all these self pleasure practices – if you have a male partner, he’s probably getting a little jealous! Here are 8 ways you can empower him too.

36. Learn about Alternative Contraception

Running out of condoms? From Tantra to fertility apps, here’s a few ideas to prevent pregnancy during your sweet, sweet babymaking… I mean… lovemaking!

37. Learn ‘Active Listening’

Woah, have you ever spoken to your partners feet? With this compassionate listening activity, your intuition will deepen, and, likely, so will your partnership.

38. If It Really Doesn’t Work Out, End It!

Maybe being stuck indoors with your partner is really bringing up a lot of underlying issues you didn’t even know existed! Check this guide on when to end a relationship.

39. Meditate with Your Partner

Ever heard of bio-resonance meditation? Nope? Well if you’re looking to sync your vibe with your partner’s, bring harmony to your relationship dynamic (we could all use a little more of that, don’t we?) and deepen intimacy – then give this a go.

40. Try Bodypainting

Whoever you’re stuck at home with, this can be a fun one to try out. Get as naked as you feel comfortable (or as comfortable as getting paint on your clothes), and paint on each other’s bodies! Don’t forget to take a snap after!

41. Watch Porn

There’s no shame in it! Try exploring different categories from what you are used to and expand your pleasure palette. Maybe even exchange your favourite videos with your partner.

42. Write Some Erotica

Let your imagination run wild and jot down some of your favourite fantasies… Who knows where they could lead to – an orgasm, or two, or even published for others to climax!

Things to do Corona Couple in Bed reading

43. Start Your Own Online Book Club

Not the writing type? Dig out those books you never got round to reading, or invest in some new ones. You can even set up a weekly online book club to keep you motivated! However, the hotter the story, the more self-motivated you are likely to be.

44. Pay for Your Porn

In an industry of freely accessible adult content, it’s important that you at least sometimes pay for your porn. There are some gorgeous high quality videos out there, some designed by women for women – such as FrolicMe. Or support your favourite stars on Patreon, and maybe even get some custom-made content!

45. Make Your Own Porn

Feeling like making love? Oh, and showing it off? MakeLoveNotPorn is a site where real couples share their real homemade videos!

46. Listen to Audio Porn

Close your eyes and let the sounds of pleasure take you on a journey. Sites such as Femtasy and Quinn, or apps such as Dipsea, Emjoy and Ferly all have some fantastic aural sex to tantalize your ears.

47. Have Sex During Daytime

Who said sex was for nighttime only? All day, everyday. Here are some of the benefits of daytime playtime.

48. Learn to Give Mind-Blowing Blowjobs

We’re not doubting your skills, but there is always room for mind-blowing blow job techniques to be learnt! Check out our Blow Job Course and our list of reasons why they can be crucial for a healthy relationship.

49. Get that Hitachi Magic Wand That People Rave About

Invest in your pleasure with the wand that packs a powerful punch. You won’t be disappointed – just read our review.

50. Give Your Partner an Erotic Massage

Sex is great and all… but have you tried these erotic massage techniques?!

Things to do Corona Tattoed Couple in Bed Cake

51. Explore BDSM

Try out our Rope Bondage or the Dominance & Submission courses to up your game in the bedroom. The secret to getting it right is learning about the dynamics, understanding the psychology, setting the scene and the oh-so important aftercare!

So there we have it. 51 things to try while you’re stuck at home! We hope you enjoy them, and at least give a few a go. We’re sure you can think of even more to explore if you just use your imagination.

During this strange time, make sure you stay safe, sane and sexy.

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