Lack of Soul-To-Soul Connection? Try This Bio Resonance Meditation

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Would you like to experience a more intimate connection with your partner?
Are you up for something new?

If you read some of our articles about Tantra, breast massages or the Yoni Massage, you’re quite beducated already!

But this is just the beginning, the very first bite of a delicious meal that is served right in front of you. There is so much more to explore. To give you some inspiration and widen your horizon a little more, we’d like to share the following meditation with you.

Tantra Master Ma Ananda Sarita studied Tantra with Osho for more than 25 years and learned many beautiful techniques. One of those is the Bio-Resonance Meditation that we love to share with you.

The Bio-Resonance Meditation

It helps you to sync your vibe with your partner’s one, brings harmony to the male-female dynamic (we could all use a little more of that, don’t we?) and deepens intimacy.

Note: You can try this meditation with your partner or a friend and simply adopt the positions to what feels right for you. It might sound a bit woo-woo at first, so take it as an experiment, take it easy and dare to try something different.

There is always something to experience that you never thought of before.

How does it work?

Prepare a space for your meditation practice. Light some candles, make sure to not be disturbed by others or your phone or important appointments before or after it. It’s easier to tune in if the mind feels like being allowed” to relax. Set the time and space for your needs and preferences.

Phase 1:

(10 minutes) Sit opposite your partner, with your palms touching and fingers resting lightly on your partner’s wrists. With your eyes closed, and breathing normally, simply witness your breathing, your mind, and your emotions as an impartial observer.

This position automatically creates harmony in the bio-electricity within your own body, and between you and your partner.

Phase 2:

(3 minutes) Simultaneously, together, place the middle finger of your right hand on your partner’s heart chakra, in the center of the chest. This creates a heart resonance between you.

Phase 3:

(3 minutes) Simultaneously, each of you, place the middle finger of your right hand on your partner’s third eye center, between the eyebrows. This will create a resonance in your intuition.

Phase 4:

(10 minutes)  With your palms touching and fingers resting lightly on your partner’s wrists, create a resonance of the voice by humming together. Humming activates the crown chakra and the central channel, bringing an awakening of spiritual energy.

Phase 5:

(10 minutes) Take turns to touch the whole of your partner’s body, wherever you can reach. The touch is loving and firm, anchoring the resonance in the physical body. Then caress your partner’s aura with your hands, around the physical body. The receiving partner sits with eyes closed and in silence throughout.

Phase 6:

(10 minutes) You can both have your eyes open or closed at this stage. Either remain seated opposite each other or move into the Yab Yum position, with the Lingam (=penis) inside the Yoni (=vagina) or not as you wish.

If the Lingam is inside the Yoni, you are not moving towards genital release, but simply relaxing together in the state called plugging in”.

Now enter into a phase of circular breathing.

For the first 5 minutes, the man breathes out through his Lingam. As he does so, the woman inhales the breath through her Yoni, raises the breath upward, and breathes out through her heart.

As she does so, the man breathes in through his heart, allows the breath to descend, and breathes out through his Lingam, and so on. If you wish, one of you can show the breathing circle through hand gestures.

For the next 5 minutes, reverse the breathing circle. The woman breathes out through her Yoni as the man breathes in through his Lingam. He raises the breath and then breathes out through his heart. As he does so, the woman breathes in through her heart, allows the breath to descend, and then breathes out through her Yoni, and so on.

This phase activates the main positive poles in both partners and also helps to awaken their inner male and inner female aspects so that the experience of transformation through Tantra can flower.

Phase 7:


Look into each other’s eyes, and then bow down, crown chakras touching, to express your gratitude for this shared meditation. Notice how your body now feels after the meditation and take a while in silence to enjoy this relaxed state with your partner.

How do you see your partner now? What changed between you? Is there something new?

Share your experience with each other and be grateful for this new experience together.

You’ll be able to learn more about how to merge sexuality, love and spirituality with Tantra Master Sarita in her upcoming Masterclass: Sign up here!

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