Don’t Forget the Balls: A Guide to Testicle Massage

Couple into Testicle Massage
Written by Molly Lazarus

When it comes to genital massage for men, cock often gets all the attention. There’s ample info out there about lingam massage and how to pleasure penises, but let’s not forget the balls, friends!

Tao masters consider massaging the scrotum to be one of the most important steps for men looking to transform their sexual energy.

Testicle massage offers other health benefits too, including improved circulation, increased sperm count, higher sex drive, better orgasms, and more.

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You might feel a bit nervous about attempting to give your partner a scrotum massage, as balls can be mysterious things for us nutsack non-havers. Some guys love having their testicles touched, while others might feel neutral or even nervous about the sensation.

Not to worry! In this article, we’ll provide some great tips and techniques for performing an amazing testicle massage.

What You’ll Need to Give a Great Ball Massage

  • A clean and incredibly soft cloth or hand towel
  • A bowl of warm water
  • A mat or towel for your man to lie on during the massage
  • Oil (Jojoba, almond, and coconut are popular choices)
  • (Optional) An oil-based lubricant

How to Give an Amazing Testicular Massage

1. Warm Up.

Warm up the entire scrotum to loosen the skin and increase blood flow to the area.

Soak your cloth or towel in warm water and wrap it around your partner’s balls for around 5 minutes. Alternatively, you could have him sit in a sauna or take a relaxing hot bath.

2. Cover the Area in Oil.

Have your man lie down on a mat or towel and begin to relax.

Start by rubbing a generous amount of the oil or lube of your choice over the entire surface of the scrotum, including the taint.

Don’t worry about getting messy here! Your partner can enjoy washing his nutsack after the massage for a squeaky-clean wrap-up.

3. Massage the Area Around the Scrotum.

Don’t go all in just yet.

Tantalize your partner a bit by massaging his taint, inner thighs, hip bones, and even his cock.

Once this area is awakened, he’ll be able to focus his full attention on relaxing and receiving pleasure during the massage.

4. Separate the Testicles.

You’ll want to be able to massage both of the testicles individually, so make sure to create some space around them.

To do this, use your thumb and two fingers to massage between your partner’s balls with an extremely gentle pumping motion. A soft touch is key here!

5. Awaken and Massage the Base of the Scrotum.

Find the area where your man’s ball sack connects with the rest of his body and massage there with well-oiled fingers.

You can also pull on the scrotum a bit (again, very gently!) to give the skin a slight stretch.

Ball stretching is said to improve testicle health and give the area more aesthetic appeal.

6. Massage the Testicles Using Different Techniques.

There are a variety of ways to touch your partner’s testicles during the massage. Try one or all of these on for size:

  • The ‘running water’ technique: Simply run your fingers lightly across the entire scrotum, applying little to no pressure.
  • The ‘soft squeeze’ technique: Exactly what it sounds like! Give each individual testicle a slight squeeze from a few different angles, using minimal pressure. Again, be as gentle as possible, unless your partner requests otherwise.
  • The ‘rub’ technique: Grab the entire scrotum in the palms of both of your hands and use your thumbs to rub the skin of the scrotum over the balls underneath. Pull your thumbs out and away from one another, or make small, circular motions.
  • The ‘light scratch’ technique: If you’ve got nails and your partner digs the sensation, drag them around the surface of the scrotum, applying minimal to no pressure. This should feel less like an actual scratch and more like a firm-but-pleasurable tickling sensation.
  • The ‘gentle tapping’ technique: Grasp your partner’s penis and pull it upwards. With the fingertips of your other hand, gently tap the testicles, so that they bounce up and down.
  • The ‘palm rolling’ technique: Pour a good amount of oil or lube onto your palms. Grasp and lift the penis with one hand and use the palm of the other hand to cup the testicles. Roll them around in circles.

7. Check in Often.

By understanding what feels best to your partner and his unique nutsack, you’ll be able to provide him with the best experience while massaging his sensitive man bits.

Feedback is your friend here.

Check in with your partner often during the massage by asking him if what you’re doing feels good, whether he’d like you to apply more or less pressure, and so on.

Some people can feel shy, or even afraid, when it comes to expressing how they do or don’t like to be touched.

You can encourage open communication in your relationship by responding positively when your partner speaks up.

Consider thanking him when he gives you feedback during the massage.

8. Give It Another Go!

Practice makes perfect, and the benefits of scrotal massage are strongest when it’s performed regularly, so make it a ritual if your man is keen.

It can become a type of foreplay or a pre-sleep tradition in your bedroom.

And hey, fellow vagina-havers!

Ask your man to return the favor with an amazing yoni massage for you if that seems like something you might like.

All that’s left to do now is give testicle massage a try! May your man’s balls melt with pleasure in the palms of your hands.

(For the purpose of aiding readability, the author has chosen to use gender-specific nouns and pronouns in this article. Please note, however, that Beducated acknowledges and includes all genders in its work.)

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