Hitachi Magic Wand Review: What’s All the Buzz About?

Molly Lazarus
Written by Molly Lazarus

The words “I can’t” are a deadly impediment to climax. Before hearing about the Hitachi Magic Wand, I used to say them all the time.

“I can’t have multiple orgasms. It’s impossible.”
“I can’t squirt. My body doesn’t know how.”
“I can’t possibly come right now. I’m not in the mood.”
“I can’t come in under 5 minutes. I always take forever.”

Beliefs like this were hurting my sex life, and I know I’m not the only one impacted by this kind of thinking. Psychological barriers keep a ton of people, especially women, from coming as often or easily as they’d like.

One experience with the Magic Wand Original (formerly the Hitachi Magic Wand,) shattered those ideas and showed me my body was capable of unspeakable things.

In this Magic Wand review, I’ll give you the scoop on the world’s most powerful vibrator so you can know what all the buzz is about.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Vibrator


There’s nothing worse than dropping a wad of cash on a toy only to discover that it’s weak or to have it break within a month. You want a vibrator that will make you come until you feel satisfied, every time, without fail. It should be effective, pleasurable, and durable.

The Magic Wand satisfies all these requirements. It’s pretty much impossible not to come quickly with this toy grinding against your clit.

Intention for Use

Where do you want to use your vibrator? Inside your body, outside your body, or both? Do you intend to use it in water? Do you plan to carry it in your bag or leave it at home? These are all questions to take into account.

If you’re seeking external stimulation, a Magic Wand will be your clit’s new best friend.

It’s not the best choice if you’re seeking G-spot or prostate orgasms, as the head is too wide for safe and comfortable internal use.

There are a number of attachments you can buy to accomplish those goals, however. You can check these 5 Magic Wand Attachments to Inspire Orgasmic Magic.


How much intensity are you looking for? Even the lower setting of the Magic Wand packs quite a punch. This might be too much for you if your clitoris is extra sensitive.

There are a lot of wand vibrator brands out there, some of which are more or less powerful than the Magic Wand Original. We’ll introduce a couple of alternatives later in the article.


Understand that the Magic Wand Original and other vibrators of similar power can cause desensitization over time. You may even develop a dependency on the toy and require it to climax.

This numbness isn’t likely to be permanent, however. Ease up on usage or switch to another type of toy and full feeling will eventually return.

Magic Wand Original

Magic Wand Review

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Hitachi Magic Wand

This toy, the world’s most widely revered wand vibrator, was known for years as the Hitachi Magic Wand before being rebranded as the Magic Wand Original in 2014.

It was created in Japan and initially marketed in the U.S. in 1968 as a device for relieving tension in aching muscles. It’s 12 inches long, AC-powered, comes with two different intensity settings, and has a silicone head diameter of 2.25 inches.

The wand has the potential to overheat if it’s used for over 25 minutes at a time, so you’ll need to switch it off and allow it to cool down at that point. You won’t need to use it for nearly that long though, trust me!


  • It doesn’t come in the shape of a dick, pussy, or anything else that would overtly make it look like a sex toy.
  • It’s famous for its incredible effectiveness. In 2008, the Scientific World Journal published a peer-reviewed study conducted by Pia Struck and Søren Ventegodt about chronic anorgasmia (difficulty reaching orgasm) in women. The results showed that 93% of participants came while using the Magic Wand.
  • It’s reliable. It plugs right into the wall to zap up power, so it won’t weaken or run out of battery over time. It’s also known for its durability. Many buyers of the Magic Wand report being able to use it for years.
  • It was originally designed as a massage tool and can be used to relieve pain and tension all over the body.
  • It’s super fun for kinky play if forced orgasms happen to be your thing.
  • It comes with a 1-year quality warranty.


  • It’s pretty loud. Your housemates will be able to tell exactly what you’re doing.
  • The sensation can be too intense for some women when used directly on the clit.
  • The silicone head is not compatible with silicone lube.
  • It’s not waterproof, so you can’t use it in the tub or shower. You’ll also need to be extra careful just to wash the head while you clean it.
  • It can be addictive and dull the sensitivity of your clit over time.
  • It’s got a power cord that needs to be plugged into an outlet, which is pretty inconvenient considering that most modern toys are cordless.

Magic Wand Rechargeable

Magic Wand Review

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Hitachi Magic Wand Rechargable Review

This is the new and improved version and it shouldn’t be missed in any magic wand review. It can be plugged in or used cordlessly, allowing you to take it anywhere while still matching the strength of the Original. Other upgrades include the Magic Wand Rechargeable’s additional intensity levels.


  • Cordless
  • Comes with 4 intensity levels and 4 vibration patterns
  • All the other pros of the original version


  • All the cons of the original version, aside from the cord

Benefits & Features of the Magic Wand

Amazing, (Practically) Guaranteed Results

I can’t overstate the intensity of this vibrator and its orgasmic sorcery.

The first time it was used on me, I had already come once and was sure I was done. Until that day, I had never experienced multiples or squirting.

All that changed when my boyfriend at the time grabbed his Hitachi, held me down, and wrenched orgasms from my body until I physically couldn’t handle it anymore.

It was torturous and spiritually cleansing, just the way I like it.

(Of course, not everybody likes it like that. Please be sure to negotiate your preferences and limits with your partner before diving into BDSM-focused play and always have a safeword on hand.)

My point is, your mind loses its control over your orgasm while your body is being hijacked by the Magic Wand’s vibrations.

Nothing can get in the way of its power. Your body will achieve heights of pleasure you never realized it was capable of. This is great for anyone who has trouble climaxing, even women who are post-menopausal or have never had an orgasm in their life.

The Best Quality on the Market

The Japanese are known worldwide for their commitment to good craftsmanship, and the Hitachi is no exception. You can buy the Magic Wand from a variety of online retailers offering different prices. This vibe is well worth the money as it comes with a 1-year warranty, though its lifespan is likely to last much longer.

A Subtle Design

I’ll be honest. Anatomical sex toys kinda freak me out. I don’t want to get off with anything that looks like a dick, vulva, or human being. I want real humans or non-human-like toys. Nothing in between!

That’s just my preference, of course, but it’s one of the reasons I love the Hitachi. It’s got a subtle design, so only other sex lovers will see it and imagine you rolling it over your clit while howling in ecstasy. Nobody else will pick up on your secret. “Oh a massager, you say? Cool.”

A Great Tool for Bondage Play

The Hitachi is a beloved toy in the kink community, where bondage and orgasm control go hand in hand. For inspiration on how to combine Magic Wand fun with BDSM, check out some tutorials on vibrator bondage for orgasm control.

An Array of Attachments

There’s a whole market out there of attachments made specifically to fit over the head of the Magic Wand and add additional stimulation, such as:

  • penetration targeting the G-spot or prostate
  • different colors and shapes
  • textures or materials that mimic oral sex or other sensations

The possibilities are endless, so take a look!

What Magic Wand Fans Have to Say

As I mentioned, people around the world have LOVED this toy since its release in the 60s. As recently as 2016, Time Magazine included the Hitachi Magic Wand in its list of the “Top 10 Most Influential Gadgets of All Time.” Fairvilla, a leading adult retailer in Florida, even threw a party to celebrate the Hitachi’s 50th birthday.

The fact that the Magic Wand has helped thousands, if not millions of women get off over the years has cemented its name as a symbol of women’s empowerment and liberation

. It’s even inspired a whole Tumblr blog of fantastic historical Photoshop art. Take a looksie!

Alternatives to the Magic Wand

As revolutionary as the Magic Wand may be, it’s certainly not the best choice for everyone. You might consider these other options if you’re thinking of splurging on a high-end sex toy.

The Womanizer

Magic Wand Alternatives

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Oral Sex Toy Womanizer Premium Clitoral Stimulator

This clitoral stimulator is much quieter than the Magic Wand, but similarly powerful. It’s also contact free, so you don’t need to worry about burning out your clit’s nerve endings with long-term use.

It comes with a wider variety of settings than the Magic Wand and is waterproof, making it easy to clean or use in the tub. Its only drawback, really, is its high price.


  • Comes with 12 stimulation modes with different intensity levels
  • Has an ‘autopilot’ mode that will take your clit on an unpredictable journey
  • Has a Smart Silence body sensor that automatically powers the toy on and off when it’s near or away from the body
  • Patented Pleasure Air Technology stimulates the clit without contact
  • Fully waterproof and can be used in a bath, shower, or pool
  • Made from ABS plastic with body-friendly silicone tips
  • Rechargeable and good for up to 4 hours of power
  • Helps users orgasm fast


  • Expensive, with products ranging from $80~$300

The Lelo Mia 2

Magic Wand Alternatives

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Hitachi Magic Wand Review Lelo Mia 2

This handy little vibe is smaller and quieter than the Magic Wand, but provides similarly powerful direct stimulation. It’s also cordless, USB rechargeable, ergonomically designed, and totally waterproof.


  • Comes with 6 different speeds and 5 different stimulation patterns
  • Small and very easy to transport
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty
  • USB rechargeable and good for up to 2 hours of power


  • Uses direct contact to stimulate the clit, meaning it could cause numbness over time

Other Wand Vibrators

If you like the Magic Wand, but are looking for less intensity and a lower price, the Mystic Wand is a good alternative.

If, however, you want even MORE power than the Magic Wand and are willing to drop a bit more cash into your sex-toy fund, the Doxy might be a good choice for you.

Both of these toys are quieter than the Magic Wand and come equipped with a wider variety of speeds. They’re also both free of phthalates, which are groups of chemicals commonly used as plasticizers in consumer products. Hooray for body-friendly materials!

Mystic Wand Vibrator

Wand Vibrators

  • Quality
  • Price
  • Our Rating
Hitachi Magic Wand Review Mystic Wand Vibrator by Vibratex


  • Cheaper than the Magic Wand
  • Less intense than the Magic Wand
  • Splashproof
  • Comes with a warranty
  • Made with body-safe phthalate-free, non-porous materials
  • Comes with 6 functions offering different levels of intensity
  • Completely cordless and battery powered
  • Easy to clean


  • Because it’s battery powered, it’s also not the most environmentally friendly choice
  • Like other wands, it could dull your clit over time
  • It's not as powerful as the original Magic Wand, so it might not be enough for you.

Doxy Massage Wand Vibrator:

Wand Vibrators

  • Quality
  • Price
  • Our Rating
Hitachi Magic Wand Review Doxy Massage Wand Vibrator


  • It’s extra powerful
  • Made with body-safe phthalate-free, non-porous materials
  • Easy to clean
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty


  • Extra expensive
  • Can’t be used around running water at all
  • Not cordless
  • The power increases from one to the next setting can be a big jump and too much for many.
  • It's 30% stronger that the Hitachi, which is already very powerful. This can be too much for many clits.

Ready to Give Wand Vibrators a Try?

Honestly, there’s no reason to go through life without great orgasms when sex toys like the Magic Wand exist.

If you’re ready to level up and experience the full extent of your body’s pleasure potential, you won’t go wrong with the Magic Wand or one of its alternatives.

But beware! It is possible to have too much of a good thing. Power that buzzy sucker off once in a while to give it and your clit a rest, for god’s sake. Don’t forget to get outside and live your life!

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