6 Creative Tips For A Thriving Long Distance Sex Life

Thriving Long Distance Sex Life
Written by Jennifer Craig

For most couples, sex and physical intimacy is an essential part of their relationship.

The process is generally the same for any couple: the rip-your-clothes-off-at-any-opportunity stage of a blossoming relationship soon settles into the comfortable should-we-just-do-missionary-again stage with the odd dash of sexual experimentation in between.

But when it comes to long distance relationships, getting down to business is a whole different board game.

The luxury of spontaneity that close proximity couples take for granted is something couples don’t get to experience. There’s no opportunity to turn bedtime cuddles into a spur of the moment sexy-time, nor do arguments end in that oh-so-good makeup sex.

When long-distance couples do the deed, it can often be a military operation in terms of logistics…but done right, it can be some of the best sex couples will ever experience.

Here are 6 creative ways that long-distance lovers can get down.

1. Get Your Sext On

You may think that sexting is nothing special, but there’s an art to this that will turn the regular dick pic or ‘what are you wearing’ texts into the supercharged messages that will skyrocket your sex life.

Here’s the deal, instead of texting one another as yourselves, adopt a persona to text with. Give your personas personalities and stay in character.

Does your persona like S&M or are they more reserved? Are you the nurse and they’re the patient? Let your imagination run wild.


2. Sex Toy Delivery

Sex toys have been the best friend of long-distance couples for years, but over the past decade, the wealth of products on the market has exploded. Technological advancements have coupled with the sex toy industry to develop smart partner-controlled sex toys and other such delights, and they open up a whole new opportunity to please your partner.

Why not send your partner sex toys, along with instructions on what you want them to do with them?

Take it in turns of buying and receiving and you’ll soon start a sexy habit that’ll be hard to kick.

3. Custom Sex Toys

Why not take it one step further and literally create something?

Clone-a-willy and clone-a-pussy kits now allow you to make sex toys, well, more personal!

Choose to create a mould of your own ‘junk’ or have fun doing it together when you next physically meet. Either way, you’ll know that you’re helping your other half along without even being in the room!

4. Open a Sexy Email Account

Digital communication is the saviour of long-distance couples – their relationships depend upon texting, instant messaging and video-calling. But wouldn’t it be nice if one of those digital channels was a ‘sex talk only’ platform?

Not only does it remove the awkwardness of opening that NSFW message on your work email, every time a notification comes through to your dedicated sex account, you know it’s on!

You can also take a lead from tip #1 and create an alias for your account to add a little more je ne sais quoi to your discourse.

ldr sex life

5. Out of The Blue Sex Tasks

Picture this. You call your other half while they’re at work, tell them you’re naked on your bed and you want them to please you.

Random sex tasks can seriously take your sexual escapades to the next level and give your relationship an added dash of risk and excitement in the midst of an otherwise dull day at the home office. Have them touch themselves in the kitchen during their lunch break. Or ask them send a nude from your window.

The key here is creativity and spontaneity!

ldr sex talk

6. Next Level Video Sex

You’ve been there and done that, right long-distance couple?

Well, here are three ways you step can step it up a notch with our video sexing hat-trick!.

Number one: don your favourite sexy lingerie, crank up the lurve-making tunes and prepare for a surprise striptease.

Call up your other half and instruct them that they must sit on their hands until you’ve finished your dance…and when you do, they must follow your instructions. Tease them for as long as you can and then ask them what they’d like to do to you…

Number two: set the scene for your session and make sure your room is prepared for what’s about to come.

Candles, a good angle and an array of ‘aids’ prepared can go a long way to creating the right tone for the night ahead.

If you’re the techy type, investing in some remote control sex tech can really amp up the connection. One of you can dominate the other by edging with vibrations via your smart phone.

Number three: the silent movie.

Make a deal in advance that neither of you will speak on your call, only watch. Then, what you do is up to you!


Let’s face it, long distance relationships already have the odds against them, and if you’re in one, it’s your job to do what you can to make your relationship not only survive, but thrive!

Sex is just one of the many things you’ll have to deal with to make your relationship work. But with a little creativity and effort, your sex life can be as ‘normal’ (and in many cases better) than those who have the luxury of daily contact.

About the author

Jennifer Craig

Jennifer Craig loves love! Whilst in her own long-distance relationship, she began SurviveLDR (link: www.surviveLDR.com) to help other long-distance lovers thrive in their relationships. It was then that she became fascinated with love and its effects on everything in our lives. From physical, emotional and mental health to career, friendships and happiness, the state of your relationship affects it all...and Jessica loves nothing more than to delve into the inner workings of dating, marriage and love!

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