Breast Massage – Your Boobs Will Be Grateful for This (Goodbye Gravity!)

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Let’s take a second to admire your chest. Really.

Big or small, hanging or standing, caged in a bra or dancing freely, your boobs are always with you. They are the perfect combination between sexy and functional. Instead of neglecting their presence, let’s celebrate your girls and give them a massage they will never forget.

And you can be sure…
They will give you some favors in return!

3 (From Thousands) Benefits of a Breast Massage

We promise: You will feel and see the benefits of your breast massage.

Let’s start with the most important one.

1. Self-love and confidence for real

Breasts come in such a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors, and they are a great starting point for women to love our bodies. – Sofia Sundari

There are rumors that 90 percent of women worry about the size of their breasts and others cry over the shape. We need to tackle this issue! Our breast, especially the nipples are the first thing which enters a room. If we feel comfortable with them, we will feel comfortable with the rest that follows. ?

You may be uncomfortable at first with touching your breasts, yet believe us, it doesn’t take long for you to get into this practice. And the result of the simple practice I will show you soon is a pleasant feeling of “hey, I am beautiful.”

And wouldn’t we want to radiate this, when we enter the room? ?

Mariah dives deeper in the benefits of Falling in Love With Your Breasts.

2. More Prolactin, please!

“There are many benefits of regular breast massage, including firmer breasts and balanced hormones, which contributes to enhanced overall breast health.” – Peruquois

There are two hormones which show up and spread their gifts when massaging your breast: Prolactin and Oxytocin.

Prolactin is a protein that is best known for its role in enabling mammals, to produce milk. When a woman is pregnant, prolactin levels increase by up to 10-20 times the average amount.

Despite what its name suggests, prolactin does much more than only promote lactation. It is found in men as well and is influential in over 300 separate processes.

Prolactin is necessary for water/salt regulation, metabolism, reproductive behavior, the immune system, hormones, and the brain.

And it makes your boobs firmer and bigger. ?

An increase in prolactin cause enlargement of the mammary glands (usually to prepare for milk production).

Not bad, right? It’s getting better.

There are some fun ways to increase Prolactin:

We can manage this 😉

But Oxytocin is even greater.

3. Oxytocin the cuddle drug


Oxytocin is like glue.


You know the warm, soft feeling when you lie in the arms of your lover?
This feeling is connected with Oxytocin. After great sex, you could cuddle the whole world. You feel relaxed and calm, somehow protected and it feels natural to trust strangers.

Science backs this up!

A lack of oxytocin results in a loss of social interest. However, giving oxytocin to people increases trust and generosity. It reduces the fear of social betrayal in humans.

And… it makes you leaner.

Recent evidence has suggested that oxytocin may play a vital role in suppressing appetite under normal conditions.

Once again sex and sexual stimulation spike up your Oxytocin level. So do yourself a favor and massage your breast.?

Before I show you a simple Step by Step guide, a short note about oil.

Best Oil for Breast Massage

Which oil for breast massage fits, is not a tough question. First, you need to feel comfortable. We love coconut oil. It is not too thick and not too greasy.

You can buy virgin coconut oil everywhere. It doesn’t have to be extra massage oil. Just take the one you use for cooking (rule of thumb: what’s good for the inside is also good for the outside).

An additional tip. Heat it up! Just take a bowl, fill hot water in it and put your coconut-glass inside it. Now the coconut oil melts, and you have a warm, nice smelling massage oil. Perfect!

Alternatives are evening primrose oil or cocoa butter.

Step by Step guide for a Breast Massage

breast touching


He lifts her breasts, which fit perfectly into his hands, though he knows this is no promise that he gets to keep them […]. ―Barbara Kingsolver excerpt from Pigs in Heaven

But you can. And it’s time for the action part.

Before we start, don’t forget: Your breasts are your primal centers of feelings, emotions, nourishment, and love. The yogis would even say: “Breasts are the extension of your heart.” Touch them gently and when your partner gives you a breast massage guide him/her.

In the next steps, we are sharing with you an exclusive insight on how our Beducated expert Sofia Sundari teaches the breast massage technique to her students in the Yoni Yoga Course.

1. Distribute the warm oil all over your chest.

2. Start massaging your collar bone and the chest in tiny circles with the tip of your fingers. You can also tap on it as if cleansing rain is coming down your chest. You may feel some pressure at the beginning because the chest stores toxins, so don’t be alarmed.

breast massage exercise

3. Place the center of your palm on your nipple directly barely touching, let the chi of your healing hands penetrate your breast. Hold that for a few moments. Breathe deeply into your heart.

breast massage exercise holding

4. Squeeze them a little with your palms on your nipples. Then move your right hand clockwise, while your left-hand moves counter-clockwise. Your fingertips meet in the middle. Do this for a few seconds.

breast massage exercise palm

5. Now move to the side of your breasts (your nibbles are free now ;)).

  • First, your palm wanders from the sides towards the center. Again, your fingertips meet in the middle. It’s a soft and gentle motion. You don’t squeeze.
  • Move the tip of your fingers (not of your thumb) over your breast and complete the whole circle.
  • Start again with your palm from the side to middle and repeat this a few time, as much as you feel is needed.

Do this for a couple of rounds and then change the direction. To finalize, squeeze them a little in freestyle and shake them out. ? Let them dance! Hold them again and thank yourself for giving your breasts love and relaxation.

Breast Massage Bonus Techniques

Step 1 to 5 is a simple routine you can easily implement in your day. You would be surprised how relaxing this little routine is. But here are a few additional movements that spice things up.

1. Fingertip Slide

breast massage exercise 05

Slide your index and middle finger from the outside towards the center of your breast. Then do the same thing from above, other side and below, always gliding towards the nipple. Then do the same with the other breast.

2. Spiral movement

Move your index fingers and middle finger from the side of your nipples in a spiral movement around your breasts towards the outside. Stop for a moment and move back towards the nipples.

3. Chi boost for you nipples

breast massage exercise holding

Place the center of your palms on your nipples. The tips of your fingers are in the air, only the center of your palm is touching the nipples lightly. Keep the hands in a relaxed state. Stay here for a moment and feel the Chi connection. Start moving your palms in very tiny circles. Make a few rounds and then switch directions. This massage is a very mindful practice.

4. Vertical breast slide

Place one hand underneath your breasts to stabilize. Slide with the contrary from the top down. Repeat five times and switch to the other breast.

Then place one hand 5 cm above your nipples and move with the opposite hand from bottom up. Then switch to the other breast again.

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