7 Yoga Poses for Better Sex (That Actually Work Beyond the Mat)

7 Yoga Poses for Better Sex
Written by Amitayus

We all know that Yoga is great for us.  When we consistently do Yoga we feel great in body, mind, and soul.  And yet, for many people, it’s hard to get on the mat and practice.  So if you need some more motivation, how about the fact that Yoga can vastly improve your sex? There are Yoga Poses for better sex!

I’m not gonna lie – there are other articles out there with this exact same title.  What will set this one apart is that the other articles are focusing entirely upon the physical body – yoga asana/pose that stretch you and increase your flexibility, therefore allowing for different sexual positions, etc.  While flexibility is not a complete non-factor in great sex, in my experience it is not very high on the list of attributes that makes for amazing lovemaking either.  Rather I would suggest that vitality, presence, the ability to let go, having an open heart and a clear mind and a mastery of one’s sexual energy are all much more important components.

The following Yoga poses, done consistently, will offer all of that, and can be done as stand-alone poses or together in a sequence.  To do them as a sequence simply add a warm up, perhaps a few rounds of Sun Salutations, and you’re good to go.

The 7 best Yoga Poses for better sex

1. Bhadrasana / Throne Pose

bhadrasana Kopie

How to Perform

Sit with the soles of the feet touching, with the feet as close to your body as is possible, and your knees as close to the ground as you can.  Grasp the big toes and straighten your spine.
Focus your mind on the area of the pelvic floor, especially the perineum.  Imagine this area receiving energy from the Earth, and powering your entire body.

Hold for 2-3 minutes as you begin, each week increase by 1 minute


  • Activates Muladhara Chakra – the Root Chakra, confers vitality and stamina.
  • Balances Apana Vayu – the tendency for energy to expels things from the body.  Balancing this vayu will allow men to resist the urge to ejaculate, allowing for longer lovemaking sessions.
  • Strengthens the pelvic floor.

2. Yoniasana

yoniasana Kopie

How to Perform

Sit on your knees, and then separate the knees to hip distance apart, and move your feet entirely out from beneath you, so you are sitting on the ground between your heels.  You may need to sit on a cushion depending on the flexibility of your knees and hips.
Focus your mind on the genitals, imagining the energy in this area magnifying.  As that energy magnifies your pleasure increases and bring awareness to that pleasure.

Hold for 3-4 minutes as you begin, each week increase by 1 minute.
Note: It is not uncommon for people, especially women, to have orgasms in this posture.


  • Activates Svadisthana Chakra – the chakra associated with sexual desire.
  • Magnifies and refines the sexual energy.
  • Brings awareness of, and allows control over, the sexual energy.

3. Marjari-asana / Cat/Cow

marjari - cat Kopie marjari - cow Kopie

How to Perform

Get on your hands and knees, hip and shoulder width apart respectively.  On an inhale arch your back, raising your head and dropping the belly towards the ground, and on the exhale round your back as far as you can towards the sky.
Focus your mind on the spine, energy flowing through all of the spine and removing any blockages.

Perform for 2-3 minutes, increasing to eventually 5 minutes.


  • Activates Manipura Chakra – the navel chakra, increasing willpower.
  • Brings youthfulness to the spine, which confers youthfulness to the entire body.
  • Removes energetic blockages in the spine, the main energy channel along with energy runs (called shushumna nadi).
  • Brings resonance with the cat, sensuality and power.

4. Bhujangasana / Cobra Pose

bhujangasana - cobra Kopie

How to Perform

Lay on your stomach, and place your hands near your shoulders (If you know you have issues with your back, move the hands a bit further away from your body).  Then slowly begin to straighten the arms lifting the torso while taking small breaks to elongate the spine.  Keep your pelvis on the floor, continue the arch in your back with your head and neck, pressing the heart forward.
Focus your mind on the area in the very center of the chest.  Imagine energy flowing up the legs and torso to this point, as well as directly from the heavens.  Connect with feelings and memories of love.

Perform for 2-3 minutes as you begin, each week adding 1 minute to the performance.


  • Activates Anahata Chakra – the heart chakra, increasing our ability to both give and receive love.
  • Arouses Kundalini Shakti – the fundamental force of the being, all of the potential energy within the human structure.
  • Brings balance and harmony to the being.

5. Sarvangasana / Shoulder Stand

How to Perform

sarvangasana - shoulder stand KopieLay on your back and bring your feet towards your torso.  Lift the pelvis off of the ground and interlock your fingers.  Push the heart up and the shoulder-blades together.  Then lower your hips and brings your legs towards your torso.  Lift the pelvis off of the ground and interlock your fingers.

Push the heart up and the shoulder-blades together.  Then lower your hips and brings your legs over head, as you do so placing your hands upon your lower back.  Begin to straighten your legs and walk your hands down your back until, ideally, the body is in a straight line, finding the position that feels comfortable and safe for you.

Focus upon the energy descending through the feet and legs, through the pelvic area and the movement of the sexual energy along the spine and up through the body, all of this energy settling in the area of the throat.

Perform for 1-2 minutes as you begin, each week adding 1 minute to the performance.


  • Activates Vishuddha Chakra – the throat chakra.
  • Activates Udana Vayu – the tendency for the energy to move up in our system.
  • Sublimates/raises the sexual energy.  The more the energy is trained to go up and in rather than out, the longer we can last in lovemaking.

6. Nasasparshanasana / Head to Toe Pose

nasasparshanasana Kopie

How to Perform

Stand in a lunge, starting with the right leg forward and the left leg back.  Lift the knee of the left foot off the ground and straighten the leg.  Placing your arms behind your back, making a fist with the right hand and grabbing the wrist of the right arm with the left hand. Then lean the body forward bringing your nose as close to toes of your right foot as possible.
Focus on the energy running up the back leg, into the sexual center and then up into the 3rd eye.

Perform for 30 seconds then switch legs with the right leg back.  Each week adding 10 seconds to the performance.


  • Activates Ajna Chakra, the 3rd eye, heightening your ability to be present.
  • Trains the sexual energy to sublimate.
  • Brings power throughout the entire system, while also bringing balance.

7. Savasana / Corpse Pose

savasana Kopie

How to Perform

Lay on your back with your arms and legs comfortably spread.
Focus on the relaxing each part of your body one by one, beginning with the toes and moving up through the body.  When the entire body is relaxed continue just letting go and being held by the Earth and the Universe.

Perform for 10 minutes minimum, for as long as you’d like.


  • Brings complete relaxation into the being.
  • Balances the nervous system.
  • Increases your ability to surrender and let go into the moment.


About the author


Amitayus teaches Yoga and Tantra internationally, focusing in the three areas of Sacred Sexuality, Death and Consciousness; how to bring these taboo or abstract ideas directly into your body, into your awareness, and into your life. He works with individuals, groups, couples, men and women, both in person and online, to empower them to their full potential. Part of his purpose in this world is helping to restore to potency the harmonious Divine Masculine within men for the benefit of all.
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