How To Raise Your Erotic Consciousness: Make Love On The 7 Chakras

make love on the 7 chakras
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Interested in Tantra? Curious how to take your sexual experience to the next level, make love on the 7 chakras and raise your erotic consciousness in the process?

You came to the right place.

The Tantric yogis realized in a time no one exactly knows when (but quite some thousand years ago), that sex with awareness can lead to their ultimate goal: experiencing “Oneness” with existence.

How did they realize that? Tantric Sex, again, meaning “sex with awareness” can build up a lot of energy. Kundalini energy to be specific. Building up a similar amount through meditation and yoga practice would take years. This energy is then skilfully blasted through each and every single Chakra (energy center) which purifies and opens them up to clear the pathway for Kundalini.

The goal in this process is to have all Chakras purified and open so that Kundalini can move up the body like a snake that uncoils, from the root or base of the body all the way up to the crown chakra.

But how “to open and purify your Chakras”?

The first rule is: “Where the mind goes the energy flows”. This is a very common saying in the Yoga world. Bringing your focus to a Chakra and meditating on it while you are making love, you are doing the first crucial step to purify and grow your consciousness on this level.

But to make this a full Tantric sexual practice we need to add an extra element – embodiment.

When you embody, express and play out what each Chakra is made of, you tap into the full potential. Each Chakra has a core and attached element (especially the first 5 – after that it gets more metaphysical and subtle).

When we try to go entirely into this essence from the physical level (positions), to the emotional (what you are expressing) and psychological level (your focus) we can experience this Chakra fully inside of our being (not just on the mental, meditative level). This way you can experience this Chakra and open up towards it.

This explanation may sound a little esoteric and cryptic to you. Let me show you how you can make love on all seven chakras. And in the process purify and open up each and every single one of them, so that your Kundalini snake can uncoil beautifully.

1. Sex on the Root Chakra – Expressing Your Wild Side

When you make love on the root chakra you tap into your most vital being; you tap into your body. The root chakra connects with the earth, with vital earth energy. It all starts here. Bring your awareness to your perineum and imagine you are moving into your primal being, of your wild nature.

Let go of your survival mode, of your fear that you may be losing control. Focus on your trust.

Sex on this chakra is raw.

Imagine you are living in a tribal environment, you believe in your instinct, you have a lot of energy. Express that in your bedroom. Touch each other firmly, squeeze each other’s bodies. Have strong, powerful sex. Be wild be bold and don’t care what others may think of you. Opening the root chakra means deciding to be inside your body while you make love, be in the now.


Anal sex can be scary for many people, but it can create a lot of healing on this level. But that’s of course not the only way… It has a lot to do with trust and stepping into our primal instincts. Think of sex in nature, sex on the beach on the bare ground. How would an Amazonian make love?

Food for thought: Create a trustful and safe environment for yourself and your partner so that you are both able to fully let go. What kind of bedroom or space do you need to be in to go there? What setting do you need to allow yourself to moan loud like an animal? What’s needed that you can be loud and wild, that you can rock your bed through the room like a strong, vital animal?

Element: Earth
Focal point: Perineum a few centimeters outside the body
Best position: Anvil Sex Position (Receiver lies on the back with the legs up in the air leaning on the shoulders of the giver.)
Sense: Hearing (ears)

2. Sacral Chakra – Let the Juicy Waters Flow

Having Sex on the sacral chakra, your sexual center, means you step into a hot movie, a movie that you are about to create. Focus on your sacral chakra, on your creation, your creativity. This center delivers the very essence of who you are as an authentic sexual being.

Many people discover blockages on this level because it may bring up negative beliefs that we accumulated on sex over the years. It may bring up the shame of our desires, guilty feelings due to past relationships and other sexual blocks.


Making love on this level means reclaiming your sexual being fully in all its juiciness.

This sex is wet; you enjoy the taste of your lover’s liquids, you exchange fluids, your bodies are moving, floating on each other’s bodies as if you were in water. Think of actual sex in water. Sensual, sexy and arousing. Lots of kissing and sensual touch is involved. You can even explore role play, kick-start your creativity move it into the bedroom and explore each other’s fantasies. Squirting G-spot fun is also a strong expression on this chakra.

Food for thought: To get wet and juicy you want to heal what’s holding you back. Are you loving your partner’s taste? Do you enjoy kissing with deep wet tongue? How about oral sex? Do you love to use your tongue a lot? Communicate your shame and disgust. Work on what you desire and express this side in yourself.

Element: Water
Focal point: Two finger width above your pubic bone, a few centimeters outside of your body
Position: Missionary
Sense:  Taste (tongue)

3. Navel Chakra – Let Hot Passion Penetrate Your Being

OMG, sex on this chakra is so hot (literally!). Focus on your navel chakra while you are having sex and you will trigger incredible deep passion. The play is going to be sweaty, hot temperature wise and intense. It’s a latin dating night. It’s a night where you pin your lover down, while you are riding them intensely from the top.


You may be dominating, or you may be in a submissive position. Doesn’t matter, try yourself out in power play (with a consensus of course) and notice tremendous healing on this level.

Conscious BDSM can be a beautiful way to experience this chakra on a deeper level.

With presence, you can heal your connection with power and reclaim it inside of yourself. Test your boundaries and the ones from your beloved safely.

Eye-gaze your partner, see their soul

The eyes are crucial here. Watch your lovers, see them for who they are. Sexual experiences on this level can support us in redefining pleasure and pain.

Once this chakra is purified it guides you into pleasure and supports you to heal old traumas where you lost power. The fire in this chakra transforms. The challenge is to bare the heat and to become present with the moment. Don’t get tricked into fast sex; fire is hot, so we tend to get quicker so that it doesn’t touch us. Try to lean into it. Be passionate but also slow to find your presence.

Food for thought: Did you ever had a sexual experience in your life where you lost power? What’s your relationship with power? Are you dominant or more submissive? How does sitting on top make you feel?

Element: Fire
Focal point: Center of your navel, a few centimeters outside of your body
Position: Riding on top
Sense: Seeing (eyes)

4. Heart Chakra – Make love like an angel

How would angels have sex? This is how Tantric Sex feels like on this chakra. It’s magical. It’s the most heart-opening most vanilla almost without penetration kind of sex. Due to bad break-ups or negative relationship experiences we are afraid to expose our heart into the open to look at the wounds and sadness our heart holds.

Purifying on this level needs a courageous soul, but feels ultimate, so healing to enter into deep love.


The kinaesthetic aspect plays a crucial part here. The lighter your touch gets, the more heart chakra arousing it is. Use especially your fingertips, stroke your lover’s skin, hover almost above their physical body entering their energetic body.

Breasts are the key to heart chakra sex

The breasts are the physical extension of the heart chakra. For all gender, the nipples are one of the erogenous zones and want to be played with. The more aroused your nipples, the easier it is to focus on the heart center. Imagine you are making love on clouds, puffy, feathery, light almost levitating. Use your hands, feathers, silk and oil to move into body floating sex.

Food for thought: Opening your heart may bring up tears of sadness, joy, and love. How do you want to be held by your beloved when you express this part of yourself?

Element: Air
Focal point: Center of your chest, a few centimeters outside of your body
Position: Full body skin contact, Doggy style
Sense: Skin (feeling)

5. Throat Chakra – Make Love Like the Gods

Making love on the throat chakra enters a more metaphysical kind of sex. There is almost no physical touch involved. When the sexual energy rises to this level, you may experience a new sight, a sight that sees the divine part in your beloved. A sense of union between gods.

Expressing truth in sex


At this stage your feel very confident to express what needs to be expressed. The expressed is your truth as a fully mature sexual being. It’s a very surrendering state of full trust and truth. You explore at this stage what surrendering truly means.

Food for thought: Are you holding your truth back? Are you able to speak up for yourself. Do you love and enjoy yourself?

Element: Ether
Focal point: Center of the throat, a few centimeter outside of your body
Position: Scissors Sex Position

6. Third-Eye Chakra – Clairvoyance During Lovemaking

When the sexual energy flows into the third eye, and you are present with it, you may experience visions or intuitive downloads. It goes beyond the ordinary, as if you plugged into a higher power, a higher wisdom. Your subconscious opens up, and your natural sight might be blur and forms around you dissolve.

You are fully there. Fully present with every moment. The state of ‘Now’ fully integrates into your being.


Knowing without words.

You plug into an intuitive state, where you know what’s needed, where you are fully capable of seeing beyond the physical. Maybe the vibrating energy feels very intense in your head and along your spine.

Food for thought: How present are you during sex? Where is your mind at? From what may you be running away?

Focal point: Center of your forehead, a few centimeter outside of your body
Position: Yab Yum

7. Crown Chakra – Liberation Through Sex

This is the ultimate goal of Tantra. Raising your sexual energy all the way up to your crown chakra and experiencing oneness with your existence. When you make love on this chakra, you claim your divinity.


Food for thought: What does merging with your beloved mean to you? Did you ever have a moment of becoming one with your partner? How did it feel like? What did you experience?

Focal point: Top of your head, a few centimeter above your crown
Position: You lie opposite of each other on your back legs overlapping each other holding hands. No movement just beingness.

So what does this mean now?

Don’t get too brainy on the nitty gritty’s. Simply play and experiment. Start from the bottom (root chakra) and work your way up to the crown in one single lovemaking session. Focus on each Chakra for 5 minutes together with your partner or while you have a self-pleasure ritual. You can of course also make love on one Chakra alone where you go deeper into its essence. You can play Chakra related music that stimulates on another level. Try to embody each energy center.

Try out the mentioned positions, focus your mind on the chakra itself, like in meditation. And allow the diversity of each chakra to unfold in your erotic consciousness.

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