The Viennese Oyster Sex Position: Try this Missionary Version for Deeper Orgasms

viennese oyster sex position
Written by Jenna Hall

I love Yoga. I get-off on morphing into a pretzel-like sex goddess for my lover. For this reason, I may have an advantage when performing the Viennese oyster sex position.

Viennese what you ask?! The Viennese oyster is a sex position that requires you to lie on your back and cross your feet on your chest.

Or, perhaps if you’re incredibly flexible, you can try crossing your feet behind your neck. Umm ouch? Okay, while you don’t actually have to be a Yogi to perform this sex position, you are required to be flexible.

Attention: Attempting to do this sex position without the right amount of suppleness and flexibility can cause serious damage.

Consider yourself a human pretzel? That’s great! Either way, if you want to learn how to perform this exotic and adventurous position, then read on to discover the right way to get started.

 What You Will Need for the Viennese Oyster Sex Position

As Shakespeare once said, “the world is your oyster.” In other words, you have the ability to achieve anything you want in life. Yes, even the Viennese oyster sex position.

With that said, there are components you will need before trying to perform the Viennese oyster sex position.

What do you need to get started?

I can promise you it’s not a week of acrobatic school. Instead, the top three themes you will need before attempting the Viennese oyster sex position are:

  • Flexibility (you can work up to this)
  • A willing male partner
  • Lot’s of creativity and openness (this position may not happen overnight)

Once you have checked all the boxes above, it’s time to move on to learn exactly how to perform the Viennese oyster. I swear it’s not as hard as it sounds.

1. Do Your Naughty Homework

The Viennese oyster isn’t a position you just “do” without doing your homework. Meaning, take some time and familiarize yourself with the position. You can verbalize out loud to your partner how the oyster sex position should look and feel as well.

Before attempting the Viennese oyster, you can print out a picture and tape it on the wall next to your bed. Refer back to it once you and your partner are in position.

Not feeling the lube flowing between your joints? – Alternatives to the Viennese Oyster Sex Position

Instead of focusing on what you can’t do, here are some variations of this pose that are great for people with less flexibility:

  • Legs on Shoulders: is a great position for a female who has more rigidity in her joints. While in missionary position, the female partner places both calves or feet on the male’s shoulders.
  • The Pancake: is similar to the Viennese oyster but a notch less intense. This position only requires her to bring her knees to her chin and she has total control over the pressure.
  • Splitting Bamboo: This position requires the female to lift just one leg and rest it on her male’s shoulder, while the male partner slips easily into her vulva. The other leg stays on the bed.

2. Warm Up Slowly Without Killing The Mood

If someone told you to stop what you were doing and wrap your foot around your neck could you do it? Perhaps. I know I sure as hell couldn’t. For most of us, getting into a soft pretzel-like shape requires a proper warm up.

So what can you do to get limber before a sex session without “killing the mood” between you and your partner?

I suggest asking our partner to warm up with you!

A great way to do this is to set up a comfy place on the floor. If your mattress is firm enough, you can even try to stretch together in bed.

viennese oyster sex position

The fewer clothes the better. Ask your male partner to guide your right knee towards your chest and then switch and have him bring your left knee towards your chest.

He can position himself directly between your legs. As he begins to stretch your legs closer to your body, you can begin to encourage the mood by letting out long deep sighs.

Tell him how good it feels, and use the stretches as a segway to loosen up right before getting down and dirty in the Viennese oyster position.

Aside from stretching, getting your heart rate up can help increase blood flow and build cardio endurance. And let’s be honest, the Viennese oyster requires some serious sexual stamina, so cardio endurance is a must.

My suggestion?

Tell your partner you are going for a run, and when you get back you’d like for them to join you in the bedroom for a “cool-down”.

You can integrate the stretches mentioned above, transition into some scintillating foreplay and finally end in the Oyster sex position.

3. Try Some Simple Yoga Stretches to Get Your Oyster On

Looking for another great way to get bendy before getting your oyster on? Ever heard of Happy Baby Pose?

This position requires you (the female) to draw her knees up to her ears while pulling the feet towards the torso. It gradually releases the hips and the hamstrings, preparing the body for the Oyster sex position.

It’s a sexy position that can be used as foreplay before moving onto the main event.

Once in this position, the male partner can begin to penetrate the vulva adding slow and steady pressure on the female’s legs.

viennese oyster sex position

If there is enough fluidity, the female can eventually begin to extend her legs out as the male partner gradually increases the pressure and begins to thrust the vulva even deeper.

If you are the female partner, remember to breathe just like you would in a yoga pose. Inhaling through the nose and exhaling through the mouth.

Feel free to make a “Haaaaaa” sound or moan with enthusiasm.

Not only will this encourage enough oxygen flow to your body, but your partner will probably be super turned on by your heavy breathing.

4. Check-in: Your Yoni is Your Pearl

A wet oyster is a happy oyster. Meaning, your Yoni should be aroused and ready before attempting this position. Try incorporating the stretches mentioned above.

Whatever warmup you choose, you should feel a pulsing “YES!” not only from your body but from your Yoni as well.

Once you feel that your Yoni is awakened and stimulated you can tell your partner that you are ready for him. Once the male partner has entered, you can both begin to “check in” and make sure the pressure and force are right. This doesn’t necessarily have to be verbal.

With every thrust that comes from the male partner, the female partner can consent through eye-contact and/or a simple nod of the head. If at any point the pressure becomes too much, vocalize this to your partner.

After the steamy session is over, check in again, and decide what felt hot, and what didn’t. It’s important that both partners feel aroused, relaxed and empowered in this Viennese oyster.

5. Take it a Step Forward

Want to take the Viennese oyster one step further? Once you are in position you can begin to guide your male partner into even deeper penetration.

As long as it feels good, give the reins to your man and let him begin to add pressure to your thighs drawing them even closer to the bed.

viennese oyster sex position

Let your legs meet the bed’s cushion with ease as they slightly bounce up and down. The male partner can even assume a “squat position” encouraging even more profound penetration.

Eventually, if it feels good, let your partner guide your feet to cross behind your head.

Once again, always proceed with caution and allow for gradual flexibility to occur.

The Oyster Who Went To a Disco and Pulled a Mussel

While you don’t need to be a human pretzel to perform the Viennese oyster position, it certainly helps. If you are curious enough to try this adventurous and stimulating position, start working on your flexibility.

If not, there are plenty of variations that are less intense. Aside from making sure you are flexible enough to attempt this position, remember to keep things light.

The ability to laugh at yourself, as well as your partner, goes a long way when experimenting with the Viennese oyster sex position.

If you can’t master the oyster position, then “shuck it” there are plenty of other variations that require little or no flexibility. Happy oyster harvesting!

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Jenna Hall

Jenna discovered her passion for freelance writing in 2005 when she started a sex and relationship column for her university newspaper, The Tartan. The column eventually went viral, and shortly after she was recruited by Elle magazine to write as a Top Ten University Sex and Relationship Columnist for Ask E. Jean. In 2009, Jenna graduated from California State University, Dominguez Hills, earning a B.A in Communications with a concentration in Technical Writing and English. After graduation, she headed to Latin America to study to become a yoga teacher and was picked up by a Portland, Oregon-based activewear company to write for their blog on yoga, dating, and relationships. In 2014, Jenna permanently moved to South America, where she worked for one year at a local non-profit in Bolivia helping with fundraising and grant writing. She now writes and edits for several online publications on a variety of topics including health, relationships, travel, yoga, and fitness. She lives a simple life in Bolivia with her husband and son.