How to Handle Blue Balls Like a Monk

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Who would have thought that the yogis worried about “blue balls”?

“Blue balls” or ‘Epididymal Hypertension’ is the colloquial name for an uncomfortable, sometimes even painful sensation that men can feel when too much blood stays in the genital area after sexual activity.

Typically, the blood, which stiffens the penis and creates an erection, is released after orgasm or as a result of a decreased physical arousal. Too much blood may stay in the genital area of some people who become aroused for an extended period without a release or decrease of arousal. This can cause pain and discomfort. The testicles may even start to turn blue due to the excess blood and increase in blood pressure.

It is typically seen as something that only troubles teenage boys when they are past puberty, have a girlfriend, and aren’t yet having full sexual intercourse.

However, any spiritual tradition which requires sexual abstinence will also encounter the phenomenon of blue balls.

Men learn at an early age that the easiest way to relieve the discomfort is to quickly ejaculate.

When you are in a monastery, however, this is not an option.

The temptation is so great that monasteries in some places have developed complex systems to make sure that new monks are never left alone for long enough to masturbate. In Thai Buddhist monasteries, for example, each new monk is accompanied 24 hours a day by an older monk – for the first five years.

The situation is even more difficult for men who practice sexual Tantra. Monks are protected from interacting with women, or in some traditions even seeing them. Those men are surrounded by the female form, representing Shakti, the source of all power in the universe.

Men practicing left hand Tantra even have sexual intercourse – but they are not supposed to ejaculate.

You can only imagine the torment when a man, after a lifetime of ejaculating regularly, suddenly tries to go cold turkey.

The yogis of India were practical, rather than idealistic. They studied the workings of the human body in great detail, and they developed asanas (postures) which had specific effects.

Yoga Asanas To Relieve Blue Balls


Yoga asanas take time to work on the body. Hold each asana for a minimum of two minutes, and if it is a polar asana, with a left and a right side version, hold each side for at least two minutes. Aim to increase to at least five minutes as quickly as possible.

1. Headstand

If you are experienced with the headstand, this is one of the most powerful asanas to relieve blue balls. Gravity works at the physical level, moving fluid from the scrotum into the abdominal cavity, while sublimation happens at the energetic level, converting the sexual energy into motivation and dynamism. If you are not experienced with this posture, go to a few yoga classes to ensure you can do it safely before you start practicing at home.

2. Shoulder stand

Almost as effective as headstand, the shoulder stand can be done by just about everyone. If you have neck or shoulder problems, visit an Iyengar yoga class to learn how to use props like chairs and pillows to perform this asana safely.

3. Wide leg forward bend

Stretch the legs out to the sides as far as is comfortable. Keeping the spine straight, bend at the hips, and bring your head to the floor between your feet. Place your palms or forearms on the floor, and relax.

If your hips are not flexible enough to bring your head to the floor, you can use a support for your head. You will lose some of the benefits of gravity if your spine is not vertical, but the stretching of the pelvic floor will still have great benefit.

4. Nose to toe

Stretch the legs out to the sides as far as is comfortable. Turn to face the right leg, and bend the right leg to ninety degrees. Bend forward from the hips, taking the nose as close as possible to the big toe. If you are new to yoga, rest the right shoulder on the right thigh, rather than trying to reach the toe immediately. Repeat on the other side.

5. Butterfly pose

Sit with the spine straight. Bring the soles of your feet together, as close as possible to the perineum (pelvic floor). Keeping the spine straight, lean forward and grasp the toes.

Additional Yoga Techniques To Relieve Blue Balls


1. Uddiyana Bandha

Stand with the legs hip-width apart. Bend the knees slightly, and rest the hands mid-thigh. Breathe all the way out through the mouth, emptying the lungs completely. Hold for as long as possible. Breathe in through the nose, filling the lungs completely. Hold the full inhalation for as long as possible. Breathe out through the mouth. Practising this technique for 15-30 minutes per day will convert excess sexual energy to drive, willpower, and effectiveness in everyday life.

2. Ice bathing

If you have access to a frozen lake, just jump in! Otherwise, immerse the scrotum in ice water for 2-3 minutes each day. Not only will this technique relieve the immediate pressure of blue balls, it also stimulates the production of testosterone. This hormone is an antidepressant and increases sex drive, ambition, and attractiveness.

It can be very difficult to resist the urge to ejaculate, especially in the early years of practice. Just remember that the end goal is worth it. You will be able to stay in a state of orgasm for hours or to have multiple orgasms, and never have your blissful state interrupted by the let-down of ejaculation.

If you know of other techniques that are also effective, please leave a comment – the other readers will thank you!

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