Get Her Rocks Off: How to Make a Woman Orgasm

how to make a woman orgasm
Written by Colie Elizabeth

Having an orgasm is seriously one of the best feelings ever! And giving your partner an orgasm is not only great for them, but it’s great for you too!

It’s a fantastic way to improve self-esteem and increase your sex drive.

That being said, have you ever wondered how to make a woman orgasm every time? How to give her a sheet gripping, toe-curling orgasm and know that it’s real? While female orgasms can be elusive, these tips will help you feel confident in your bedroom abilities. It’s time to take charge and help your partner go from “Eh” to “Ooo”!

A Few Things Before You Start Your Journey

how to make a woman orgasm

When you want to send a woman into a fit of orgasmic bliss, you need patience, adventure, and creativity. Planning to give your partner the big “O” on the quick will not get you very far.

For this journey, it’s a good idea to have a variety of toys in your arsenal like vibrators, dildos, ben wa balls, butt plugs, and scarves or ties. Also, lube and items around the house like ice cubes or mints can help send your partner over the edge. Be ready to mix it up and use different locations both inside and outside of the house.

#1 Patience! No More “Wham! Bam! Thank You, Ma’Am”

When it comes to women, it’s important to take your time if you want to give her a great time. Although the lust can be so unbearable to find room for patience, slowly exploring your partner will drive her crazy.

Think of sex like your favorite meal.

Would you rather scarf it down or take your time and savor every bite? To give your partner an amazing orgasm, take your time and savor it. Start off by moving slowly and create a build-up of aching anticipation. Take off her clothes little by little and spend time kissing and touching each part of her body.

If you can manage to, leave her panties on as long as possible. Teasing her like this will increase the desire and make her want you even more.

#2 Explore

how to make a woman orgasm

After you’ve mastered being patient, spend some time exploring your partner. The Tantric Principle encourages the exploration of your partner and indulging in extensive foreplay. The principle expresses that, “If a woman’s lover is willing to honor, love and worship her as a Goddess throughout her entire body before connecting with her genital area, she will yearn to open her legs for her lover”. By exploring, it will help your partner feel comfortable and leave them anticipating the possibilities of what might come next.

As you move along her body, take note of what areas are sensitive and what she responds to most. Does she moan when you nibble at her inner thigh? Does a certain position cause her to lose all control? Try teasing her nipples with your tongue or hands as a way to massage and excite her.

Feel free to check our educational YouTube playlist on 8 types of female orgasms. It will definitely make you feel like a sex professor!

Researchers Komisaruk, Wise, Frangos, Liu, Allen, & Brody even discovered that arousing your partner by playing with her nipples is very similar to the arousal a woman feels when you play with her clitoris and vagina. By touching and teasing her body and exploring every inch, you’re sure to bring her to an orgasm.

#3 Diversify your Arsenal

While taking your time and exploring your partner more is all some women need to have an orgasm, adding toys to the mix can help a lot too. If this is new for you, start out by using a few basic vibrators and add to your collection as you become more confident with using them.

Remember, good vibrations are the best vibrations.

Other than vibrators, some women are aroused with the use of butt plugs or bondage ties. If they are comfortable with using these, it can significantly increase the likelihood of them having an intense orgasm.

#4 Be Creative

how to make a woman orgasm

Doing the same thing in the same place can get boring. Change it up and move to different spots around the bedroom, the house, or, for the super adventurous, a place like a beach. Use your environment to increase excitement. The kitchen counter, for example, can be a fun place to play.

Other than changing locations, playing sex games, learning Yoni massage or using items you already have on hand can be a game changer. Using ice cubes and switching between warm and cold sensations will surely turn her on. Simply pop the ice cube into your mouth and glide it over her nipples, stomach, and down below.

#5 Communicate

The best thing you can do to help your partner orgasm is to talk to them about what they like. Are there any fantasies that they have? Is there a position that drives them crazy? Maybe you’ll find out that you both really enjoy the same thing. Like bondage.

When you’re selfish and only focus on your own needs, giving your partner an orgasm will be unachievable. Communication is the best way to make them feel comfortable and confident in your intentions.

It lets your partner know that you care about making them feel good.

#6 Making Her Feel Comfortable = Orgasm

Giving her an orgasm has a lot to do with making her feel comfortable. Biologist Justin R. Garcia found that, “…women were half as likely to orgasm from oral sex or intercourse during a casual hookup than when they were in a serious relationship.”

Additionally, researchers found that, “Women likely do not feel comfortable telling their hookups what they want and need during sex while their male partners are admittedly less focused on pleasing a casual sex partner.” This shows that making your partner feel comfortable will significantly increase the likelihood of them reaching an orgasm.

#7 What NOT to Do

Now that you have some tips in your toolbox, let’s talk about what not to do. The most important thing to avoid is getting frustrated if the big “O” doesn’t happen right away. Granted, it can be frustrating to feel like you’re doing everything you can to pleasure your partner and not get the results you want right away.

But do your best to remember that some things take time and that’s OK!

Sex is meant to be fun, relaxing and enjoyable for both partners. Be in the moment and savor it! And again, don’t rush! Build up is half the battle. If you don’t have your partner begging to ride you like Seabiscuit, it’s going to be harder to make her hit the high notes.

how to make a woman orgasm


While these tips on how to make a woman orgasm do take some effort and time, the payoff is well worth it. Mixing and matchings these tips to suit what you both enjoy will create endless excitement in the bedroom for both of you.

Giving your woman an amazing orgasm will not only keep her coming back for another ride but will increase your confidence in your abilities. End the cycle of second guessing if you rocked her world and know for sure.

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