9 Erogenous Zones to Spark Your Lover’s Passion

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Written by Nikki Leigh

Kissing Erogenous Zones can be one of the most enjoyable and intimate activities we enjoy with our partner. Of course, we also enjoy making love, and I would never discourage this, but I think too many people skip past the joys of kissing. So, let’s just slow down and think about the joys of kissing. One way to do that is to consider all the wonderful places we can and should kiss our partner. An easy way to do that is to consider all the wonderful and sensual erogenous zones on our partner’s body.

We immediately think about the genital areas, the breasts and the lips, but those are easy. In my writing and on my radio show I highly encourage creativity – so let’s get creative. Here are some suggestions – the neck, the arm, the back, the shoulder, the leg, the foot, behind the knee, the palm of the hand, the inner thigh, just to mention a few. The fun comes in finding which erogenous zones your partner enjoys and in turn letting your partner find which spots you enjoy.

The fun comes in finding which spots your partner enjoys and in turn letting your partner find which spots you enjoy.

There was a scene in the sitcom friends where Monica and Rachel are explaining erogenous zones to Chandler that illustrates the importance of understanding and utilizing more than one area on your lover’s body. It can be viewed here.

It is also a fact that you may enjoy having different spots kissed at different times when you’re in different moods. The more playful you are with your partner when you spend quality intimate time together can also make a difference. There are times when passion takes over and you may be very intense, but don’t be afraid to be playful and to laugh and joke with your partner.

Kissing Specific Erogenous Zones

Let’s dig a little deeper. Let’s start with the neck and ear area. I did an informal survey on Facebook and this was a favorite area to be kissed. There are more innocent and more intimate places you can kiss and massage on your partner and this article will cover some of both. I’ll suggest many ideas, just use the ones that work for you and they may spark other ideas. My goal is to help you get more creative and have more fun and passion with your partner.

1. Kissing Your Lover’s Neck and Ears

The back of the neck along the hairline, the side of the neck starting just below the earlobe, the front of the neck where you can feel your lover’s heartbeat as you kiss them. Many women mentioned they turn to “jello” in their man’s hands when he kisses her neck. This is a great place to start, whether you’re lying next to each other, facing one another or you come up behind her. How about coming up behind her and you reach around her waist as you kiss the back of her neck? I bet things will heat up for you. You can kiss the neck, trace your tongue along various parts of the neck, and some people want to leave a mark on their lover by sucking on their neck to give them a hickey.  But, you can stimulate your partner without leaving a hickey.

This can easily lead to sucking the earlobe, play with your tongue just inside the ear (but do this quietly so that it doesn’t turn the person off), trace your tongue along the outer edge of the ear. The ear is also a wonderful spot to nibble – not biting or anything rough (unless that’s what you both want), but tantalizing nibbling can be a lot of fun and very stimulating.

Not everyone enjoys ear play, but you can test these moves gently to see if your partner likes for you to kiss their ears.


2. Don’t Ignore Your Lover’s Shoulders

Next, let talk about kissing on the shoulders and the back. When you’re behind your lover, you can kiss them on the back of the neck, behind the ears, on the shoulders, and between the shoulder blades. There are many great areas to kiss lightly, play on their skin with the tip of your tongue, run your tongue down their back to send a great rush along their spine. The lower you kiss and nibble – the more seductive your touch feels. You can use your hands and mouth together as you move down your partner’s back – and alternate touching with your fingers, your forearm, your lips, your tongue… you get the idea. Always pay attention to which areas your partner responds to the best and which they like the most.

Don’t forget to trade places and let your partner try all these things on you too.

3. Pay Attention to Your Lover’s Feet and Toes

Do you like to have your toes sucked? If you haven’t tried it before – you should try it. Clean your feet very well and have your partner massage your feet with their hands and then kiss your feet, your ankles, and your toes. I will warn you to be careful and adjust your touch based on how ticklish they are, with a little practice you can get the touch right for your partner. My e-book How to Kiss – From Head to Toe includes more detailed instructions on how to spoil your partner’s feet and legs.

group ses feet

4. Kissing Your Partner’s Calves and Thighs

You can move to your partner’s calves – it is wonderful to massage the calves and follow your hands with your mouth, lips and tongue.

Try different touches and watch your lover’s reactions.

When you find activities you enjoy, do those things again.  That applies to anything you do – anywhere on their body. Move up to the knee and you can kiss the knee, suck gently behind their knee and some small nibbles around the knee.

This leads perfectly into moving your way up the thigh. You can kiss the front, the back and the side of your lover’s thighs. Kiss, lick, suck and nibble your way around the thigh. As you move to the inner thigh – remember the inner thigh is much more sensitive. You can kiss your lover’s thigh with them standing to give you full access, with them lying on their back to let you kiss the front and sides of their thighs or you can roll them over or lift their knees – so you can kiss the back and inside of their thighs. If you have them lie on their stomach – they won’t see what you’re doing and this can add great sensations as you work your way up their leg with your mouth.

Move carefully, use every trick with your mouth, your lips and your tongue that you’ve mastered and work your lover into a frenzy. These are just some of the ways you can use your mouth to kiss various erogenous zones of your lover’s body. Have fun, get creative and never forget to be passionate with each other and enjoy one another.

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Nikki Leigh

Nikki is a Master Sexpert and a Certified Love Coach. She’s the host and producer of Ready for Love radio. She’s an award winning author who uses her website and books to share her message that women and men should learn to love, accept and respect themselves in a healthy and positive way.

She feels that everyone should feel they have permission to enjoy a healthy, passionate and loving life whether they are single, in a committed relationship or any other type of healthy consensual relationship.
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