Organic Dildos: All about Healthy and Ecofriendly Masturbation (2019 Edition)

organic dildo
Written by Mariah Freya

I know what you are thinking. Organic dildos? Is she now discussing which vegetables are best suited for our lovely vaginas? Not exactly.

What I wanted to put out there is some awareness-raising regarding dildos. When we make love to ourselves, we want to treat our vaginas the best way we can, right? There are so many benefits of female pleasuring but have you ever thought about the toxins which might be inside your pink Chinese-made dildo?

Which Toxins Am I Talking About?

The most common is Phthalates (pronounced THAL-ates). It makes plastic soft and bendy. It’s so bad that it might damage sperm in men and lead to reproductive issues, according to a study published by the journal Environmental Health Perspective. And who knows what other side effects it might have?!

No Regulations? What the F**k!

Unfortunately, governments don’t regulate sex toys – they do when it comes to children’s toys, but seem to have forgotten about regulating adult toys. So it’s all up to us, the consumer, to be better informed about the materials used, which type to buy and which not.

So let’s see if your personal dildo is body safe or not. Firstly, let’s have a look at the Material.

Examine Your Most Beloved Dildo

  • When you opened your brand new dildo, you got totally turned off by the plastic smell? Yes? That’s a sign you’ve got some polyvinyl chlorides (PVC) in your toy which often contains the goddamn petroleum-derived chemical Phthalates.
  • Is your dildo highly “bendy” or “squishy” like? Yep? Sorry, might be another sign for a dildo containing Phthalates, because it helps to make the material soft.
  • Do you find any oily or sweat-like discharge on the surface of your dildo? Sorry, that’s a sign of chemical degradation, meaning you’ve got some really toxic and old dong lying around.

If you found any of the above-mentioned signs then, sorry, love, you need to throw it out the window (not into your neighbor’s garden but straight into the garbage).

Let’s Make it Green and Healthy

There are some really good brands out there – trusted manufacturers who actually care about their customers.

Most of the body safe dildos are made out of:

• 100% medical grade silicon
• Borosilicate (or “Pyrex”) glass
• Stainless Steel
• Wood (ideally sustainably harvested)
• Stone or Crystal
• I haven’t found an organic store, which specializes in organic vegetable dildos 🙂

One Minus

You’ve got to be prepared to spend some more money on your toys. If you don’t think your vagina is worth it, you can still cheat and simply put a condom on top of your old dildo. That will do. But I rather suggest treating your vagina with healthy and organic dildos. Maybe we head for less of a collection but instead a few really good ones!

Here Are Healthy and Organic Dildos I Recommend:

#1 Ella (Silicone)

organic dildosSafety features:
food-grade material / hypo-allergenic / latex free / non-porous / Phthalates free


I have one myself and I can highly recommend it. It helps me to reach G-spot orgasms easily, nice for massaging tensions around the vagina walls, and it has a soft and silky erotic feeling to it. When you purchase a silicon dildo make sure that it’s a 100% food or medical grade silicone.

If you use lube use only water-based lubrication otherwise you might destroy your toy.

I use a special adult toy cleaner for cleaning but soap and hot water will do the same job.

[amazon box=”B002PNQJYG”]


#2 Curved Glass Dildo (Pyrex Glass)

organic dildoSafety features:
food-grade material /hypoallergenic/ heat- and chemical-resistant/ latex free / non-porous / Phthalates free/strong

This kinky one is a real pleasure giver. And it’s Glass! Designed for a lifetime and even pretty to look at. The nice thing here: it works with any lubrication, cannot break down or smell. Pyrex Glass is especially hard to break and responds perfectly to temperature change. Simply warm or cool in a bowl of water before self-love.

Some cheaper versions might have spray paint on the surface. This could be very toxic and not safe to use. Better buy one from trustworthy manufacturers like Hamsa or Icicles.

Simply with a toy cleaner or soap and water. If the water is too hot on rare occasions it might crack.

[amazon box=”B002AGUOC6″]


#3 Outlaw VixSkin Caramel (Silicone)

healthy dildoSafety features:
Food-grade material / Hypo-allergenic / Latex free / Non-porous / Phthalates free

Vixen Creations

This hot-blooded Outlaw has a very real organic feeling thanks to the VixSkin invention. It’s for those of you who like it a bit more realistic and softer than the Lelo Silicone or Glass Dildo I recommended. It’s a nice medium size with a strap-on compatibility.

If you use lube use only water based lubrication otherwise you might destroy your toy.

You can just use a soap, adult toy cleaner, or you can boil it to sterilize.

[amazon box=”B0026CN4OY”]


#4 Njoy Pure Wand (Stainless Steel)

stainless organic dildo Safety features:
Food-grade material / Latex free / Non-porous / Phthalates free


The perfect G-spotter. It’s easy to reach and handy when lying on your back. This chic piece can be used with any lubrication, it’s steel! Either hot or cold in warm water or the fridge for extra sensations (but don’t put it in the freezer!).

As you would clean your cooking pot but avoid abrasives or you’ll lose that seductive shine ;-).

[amazon box=”B00FEKPCTU”]  

#5 Wooden Dildo 4 (Wood)

wooden organic dildo Safety features:
Food-grade material / Latex free / Phthalates free/ Non-porous/ hypoallergenic acrylic


Back to the woods. I love this fantasy of doing it to myself in nature. This down-to-earth dildo makes this fantasy even more real ;-). It’s natural high quality wood which comes in all sorts of shapes, forms and wooden shades.

The Dildo can be cleaned with nothing more than soap and hot water. Let it air dry before putting it away since any moisture remaining on the surface can attract mold and mildew.

Available on Etsy


#6 D1 Stone Dildo (Stone)

organic dildoSafety features:
Food-grade material / Latex free / Phthalates free/ Non-porous/ hypoallergenic


Wow, this dildo is approximately 300 Million years old, that’s historical masturbation, baby. The shape is perfect for G-spot stimulation. The sexy heaviness feels like you’ve got something in your hands. The weight is ideal for penetration. Every stone has healing energies and I am pretty sure this Black Norwegian Moonstone will make our vaginas super happy. It doesn’t only look mystical and beautiful, its hand-sculpted too and freshly shipped from Norway in classy eco packaging. It’s so smooth you don’t even really need lube to get started.

Super easy to clean with soap and hot water.

[amazon box=”B007WK2SEC”]  

#7 Rose Quartz Pleasure Wand (Stone)


Safety feature:
Food-grade material / Latex free / Phthalates free/ Non-porous/ hypoallergenic

Let’s bring some sacredness into your playtime! Rose Quartz is a stone of the heart, a crystal of unconditional love. It carries a soft feminine energy of compassion and peace, which lets you connect to yourself and your partner on a whole new level. Usually, stones are pretty cold to the touch. By putting it close to your body before using it, it can adapt to your body’s temperature and give you an even better connection to its healing purposes.

Super easy to clean with soap and hot water. You could also clean it energetically with the full moon. Simply put it out on a windowsill that faces the full moon and let it have a charging moon bath.

[amazon box=”B01N30W7UW”]

#8 Organic Veggie Dildo 2000

organic carott dildoSafety feature:
100% Natural

Mother Nature

Yes, finally you got me. Of course the best organic dildos are local organic carrots, zucchinis, cucumbers, pumpkins, you name it… Comes in all colors, shapes, tastes and sizes. For real veggie pleasure.

Veggies are natural, but can harm the pH-levels inside a vagina, don’t risk an infection. Simply roll a condom on.

And for those who need it extra nerdy they can get one of those dildo makers. DIY organic dildos!

Bonus: The Best Sex Toy Cleaner

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If you are interested in putting these lovely toys into practice, then you should check our Vaginal Massage article.

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