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Written by Mariah Freya

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The legendary clitoral orgasm. It is the queen and the pop star of all orgasms. Ever wondered why clitoral orgasms are so famous?

There are 8000 nerves on the tip of the clit alone, so it makes sense that the clitoral orgasm is so popular. The noble clitoral orgasm is the tip of the iceberg, the cherry on top, and the crown of the G-spot.

This sensual point is the only organ made for the sole purpose of pleasure.

Let’s take a moment to thank the universe for giving us this magical bean nestled between our lovely lady lips. The secret now is to learn how exactly to activate the scintillating powers of the clit orgasm.

Already experienced the wild roar of a clitoral orgasm? Congratulations. It’s amazing, right? If you haven’t yet experienced a clitoral orgasm, don’t fret. There are many techniques to unleash this beast of a climax. If you want to know how to have clitoral orgasms then dare to step into the lioness den of pleasure. You are one stroke away from the most erotic explosion of your life.

Quick Facts About the Clitoral Orgasm

  • The clitoris is the number one organ for reaching orgasms. 70-80% of women need direct clitoral stimulation.
  • Sorry boys. Women have double the amount of nerves on our clit compared to a penis. Our climaxes are longer, juicier, and more intense.
  • In the 70s women were obsessed with their clit. It became an empowerment symbol for many of the second-wave feminist movement. Singing the chorus “We don’t need men, we have our clitorises”.
  • Our clitoris grows throughout our lifetime. It can grow up to 2.5 its size after menopause. The bigger the clit the bigger the hit? Not exactly, no matter what the size of your clitoris is, it still contains the same amount of nerve endings.
  • Only in 2009 were the first 3D images of an erect clitoris published by Dr. Buisson & Dr. Folèds.
  • Some women even undergo the knife to alter their clitorises. The procedure is called “clitoral unhooding” which might heighten sensitivity. Side-note: the idea of improving sexuality through surgery might end up in scarring and infections which means no sex life at all.

Anatomy of a Clitoral Orgasm: So Where is it Exactly?

The Greeks referred to the clit orgasm as the key to female sexuality.

external clitoris

If we peek at our clitoris what we see are the clitoral head (glans) and the hood (right above the clit entrance). What we don’t see are the inside parts. These parts include the urethral sponge, the G-spot, the erectile tissue, the vestibular bulbs and the crus of the clitoris (also known as the clitoral legs). If you look at the clitoral organ in its entirety you will realize that it looks pretty much like a penis.

My Clitoral Orgasm Experience: It’s LOUD

What does a clitoral orgasm feel like? While all orgasms are subjective, my clitoral orgasms are loud in sensation. If I were to paint them they would be sharp and red. If I ever feel shy about moaning, I cannot have a clitoral orgasm. They are like a volcanic explosion. They are powerful waves of bliss. Clitoral orgasms are powerful. They are without a doubt the best orgasms to quench a ravenous sexual appetite.

What Others Say or Do


A dreary statistic finds that only 25 percent of women are orgasmic during penetrative sex. Sigh. There could be a biological reason for that. Some scientists say it is important how close the clitoris is to the vaginal canal say.

The closer clit and vaginal canal are, the easier it is to orgasm during sex.

clitoris internal

The clitoris, urethra, and anterior vaginal form an area known as the clitourethrovaginal complex. This whole area is interconnected. When stimulated correctly it leads to powerful orgasms.

Remember Alfred Kinsey? He was one of the first to criticize Freud’s theory that clitoral orgasms are pubertal. Kinsey declared the clitoris as the main center of female sexual pleasure. This was due to the number of nerve endings in the clitoris compared to the vagina. He also discovered that many women could not have a vaginal orgasm.

Since then, Masters and Johnson, as well as Shere Hite, support Kinsey’s findings. Helen O’Connell was the one who started the discourse around medical professionals. She found that the G-spot (sitting on the vaginal wall) is the root of the clitoris. In 2008, Buisson and Foldès discovered erectile tissues of the clitoris that surround the vagina. This theory led to the idea that clitoral stimulation is necessary to achieve vaginal orgasms.

Sexual science is still in its infancy. What we do know is that the main function of a clitoris is to provide us with earth-shattering pleasure. That is enough to keep us satisfied until more discovery cums our way. Stay tuned.

Tantric Tradition

Tantrics believe that our libido is our vital force. If we please or calm our sexual appetite too quickly, our vitality also decreases. Many tantric male practitioners avoid ejaculation. Female tantric practitioners try not to have clit orgasms to avoid energy loss.

Instead, they maintain their libido and channel it into their spiritual practices. The tantric tradition recommends orgasming through the stimulation of your clit only. They suggest using only the root of the clit, the G-spot orgasm, and all other inner parts to cum. You can stroke your clit and incorporate the G-spot too. This will bring the pleasure sensation inside your vagina. You can find out more about Tantric Sex in our guide.

Takeaway: I include my clitoris in my sexual play but try not to focus only on it. Sometimes tantric communities demonize certain parts of female sexuality.

I say, learn to love your clit!

Just be conscious of what happens after a clitoral orgasm. What you do with this knowledge is your choice.

Orgasmic Meditation: The Clit Strokers

clitoral orgasm

A community that promotes clit stroking? Yes, please. The Orgasmic Meditation (OM) community promotes a practice, where your partner strokes the left quadrant (from the women’s perspective) every day for 15 minutes. It’s a beautiful practice for couples. This is a sensual practice for anyone who wants to connect to their clitoris. Take your time getting to know your clit, there is no need rushing off to the finish line.

How to Get There: How to Have Clitoral Orgasms

Think of a clitoris orgasm as a marathon, not a sprint. In other words, don’t use all your energy in one burst and jump right to the clitoral peak. Start with a whole body warm up. Approach the clitoris slowly and lightly with fingers, tongue, palms or toys. Play with it. Squeeze it, stretch it, massage it, press it, tickle it. You can also explore the area around the hood.

Listen to her needs, but with patience and present. If you start to feel a warm-like sensation cuddling around your clitoral hood, you are on the right track. Keep a steady pace and continue stroking until you reach a climax.

How Will You Know If You Reached a Clitoral Climax?

Oh trust me, it’s unmistakable. The clitoris will engorge and pulsate, and you will feel a rush like lava melting from the tip of your head to your toes. It will be intense and it will be very, very hot. Want a sensual sex position that will help you reach a clitoral orgasm? Try “The CAT” – Coital Alignment Technique.

To do this technique get into the missionary position. Your partner should maintain as much body contact with you without crushing you. Without losing contact, have your partner slide his body upwards toward your head. He should also align his pelvis with yours. Keep his hips at a downward angle so that base of his penis rubs against your clitoris. If you feel your clitoris stimulated by his penis and pelvis, you’re doing it right!

The Clit Is One of the Most Famous Pleasure Centers for Women All over the World

If we can learn to tune in and activate this sensual point we can all become highly orgasmic women. Who doesn’t want that?

This tiny gland exists solely for your pleasure, so go ahead and give it attention.

Touch this sweet little love button again and again. Pretty soon you will be covered in sweat and quivering in sweet sensual bliss. Yeah, it’s that good.

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