38 Sensual Sex Games for Frisky Couples

sex games for couples
Written by Beducated Magazine

How can I spice up my sex life? It’s a question we get asked all the time, and one of the first things I recommend is playing a sensual sex game with your partner. It’s the perfect form of roleplay and is guaranteed to get your blood pumping. And if you’re competitive, it could get quite naughty.

I wanted to share some of my favorites with you. Most of these games don’t require any accessories, but if they do, I’ve made a list of what you’ll need. These couples sex games are all simple to play and can help even the shiest of people get in the mood.

#1 Fantasy Bowl

Want to find out more about your partner’s fantasies? Here’s a great way to do it.

You and your partner both write down five fantasies on slips of paper and throw the slips into a bowl. Shuffle the paper around and get into bed. Taking turns, each of you draws a piece of paper from the bowl, and you talk about the fantasy. You’ll learn more about each other and you’ll both be really turned on by the end.

What you’ll need:
– A bowl
– Ten slips of paper
– A pen

#2 Role-playing

Ever wanted to sleep with a firefighter, a convict, or a policeman? Role-playing will let you live out that fantasy.

sex games for couples

A tried and true sex game, it’s the best way to spice up a relationship. Dress up and pretend to be whatever you want. One of the most common scenarios is the teacher-student relationship. She can dress up as the teacher and he has to put in some “extra work” to pass.

What you’ll need:
– Costumes and props

#3 Dirty Would-you-rather

If you’re feeling naughty, you’ll love the dirty talk that comes with it. A dirty twist on a classic game, ask each other dirty would-you-rather questions. Eventually, you won’t be able to keep your hands off of each other. Who knows, maybe he’ll finally give you a mind-blowing g-spot orgasm!

What you’ll need:
– Dirty thoughts

#4 Dirty Truth-Or-Dare

Another classic, although you might want to stick to dares for maximum pleasure. This is a great way to subtly tell your partner what you’re into. Dare each other to do naughty things you wouldn’t have the courage to ask for otherwise. This is the perfect chance for you to get out of your comfort zone!

What you’ll need:
– Creativity

#5 Strip Questions

Want to find out more about your partner while having some fun?

Ask each other questions (personal questions or trivia questions work), and whenever someone gets an answer wrong, they have to drink and take off a piece of clothing. You’ll be naked in no time.

What you’ll need:
– Sexy lingerie

#6 Sexy Notes

Want to keep your man excited all day long? Throughout the day, leave sticky notes with sexy messages throughout the house for your partner to find. It’s a good way to build tension, and eventually, you won’t be able to resist ripping each other’s clothes off.

What you’ll need:
– Paper and a pen

#7 Blindfolds and Ice Cream

sex games for couples

Food and sex go hand in hand, and this game proves it! The blindfolded partner has to feed the other ice cream, and if any ice cream falls onto their body, the blindfolded one has to lick it up. You could also use chocolate sauce. Yum!

What you’ll need:
– A blindfold
– Your favorite ice cream

#8 Tarzan and Jane

This is the perfect game for those who are into rough sex or conscious BDSM! You’ll need some ropes, scarves, or even handcuffs to play. Tarzan’s goal is to pin Jane down, tie her to the headboard, and penetrate her with their penis or a strap on. Try and fight off your Tarzan. Give it five minutes and you’ll both be hot and horny!

What you’ll need:
– Ropes or scarves

#9 Reenact Porn

Have you ever wanted to pretend to be a porn star? Reenacting porn is a great way to try new positions. Consider skimming through the video beforehand to make sure it’s something you’ll both enjoy.

Btw, I recommend making it look like a feminist porn! You’ll understand why once you check it out.

What you’ll need:
– Something to watch porn on

#10 Sexy Walk and Drive

This is for the exhibitionists out there. Take a walk wearing a thin t-shirt with no bra, while your boyfriend wears loose shorts with no underwear. If you want to be seen, walk into a store. When you get home, your adrenaline will be pumping and you won’t be able to resist each other.

What you’ll need:
– Revealing, sexy clothes

#11 Sexy Bucket List


You don’t want to have any regrets when you get older? Then work on your sexual bucket list. Make a bucket list with sex acts you haven’t done (or look one up online) and knock something off of the list. Some things you could try include having sex outside, learning Tantra or having a threesome!

What you’ll need:
– A bucket list!

#12 Never Have I Ever

Are you ready to reveal some of your deepest, darkest secrets? Play a game of never have I ever, but keep it sexual. You’ve never been tied up before? Prepare to be! You’ll find out things about each other you didn’t know and maybe end up trying some new things before the night is over.

What you’ll need:
– A willingness to try new things

#13 X marks the Spot

If you want every inch of your body worshipped, this is the game for you. You think of a spot on your body, and your partner has to kiss every part of your body until they find it. Another thing you can do is just let them kiss you everywhere before stopping them. Neither one of you will complain. Mmmm!

What you’ll need:
– The desire to be touched

#14 Pick a Card

Forget poker, play this sexy card game on your game night. First, you have to give each suit a different sex act. For example, hearts could be oral, and spades could be penetration. The number on the card is how many seconds you have to perform each act.

What you’ll need:
– A deck of cards

#15 Not so Fast

Lie on the bed naked and play with yourself, using toys if you’d like. Your partner has to stand at the doorway, and for every question they get right, they can take a step closer. When they get one wrong, they have to take a step back.

What you’ll need:
Sex toys

#16 Orgasm Contest

There’s nothing better than spending quality time with your boo. You and your partner masturbate next to each other, and whoever cums first has to help the other finish. The person who came first gets to request a sex act for round 2.

What you’ll need:
– Porn and sex toys (optional)

#17 Mirror Mirror

You and your partner stand facing each other, and taking turns, touch each other (I suggest kissing, licking, and touching certain areas. Leave oral and penetration for the finale). The receiving partner has to mimic on you what’s been done to them. It’s a good way to non-verbally tell your partner what you like.

What you’ll need:
– A dirty mind

#18 Keep It Out To Get It In

This is the ultimate way to build tension, and we all know that it’s the recipe for a satisfying climax.

Set the timer on your phone to 20 minutes and fool around with each other. During those 20 minutes, no penetration is allowed. The prolonged teasing will leave you very excited.

What you’ll need:
– Self-control

sex games for couples

#19 Overpower

There are no set rules for this game. All that matters is you and your partner have some sort of physical contact. I recommend naked wrestling, tickle fights, or naked pillow fights. When you’re done, you’ll both be sweaty and ready to go. The one who surrenders has to do whatever the winner likes.

What you’ll need:
– Pillows

#20 Choose Your Pleasure Tool

sex games for couples

Do you like a challenge? Want your partner to impress you? Pick a sex toy and get your partner to try and make you cum with it. I recommend nipple clamps, fleshlights, vibrators, and dildos for the most fun. Whether you climax or not, it’ll be great foreplay.

What you’ll need:

– Your favorite sex toys

#21 Santa’s Bag

If you aren’t sure how to spice up your night, you’ll love his. Throw all of your sex toys into a bag, close your eyes, reach in and grab one. Whichever sex toy you pull out is what you and your partner are using for the night. This is a great way to ease the pressure of picking a sex toy.

What you’ll need:
– A bag or basket
– An assortment of sex toys

#22 Hide and Seek

There are a few different ways you can play this game, and here’s one of them. You and your partner get naked, one of you hides while the other seeks. When they find you, they get to do whatever they want to your body.

Another way you could play is to both go on opposite ends of the house, blindfold yourselves, and try to find each other using your voices while talking dirty.

What you’ll need:
– Somewhere to play

#23 Guess What This Is

Keep your partner guessing with this game, which involves a blindfold. One person is blindfolded and the other guides their hand to a point on their body. The blindfolded partner has to guess what they’re touching. The longer you tease each other, the better the sex will be.

What you’ll need:
– A blindfold


#24 Your Body Is a Canvas

Both you and your partner get naked, and using body-safe paint, draw on each other. You’ll learn to appreciate every single part of each other’s body. For added fun, use edible paint and lick it off of each other. Mmm.

What you’ll need:
– Body paint
– Paint brushes (optional)

Speaking of how amazing your body is, did you know that there are 8 types of female orgasms?

#25 Make Me Jealous

A small dose of jealousy is one way to have great sex. Have your partner tell you about someone they’re really into and describe what they would do to them. A more extreme version for secure relationships is to both go out on a date with someone else, come home, and talk about it. It could lead to some really passionate sex.

What you’ll need:
– Confidence

#26 What’s Your Fantasy

Another great way to get to know your partner, especially if you have a specific fantasy in mind. Simply talk about your fantasies with each other and try to make one a reality. You might be surprised to hear what your partner is into!

What you’ll need:
– Whatever the fantasy requires, possibly costumes and sex toys


#27 Plain Old Blindfold

Sex is exciting because it activates all of our senses. And by playing this game, you’ll get to focus on everything besides sight. Blindfold one (or both of you) and simply get down to business. Your other senses will be heightened, and you can let your imagination run wild.

What you’ll need:
– A blindfold

#28 Prisoner

There’s something sexy about the prisoner-guard scenario. The dom-sub relationship in this game is bound to turn you both on.

Handcuff your partner (or have them handcuff you) to a bedpost naked and make your way with their body. Whatever you want, you get. After all, they’re the prisoner.

What you’ll need:
– Handcuffs

#29 Watch Me

Most people don’t take the time to really appreciate their partners, which is unfortunate. I recommend you try this game. It’s more exciting than you’d think. Each of you sits on one end of the room and pleasure yourselves, resisting the urge to touch each other.

What you’ll need:
– Sex toys

#30 Public Parking Lot

Have you ever wanted to fool around outside? The feeling if possibly getting caught turns most people on. If you’re feeling dangerous, drive to a public parking lot (not too public!) and fool around. You don’t have to have penetrative sex. Simply touch each other and have oral sex. Whatever you’re comfortable with!

What you’ll need:
– A car

#31 Picnic In Your Garden

This requires a bit more set-up but has the potential to be really sexy. Go on a picnic at a semi-private park, eat some great food and enjoy some wine, and fool around a little bit. Touching each other outside will get you riled up, and when you get home, you won’t be able to resist ripping each other’s clothes off.

What you’ll need:
– A picnic basket
– Some delicious food (bonus points if you pack aphrodisiacs)

#32 Open Your Mouth Close Your Eyes

Want to enjoy a snack and your partner’s body at the same time? Blindfold your partner and start putting things in his mouth. Start with food and move into body parts. Fruits are the best option, as they aren’t too messy and you get to lick the juices off of each other! Whenever they guess right, you have to switch roles.

What you’ll need:
– A blindfold
– Delicious food

#33 Strip Pong

Getting competitive with your partner is one way to build tension, and when you pair that with alcohol, great sex is inevitable. Take a wild trip back to your college days and play beer pong, but with a twist. Instead of (or alongside!) drinking beer, the loser has to remove a piece of clothing.

What you’ll need:
– Red solo cups
– Beer
– A pong ball

#34  7 Minutes in Heaven

sex games for couples

Regain that feeling you felt when you were young and made out with someone for the first time. This is a twist on the game you know you played when you were younger, but more R-rated. You have 7 minutes to get in and get out of the closet. The pressure could result in a really sexy, sweaty experience.

What you’ll need:
– A closet

#35 Commercial Break

Want to build sexual tension while enjoying a movie or your favorite series? When you and your boo are watching TV, use the commercial breaks or the beginning and end credits to fondle each other. After your show is over, you’ll both be so turned on that you’ll have to have sex right away.

What you’ll need:
– TV

#36 Naughty Girl

If you enjoy being submissive in bed, this game is for you. Make a list of all the things you did wrong during the day and give it to your man. Have you spank you with his hand or even a paddle, punishing you for being naughty. Create a safe word just in case!

What you’ll need:
– A piece of paper
– A pen

#37 Into the Woods

Another one for the exhibitionists out there! Take a hike through the forest, and halfway, stop and fool around. There’s something about having sex outside that gets the blood pumping. I don’t know about you, but I love giving a blowjob in the forest!

What you’ll need:
– A forest

#38 Sex Charades

Turn your boo on with your sexy acting skills! This is like regular charades, but instead of acting out innocent things, you’re acting out sex acts. Get creative and use different props. Just watching each other is enough to really turn you on. And if your partner guesses what you’re doing, they get to make it a reality!

What you’ll need:
– Costumes and props

sex games for couples

Did Any of These Games Excite You?

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Sex is an important part of your intimacy. That’s why I wanted to share these games with you. It’s often as easy as playing a simple game to get you and your partner in the mood. In the kink world, sex is called “adult play” – and that’s exactly what it should be – fun!

There’s a game on this list for every type of person, or be inspired to come up with your own. Once you get over that first bit of embarrassment, you’ll start to enjoy yourself and your sex life will flourish.

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