Cervix Penetration: Is There Such Thing As Too Deep?

Cervix Penetration
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Harder, faster, deeper! Deeper! Deeeperrr! Ouch?

For some people, deep cervix penetration can be an uncomfortable experience, that is, if they’re not properly aroused, or aware of some particularly important information around cervix penetration; such as where exactly is the cervix? What does hitting the cervix feel like? How far is the cervix from the G-spot? And can you go too deep?

Ugh, but when you are aroused and educated … how deliciously pleasurable deeper cervix penetration can be. Didn’t we tell you knowledge is sexy?

First of all, I have news for ya – cervix penetration is not actually possible.

At least not during full penetration with a penis or dildo. The cervix has a really tiny hole called the os, made only for those pesky sperm to pass through (ah except during childbirth – but that’s another story).

Over the course of the menstrual cycle, the cervix changes position. Some people track their fertility by feeling their cervix with their fingers. This position and texture can have an effect on the depth and sensation. For example, during and just after a period the cervix is typically low and hard. Yet nearing ovulation, it becomes higher and softer.

Cervix Penetration

During arousal, the cervix often lifts and the vaginal canal elongates. It’s also important to note that vaginal depth varies from person to person. For cis women, the average depth is 3.5-5 inches, whereas for post-op trans women, it can range from 5-6.5 inches.

Deeper penetration positions can stimulate three major orgasmic points:

  • the G-spot, typically found on the front wall of the vagina;
  • the anterior fornix, said to be a further two inches in past the G-spot and encourages rapid lubrication;
  • and the cervix.

So what are you actually experiencing during deep penetration if it’s not cervix penetration? Well, it’s really just stimulation of the cervical base. This study found that a distinct orgasm is possible from cervical stimulation with a penis. As the cervix is connected to the vagus nerve, an orgasmic pathway can even be activated in people with spinal cord injuries.

Read our in depth article on cervical orgasms here.

Does Size Really Matter?

This study looked into the possibility of an evolutionary theory for liking longer penises in relation to cervical pleasure. However, the results came back insufficient.

Meaning that, no, a longer penis isn’t biologically determined to provide deeper pleasure.

If you are also worried that deeper penetration will dislodge your IUD, remember, the cervix is not being penetrated, so it’s very unlikely. To check, you or your partner may feel the strings hanging out of the cervix opening – but if you’re concerned, visit your sexual health doctor.

Have You Experienced Pain During Deep Penetration?

What you really want to make sure before you explore deeper penetration, is to be prepared. Take things slow and build up that delicious arousal.

Pain could be a response from your body saying “I’m just not ready for this!”

Some typical causes for abdominal pain after sex can range from certain sex positions or pelvic floor problems. At different times of the month, the position of the cervix may affect how much depth you can handle. If you notice blood after deep penetration, this might be due to lack of lubrication and internal friction.

But just a quick reminder, we’d strongly recommend going to see your doctor if your pain problems persist, and especially if you experience bleeding after deep penetration.

Cervix Penetration

Perhaps, like me, you’ve had some partners who’ve just pounded or poked you too hard. This, and other traumas, can leave you with the memory of it being painful, or subsequently numb, with your nervous system dissociating from this area.

Here’s some great tips for turning pain during sex into pleasure.

How Do You Prepare for Cervix Penetration?

Here’s some pointers to prepare you for some sensationally deeper pleasure.

Lube It Up

We cannot stress this hard enough. Even though the vagina is naturally lubricating, some people dry out quicker than others. Adding lube can only make for a more sensual ride. Here’s some of our best lubes recommendations for masturbation.

Penis Temptations

Worried that the penis is too long? Try out the Ohnut intimate wearable. They are comfy modular rings you place on the base of the penis, designed to control the depth of penetration.

Perhaps you’re worried it’s too short? Wait till you’ve checked out our sex positions for max penetration below – sometimes all you need is a pillow prop. Alternatively, if the penis isn’t fulfilling your deepest desires (particularly at certain times of the month) – invest in a penis extender, strap on, or dildo…

Speaking of Dildos

Find a length that suits you. If you take the time to measure your vagina this might help! One way to do that is squat down and insert your fingers or even a cooking spoon with a condom on it. Either use your knuckle or part of the spoon as a point of measurement to find the length that feels good for you.

Ideally you want to use medically-safe organic dildos that are healthy and eco-friendly. Make sure it has a good handle, or find a suction dildo for a hands-free ride into the night.

Cervix Penetration

Hands On

Going back to basics? If you are thinking of using your hands, minimise scratching at all costs and make sure your fingernails are trimmed and filed. Or invest in latex gloves. Just remember, relax, go at your own pace, and back off if it’s too intense or painful.

Also know that it’s totally fine if that doesn’t work. Not all women are able to touch their cervix with fingers. For some, the vaginal canal is longer than their fingers.

Best Sex Positions for Deep Penetration

Riding Solo With Fingers or Dildo

1. Upside Down Tortoise

Lie on your back, knees tucked in toward your chest. Reach around behind your legs with your fingers or dildo to penetrate deeply. Rock forward and back, side to side to add a rhythm to it. Place a cushion or two under your lower back for more depth.

2. Happy Cat

Get on all fours, reach between your legs with your dildo. Explore arching and rounding your back to hit the deeper spots. Like in yoga, use your breath to feel deeply into this position.

3. Bouncing Bunny

Got yourself a suction dildo? Stick it on the floor or wall and bounce on it. Go at it like a rabbit!

Penis or Strap It on With Your Partner in Crime

1. Mounted Cobra

In this cervix penetration position, lie with your belly flat on the bed with your legs zipped closed. Lying on top of you, your partner can penetrate you lifting themselves up.

2. Deep Dog

This modified doggy position will have you howling! Get on all fours at the edge of the bed, but with pillows under your knees raising your ass in the air. Your partner standing beside the bed penetrating you from behind.

3. Diving Turtle

Dive into a deep state of pleasure in this turtle position. Just like puppy pose in yoga, get on your knees with your forearms spread forward and your chest close to the floor or bed beneath you. Have your partner penetrate you from behind with their penis or strap-on.

Cervix Penetration

4. Hungry Eagle

Lying on your back with your legs in the air, have your partner penetrate you deeply. Hungry for more, wrap your legs around their head and pull them in closer…

5. Cow Queen

Take charge in this position. Where the other sex positions for max penetration your partner is mostly in control, the cow queen is a royal step up from the cow girl where you command how much depth you like. Sit on your throne and ride it, moving your hips back and forth.

Bonus Pleasure Points

It’s also worth trying out different motions. Varying speed, faster and slower thrusts, shallow and deeper penetrations, and gyrating by circling the hips to hit different points.

And never, ever underestimate the power of a pillow! Minor adjustments to the positions, such as placing a cushion under your bum during missionary can make all the difference.

If that wasn’t enough for you, we’d recommend reading up on our tantric practices, and learn how to spread your orgasmic energy through the body with deep breathing. Strengthen the vagina with kegel exercises for stronger orgasms.

Cervix penetration might not be for you at all – and that’s okay!

Go at your own pace and learn your boundaries. Most importantly, remember to enjoy the pleasure journey. Keep it playful and listen to your body.

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