The 8 Types of Female Orgasms

female orgasms
Written by Mariah Freya

Orgasms. Everyone wants one because well, they are awesome.

They are the most powerful feeling of sexual pleasure and release. The issue? Well, nowhere nearly enough women around the world are reaping the succulent fruits that come from having a juicy orgasm.

One study showed that only 25 percent of women are consistently orgasmic during vaginal intercourse. On top of that, very little is still known about the elusive Big O. And while a combination of a sexual revolution and scientific findings around the female orgasm peaked in the 60’s and 70’s, the female orgasm still remains relatively abstract.

The hard sexy truth is that orgasms are most likely subjective. There are just as many orgasmic sensations as there are women alive. If we can be our own sex scientist, we can discover for ourselves what works and what doesn’t.

The key is to be open, both physically and mentally.

So, are you ready for an explosion of pure bliss? Then it’s time to turn up the heat and figure out exactly how you can enhance your personal peaks of pleasure. Below is everything you need to know about the female orgasm.

The Female Orgasm: A Seductive Splash of History

female orgasm


Yes, women really do masturbate!

Thanks to Scientist Alfred Kinsey’s unveiling study done in the 1940´s an overwhelming 40% of women admitted to experiencing their first orgasm while masturbating. The study was massive and revealed fascinating facts about human sexuality.

The studies continue to challenge traditional ideas surrounding female sexuality today. To sum it all up? Masturbating is a fantastic way to explore your most intimate parts before or during a hot and heavy sexcapade with your lover.


Science is sexy, especially when new studies demonstrate that women are multiorgasmic. Starting in the late 1950’s early 1960’s scientific findings about sexual stimulation, began to flood the mainstream media. These specific studies paved the way to research and acceptance around the philosophy of the human sexual response.

1960’s – 1980’s

A sexual revolution begins. Beginning in the 1960’ extramarital affairs, increased partners, homosexuality and freedom of sexual expression literally exploded. In these times, a spotlight on the clitoris orgasm created a sexual frenzy. Talk about free love. Today, we still thank heavens for this magical pleasure point. All hail to the clitoris!


Forget an apple a day to keep the doctor away. Masturbate yourself to healthy.

The 19th century, or present day, is all about how orgasms should be part of your daily well-being regime. Nowadays, countless studies show that orgasms can lead to lowered blood pressure and reduce the risk for hypertension in older woman.

Other studies show links between the clearer skin and better mood. I guess it is time to start warming up your hands (or your partners) to ensure that you get your daily dose of orgasms.

Your Brain on Orgasms: What Happens in the Body While Orgasming?

female orgasms

Think of a female orgasm like a come-hither spider web.

Neither linear or symmetrical, a female orgasm is an intricately woven web to provide each unique vagina with a different experience. The work of Masters and Johnson created The sexual-response cycle.

This particular response is divided into four phases: excitement, plateau, orgasm, and resolution. This was a groundbreaking study in the 60’s that helped unbosom the natural occurrence of a climax.

Today, there are many ideas about what happens in the body and mind during orgasm. Despite a plethora of theories, a unanimous explanation for what a person experiences during an orgasm, currently does not exist.

What we do know? The areas of the brain that are affected by sexual arousal include the amygdala, nucleus accumbens, ventral tegmental area (VTA), cerebellum, and the pituitary gland. A rush of feel-good neurochemicals is also responsible for carrying you off to a cloud-nine like a state.

These neurochemicals can be held accountable for emotions that bring you closer to your partner. Which is why many of us, particularly women, may feel vulnerable if things don’t go as planned after sex.

A Battle of the Sexes: Are Male and Female Orgasm Sensations the Same?

Yes and no.

While both sexes experience a “shutdown” of the lateral orbitofrontal cortex part of brain region during orgasm, variations between a male and female orgasm exist. The major difference is related to women’s flight or fight response and need to feel “safe in bed”. Researchers say that in women the periaqueductal gray (PAG) part of the brain is activated, and was not activated in men when they reach orgasm. In layman’s terms:

Generally, women need to feel safe and relaxed to achieve orgasm. Men do not.

Check out what does a male orgasms feel like to get a better understanding of arousal stages to occur during a male plateau.

Do Orgasms Change with Age?

Yes! Like a fine wine, many studies prove that orgasms only get better with age.

The kinky number? 36. A survey, conducted by the contraceptive app Natural Cycles, showed that women ages 36 and older had more satisfying and better quality orgasms. So take a big deep breath of relief ladies. Getting older has its perks after all.

Why Faking an Orgasm is Detrimental to Your Sexual Exploration

Ever fake an orgasm? I know I have. It’s easy to get caught up in wanting to please your partner. Winning the nominee for best dramatic orgasm, if you actually haven’t experienced one, is not really a win at all. The more you fake it, the more you will get use to the idea that your pleasure is less valuable than your partners.

Every woman on this earth deserves a lip-dripping orgasm.

The more you experience real ones, the more you will see you are worthy of experiencing a body-shaking orgasm every damn day.

The Eight Types of Female Orgasms

types of female orgasms

The following eight types of female orgasms are purely suggestions. They are the orgasms that are most obvious to us. Every woman is different, and our genitals are as unique as our DNA.

If you experience an orgasm on a different part of your body, we encourage you to keep tapping into that sweet spot. At the end of the day, all orgasms, no matter how you savor them, are a chance to explore your body. So here we go … or here we cum?

Below is a list of the eight type of female orgasms researched and ready for your pleasure.

#1 Clitoral Orgasm

The pop star of all orgasms. Screamingly loud in sensation. Sharp, explosive and intense.

female orgasm clitoral orgasm
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#2 Pussy Entrance Orgasm

The mystical one. Pulsating like a volcano eruption. Strong as an elephant. Warm, longing and powerful.

female orgasm pussy entrance orgasm
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#3 G-spot Orgasm

The watery one. Full of splashy fun and healing adventure. Inducing tears of joy and strong emotions. Manifesting orgasmic energy.

female orgasm g spot orgasm
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#4 Cervical Orgasm

The transcendental one. Mind-altering in its existence. Long, multiple and imploding upwards.

female orgasm cervical orgasm
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#5 Anal Orgasm

The delicate one. Challenging but surprisingly fun. Relaxing, shame-detoxing and wild.

female orgasm anal orgasm
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#6 Nipple Orgasm

The loving one. Heart-opening and blissfully healing. Surrendering, subliming and loving unconditionally.

female orgasm nipple orgasm
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#7 Throat Orgasm

The barrier-breaking one. Joyful throat ecstasy. Trance-like, subtle and super-human.

female orgasm throat orgasm
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#8 Mind Orgasm

The mind-blowing one. Joy without body stimulation. Deep, subtle and rejuvenating.

female orgasm mind orgasm
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A Great Orgasm Doesn’t Always Equal Great Sex

The reality is just because you reached an orgasm doesn’t mean the sex was incredible.

Meaning, there is a whole list of ingredients that go into a hot bowl of savory sex. While the eight female orgasms will help you tune and experience a variety of orgasms, keep in mind that great sex is dynamic. It involves a connecting to your mind just as much as your physical self.

In other words, remember to always make love with all your bodies, not just your physical body. A happy body and mind lead to happy orgasming!


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