Tantric Orgasm: 10 Things To Know To Achieve Soulgasm

Woman in pure ecstasy after mind-blowing tantric orgasm
Written by Jo Sunday

Tantra. We hear about the magical things it can do for our sex lives. We hear rumors that sex can last for days, orgasms for hours.

I looked to real tantric masters and stories from beginners to find out what really happens during tantric sex, how to achieve a tantric orgasm even if you are completely new to the game.

1. Tantra and Orgasms: What They Are and How They Intertwine?

Tantra is a spiritual practice combining energy and consciousness as one. Think of your energy as your body and what it feels, and your consciousness as your mind and thoughts.

Tantra looks at these things as deeply connected, not separate. The marriage between energy and consciousness goes beyond just mind-blowing sex, but Tantra is widely practiced to experience sexual ecstasy.

Tantra describes ecstasy as when you experience pleasure in both your body and your mind at the same time.

It’s more than just a physical feeling, it is when your body and mind are engaged in an intense state of pleasure.

The history of Tantra and its connection to amazing sexual pleasure can all be found in the book Urban Tantra by Barbara Carrellas (Amazon).

2. Orgasms in Ecstasy.

Now for the good stuff!

Couple having Tantric Sex

A tantric orgasm is pure ecstasy.

It is achieved by tapping into the present in your mind and body through a combination of exercises, guided breathing, and meditation.

3. What Does a Tantric Orgasm Look Like?

Shashi Solluna is a Tantra writer and teacher. She writes about a tantric orgasm she experienced at an event with other Tantra followers.

She describes being caressed by many individuals at once, but in non-sexual way. Like “being stroked like a cat.”

She felt a huge energy surge, and experienced so much pleasure it felt almost too intense.

She felt as though she was “between crying and laughing.”

Shashi paints a picture of the non-sexual nature of Tantra. While its teachings can lead to sexual bliss, it’s a deeper and more wide-spread orgasm than ones from stimulation or thoughts alone.

Couple exploring Tantric Touch

The orgasm is not far off from the orgasms most of us have already had. The energy felt during the experience pulls through your body to your mind. Most describe it as feeling very free.

An intense but peaceful experience.

4. How Do You Experience a Tantric Orgasm?

You can dive in the deep end and buy books, attend healing events, and connect with other Tantra lovers in your local community. But, you can also experience the intense pleasure and ecstasy Tantra has to offer if you just wade in the shallow end and try a few exercises.

5. Tantra for the Curious

There are many fun exercises you can do from home. You can practice Tantra alone, or with partners, or even with similar-minded friends (remember, it doesn’t have to be sexual!).

6. A Great Way to Start Is to Practice Conscious Breathing

Tantra has specific tantric breaths that can be practiced, but you don’t need to be a tantric breath expert to try it. Try setting aside five minutes to breathe without any distraction.

Note how you feel before, during and after the exercise.

Congrats! You’ve just practiced Tantra.

Take this exercise even further by introducing your partner. Beducated Tantra teacher Sofia Sundari has a great video on how to practice conscious breathing together.

Start with synchronized breathing for a few counts, and then increase your intensity to breathing deeply from your belly together. Try this for at least ten minutes and talk with your partner after about what you experienced and how you felt after.

7. Tantric Touch

To practice Tantra through touch, think about and try finding the sweet spot of touch that makes you feel something intensely but is not sexual. A perfect example is a hug from someone you care about.

There is both a feeling of love and connection (mind) and a pleasing physical sensation (body).

Woman exploring tantric movement

This is also a great excuse to go to a spa and get a massage – another way to experience tantric touch. Even petting your beloved animals can give you these tantric feelings.

8. Movement

A simple exercise of rocking back and forth can bring about great tantric energy. An ideal position for tantric movement is to lay down with your knees up and feet on the ground, but really any position will work.

Once in position, rock your pelvis (the space between your hip bones) up and down. Find a natural groove and rhythm. Don’t worry about if you’re doing it right, or if you should speed up or slow down – just let your body flow.

This tantric exercise will get your energy moving. It wakes up your senses, but also your emotions. It helps the physical energy move through your body into your mind. Note how you feel before, during and after.

9. Can Simple Breathing and Light Touch Really Bring You to a Tantric Orgasm?

A huge pillar of Tantra is letting go. Of everything. Of time and expectations.

There is absolutely no doubt that having a tantric orgasm sounds like an amazing time, but practicing Tantra is about the journey, not the destination.

You might be motivated to get down to business and practice Tantra day and night to feel the amazing ecstasy it has to offer, but there’s no harm in simply appreciating every breath and exercise as much as the orgasm.

Woman having a soulgasm

One thing that helps me be in the present is to do a quick body scan of all the pleasure I’m feeling. It’s easy to get caught up in thinking about how much more pleasure we could feel, when often times there’s pleasure already residing in our bodies and minds. I like to start my body scan with noticing the feeling in my toes and working my way up to my head and my thoughts.

Any feeling of pleasure or ecstasy is enjoyable and something to be cherished.

It doesn’t matter if you have earth-shattering, hours-long orgasms, or if you simply had a good five minutes of guided breathing. This process of letting go will only bring more Tantric pleasure into your life.

Tantric orgasms have been described as the ultimate feeling of freedom and pleasure in both your body and mind. Waves of energy flowing through every part of your being. Everyone deserves to feel freedom and intense pleasure, and everyone can benefit from practicing Tantra.

10. Embracing Tantra Is to Embrace a Sexual Revolution

Our current cultures teach us that sex happens in the body. To embrace Tantra is to embrace something bigger and more profound: where sex happens when our bodies and minds align.

Woman in a Tantric Pleasure

Tantra connects us to our own selves, our partners, and our spirituality.

It opens up new doors to pleasure on top of the ones you already know. Tantra will bring you deeper into what feels good, and in the process you’ll learn a whole lot about yourself and what you like.

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