Meditate During Orgasm to Bring More Enlightenment Into The OMG-YES-YES-YESSS

meditate during orgasm
Written by Jenny Hale

The Tantric orgasm is one of the primary goals of Tantric practice. A Tantric orgasm is more than just an experience of physical or sexual pleasure; meditation and orgasm takes your consciousness to a different level from normal day-to-day consciousness.

For most people, the visit to the orgasmic plane of consciousness is a momentary blip, lasting a minute or two at most, but expert Tantric practitioners have learned how to extend the length of this orgasmic plateau to 30 minutes, 60 minutes, or even longer.
Once you have stabilized your consciousness at the orgasmic level, it is, indeed, possible to meditate.

Look, I am struggling to have even one orgasm – this seems like a complete impossibility for me!

For many women, the biggest obstacle on their spiritual path is to unlock their orgasmic potential in the first place. In this case, the first step really is a doozy!
What many women find with Tantric practice, however, is that once the initial blockage has been explored and overcome, they are able almost immediately to have many different types of orgasms.

An orgasm that lasts how long?

A good minimum to aim for in Tantric practice is to sustain yourself at the orgasmic plateau for at least 30 minutes. This will require good cooperation between the partners, and men need to master the art of becoming more and more charged with sexual energy without tipping over into ejaculation.

The average man ejaculates well before the average woman s anywhere near orgasm. Educated and aware men adopt a “ladies first” policy, using foreplay, oral sex, changes of position, and short breaks to ensure that their female partners can reach their orgasmic peak before the man ejaculates.
However, even in the enlightened version of this scenario, each person only spends a few seconds in the state of orgasm.
The next stage for the Tantric man is to learn how to hold off ejaculating altogether.

This opens up the possibility of other kinds of orgasm in the male body.

At first, it is simply a game of avoiding ejaculation. The man keeps himself at 60% arousal, a low enough level that he won’t be accidentally tipped over into ejaculation, while the woman reaches higher and higher orgasmic plateaux.

Over time, the man’s tolerance for ecstasy will increase. What was previously the 100% level of arousal, inevitably causing ejaculation, will now be a manageable 60%. As this tolerance becomes well-established, the man, also, can drift from peak to peak without ever coming down off the orgasmic plateau.

By maintaining a good energetic connection, two partners can boost one another back into the orgasmic zone any time one becomes distracted, or starts to transition to a lower-energy state. Each partner’s peak can carry the other partner to a simultaneous peak.

But orgasm is so intense and distracting!

How could I possibly meditate at that moment?

Meditation during orgasm is not the motionless, inward, centred form of meditation that we usually picture when we hear the word. Ascetic meditation seeks to take the awareness out of the material world, with all its changeability, cravings and aversions, and focus it on a quiet internal space, where consciousness can slowly rise to the level where everything is still and changeless.
Tantric meditation, on the other hand, finds eternal stillness in the midst of the most engaging of material experiences. Tantrics use the energies of the material world to catapult their consciousness to high levels, and start their meditations from there.

As your tolerance for ecstasy increases, you will experience less and less physical disturbance with your orgasmic peaks.

You will be able to rest quietly while waves of intense energy surge up your spine and explode through the crown of your head. You will retain your lucidity and awareness throughout your orgasmic experience.

I have been a model for people demonstrating techniques that move a lot of sexual energy. They were accustomed to using these techniques with the average person, who has the average (rather low) tolerance for ecstasy. They were prepared for lots of screaming, thrashing around, paralysis, loss of consciousness – all manifestations of someone experiencing more sexual energy than their current bandwidth can manage.

They were amazed that I could just lie quietly and channel these vast energies into my crown chakra – but this is the value of Tantric practice. We develop an enormous capacity for bliss.


Brain studies have shown that monks who have been meditating for many years can generate patterns of brain activity very similar to those seen in ordinary people at the moment of orgasm. In this, scientists have simply confirmed what Tantrics have always known – orgasm gives us access to very sublime levels of consciousness.

From the orgasmic level of awareness, it is very easy to reach states in which all regular perceptions fade away, and we come into contact with the vast, eternal Divine awareness that resides within.

For those seeking spiritual advancement in this lifetime, we all have the choice between the ascetic path – celibacy, isolation, silence, and focusing inward for many hours per day, over many years – or the Tantric path. The Tantric path requires an equal amount of focus and discipline, but the practice is done by focusing outward in the world, and embracing life, love, and the ever-extending orgasmic plateau.

Both paths lead to the top of the same mountain; the choice is yours.

Wow! Isn’t it amazing what we humans are capable of experiencing? Will you give it a try?

About the author

Jenny Hale

Jnani (Jenny) Hale has an Honours Degree in Psychology, and had a successful career in academia, consulting, and executive coaching before leaving the corporate world to pursue her passion - empowering people in non-traditional relationships.
She has over 15 years of experience building community in polyamorous, D/s, and sacred sexuality communities, and providing support to people to negotiate the relationship structures that serve their highest selves. She runs discussion groups, workshops, and one-on-one sessions, focusing on relationships as a pathway for personal and spiritual growth.

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