Orgasm Without Touch? Understanding the Energy Orgasm

energy orgasm
Written by Kimberlee Meier

Think of the best orgasm you’ve ever had in your entire life.

Now, what if you could have that orgasm again (and again, and again) but make it out of this world – more intense, lasting for hours… and all by yourself?

Enter the tantric energy orgasm – a way to give yourself the best orgasm of your life through your own mind (no partner needed here!). Let’s take a look at what an energy orgasm is, and the best way to get you on your way to experience your own.

So, What Is an Energy Orgasm?


Basically, it’s an orgasm that you create entirely in by yourself in your own mind and body. Sounds crazy, huh? It’s not, so don’t let it scare you. Let’s delve into what makes energy orgasms different to your everyday physical ones on the surface.

Your Brain Focuses on Cumming – Not Your Body

So many of us believe that an orgasm is a purely physical reaction to pleasure. But, what if you could unlock other parts of yourself… your mind and soul, to add to that pleasure as well? Of course, it would make it better, and bigger! Energy orgasms focus on just that – your energy, rather than physical cues.

Did you know your body has seven ‘energy centers’?

Yep! These centers are where energy orgasms are channeled and made. They basically let you connect your spiritual body with your physical one, align everything and release all of your sexual energy from deep inside to give you a more fulfilling orgasm.

The science behind the whole thing says focusing on your energy can massively increase the way your nervous system responds to unconscious actions that you normally can’t control. Since, as humans, we are pretty much walking orbs of energy, tapping into different frequencies and vibrations allows us to unlock energy fields…. And more pleasure. Pretty cool, huh?

It Takes Your Orgasm to a Deep Level

energy orgasm

Have you ever been having sex or trying to orgasm, and you start thinking of… work? How busy you are? Or how you just can’t orgasm at all? Mental blocks are some of the biggest reasons why people don’t get to the finish line in the bedroom or find the pleasure they do get at the end unfulfilling.

Harnessing and working on your tantric energy can allow you to break down mental barriers linked with orgasms and get you into space where your orgasm is not only deeper but more pleasurable. That’s one of the reasons trying out energy orgasms solo is so great – it gives you space to truly tap into your sexuality without judgment or limits.

Think about how deep your pleasure could run if you weren’t actually thinking about anything at all. That’s the whole point – getting your mind to fully open up and allow you to harness all that sexual energy by yourself once and for all!

Wait, I Can Have a Full Body Orgasm Without Touching?

I know, I know… it sounds ridiculous and crazy. But once you let go of those thoughts, you are already starting to break down the walls that will allow you to have orgasms in such a different way. It’s time to trade in fast-food sex for gourmet sex.

Think about most sexual encounters you’ve ever had… there’s foreplay, you peak at your orgasm and then fall back to normal. Being able to catch all of that sexual energy and build it up for yourself means that you can have a marathon by yourself without anybody touching you once (including yourself!) because you are totally in charge. Okay, let’s cut to it.

With Tantra you can make your sexual pleasure last for hours all over your entire body.

How many physical orgasms have you had can you say the same about? You know that little ledge you sit on right before you cum…. By practicing energy orgasms, you can sit there for hours or even days and carry it throughout your body until you are ready to let go.

How to Shackle Your Tantra Energy into an Orgasm

As we now know, energy orgasms are found when you unlock your inner Tantra. Don’t be shy or scared – by opening yourself up to Trying Tantra, you are halfway there, and energy orgasms are the perfect way to get started because you get to learn by yourself. Let’s get you started.

Step #1: Harness Your Breathing

Starting off is quite similar to some breathing techniques used in yoga, so if you are already doing some yoga that’s awesome. If not, that’s absolutely fine. Remember, if you put more effort into harnessing your energy at the start it will mean a bigger payoff at the end.

Start off by lying down and bending your knees up slightly. Then, take some deep breaths and let your mind go completely. As you start to feel the breath going down your body, start to take deeper breaths… inhaling through your nose and out through your mouth.

Step #2: Receive the Energy

Remember how earlier we talked about opening up your mind? Now is the time to do it. You need to completely let all of your thoughts go and open your mind up to the idea of having an energy orgasm.

Don’t force it, just relax and receive the energy you are creating.

If you start to feel any tingling, sensations, vibrations… let them happen and don’t shy away from them. Become aware of them and say ‘yes’.

Step #3: Let Yourself Go

Now that you have opened yourself up fully to the idea of giving yourself an energy orgasm and you have the energy moving through your body, the next step is letting yourself ride the wave of your orgasm so it will continue for as long as you want it to. Remember to keep breathing, feeling, opening yourself and connecting so that your energy keeps building up inside you.

Here is where you may start to feel some strange things… You may want to cry or laugh, memories may start to creep in, you might start to feel frustrated. Don’t panic – these are just some ways that your mind is trying to mentally block your orgasm. Just continue to breathe and keep opening yourself up and allow the orgasm to move through your body.

Learning about Tantra energy isn’t about getting a quick orgasm under your belt.

It’s much more than that, and that’s why it is sooo much more rewarding in the long run. By learning how to create and control energy throughout your body, you have the perfect tools to create an orgasm that has absolutely no boundaries.

You will get complete control over how long your orgasm lasts, how pleasurable it will be… and you don’t need anyone else to get you there! So, we’ve given you the keys… What are you waiting for? Go unlock the best orgasm of your life!

About the author

Kimberlee Meier

Kimberlee is a freelance author who believes in an act of encouraging more people to tune in to their sexuality and also their soul, which will overall lead them to have a better lifestyle.

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