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Written by Mariah Freya

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Mindgasm? It’s better than a Jedi mind trick. The mind orgasm has the power to stimulate an orgasm while sitting absolutely still. That’s right, no movement or physical stimuli required. Sounds like a dream, and very well could be, as many women experience mental orgasms while sleeping.

Is it really possible to think yourself to a mental orgasm?

Absolutely. Mark Cunningham, a well-known hypnotist states, “The key is, there is a part inside a woman’s mind that is capable of infinite positive pleasurable response. It is always active, so you aren’t actually going into her mind and making her have an orgasm. You are unlocking, unleashing and directing that which already exists. But you have to know how to access the subconscious mind.”

You don’t need to be a wizard to experience a mental orgasm.

All it takes is a little bit of will and concentration. Want to take the trip of your lifetime? Then sit down and relax, no packing necessary. A mind orgasm is a sensual adventure you have been waiting for.

Quick Facts About the Mind Orgasm

  • No friction required. One of the most unique aspects about the mind orgasm is that to reach one, absolutely no physical stimulation is needed.
  • The same pleasure centers are activated in the brain during a mind orgasm as in physical orgasms. (Watch this video here to see the brain activation)
  • Some women have experienced mindgasms while meditating, sitting still in a yoga posture, doing yoni egg exercises, or with a technique like self-hypnosis.
  • Hypnotize yourself to horny. Hypnotherapy says there is an infinite positive pleasure response inside your mind. You just need to access your subconscious mind to experience a hands-free orgasm.

Anatomy of a Mind Orgasm: So Where is it Exactly?

What needs to be aroused? Nothing but your mind. That’s the best part about mind control orgasms. The brain plays a huge part in any type of orgasm. The difference is that with the mind orgasm, there is no extra nerve information necessary. It is all produced inside your brain.

The information coming from the vagus nerve stimulates certain pleasure centers in the brain (in women, some light up, some shut off). Dr. Barry Komisaruk, co-author of [amazon link=”080188490X” title=”The Science of Orgasm” /], discovered that this symphony of brain stimulation occurs with zero physical stimulation. He reports that most of his patients only use thought to reach mental orgasms. Others use a combination of thought and breathing to reach orgasm, while “the cheaters” use pelvic floor exercises.

My Mental Orgasm Experience: Yoni Asana Boost

mental orgasm

I was able to bring myself to a mind orgasm by using a technique called Yoni Asana. Perhaps this is cheating a bit, but it really helped me to get going.

Yoni Asana is a great yoga position for increasing your libido and sexual desire.

I had a yoni egg inserted inside my pussy and was moving it up and down. The egg was able to provide me with the spark I needed. From there I focused on my thoughts and experienced a powerful mental orgasm. A type of orgasm that penetrated my entire body like lava running through my veins. Hot, sultry and everything I had wished for.

What Is It Good For?

Mind control orgasms can help you control your mind which leads to greater control of your body. You know that fuzzy feel-good sensation you experience when snuggling with your partner? The mind orgasm is responsible for producing the largest amount of love hormones related to this cloud-like feeling.

If you can control your mind to the point of orgasm, you can navigate your sex life with precision. Think about it for a second. A superman-like ability to orgasm whenever you want, wherever you want.

What Others Say or Do


Studies like Komisaruk’s who have found that sexual stimulation activates brain regions that process our sense of touch are just the beginning. There is little known about the deeper neurological reason behind mental orgasms. The subject, unfortunately, has been hugely neglected by science.

Tantric and Taoism Tradition

The mind plays a big role in Tantric sex and Taoism beliefs. Everything is possible with the mind. It’s your control center and your creator.

If you’re able to control your mind, you are the master of yourself and your orgasms.

If you want to know more about the power of hypnosis, you can check out this podcast episode by Sex Nerd Sandra. Here a hypnotist is able to bring the participant to a full-blown orgasm without physical stimulation. Whoa.

How to Get There: Reaching a Mind Orgasm

mind orgasm

It all begins in your mind. Think them sexy and you’ll see. You can use your breath, moaning and soft hip movements to boost the effect. Or if it is convenient, squeeze your vaginal muscle for extra stimulation. To experience a mind-blowing orgasm, literally, first carve out some time.

You should sit in a comfortable position with a straight spine. Close your eyes and try to calm your mind with a meditation technique (e.g. focusing on your breath). Then bring all your mental focus to your vagina or penis, it will help with the blood flow. Start to take deep abdominal breaths that expand your belly and open your pelvis up. Inhale and focus your mind on your clit, vaginal canal, cervix, and perineum.

Begin to think about the most intense orgasm you ever had.

You may use your breath and moan or even squeeze your vaginal muscles/pelvic floor. Visualize, visualize, visualize orgasm. And remember, for a mind orgasm, you can fake it till you make it!

You can also use ASMR videos to understand what is meant by shivery, tingly brain feeling. There are hundreds of videos on YouTube that can help you reach a braingasm. When you watch a video labeled as ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response) like this one it might produce a pleasurable tingling sensation in your head, scalp, back or peripheral regions of your body.

Braingasms can create a tingling or euphoria type sensation. They are complete with feel-good shivers and goosebumps that remind us of a sexual orgasm. This time, however, it happens only in our brain, without the stimulation of other parts of the body.

Ah, the Mind Orgasm, What an Intriguing Topic

Lady Gaga says she can think herself to the big O but is a mind orgasm actually possible? Of course! Given a little practice and patience that is. Rome wasn’t built in a day you know.

A mind orgasm takes time and effort and should not be rushed.

Keep visualizing, counting, and practicing mindgasm techniques daily. You are only a few thoughts away from the best orgasm of your life.

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