One Simple But Powerful Tantric Practice to Deepen Your Intimacy

tantric practice to deepen your intimacy
Written by Beducated Magazine

Tantra offers various tools and practices for individuals and couples to deepen their love life.

The complexity of Tantric techniques are vast and go from simple to more esoteric visualization techniques, meditation focal points, and breath work to chakra related energy and body work. Some of those practices can be a bit overwhelming for the beginner, that’s why you want to start with the basics.

Don’t make the mistake to jump right into the advanced stuff because you may think they’ll be more potent.
The foundational practices of Tantra can be as transformative as any advanced technique. Simplicity and endurance are key. If you master the foundation, you can master anything.

Our Tantra teacher Sofia Sundari presents to you in the following video one simple but powerful tantric practice to deepen your intimacy and awaken your erotic consciousness. Enjoy!

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