Cervical Orgasm – Exploring the Most Mysterious Big-O

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Written by Mariah Freya

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The female orgasm has come a long way from the 20th century Freudian theory proclaiming the vaginal orgasm as the only “real orgasm”. We have now learned that a woman’s orgasm is more like a multi-layered cake, complex and compounded. With that said, did you know there is such a thing as a cervical orgasm?

Unlike other female orgasms, the cervical orgasm is rooted deep within.

Finding your cervical hotspot can be difficult. With a little patience and exploration, the cervical orgasm has the power to induce a full-body implosion of pure bliss! The key to reaching a cervical orgasm? Deep breaths, deep penetration and a whole lot of practice.

Cervix Stimulation For an Emotional Reaction

Technically spoken, the cervix it is the lower part of the uterus. It is around 2-3 cm long and has a cylindrical shape. In Taoist reflexology, the cervix is the heart center in women. When this center is massaged and cervix stimulation occurs, it is common to experience an emotional reaction.

Dr. Jolene Brighten, a functional medicine naturopathic doctor, says that cervical orgasms and “deeper cervix penetration isn’t just a physical act for women. Our minds and our emotions are also heavily involved, so don’t be surprised if you have feelings that get stirred up or you have significant life realizations along the way.”

That being said, when experimenting with cervix stimulation, allow yourself to be vulnerable. Like a randy lioness in the jungle, whatever lies in your heart, it wants to unleash itself. So let your hungry lioness roar.

While great pleasure can be reached from a cervical orgasm, remember your cervix is made up of a particularly tender tissue. It is common to shy away from the cervix because it can feel painful or sore at first touch. Many women feel that cervix penetration is too intense. For this reason, remember to take it slowly. Dr. Jolene suggests starting with the basics, such as missionary position.

Also, communicate with your partner and most importantly, have fun. Once you are ready to surrender into the sensation and are able to relax, you can experience one of the most potent orgasms that exist. You know like the full-body mind-blowing ones that have you screaming Halle-freakin-lujah.

cervical orgasm

Quick Facts About the Cervical Orgasm

  • Some experts say the best time to reach cervical orgasm is a few days before the arrival of your crimson red. “During the menstrual cycle, there are a ton of hormonal changes,” says Dr. Jamie Knopman at Colorado Center for Reproductive Medicine.
  • The ectocervix is a part of the cervix that’s accessible through the vagina, it is the lower part of the cervix, and is the part of the cervix that reacts to deep and heavy thrusting.
  • Your cervix can gauge your fertility. When your cervix produces egg-white mucus, a type of cervical fluid that is produced right before ovulation, and your body is oh-so-ready for sexy-time. It is also gearing up for motherhood. Use birth control if a baby is not in your short-term plan.
  • The size and shape of the cervical opening vary. In women who have not had a natural birth the cervix has a circular opening. In women who have had a vaginal delivery, the cervical opening looks slit-like (so almost like a vagina inside a vagina).
  • Unlike a clitoral orgasm, a cervical orgasm will have a longer more steady build up.  Instead of reaching a “peak” and coming to an abrupt halt, a cervical orgasm will provide you with waves upon waves of pleasure.

Once she trusts, once she surrenders you’ll discover deep within a place where all life begins where her deepest desires can be fulfilled. Yes, you found the cervix. A pure bliss zone.

Anatomy of a Cervical Orgasm: So Where is it Exactly?

Think of the cervix as the gatekeeper to your uterus. It is situated in the lower part of the uterus between the external orifice and internal orifice and is around 2-3 cm long. The cervical canal joins the interior of the vagina and the cavity of the body of the uterus.

The side of the cervix that bulges into the vagina is also where the sperm must travel through to fertilize the egg cells. You can stimulate it best with a phallic sex toy, fingers, or with your lover’s penis. The best position to reach a cervical orgasm is through missionary, doggy, or cowgirl style. Cowgirl style is achieved by riding your partner with a horizontal back and forth and movement. Yee-haw!

Best Toys for Cervical Orgasm

My Cervix Stimulation Experience: The Implosion of Pure Bliss

When I am riding on top and move my hips back and forth (instead of up and down) my cervix gets massaged in a rhythmical stroking manner. I get hotter and hotter. My womb burns with passion and I feel like I’m one step from this implosion of pure bliss. It’s that point where no-mind is involved.

Just pure surrender into a sensation absent of any fear.

I use my breath to let go of my obstacles and the barriers within myself that want to take control. I breathe in deeply and move my spine in a wave-like movement. BAM! It’s moving upward. It is a seemingly endless flow. It’s not a peak, it’s an expansion of joy! I could go on forever, but I bask in this expansion and remain present in my current state of climax. Heaven.

What is it Good For?

how to have a cervical orgasm

To prove to yourself that there is a powerful force of universal energy within us and all around us. To learn to surrender. Let go of control. It may also prevent cervical cancer and other medical issues around the cervix; there is no evidence on this but it definitely moves some stagnant energies. To alter your consciousness. To connect with your inner self.

What Others Say or Do


There have been scratches on the surface in science on cervical orgasms. In an article by Barry R Komisaruk, Carlos Beyer and Beverly Whipple, who “view the subject of orgasm as an experience that is an integration of body, nervous system and the mind”, they report finding very high amounts of oxytocin (the love and bonding hormone) during cervical stimulation. Cervical stimulation has been described as a “shower of stars”.

The magnitude of increased heart rate, blood pressure, lower pain threshold, and activated brain regions is huge compared to clitoral orgasms. Only the orgasms that are produced by thought alone (without genital stimulation) show higher effects on body and mind. But this particular research is still in its infancy.

Tantric Tradition

Tantric sex promotes the cervical orgasm big time. The tradition says that it’s the most beneficial orgasm of all. The cervix contracts and other parts deep within the vagina do too, while the pc muscle normally stays relaxed. Compared to the G-spot orgasm the cervical orgasm is more expansive. Tantrikas report high sensitivity beyond the physical body. It has a highly subliming effect (lifting the sexual energy upwards) to the higher chakra (energy wheels).

All around the cervix can be found tiny erotogenic spots, especially the A-Spots (posterior fornix and anterior fornix). Those spots are located under and behind the cervix. The stimulation of the A-spots may have a similar effect to the cervical orgasm.

The uplifting effect of sexual energy may bring you to a higher state of consciousness that may, according to tantric traditions, bring you closer to God, to yourself, to your soul, to the divine or to whatever you want to call it.

Taoist Tradition

In Taoism, the clitoris, the g-spot, and the cervix are labeled as the three gates. The cervix is the third gate. Taoism claims that all three gates play an essential role in releasing orgasmic fluids – ambrosia. The activation of the second gate (the g-spot) helps to open up the third gate (cervix). When the third gate is activated it releases a “thick, viscous fluid”, and this may feel like an opening and closing or sucking contraction during orgasm.

Based on Taoist reflexology principles, the cervix heats up the heart center. If activated correctly, the stimulation of the cervix sends a bolt of energy to the crown chakra. When this chakra is activated a woman may feel intense love for her partner and slip into a state of euphoria.

While the Taoists peg this as transcending into a new level of consciousness, we see it for how it is: a full-body state of physical bliss. In other words, an earth-shattering orgasm that will have you quivering in ecstasy from your head to your toes. And who doesn’t want one of those?

How to Get There: How to Have a Cervical Orgasm

Ok, maybe this is a lot to digest. So where to begin? If you want to learn how to have a cervical orgasm you must be willing to feel its hidden powers. Second, be patient. Try to reach it with your fingers, while you rest on your knees. Or use a non-toxic organic dildo to massage the cervix and A-spots around the opening.

Let your lover’s skills be part of your discovering journey and start with some fluid provoking foreplay. What do you feel as cervix penetration begins to happen? Is it arousing or fear-inducing? Can you relax into it?

Now, get into position. The best sex positions to reach cervical orgasms are a missionary, doggy and, cowgirl. Also, make sure you use a lube. Remember that unlike other pleasure-spots, your cervix sits in the back of your vagina. Choose a position that works for both you and your partner.

Deep penetration is the name of the game but start slowly.

Feeling poked or pounded is not what we are aiming for.

As you or your partner begins to thrust, make sure to breathe. The cervix can hold a lot of tension and be sensitive to touch when you first give it a nudge or two. As penetration becomes deeper and you feel an increased pressure near your cervix, use long profound breaths to circulate your orgasm throughout your vaginal area. When you master this, use your breath to carry the orgasm to the rest of your body.

Keep in Mind – Cervical Orgasm Is Complex

If you don’t reach this type orgasm the first time around, don’t fret. Great things take time, and reaching the Big-O doesn’t happen upon one sensual stroke. Try it a few times, and experiment with different techniques. When it happens, trust me, you will know.

When you do reach a cervical orgasm, don’t be surprised if your cervical orgasm shrills are strong enough to shatter a mirror or two.

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Hey, this is Mariah Freya. I’m about to talk to you about cervical orgasms. Where the cervix, what the cervical orgasm is all about and how are you going to be able to explore this incredible place in a females body.

Where is the cervix?

Let’s have a look first at where the cervix, which ultimately is this area that we’ll leash cervical orgasms is at. First of all, it’s at the lower part of the uterus. The uterus is that place where ultimately sperm travels up to the ovaries and eventually leads to pregnancy and the cervix is the gateway of this funnel, of this channel. When we look at the anatomy in itself, it’s quite deep in a woman’s vagina and many women don’t even know it’s there. They might have never even touched it themselves, they might have never even connected with it consciously and actually many, many women have a lot of pain around the cervix. Or on the other scale of this, they might not feel anything at all. When a man penetrating a woman he might touch there cervix, either in a very strong and bouncy way or not at all. Depending on the length of course of a man’s penis.

But, ultimately many women shy away from the sensation of the cervix because they might feel almost like a high pitched pain that is connected systematically also to this area. What have I personally experienced around stimulating my cervix, around feeling this tender part of my body. Well, a few years back I would actually have quite intense pain during sex when I would touch my cervix or when my partner would touch my cervix in different ways during sex. I noticed that this pain was making me slow down, it was making me shy away from deeper pleasures that were in my body and I would kind of hold myself back. Right? I would hold and keep tight, I might even tense up my belly and really feel not quite ready yet to go there.

When I started to connect with this part of my body, with my fingers and also with a toy, a non-vibrating dildo. I would actually be able to go there slowly, slowly, step by step. That was maybe not possible for my boyfriend because he was all over, passionate, chomping on me. I would be passionate as well, not the kind of being both present. With this extra presence that I would make love to myself and use my fingers, touch my cervix regularly. That was actually something that switched and there was a totally new quality of connection that I was able to go into.

How does a cervical orgasm feel like?

I would monument experience where my whole body would it as it was expanding, as it was getting bigger and bigger. Like taking up the room and really allowing myself to be there, to fully be present. But at the same time, without thoughts, without mind chatter, just there. This kind of cervical orgasm is not something I can make myself do, it’s something that ultimately comes as a gift, as a gift from the universe. As a sort of graceful orgasm.

What does science say?

There’s actually not much research I can find out there. But we know for sure that there is an integration happening from the mind, from the body and the nervous system. This integration is an amazing pathway to activate our blood vessels, to go deeper into new states of the brain. There’s a total new activation in the brain happening where we can experience more higher conscious state. Deeper state of brain waves.

What does Tantra?

Oh my god, they actually say that it’s one of the most profound orgasms a woman can have. One of the profound energy expansions and supplications a woman has. There’s a potential for subliming the sexual energy into higher states of consciousness, into your higher chakras if you’re familiar with those terms. You can even use this on a state of bliss or a state of awakening. It’s something that might never be experienced so what can we still learn here. How can we go deeper? Or can you support your women in your life to go deeper here?

First of all, make sure to relax around this topic, it’s not about that peak, it’s not about that one single peak experience. It’s about connecting with this part of your body, healing this numbness, healing the pain that might be associated with this area. How can you do this? How can you actually go into that healing process with yourself and awaken cervical orgasmic states? Well, first of all, start with your finger, like literally check it out, go to your cervix and feel it. How does this area feel like? Do you feel anything at all? Do you feel pain? Whatever is the case acknowledge it and then take it from there.

You can for example, use a dildo if you cannot reach fully inside and massage this whole area around it. Make sure you reach behind the cervix and before the cervix. There is a whole nervous system that is being activated. Love hormones are flushing through your body, maybe you don’t feel it in the first moment. But maybe in the next, maybe in the next one. Will you be patient with yourself but know that the cervix is a powerful hot point where you can connect to deeper levels.

Another thing that you can do to awaken your cervix, to go into this and awaken this cervical orgasmic energy is to get yourself a speculum. You can simply hop on Amazon and get one for a few dollars and these are the things your doctor actually uses to have a look at your cervix. Do that at home by yourself, it’s super easy and such an enlightening experience. I remember back then when I had a look at my own cervix, how beautiful that was, how soul touching. To simply look at the gateway of life, look at this amazing precious point that is just right there in the core of our body. Yeah, I would love to hear from you, what are your challenges around your cervix? Have you ever looked at it? How does it feel like?

Just share with me what your questions may be also around this region. I would love to hear more from you and if you try this discourse around the mystical sphere and mystical levels of cervical orgasms simply subscribe to my YouTube channel below and get more information, more wonderful videos on those topics. Have a lovely day, all the best to you guys. Bye.

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