G-spot Orgasm – The Non-splash Proof “O”

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Written by Mariah Freya

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Most people consider the G-spot orgasm one of Earth’s greatest unsolved mysteries. Luckily, modern advice along with science is unveiling the truth behind this elusive orgasm. The scoop? The G-spot orgasm really does exist. It is extremely powerful and every woman on this planet deserves to experience it. Excited? So am I.

The G-spot is co-responsible for female orgasms that lead to female ejaculation.

This type of female ejaculation, which comes from the Skene’s glands, is sometimes referred to as “squirting”. Conflicting reports state that not every woman is able to experience ejaculation. Yet, I am confident that every vagina is capable of letting their juices run wild with a little G-spot stimulation.

Want to learn how to have a G-spot orgasm? Then let’s dive into this splashy water fun pleasure zone, shall we?

A Little Bit of History: G-spot Stimulation

Indiana Jones may have discovered the Holy Grail but Doctor Ernest Grafenberg, a German gynecologist, was one of the first western explorers to discover an even greater treasure: The G-Spot. The identification of the G-spot happened around the mid-1900’s. The term wasn’t officially coined as the “G-spot” until the 1980’s, in honor of Doctor Ernest Grafenberg Discovery. Ah-ha, hence the “G”, for G-Spot.

But hey, the proof that a G-spot existed started earlier. Way earlier actually. Like 3000 years earlier when Chinese Taoist doctors developed the Art of Sexual Healing. It was in this ancient era that the world of medicine and doctors finally started to understand the powers and potential of the erogenous zone, recognized now as the G-spot.

Quick Facts About the G-Spot Orgasm

  • Some researchers believe that the “G-spot” is actually just an extension of the clitoris. An extended clitoris? Sounds like a sweet deal to me.
  • The urethra contains a very dense vein network. Sexual stimulation of the G-spot leads to swelling of those blood vessels. (Mantak Chia)
  • While not every woman is able to reach ejaculation on the first try, every woman is capable. So keep digging, the treasure spot is in there.
  • Female ejaculation or squirting, which is the release of transparent body fluid (not urine!) while stimulating the G-spot, comes from the Skene’s gland (at least that’s what some scientists say).

Anatomy of a G-Spot Orgasm: So Where is it Exactly?

“…the flow of a poet the rawness of a rapper and his words ate at me teasing me like a smooth flow just when the beat drops he hit my G spot. I gasped for air and now I fully understand the meaning of ‘he takes my breath away’” – Samantha Campbell

Thanks to science, the mysteries of the G-spot whereabouts are becoming less mythical and more factual. A prominent study published back in 2012 in the Journal of Sexual Medicine confirmed the anatomical structure of the G-spot.

To be more specific, Dr. Adam Ostrzenski, MD, Ph.D., an internationally renowned gynecologic surgeon, was able to locate and identify a sac-like structure filled with erectile tissue inside a women’s cadaver.

Okay, so a little creepy. This particular study took the media by storm. It was considered a breakthrough when it came to creating a better understanding of female pleasure. Recent studies have debunked claims that a G-spot anatomical structure actually exists. I, on the other hand, prefer to stay pussy-tive. I am confident that every woman out there is capable of experiencing a G-spot orgasm.

My G-Spot Orgasm Experience: A Mermaid in Nirvana

g-spot orgasm

For me, a G-spot orgasm is a deep connection to my water element. Like the waves of the sea, I am flooded with emotions and joy. There is a point that always makes me hesitate. A point of embarrassment, like, OMG, will I have to pee? But who cares really. I am covered with blankets and have a supportive partner. I allow myself to surrender into this sensation while being vulnerable enough to express myself through voice.

Breading deep, breading slowly. During a G-spot orgasm, I realize we are all made out of the water and that we are all part of this vast and boundless ocean. I recognize that every woman has the power to express their orgasmic energy. With wet fins, I soak into a sea of steamy bliss.

What is it good for?

This is the best orgasm for an emotional release. Cellular memory is the idea of unexpressed trauma and the energy behind it. The G-spot orgasm gives us the opportunity to express our emotions freely. It gives us a safe platform to ride the waves of pleasure and release emotions that don’t serve us anymore.

What Others Say or Do

What Science Doesn’t Know

As mentioned above, science continues to be controversial around this topic. One study says they have finally discovered the spot, the next one claims it is pure illusion. The problem is, it’s not like an organ, which can easily be located.

A G-spot orgasm is a non-confluent group of nerves.

The best advice we have gathered? The G-spot orgasm is probably an orgasm we can only prove to ourselves, as it presents itself in pretty subjective ways, says Dr. Randy Fink, obstetrician-gynecologist from Miami, Florida.

What Science Does Know

Fortunately, recent studies are providing us with some conclusive evidence that can help us expose some of the mystery around this sensual point of pleasure.

  • G-spot orgasms may come from the clitoral urethral vagina complex (CUV).
  • The clitoris contains “bulbs” that stretch up along the walls of the vagina.
  • The clitoral glands are full of nerve endings and have receptors that reach down to the base of the vulva and up around the urethra.

Tantric Tradition

The G-spot in Tantra is called “the sacred spot”. This I wholeheartedly agree with. They claim that squirting is the manifestation of pure raw orgasmic energy. Proving that subtle energy exists, the squirting fluid is sacred and healing. This mystical spot gets worked on a lot in Tantric Yoni massages, as it has the effect of emotional healing and release. For more information, check out my ebook by signing up for my newsletter below.

How to Get There: How to Stimulate a G-Spot Orgasm

If you want to learn how to stimulate a G-spot orgasm, we have to begin with a little self-exploration. We can show our lover a little later. First, slide your index and middle finger a few centimeters (2.5-7.6 cm) inside your vagina. Press the front (anterior) vaginal wall, up towards the pubic bone with your fingers.

You should be able to find a place which feels like a little spongy area. The more you stimulate this area, the more spongy it gets. Start to incorporate a simultaneous clitoral stimulation. This can be done with fingers or a toy. You can get a toy for G-spot stimulation if it’s hard for you to reach.

Lelo or the Njoy Pure Wand are safe non-toxic helpers for great G-spot stimulation.

During lovemaking, you can try different positions. Lying on your back while pulling your legs up to your chest, may be the easiest way for your lover to discover your G-spot. You can also try sitting on top of your lover at a 45-degree angle. Attempt to get the penis to gently rub along your G-Spot. As a bonus, you can add clitoral stimulation.

Keep in mind that like the clitoris, the G-spot expands with stimulation. Meaning, it starts off the size of a pea and can increase, both in density and size, with stimulation. The more turned on you are, the better chance you have experienced a G-spot orgasm.

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Are You Ready to Become a Sex-adventurer?

Then, ladies, it’s time to explore the scintillating treasures of a G-spot Orgasm! Go ahead and make love to yourself. Having doubts you will be able to reach it? You shouldn’t be! The quickest way to discover your G-spot is to experiment and have fun. Good luck on your quest for a G-spot orgasm. May the wind for your pink sails be strong and mighty!

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