G-Spot Orgasm – The Non-Splash Proof “O”

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Woohoo, I am so excited about talking about this one. The G-spot orgasm – another of Earth’s mysteries (at least for most people). The G-spot is co-responsible for female orgasms, leading to female ejaculation aka “squirting”.

Say: Open sesame! Navigate, and explore the fountain of youth called G-spot orgasm! It needs the Indiana Jones kind of approach. If you don’t have a compass on you, listen to the proud G-spot owner carefully. Or ask for a map.

Luckily, it’s often not as magic as it sounds, once you get the hang of it. And it’s for sure worth it to dive into the splashy waterfun of this pleasure zone, I promise.

Indiana Jones discovered the Holy Grail; in 1950 Dr. Ernest Grafenberg was one of the first western G-spot explorers (ahh, that’s why the “G”). But hey, the proof started way earlier. 3000 years ago Chinese Taoist doctors developed the Art of Sexual Healing. Where they started to understand the powers of this erogenous zone.

Quick Facts

    • The urethra contains a very dense vein network. Sexual stimulation of the G-spot leads to swelling of those blood vessels. (Mantak Chia)
    • Not everyone is able to locate the spot, though.
    • The G-spot is connected with the clitoral nerves. That’s why clitoral stimulation will warm up the G-spot too.
    • Female ejaculation or squirting, which is the release of transparent body fluid (not urine!) while stimulating the G-spot, comes from the Skene’s gland (at least that’s what some scientists say).


“…the flow of a poet the rawness of a rapper and his words ate at me teasing me like a smooth flow just when the beat drops he hit my G spot. I gasped for air and now I fully understand the meaning of ‘he takes my breath away’” – Samantha Campbell

Neither the G-spot nor female ejaculation have been scientifically proven. Even though you can see them all over the porn industry. Guess that’s not scientific enough.

One reason is that the anatomy of this sensitive erogenous zone has not been studied enough. The Taoist tradition sees it as a spongelike area, able to swell through its many blood vessels.

So where is G-spot?

g-spot orgasmLadies, let’s start the self-exploration first. Later we can show our lover. Slide with your index and middle finger just a few centimeters (2.5-7.6 cm) inside your vagina, press with the inner side of those fingers up the front (anterior) vaginal wall, up towards the pubic bone. You’ll find a place which feels, when you rub and press on it, like a little spongy area. The more you stimulate this area, the more spongy it gets. Also incorporate a simultaneous clitoral stimulation – it will contribute to the swelling and help you find the location.

My experience

Like a mermaid heaven

I sink into the depth of my water element. Filled with emotions and joy. There is a point, always makes me hesitate, a point of embarrassment (OMG, I might need to pee). But hey, I am covered with blankets and plastic sheets I tell myself, no need to worry. So I let myself get carried into this sensation which grows into a strong urge of letting an emotional tear roll down my red cheeks. Expressing myself through voice. Breathing slowly. Deeply. Realizing that we are all part of a big ocean.

Embryos are growing in amniotic fluid, we express emotions with water through tears of joy and sadness, we swim in water, we are made out of water and women have the power to let water express their orgasmic energy. I bow in gratitude!

G-spot orgasm for emotional release

This orgasm gives the opportunity to express our emotions freely. It gives us a safe platform to ride the waves of pleasure, and release emotions we don’t need anymore. It connects us with our water element, a great source of sexual fantasy and pleasure. What else needs to be said?! It’s AMAZING!

What others say or do


Even today science is controversial on this topic. One study says they have finally discovered the spot, the next one claims it is pure illusion. The problem is, it’s not like an organ, which can easily be located, it’s a non-confluent group of nerves, whatever. Well, we can probably only prove it to ourselves, then – as it presents itself in pretty subjective ways, says Dr. Randy Fink, obstetrician-gynecologist from Miami, Florida. My words.


The G-spot in Tantra is called “the sacred spot”. I agree. They claim that squirting is the manifestation of pure raw orgasmic energy. Proving that subtle energy exists. The squirting fluid is said to be sacred and healing too. This mystical spot gets worked on a lot in Tantric Yoni massages, as it has the effect of emotional healing and release. Get my ebook for more information by signing up for my newsletter below.


Ladies, make love to yourself and explore the G-spot Orgasm! Become a sex-adventurer ready to go the extra mile for the fountain of youth.

Get a toy for G-spot stimulation, if it’s hard for you to reach. Lelo or the Njoy Pure Wand are safe non-toxic helpers for great G-spot stimulation.

Lie on your back and pull your legs up to your chest, this may be the easiest way for your lover to discover your G-spot.

During lovemaking, you can try different positions but it’s often difficult to reach. The finger technique (explained in my e-book)  is still the easiest way.

Good luck on your quest for G-spot orgasm! And please don’t hesitate to ask me anything, in case you are struggling.

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