Benefits of Female Masturbation: Have Deeper Orgasms through Self-Love

Benefits of Female Masturbation
Written by Mariah Freya

This article is about the beautiful benefits of female masturbation. I dedicate this piece to everyone who wants to have different types of deeply pleasurable orgasms, a healthy sex life, harmonious love relationships, and on top of it all, greater self-esteem. All things which sound promising, right? The tremendous benefits of female masturbation are so numerous that I have ample reasons to share my own journey towards a healthy sex life, one with deep multiple orgasms achieved through self-love. I want to share with you the way I developed my own masturbation techniques and what I have learned so far.

Female Masturbation Facts

It has been a big taboo for many generations. Some women associate shame, embarrassment, and sin with the practice of sexual self-pleasure.

For some, it’s the only way to orgasm and to truly experience sexual pleasure. If we look closer into the facts of female masturbation, we see how normal and common this practice is and that there is nothing wrong with it.

It is interesting that most women after the age of 30 feel a stronger need for masturbation and self-induced orgasms compared with vaginal intercourse.

When we look into the famous Shere Hite’s ques­tion­naires (1976), it states that 82% of women in the US practice masturbation regularly, among whom 95 % attain orgasm. A new study (The Gossard Big M Survey) reveals that 92% of women regularly take time out to masturbate, a huge jump from the findings of previous studies.

Another fact states that over 70 % of women who are sexually active report not having vaginal orgasms during intercourse. It seems to be easier for women to pleasure themselves and attain an orgasm this way than to experience one during sex with their partner.

My Personal Masturbation Facts

When I look at my own personal experience, I hardly had any masturbation practice in my teens. For most men, this is probably barely understandable. If I did it, then it was because I was curious, but I didn’t really understand what truly gave me pleasure at that time. I hardly had orgasms anyway, either during intercourse or masturbation. My lovers didn’t really know what gave me pleasure either.

How could they, If I didn’t know it myself? How could I become orgasmic without knowing my own pleasure zones? This practice helped me to understand my physiology, and get to know my pleasure spots so that I can now see the benefits of female masturbation clearly and reach an orgasm by myself or together with my partner.

PS – Here is a profound guide on self-pleasuring for you 🙂

My Masturbating Breakthrough

Later at the age of 21, I went with my best friend to an erotic fair. Out of curiosity, we bought one of those really cheap Chinese-made plastic vibrators. It was quite a toy! It included a vibrating dolphin nose, a penis-shaped dildo with moving tip and white pearls inside. That was my first breakthrough with masturbation.

For a while, that really did it for me, even though I hardly ever had an orgasm it was a kind of kick. The vibration sensation always felt too intense and too overwhelming but I would always push myself a little further. After a while, I got used to it and I started liking it more and more and could even get over the orgasm blockage. The side effect was that I didn’t really get any orgasm without the vibration anymore.

Luckily that changed.

The Female Masturbation Addiction

female masturbation breakthrough

When I started using vibrators for my masturbation I didn’t know how quickly you can get addicted to them. I mean I wasn’t addicted to masturbation; it still took place with a balanced frequency and my daily life was definitely not ruled by masturbation.

But as soon as I got the itch and I had a strong urge for masturbation, I always did it with this Chinese vibrator stimulating my clitoris. What I experienced were mainly explosive clitoral orgasms. The type of orgasms which are very quick, superficial and releasing, but unfortunately without depth.

Different type of orgasms

Back then during my masturbation sessions, I was limited to clitoral orgasms. Which is one of the most superficial and short orgasms women can experience. There is way more potential in our orgasmic power than we think.

I totally ignored other pleasure zones, like for example the G-spot. A magical spongy area at the inner vaginal entrance on top. It can produce deeper and longer-lasting orgasms with more depth and multiple potentials. You can experience squirting (ejaculation of liquid, not urine!) and other interesting sensations when stimulating your G-spot. I love my G-spot orgasms!

Another very powerful pleasure zone is the cervix. It’s truly a divine bliss spot. At the entrance of the uterus, very deep inside your vagina. If you manage to massage your cervix with a non-vibrating dildo and start feeling pleasure you may unleash one of the most powerful orgasms a woman can experience. Your body might start shaking, heat-rushes might occur, as well as trancelike intuitive states of mind – even white light might be experienced. And the nice thing is, you won’t feel exhausted afterwards, you can do it again and again and again…

The yearning for deeper pleasure and bliss

female masturbation

Masturbation can mean different things to different people. Generally speaking for most it means satisfying a sexual need and trying to reach a peak of pleasure. For many, it is a form of relaxation and release of sexual tension. For me, it’s now a practice of self-worshipping, energy work, getting into higher states of mind and the reaching of deeper orgasm.

Thanks to my gained knowledge about the different types of orgasms, the practice of masturbation helps me to control my sexual energies and to direct them in such a way that I experience pure bliss on deeper levels. I learned where my pleasure zones are and played with them until I eventually experienced orgasms other than only the clitoral.

Do it yourself

To unleash deeper orgasms we have to know what pleasures us first. Many women use sex toys like vibrators, dildos (check out my organic dildo article) , love-balls for pleasuring themselves. Others find the classic way with hands and fingers most appealing and efficient. Be creative – try things like rubbing yourself on a chair or on a bicycle seat.

Using the head of the shower or sitting on a washing machine can do the job as well. I highly encourage you to try out everything you can think of, but in the long run, it’s better to stay away from vibrators. It just makes you dependent on the vibrating sensation, which is superficial and can’t be reproduced in masturbation with the hand or during intercourse. Ideally, let’s throw the vibrator out of the window and start with a new, more spiritual masturbation practice which is dedicated to self-love and sexual healing.

Ideally, let’s throw the vibrator out of the window and start with a new masturbation practice which is dedicated to self-love and sexual healing.

What works for me to get me into the mood is treating myself to a nice bubble bath, candles and some coconut oil which I massage into my whole body after the bath. Then I give myself a good breast massage to stimulate the erogenous zone (there are quite many erogenous zones you can choose from) and to open my heart and soul. Breath awareness is helpful to get connected.

I might even put a mirror between my feet while sitting and have a look at my vulva. It’s awesome to celebrate your vagina like a temple and to connect with it because we often have dirty thoughts about what’s between our legs. Once our mindset is clean and we are aware of our body we can start massaging the outer labia and then the inner labia of the vulva. Two fingers can do magical things.

Also, play with your clitoris – it’s like a little penis that wants to be jelked up and down. If you are very sensitive come back to your clit later.
When it comes to deeper orgasms, we obviously need to stimulate deeper. Try to massage the inner entrance of your vagina, try to find your G-spot and press while sitting on your knees with two fingers against it.

You can also massage all around the vaginal walls and massage out every knot you can find. We store a lot of emotions in our vaginas and tend to build little knots.

Use a non-vibrating dildo to reach for the deeper spots especially when it comes to the cervix. I use the Lelo to reach for my deeper pleasure spots. For a long time, the cervix was very painful for me and especially numb. After a period of masturbation, intercourse and lots of awareness building I started feeling it stronger and stronger until the pain transformed into pleasure and into a mind-blowing orgasm. If you feel pain, continue massaging your cervix but come back to your clit simultaneously, so that your mind starts transforming the pain into pleasure.

Try a Yoni Massage to release blockages and then simply be patient with yourself. Do your Kegel Exercises – they boost your orgasmic potential enormously. Every time you find a new pleasure technique share it with your partner and he/she will be pleased to do it for you. I promise you the effects of female masturbation will show its fruits very soon!

8 Health Benefits of Female Masturbation

Just to mention a few of the many health benefits of female masturbation:

  • Prevents cervical infections and can relieve urinary tract infections
  • Improves your cardiovascular health
  • Lowers risk of Type 2 diabetes
  • Helps you sleep because works against insomnia
  • Increases pelvic floor strength
  • Improves mood through release of dopamine and other mood-boosting hormones
  • Enhances your relationship with yourself
  • Boosts your sex life


I ♥ Lelo

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Enjoy yourself ladies,
Mariah xox

Photos: Wikimedia Commons, Egon Schiele; Wikimedia Commons, Source by Greg Kucera; Wikimedia Commons, Gerda Wegener.

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