6 Essential Tips on How to Touch a Guy “Down There”

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Written by Colie Elizabeth

Have you ever been curious about how to touch a guy down there in such a way that he begs for more?

Well, I had the pleasure of putting this “how-to” together to teach you to do just that! Use this tutorial to let the sexual goddess inside of you out and have some fun!

It’s an exciting and empowering feeling knowing how to make love to a man with your hands and take control in the bedroom. It will create a spark of passion, benefiting both you and your partner. And better yet, having a guy at your mercy adds spice to your love life and mixes things up!

how to touch a guy down there

What You Will Need to Follow This Tutorial

  • You’ll first need a great space where the magic can happen. Really any place will work that you feel comfortable in.
  • A special uninterrupted time where you both can focus on each other and not have to rush.
  • Lubrication is a necessity and will ensure your partner enjoys it.
  • Having towels on hand will help keep things clean and moving so you won’t have to stop unexpectedly.
  • Have vibrators and other toys on hand for some added fun.

#1 Set The Mood!

While spontaneity is exciting, if you have the time, set up a space that will boost the sexual energy! Dim the lights low and add string lights or candles to create a sexy mood that disrupts the everyday look.

Use a diffuser to add an energizing scent to the room like orange or jasmine. Some diffusers even come with different lighting option that can add to the mood you want to set. Playing music can also add to the vibe, especially if you live in a busy area.

Use this beautiful space you’ve created to help awaken his senses.

#2 Take It Slow and Connect

sexual touching

After setting up your space, relax and know that time is your friend. There’s no need to rush the journey of bringing him to ecstasy.

Start by making eye contact with this sexy snack of a man. Show him that you want him with your eyes. Hold his attention as you slowly removing each other’s clothes. Tease his body with your hands and lips. Kiss his neck along with his jawline as you trace your fingers across his chest and down his stomach.

This will let him know that he excites you and that you crave his body.

Turning him on by caressing him from top to bottom before focusing on the bulge in his pants will drive him absolutely wild! When you’re ready, brush your hand over his lingam, but leave his underwear on.

Doing this will make him beg for more! Use your touch to give him space to feel pleasure, open up, and really connect to his sexuality.

#3 Get Familiar With His Anatomy

Knowing how to touch a penis and pleasure a man can be overwhelming. But once you know a bit about his anatomy, it will be much easier to navigate!

The shaft, while being the biggest part of a penis, has the fewest nerve endings. But, that doesn’t mean you should ignore it!

Play with his shaft along with other parts of package to make him feel amazing.

It’s similar to having your clitoris and nipples stimulated simultaneously.

The highest concentration of nerves is around the outer ridge of the head. So, treat this area like a clitoris. And below the head is the frenulum. This V-shaped part isn’t as sensitive, but massaging and rubbing it will still feel great.

The balls can be one of the most sensitive parts of the male anatomy.

The balls are exceptionally responsive to cupping or gentle tugging.

Another sensitive area called the perineum situated between the balls and anus is your secret weapon. Rubbing the perineum along with other parts of his penis will create an intense feeling of pleasure.

For the adventurous, touching the anus or prostate can really send him over the edge. While it isn’t for everyone, if your guy gives you the green light, try it out!

#4 Use a Variety of Tools

making love to a man with your hands

Being knowledgeable about the male anatomy is only half of the battle. Having different tools to rely on is helpful and shakes up the norm. It will keep things going smoothly and take your adventure to another level.

Choosing what to use in your seduction should be fun for you! It gives you a chance to personalize your experience and try something new that you’ve never used before.

When picking a lubricant, make sure that you’re using lubrication that stays slick.

As women, we know that lubrication is key!

Sticky or no lubrication at all can be painful and cause too much friction. Some options that work well are coconut oil or a water-based lubricant. Using these tools along with your hands will elevate the pleasure you’re giving him.

Having towels on hand for hassle-free clean up is helpful too. You want to be able to focus on him, rather than having to stop to clean off your hands.

Additionally, using vibrators or toys to tease him can be a lot of fun! There are prostate toys, butt plugs and small vibrators that you can insert into his anus. You can also press or slide it against any of his parts for added stimulation.

#5 Use Different Moves on His Package

Now that you have his attention, start the full-on seduction!

Grasp his shaft with hands that are lubed up and begin massaging just the shaft. For a variety of different moves to use check out Mariah Freya’s tutorial! These creative and fun moves are sure to get him standing at attention.

As you work his shaft, use different pressure to see what he enjoys.

Start out with a light pressure and intensify the pressure as he gets more aroused. While you do this with one hand, use your other hand to massage or gently tug on his balls. You’ll notice that his balls will begin to tighten and hug closer to his shaft when he is extremely turned on.

With one hand on his shaft, use the other to stroke his perineum with your fingers or a vibrator. When stroking the perineum, apply even pressure down the middle of it and on either side. You’ll feel that the perineum is firm and almost an extension of his shaft. Move the hand on his shaft and fingers on his perineum in the same rhythm as you pleasure him.

At this point, you’ll have him and you can pack a punch by massaging his head. While you have his shaft grasped, use your thumb and glide it along the edge of his head and across the tip in slow, fluid motions.

Once he’s thoroughly aroused, use the vibrator and rub it along different parts of his penis. The vibrations against any part of his penis will feel magical!

If your guy is interested, start playing with his anus once he is really aroused! If it’s not his thing, just keep using different moves on the areas he feels pleasure in you exploring!

#6 Pay Attention to His Body Language

how to touch a man sexually

When pleasuring a guy with your hands, tease his orgasm!

Don’t just work towards a quick ending. By teasing him and not giving him instant satisfaction, he’ll have a stronger, more intense orgasm. To do this, take note of how he responds to your touch. Does a certain move make him gasp with excitement and anticipation?

By knowing which moves cause a strong response, you’ll be able to control when he climaxes. Use his breathing to help you too. As he gets towards a climax, his breathing will start to intensify! Take him between calm breathing and intensified breathing until you’re ready to let him erupt into blissful pleasure!

Pro Tips:

Use a blindfold.

When seducing a man with your hands, try using a blindfold to help him focus on the sensation and touch. This can help arouse him more quickly.

Mix it up with different techniques.

Another tip is to use different techniques. Avoid staying on the same one for too long. Part of the arousal comes from anticipation of surprise.

Now That You Know How to Caress a Man…

Knowing how to caress a man is empowering and exciting. This knowledge and experience will take your bedroom fun to a new level and even increase your self-confidence! Relish in the fact that you are now a seduction master with superpowers to take down any man!

Pleasuring your partner also has the added benefit of bringing you two closer together. Fulfilling his needs in the bedroom and focusing on him will make him feel important and cared for. For practice on how to seduce a man with your hands, check out the Lingam massage course!

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