How to Turn a Guy On: 10 Proven Things to Do Tonight

how to turn a guy
Written by Kimberlee Meier

There’s nothing more satisfying than figuring out how to turn a guy on.

If you’re sick of having mundane sex and you’re looking for new, dirty things to do to your boyfriend—stick with us.

Guys like being touched and teased as much as we do. But to give your guy pleasure like he’s never had, you need to satisfy his brain as well as his body.

Guys need about 20 minutes of foreplay to get them in the mood, so there’s plenty of time to play around before getting to the main event.

how to turn on a guy

And the more you mix it up, the harder you’re both going to cum.

A study by the University of Indiana found 89 percent of women who performed five sex acts on their man had a harder orgasm themselves.

Let’s find out how.

1. Talk Dirty

Yes girls, let’s use our mouths in a different way to turn your guy on in the bedroom. Try thinking about crazy, kinky things you’ve wanted to do to him… and then tell him every last detail.

Ask him what he wants, too.

We guarantee dropping the “if I allowed you to do anything to me what would you do?” bomb into the conversation will only end well (for both of you!)

If you’re a little shy and think dirty talk isn’t for you, think again. What about trying “polite” dirty talk, instead?

Instead of telling him exactly how you’re planning on getting him off, try teasing him. Telling your guy that when he gets home from work, he’ll have a surprise waiting for him can be just as sexy as the most R-rated dirty talk!

2. Take the Lead

A lot of guys just want to be dominated, so taking the lead during sex can be a massive turn on for them.

If your guy is the one that’s always suggesting sex, something small like initiating foreplay can be a major turn on for him.

But how about taking the lead and deciding what you’re going to be doing, too? Try telling him what you want him to do and when you want him to do it.

how to turn on a guy

This will surprise him and let him know that you’re going to be the boss for the evening.

3. Play out His Dream Fetishes

Everybody has a fetish, whether they admit it or not. So what are your guy’s dream fetishes? If you don’t already know, don’t panic. It may take him a while to let you in on what they are.

Instead of just dropping it on him and asking him about them, talk about your fetishes instead.

If you’ve ever wanted to give BDSM a try or thought about having racy anal sex in the shower… Tell him! If he’s a closed book and still won’t open up about his fetishes, try and guess them!

Tease him about him wanting to see you with another girl, or mention to him in passing about having sex in public. Once you uncover what he’s really been thinking and wanting, then you’ll be able to satisfy his deepest desires.

4. Play Outside of the Bedroom

Stop playing safe. Instead, mix up your boring bedroom routine and have sex somewhere else in your house. This is why having sex on holiday feels so…. damn…. good. Because you’re getting away from your normal routine!

how to turn on a guy

Try playing with your guy somewhere new like your kitchen or bathroom.

Surprise him when he’s in the shower and invite yourself in. Or spice up your evening meal by testing out the kitchen counter. If you’re really feeling the urge, take him out to the garage and test out the car bonnet!

5. Watch Porn Together

Instead of getting upset that your man is watching porn, why not offer to join him? You can find out what he likes and you might find he likes something super sexy that you’ve never tried.

Think of it as an education: take one of his favorite scenes from a porno and copy it yourselves.

There’s nothing your guy will love more than being the star of his very own porn film! Just make sure you turn the porn off before starting so your lines won’t get crossed.

6. Take Head to the next Level

Somehow, somewhere… an urban myth started that said women don’t enjoy giving men head. If you’re looking for a way to really turn your guy on, showing you’re into giving him head is at the top of the list.

Guys love a good visual, so try looking at him next time you give him head.

Throw in some moaning to show him you’re enjoying it as much as he is as well. Try adding little kisses and licks over his whole body and let your hands go wandering… it’ll make your blowjob something he’ll dream about.

But most of all… be confident!

The best blowjobs are the ones where you know what you’re doing… so if you’re looking for some tips, we’ve got them here.

7. Pleasure Yourself As Well As Him

Okay, this one is a little bit naughty. But there’s nothing that will turn your guy on more than letting him watch you pleasure yourself. Nothing.

how to turn on a guy

A good way to slip this on into your foreplay is to stop everything when things are heating up and start to touch yourself.

Don’t let him touch you, either. Set a time limit (say 20 or 30 seconds) when he has to sit and do nothing but watch you.

Not only will this drive him crazy, but it will have him gasping for the time limit to be over so he can touch you again!

This can also work wonders for you too; touching yourself in front of him is a subtle way of letting him know which parts you love him to touch, and how.

8. Tend to His Testis

Your guys’ testicles are one of his most sensitive parts, so use it to your advantage. Playing with his testis will drive him nuts, literally.

Tugging and stroking them during sex is not only a fun way of letting him know that you aren’t ignoring his man bits, but it’ll also increase the intensity of his orgasm.

You can play with them in other ways, too. Putting his testis in your mouth and gently sucking them will surprise him and send pleasure waves across his body. Word to the wise: his testis will bruise easily, so ladies… no squeezing or biting!

9. Try a Prostate Massage

How many times have you tried to find your man’s G-spot? Yeah, we thought so. The prostate is known as the male g-spot, and if you’re looking for a way for your man to be sexually addicted to you… this is it.

To find his g-spot (and the most intense orgasm of his life) you need to use the back door. It’s about 5cm inside his anus, and we recommend lubing up before attempting to gain entry. Once you’re in, communication is key here.

Every guy is different; some like it really slow, some don’t.

how to turn on a guy

Some like you to stimulate their penis and prostate at the same time, and some guys want you to just focus on one thing. The only way for you to find out what’s best is to ask your guy what he likes and what he wants you to do.

If you don’t want to get too friendly, you can buy finger condoms to put on your fingers as well. If this wakes your interest check our Prostata Massage Guide.

10. Bring In Some Props

Get The Blindfold Out

Drive him crazy by not letting him know where your next move will be. Not knowing when or where you are going to lick, kiss or suck him will drive him crazy!

Tie Him Up

Don’t worry, you don’t need fluffy handcuffs to make tying him up fun. Just use a scarf or anything you have laying around.
And don’t tie him up to the bed—use it to tie up his penis and testicles.

Tie a large knot at the top base of his manhood, and leave enough fabric either side for you to grab onto. This will give you a fun way to play with the pressure of the knot while you’re riding him!

Share a Vibrator

Have you always had more fun with toys when you’ve had someone to play with? Try using a vibrator together to really get him going. You can either use it yourself and let him watch, or get him to pleasure you with it.

Either way, it’s going to turn him on.

Your Boyfriend Is About To Be Sexually Addicted To You

Turning a guy on doesn’t have to always be dirty and kinky. There’s always room to really get his blood pumping. Saucy sex in the kitchen, showing his g-spot some attention and tending to his testis are all ways to drive your man crazy.

Get excited. Because with these tips, your boyfriend is about to become sexually addicted to you.

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Kimberlee is a freelance author who believes in an act of encouraging more people to tune in to their sexuality and also their soul, which will overall lead them to have a better lifestyle.

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