Sexual Happiness for...

We honor that identity is more diverse. For the sake of simplicity, choose the category most suited to you.

Sexual Happiness for...

We honor that identity is more diverse. For the sake of simplicity, choose the category most suited to you.

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Let's Face It…

Most relationships struggle with intimacy. Whether that be moments of boring sex, no sex at all, or mismatched libidos. Whatever the case, Beducated believes sexual happiness is trainable and achievable for all couples. You and your partner included.

Couples That Learn Together, Stay Together

Research shows that couples who educate themselves about intimacy, experience a stronger connection. Beducated’s online sex education courses help spark that flame. Because when you learn what you like, you can communicate clearer in bed.

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Why Start Now?

Beducated is dedicated to providing your relationship with more intimacy, sexual communication, and life-changing pleasure – so what are you waiting for?

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Online Courses for Couples

Learning what you enjoy can also bring you lots of joy as there is so much to try out. We have a whole library of expert-backed courses on a variety of topics that you can explore with your partner. The tailor-made teachings for couples include oral sex, kinky sex, tantric massage, and many more.

How You Learn

We offer a variety of straightforward ways to learn. Our step-by-step video courses are our pride and glory, but don’t underestimate the written guides, cheat sheets, and audio meditations either. These make the first steps of using your new skills a simple practice for you to enjoy together.

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Time to Practice!

And yes, using your newly-acquired skills is the most fun part. No wonder we call it the best homework ever. Put your learnings into practice by scheduling a date night to show off your new skills. Don’t be shy to bring those cheat sheets with you!

Any Questions? Let’s Talk About It!

There might be times when you’re getting hot and heavy but something stops you in your tracks and you start thinking “how do I handle this?” That’s where our experts offer their help! Each week they sit down to address community questions and can give you and your partner individual guidance.

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What’s Next?

As you change and progress, the idea of what sexual happiness means to you might change too. Beducated can support you in all those big and small milestones of your journey. Explore new courses and new ways of loving yourself and your partner, from our ever-growing library of sexual happiness.

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Your Special Menu

In these courses, you’ll find techniques shown on real models and communication tips that will make giving head a pleasant experience for both you and your partner.

Discovery, connection, and healing are the basis of our Lingam and Yoni massage courses. They teach you all you need to know about genital massage and full-body pleasure.

Considering taking a walk on the wild side? This course is perfect for partners that are taking those first steps. Learn what you both like and revel in new opportunities to have fun.

Wait - There's More!

The fun doesn’t stop there! On top of these courses, specifically designed for couples, we have an ever expanding library for you to explore till your heart, mind, and body’s content!

You Can Have It All!

Join Beducated today, get instant access to all courses, and bring back the magic!