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Anal Sex Online Course:
3 Anal Sex Demonstrations You Have to Try Out

Kenneth Play
Sex Empowerment Hacker
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About This Course

Ready to explore the enchanting world of anal? In this course, Kenneth Play uses engaging video lessons, handy cheat sheets, and explicit live demonstrations to help you master next-level anal pleasure.

What You Will Learn

  1. Masturbation practices for solo anal play
  2. Tantalizing techniques for partnered experiences
  3. Expert advice on finding the right sex toys and lube
  4. Creative positions for maximum pleasure

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Kenneth Play

Sex Empowerment Hacker

Meet Kenneth Play, a Sexual Empowerment Educator, known as the "World's Greatest Sex Hacker". Having developed sex techniques for reconnecting and overcoming challenges in the bedroom, he empowers couples to experience the best sex of their lives.

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Lessons and Classes

Total length:
60-90 min
  1. 1. Anal Warm-Up
  2. 2. Anal Play
  3. 3. Anal Masturbation
  4. 4. Anal Cowgirl
  5. 5. Anal Flow Demo
  6. 6. Interview with Michelle
  7. 7. Anal Resource Guide

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Hi, my name is Kenneth Play. Welcome to your anal course. So we have a lucky magical education star over here, Michelle and we're going to talk about anal today. And the first thing I want to tell you is a lot of people asked me questions about how they get their girlfriend, their partner, their wife to have first-time anal. And my answer usually is make sure you're good at everything else first, because if you suck at everything else people won't necessarily trust you with their butt. So I don't know if you remember the first time you were curious about anal sex, that kind of unknown territory. What was that like for you at the very beginning? It was so long ago. I don't know if I remember but I'm sure I was nervous the first time I ever had anything stuck up there. But I know I was with somebody that I really trusted in that, it was focused on me and not all about him so, I know it was good. I think that's really the key that your first time introducing anal to someone your goal is not necessarily just to like cum in the ass and make sure that they could take your cock till you cum, but more about introducing a sensation that feels good to you. Also knowing that, that person will stop anytime and not pressure you to continue is super important. Yeah, If you don't know that person's going to stop when you need them to stop then there's no way that they will trust you with the anus. So it's also have slightly, not exactly, like a BDSM/ kinky dynamics. So when you are dominant in the situation you're practicing control and in the receiving end it's really practicing surrendering. So when, and what I mean by control is that you could control yourself when you even if you're really into it, you will stop for the wellness or the need of your bottom or your sub in this case. So without doing it in a kinky style it's exactly the same thing, because it's so hard to surrender if you don't feel like I would stop or you could trust me. So I'm going to run you through a very clear kind of sequence in how I have anal if someone is brand new to it, for the very first time I know you already have some experience to it, so cool. You're going to role play a little bit but the procedure or the steps are exactly the same. So we got to kind of make sure you are fully aroused and warmed up. And we already did all the negotiation in the beginning and what this will feel like. So consent is super important make sure you have consensual anal sex and also pleasurable. So, what we want to create is a healthy and a pleasurable sexual experience. The first thing I usually do is I just connect with my partner and feel her body a little bit and you don't go straight into the asshole. So, what I want to do now is kind of just caress her body. So why don't I have you take this beautiful, beautiful robe off. (relaxing music) And then from here, it's much easier to introduce some anal sensation to her. So what I want you to do right now is, this is a really good position to kind of warm it up. So I want you to put your knee closer to your chest and hold onto your knee. One very important hack when it comes to anal is use some gloves because you want to keep clean hands. You never want to cross contaminate when it comes to... Can I have you turn a little bit more this way? Yeah, yeah. And move back a tiny bit for me. Thank you. So what I want to do at this point is getting her more turned on and kind of feeling good and just get used to the sensation of having her anus touched. So our goal is not necessarily put the finger in immediately but to kind of just massage it on the outside. So I'm lubing up my finger and my goal is not in but rather just kind of massage around it first let her get used to that sensation. And the reason we are kind of doing it this way is that you don't want to drip lube from anus to vagina. So I'm massaging and just kind of feeling the orifices out. I mean the crevices, how's that feel? That's fine. That's fine? Okay. And sometimes it's really good if she has one hand free. So if you could hold that position and give me one hand and rub your, whichever hand you rub your clit with normally. It's good for her to play with her clit a little bit while I'm doing this. So she associates positive sensation while her anus is being touched. So I'm just kind of massaging on the outside. Let her get used to that sensation. That feels okay? Yeah. Okay. After I massage it a little bit what you want to do is you want to place, I use my thumb, I want to go through the various hacks that I really like. Put some pressure on it, keep massaging your clit. And then I just sit there and wait and breathe. And then eventually you will actually feel the sensation like it's puckering, opening up a little bit. (moans) Mm, Feel Yeah. I just felt that there was a little bit of a pulse. Okay, now the second trick is I'm using my index finger. And what I want to do is I want to put the pad of my finger right on the opening. And what I want her to do is, as I push my finger in I want you to imagine like you pushing my finger out. So I want you to bear down and push my finger out with your butt. See how her muscle literally guides my finger in? Relax. Now I have about a knuckles deep off my finger inside. And I want you to see that again. So I want you to bear down and push like you're trying to push my finger out. You see how that action kind of slides my finger in, and I want to do that one more time for the camera. So take a deep breath in, bear it down and push my finger out. Good, and as they push you push your finger in. This is how they do it in the ER, to get the finger in for exam. So we're using a ER trick. Not the sexiest thing to hear while having something in your butt. So once my fingers in, I kind of keep it neutral for a little bit and just kind of wait until she gets used to the sensation. How's that feel? Any pain? Great. So I want you to do that one more time, bear down and push. Good. Now there's two sphincters when it comes to your anus. Gate one, you have control. Gate two, you don't. So what you want to do is get the gate two to be a little bit more relaxed. When you are bearing down it actually kind of opens up both a little bit. So I'm just massaging a little bit and I want to go to another hack. So here is a little trick that you want to have her squeeze your fingers. So squeeze my finger as hard as you can and just hold on to that muscle while you play with your clit, and just keep squeezing. I want you to squeeze till your absolutely tired, like sick off holding it. So squeeze, squeeze, squeeze, squeeze, squeeze. She's very strong. Okay. Squeeze and hold it, hold it, hold it. Now relax. So once she relaxes, it just kind of all open up a little bit. Does that feel good? Yeah. Thank you for being such a good bottom for this. Yes, so now I'm massaging and I'm trying to get to her G-spot, while I'm doing this. And I want to show you guys one more trick when I come to entry. So I'm going to pull out a little bit so I want you to bear down again. So push my finger out. You see how that just pushed my finger out and I'm going to do one more anal stretch techniques. So that's more like a PNF stretching. That's how athletes stretch their hamstring a lot. So I'm going to put my finger in, bear down, push. Okay, so now from this position, I'm going to relax your, relax everything, and just kind of feel the pose. And if I'm here, I want you to push down and squeeze my finger, squeeze my finger, opposite squeeze. And then when she squeeze, I'm going to pull up this way and kind of stretch against her muscle when she's squeezing. Hold on tight and now relax. Good, then I'm stretching up and then really stretch it when she relaxes now. Relax everything again and then go turn my finger this way. And when she squeeze my finger, fight it against. Yeah, I'm going to fight it against her and then have her hold that for about seven seconds. Five, four, three, two, one, relax. Good. Now, one more time with I'm going to turn my finger clockwise, counterclockwise in this case and I'm going to push down as you squeeze. So squeeze my finger, I'm pushing down, fighting her muscles and I'm purposely want to make it tired when it relaxes and now relax a hundred percent. Good. You see how that stretches it and creating some opening here a tiny bit. See how it's creating some space now? Beautiful, mow I'm going to do that one more time. Want you to squeeze my fingers, as hard as you can hold it one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, relax. Good, do you see how that creates space? Even a little gap here now. Beautiful, so now, her muscles a little bit more used to and also it creates a sense of having more anal control. That her anus has control, how she used her muscles. So now I'm going to put some more lube on my finger and I'm going to stagger two fingers. So when you put two fingers in make sure I am staggered like this. I'm going to put the longer, the middle finger on top. Now I want you to imagine to push me out again, push me out. Beautiful, and then push a little harder out. Yes. Good, beautiful. And then I stop sometimes, you don't want it, you don't need to have one entry from the opening. You could pause, right, and breathe. How's that feel? Is that okay? Now I want you to push my finger out again. Push, push, push, push, push, push, push it. Push. Yes, and then relax. And we got to do this one more time. Take a deep breath in and now push again. Good, now I'm all the way in. So I'm knuckle deep right now and I'm just waiting for her butt to get used to it. I feel the pulse on her butt and I'm not doing anything yet. I'm kind of just massaging a little bit right here. How's that feel? Okay? Now from here, I'm going to massage it a little bit having my finger in there. It shouldn't feel pain and it should just feel... yeah. I don't feel pain. Happy butt good, and I'm trying to literally like reach her G-spot little bit. And then it's good to kind of feel what's inside instead of just like into the darkness and don't know what you're touching. You want to feel the ridges, and I'm getting used to know her butt a little bit more. Yeah. And I feel her cervix on top where it sits that's the S-curve and we're going to have a little bit more lecture on where the positions are and where I need to tilt. Now I have a little bit more space if I tilt my finger down in this case, in this position. Good. And if you want, you could put your. You could put your feet heels down. If that's more comfortable. So now we change the angle a little bit. How's that feel? Okay from here, once you get used to it I'm going to massage her butt a little bit more. Now let's add a little sensation, that way it feels good to you on your clit. Just feel. That feels okay? Now I'm going to shut up and for you to just receive and enjoy, and if you want more pressure more speed on your butt, let me know. Okay, It's perfect? Okay. Now notice this, that I'm not going in and out. I am just massaging her G-spot from her anus, from here. Deep breath. (model moans) Mhmm Good girl. (vibrator intensifies) Sensitive? Breathe. You want less? A little bit yeah. Okay, beautiful. Just a little less. Let's try that for 30 more seconds, breathe. So the whole goal is getting her to feel more sensation to feel good, and then massaging. Now her anus feels completely more relaxed. And if you could see much more, like not gripping my finger anymore. And I could also add some lube, tilt it up. See how it slides in? Now I'm going to go in and twist a little bit so you get used to the sensation of things going in and out. That's okay? Mhmm. And I could see, I could add a little bit more lube at the very end. Yes. You feel it too and then you want to make sure there's enough lube all the way in. And so now I'm going more in and out, and this little bit of a twist motion really helps. (moans) A little bit slower. Beautiful, great feedback. So I'm going a little bit slower. (relaxing music) (vibrator sounds) Breathe. Now I'm going to have you squeeze my finger. Hold that vibrator and just squeeze it, squeeze it until it gets kind of tired. Now instead bear down, try to push my finger out. and this is a really easy way to pull my finger out, and this is a trick if you want a clean glove just pull out and pull the gloves like that. And that's a good, great warmup for anal entry. (upbeat relaxing music) (upbeat music) Welcome back. So, we are going to demonstrate how to put your cock in for the first time. There's actually a couple of really important trick to it. I usually love laying a dark towel down. Just easy to wipe your hand. Again, we want to eliminate the opportunity for cross contamination. Meaning having my cock touch her butt and touch her vagina at the same time. How are you feeling Michelle? Good. You're feeling good. Your butt is so gorgeous. Do that thing you just did. (woman laughs) Oo so cute. So I love looking at a butt and just admiring it. For some people when you are just giving some love and giving some compliment, they feel more relaxed. Because this a very vulnerable part of your body to show it to other people. So make sure you give it lots of love and kisses. And the first thing I want to do is that we did a lot of warmup earlier, but I want to go through the same sequence with you again. So you kind of want to warm up from one finger, two finger and then cock. So I'm going to put my gloves back on, and what I want to do is make sure my whole finger is lubed up. And then I can kind of use this leg a little bit right here and then I'm going to put some lube, right at her anus as well. And you want to avoid lube from dripping down, towards her vagina. So from this angle I want her to get used to just sensation first. So now the state that she's already done some anal, and warmed up with two fingers earlier. And I'm going to, again, you see this opening? So what I want you to do is grab your butt with one hand and just spread that cheek ugh, your butt is so beautiful. So I'm massaging on the outside and I'm going to place one finger in just the tip. Now I want you to, again, push my finger out. You see how she has much better control? I'm gate one, gate two, and I'm just relaxing my finger in there and just have her get used to the sensation. Take a deep breath in, breathe. Now I want you to bear down again, push me out. Yeah, see how it slides right in her butt is quite warmed up from earlier. And I'm just massaging her butt with one finger. How's that feel? Woman: Good. It's good? No pain feels comfortable? Woman: Yeah. Man: Good. And then now I am just kind of feeling the path where my cock should go. kind of learning about her butt. Now I want you to bear it down again. I'm going to pull my finger out, bear down see how slide's really easy. Now I'm going to lube up both fingers. Make sure I have look use laughable amount of lube it's totally okay. So I'm massaging again, again my longer finger and what I want to do is... I'm going to have her push me out. Push, push, push, push, push, push. Good. When she's a little tight and I'm just going to wait. No need to rush ever with anal. And then just have her kind of relax, and you can relax this hand too. Just take a deep breath in, just get comfortable. And I'm not moving my finger at all. And then from this moment I'm going to have her take a deep breath in, and then push my finger out again. Push, push, push, push, push, push, push push. Good. Now I have two fingers in there and I'm just going to keep my finger all the way in like this. Are you comfy? Mm hmm. Do you want to grab that toy right there? Just within your reach. Now you see the plus button? There is a plus button. This? Press that twice as how you like it. Yeah. And then just kind of put it in your vulva, and enjoy the sensation while my finger is inside of you. I'm getting more comfortable with it. Let me know when it start to feel kind of good It feels good. Okay, okay. [Man Moans] Now you can caress her and just look at her beautiful butt. And this way is easier, sorry I'm sitting on you. For her to have good access to her vulva and is easy. Breathe, and I'm just massaging. And I'm waiting a little bit till my finger is feeling less of that squeeze. Now, once you do that, one more check. So squeeze my fingers hard as you can, until you get tired, take a deep breath in and hold it. Squeeze it, beautiful. And hold it, I'm going to count to 10 I want you to just squeeze as hard as you can, and then let go. One, two, three, four, five, six, harder, seven, eight, nine, 10. Relax a hundred percent. Good I see her whole butt relax right now. And I'm going to start doing a little bit of in and out motion to kind of mimic what it's like being fucked. Say that again? More lube on it? Yes, great feedback for me. So now I could drip down some lube this way, and asked to entry yeah. Then, how's that better? Good, now it's lubed up. And then I'm just having my finger right here. That feels good? Woman: Mm hmm. Man: Mm hmm? You got to do this for another 30 seconds. And then I'm going to try to put my cock in. Now I'm really trying to massage the G-spot a little bit. [man moans] Mm that is so pretty. Good five, four, three. Now I want you to push my finger out again. So it's that really easy exit again, that glove trick close your fist. Turn the glove and I'm going to have her keep playing with her pussy a little bit and just get comfy. And just do it in a way that feels good. I want you to turn off, tune out my voice and just be in your body, good. Now, the first thing I want to do with this cock is lube it up the same way. And for her to find a comfortable position, you want to make sure the head is lubed up all the way to the shaft. So you don't want friction, as you put it in. (lube squirts) And it's really about alignment and physics. So you want to be able to see her anus. Remember you don't want to do anal in the dark. It's just not smart. You want to be able to see her anus really clearly while you do this. And you also want to make sure your cock is hard. You don't want to be really anxious and having your cock being soft. While you're trying to put it in is just not as comfortable. So make sure you are fully aroused. And I teach with a strap-on because it makes it much easier to teach. Well I don't have to stay focused on having my arousal. It's also, I want you to pay attention to how I hold my cock, I think that's critical. So I'm using this hand to spread her butt cheeks. So I could see her butt hole very clearly. I want to aim where my pee hole is in an alignment with her anus. So I'm going to first kind of just put my cock on her ass and have her feel it a little bit, how's that feel? Right, okay. And then I want to get close enough for the entry and then put my cock right here, and it's in line with her butt. How's that good? Okay, now I want you to push my out. Push, push, push, push, push, push, push. And now I slide in first gate. I got to um, wait a second breathe, is that okay? Mm hmm? Take a deep breath in. Mm hmm. [Man moans] And then now I've got to ask her to push again. So one, two, three, push my cock out. Beautiful, how's that feel? Okay, so first you don't start fucking her ass vigorously. You just want to kind of leave the cock in a little bit and just have her getting used to it. So I want you to play with your pussy a little bit and just get used to it. Kind of use your cock like a butt plug a little bit. Yeah, so pretty seeing my cock inside you. And then now I can start gently moving a little bit. So not full stroke. Is that okay? Woman: Mm hmm. Man: Mm hmm. And then get used to, ah fuck. Now it gets uncomfortable, cause I'm getting hard inside the strap on. [Man moans] Mm hmm. And I want you to tilt a little bit this way. Yeah, good, beautiful. And then want to align a little bit, yeah. So I could make sure I could use my hip and I'm spreading her butt, and so I can see. Okay, we're going to do this for a minute and just feel this is a good time to reapply some lube right? From the initial entry. So you want to tilt the cock in a way that lube drips down as you pull out. You see how that just drips in. Beautiful, it feels a little smoother, yeah? I could use my hand too. Then aim. Now obviously I would have more biofeedback, with my actual cock than a strap-on, but this is also a good lesson for strap-on sex. So I am going back and forth, breathe, and I'm going to fuck you a little harder now okay? Okay. [man moans] [Woman Moans] That's so hot watching that. [woman moans] [Man Moans] [Woman moans] Oh fuck. [Woman moans] Fuck, god. [Woman moans] [Man moans] [Woman moans] [Man moans] Oh fuck. [Woman moans] I'm going to slow down a little bit, okay, breathe, and then I want you to push me out. One, two, three, push, push, push, push push, push, push, push, push, push, push. And then as a quick way you just take off the condom, just like this pull it out and then give her a little break. And I'm going to show you how this is done when we are just having anal sex without the mic. Thanks for watching. [happy music] (upbeat music) (gentle music) (slight moaning) (gentle music) (slight moaning) In this video we're going to show what a partner anal guided entry looks like. And it's really important that we encourage our partner to take the lead. Because especially when it comes to anal sex in the beginning is a little bit of time to get used to and also encouraging partners to control that rhythm and speed in a way that doesn't cause pain. And it feels good. And she got a little kinky I got little prop for her. We use a strap on in this video, because it's much easier to see And it's harder than a regular dick. So stiffness is concern and range of motion, not better different. And this is kind of fun. Cause we showing like different types of negotiation and in regular porn they cut out all the awkward moments and this is just I'm trying a thing And she doesn't like it. And it was just another thing. So you could see Don't worry about her. What? Don't worry about things I'm encouraging her to use me. Don't worry about squishing me but basically encouraging her to take. And I'm an allowing, which is in the wheel of consent that we go over. Is really encouraging someone to kind of use your body for their pleasure. And this is a style of sex that we need to encourage more in the world. So hot watching her just ride Yeah. Now I want to switch to me mood generating movement and see if she likes it and finding me do push down on my heels to thrust. See if it's awkward you can move away. Yeah. See if I was too eager in that moment and then just learn to calibrate and stop. Sometimes sex has that awkward moment and adjustment. So embrace it. (hip hop music) In this video, I'm just going to go over what sex looks like when we are having anal and using a butt plug and just staying more grounded and find various way to position. So in our previous video, we already ran over oral sex and I'm just speeding this up, so you could see I'm just getting her more into her body and feeling some positive sensation. Now, if your partner is brand new to anal. You don't necessarily want to start with anal, but usually with something that they're familiar with, your go to things that feels good. And when she's properly warmed up and ready, I actually enjoy using a butt plug, kind of like just having a sensation in your butt and allowing their anus to get used to being penetrated and stretched. This is one of my favorite butt plugs because it's a anal training kit, so it has a very narrow entry point and it kind of just glides right in. And using some lube and just kind of pop it right in. Left hand. And same trick, I'm asking her to kind of push it out as I push it in. You see how their front gates open, then poop, and it goes right in. and once it's inside, just don't have to do much, just let it kind of sit there and I also love to view. (hip hop music) And this is a good time to ask your partner, to play with her vulva whatever ways that feels good to her and kind of just enjoying that new sensation Especially when it comes to first time anal. Huh? Can I have you suck on me? Mm-hmm. And sometime you focus on giving and putting things, you might not be as aroused, so I'm just asking her to give me some head, I also love getting head from her. So it just get us more turned on. And I like this kind of waiting time where there's a butt plug in and she's giving me some blowjob. And just kind of like getting the anus ready while being engaged. (slurping and sucking) (moaning) (slurping and hip hop music) I also sometimes try to do this mindfulness practice when I'm getting head, I'm trying to like visually connect and not checked out completely, but like engage with this finer detail. I'm gonna be a little, come on down to you. Also being dominant turns me on so, giving instruction turns me on. Who knew, I love giving instruction. (hip hop music) (moaning and breathing) Can I have you in front (indistinct) At times it's fun to change position so you can actually see this beautiful butt plug in her butt. Yeah, I'm getting a little bit more head. (moaning and sucking) (hip hop music) One little tidbit for what makes her blowjob spectacular is that she change rhythm as she pulls up she sucks a little harder, I want you to lick my balls, So the tongue kind of like has a little bit more pressure. Sometimes I just need some like sexy to look at. That's why I love her, she likes my balls and eye contact so it's a connection thing. And please leave a comment on this video if you guys want to see more female giving technique. (heavy breathing and sucking) Let me fuck you, lay down on you back, turn around. How's that (indistinct) plug in you? It's okay, whatever. So it's very nice that the butt plug getting her nice and warmed up and I start with some vaginal intercourse with the butt plug in, it's kind of a interesting DP sensation and getting used to is kind of very nice again, a familiar sensation that she enjoy. (hip hop music) (moaning) (hip hop music) Now, obviously different people might like different position. And we also doing a little bit for the camera on shooting education stuff so I'm finding a position that is both like you can see and have access and what feels good. But I think one key distinction is that you could always tilt and manipulate the body in a way that it's like a comfortable position. There's no reason to work on an awkward position. (moaning) (moaning) (moaning) Ah, fuck, ah, ah. (moaning) I think by now I'm getting used to know exactly how much fiction I like so I reapply lube as I go. And the vibrator feels really good on her clit as I fuck her and the butt plug together is a good, good combo. (moaning) (moaning) Oh yeah, and your face is so pretty. (moaning) Got a little bit more kinky. (moaning) Although this is not a kink video I've been holding back a lot of my kink. Which we covered quite a bit on our kink section of this course. (moaning) No, no, we don't have any problems on here. So Michelle has this, her preference of her pulling out the butt plug rather than I'm doing it, so I actually leave a bag or a somewhere that could throw toys that it's been the anus, directly, so I don't switch and cross contaminate. And when she feels ready, her butt is like good to go, this is a good, really good first-time anal entry when it comes to penetrative sex, so penis to anus, so is a very good visual and it's comfortable to kind of guide and you can see quite well you see how that just slips right in because, her butt being quite warm up with the plug and the other hand has a good like access to her vulva and her, the vibrator is also not on, in contact with me, so I could thrust relatively comfortable without worrying about the vibrator being in the way. (moaning) So right now I think she's trying to feel it out first on her butt and not put the vibrator on her clit. Now, some people have anal orgasm, just purely from anal penetration, well see, she just asked me to slow down. It's really important to listen to immediately. It's hurting do you want to (mumbles). You don't, you don't rush, so I'm changing position. This is kind of, they get stay in her butt and rotate through as nice finding at this position. (hip hop music) (moaning) I'm adding some lube for her comfort when it comes to the vibrator, not causing too much friction. Slow it back down and listen to her feedback, and I'm not rushing, not pushing to go faster because soon as you lose trust with someone with your anus, it's really hard to regain it, so not forever, but definitely not inside one session. So just be very mindful of that for first time anal. And then you will grow more confident over time your partner, you more comfortable with anal sex and you'd be more comfortable fucking her ass in a way that is both pleasurable for both of you. (moaning) So I changed to shook (mumbles) are the travel. So just a little less back and forth and get used to the sensation again. And I could see her getting her groove back on track. (moaning) Remember pounding harder doesn't mean more pleasure. Sometime it does depending on the person. So finding right speed, the right angle is key. You see the way that I tilt her leg back the vibrator is not hitting my stomach, which is way more comfortable for me. And that's why those legs have moved that way. And also as a good leverage point. So I have full point of contact. (moaning) Just slowing down and enjoying her ass is delicious. (moaning) (moaning) And I asked her if I could speed up now. So after a very patiently kind of like slow it down, and then if I want a little bit more speed, I ask her and kind of let her be on the driver's seat, especially in the beginning, first time anal. And Michelle is quite seasoned with anal, so sometime it just like that, you'll always willing to listen to instruction. Like imagine you getting your ass fucked, do you want your partner not to stop when you asked them to stop or slow down, so. (moaning) And for the guys out there, if you're want to have better anal sex is really important to learn how to receive anal sensation so you know what their feeling is like, and you might fall in love with prostate play. And unfortunately we still have a very homophobic culture about enjoying anal stimulation, so it's nothing too in my mind there's nothing to really like defend how hetero you are or what type of sex act is who you if you are straight, then you wouldn't you'll be doing anal sex with women instead of men, not the act itself. Mm. (moaning) Now, she got more warm up then I could speed it up a little bit. (moaning) So this is getting into anal entry and sometimes this is what first time it looks like it could be awkward and sometime a little slow, and then I'm slowing back down. Now, by the time that we shot this video we've been doing a lot of anal, so. (chuckles) Really just slowing back down. (moaning) And then I said I just want to do it for a couple more seconds. (moaning) And here, we're gonna stop and and appreciating her and giving her some thank you for trusting me and slowly pull out. Don't pull your cock out like same with vagina, because it's also suction. So you don't want to pull things from the ass out, so slow down and really connect and appreciating and thanking her. (moaning and kissing) And here, I'm just asking her if she could just wait here for a moment, don't manage anything. I was going to show some aftercare with a warm, nice warm, hot towel. And here I explain how I was gonna do it. And this spray is a magic trick, because you remember scent kind of relaxes, you're not focusing on body because sometimes we get overly worried about smells and things like that, so kind of a good brain hack so she could stay in the moment. And honestly, if you'd learn nothing from me, from sex hack, if you learn how to honor people's sexuality and respect it people want to fuck you because you're awesome. Once you have this towel you can fold it over. you could be a technically a scale out a three, four but your respect and caring skill is at a nine, 10 you will still get tons of time to have sex. From people who appreciate you. Open it up, and then you have more insides. I'm gonna clean off the side. And all the way back down in between. I mean this feels really good, and you want to make sure your partner don't have to manage anything at this point. You kind of just relax, and then you could cuddle Floyd. Okay. Okay. That's really good. Yeah? (hip hop music) Thank you for watching. Can you introduce yourself to us? My name is Michelle. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself, Michelle? And have you ever done stuff like this before? I actually haven't been filmed before. I'm from Mississippi, a kind of a small town in Mississippi. I moved to New Orleans because it is the best place in the world, in my humble opinion. But no, I have not been filmed. This was the first time, and it's been very enjoyable to be here with y'all. Very cool. What kind of sex would you say you like the most? Or, maybe also anything that you're like, "Ooh, I really don't like that." (laughs) I generally lean towards more of the kinky side, mainly with specific people. If it's just like a random hookup, or, somebody that I'm playing with for the first time, I guess maybe something a little bit more vanilla. I pretty much like all sex though. Very cool. What kind of touch do you lean towards, preference-wise? Is there any specific pressure, speed, that kind of stuff? I definitely like more of a deep pressure. Not so fast and rapid. I definitely liked things deeper and harder, than just a lot more quickly. It doesn't usually turn me on quite as much as the deep, deep pressure. Would you say that you experienced sex differently by yourself versus when you're with a partner? Oh, absolutely. Sex with myself really, is in as, I mean, most of the time if I'm having sex with myself it is just strictly to have an orgasm. Not really to sit there and play and feel all the sensations. Whereas, when I'm with a partner, I really enjoy being touched and massaged and loved on a little bit before anything happens. And, whereas when it's with myself, it's pretty much, "I just want to have an orgasm and go to work." (laughs) I fully understand that. You mentioned a little bit that you like kinky sex. When it comes to kink, Would you say that you have a specific kink identity? I wouldn't say that I necessarily have a kink identity. In the past year is when I've really started getting into like, kink and whatnot. And, I haven't like, experienced much with rope play or anything like that, but I'm definitely a fan of, you know, the bondage, being spanked and flogged with different things. Gagged, all those sorts of things. But I wouldn't necessarily say, right now, that I have like a specific kink identity. Very cool. Has there ever been sort of a like most-pleasurable, least-pleasurable sex experience for you? Briefly, anything- Yeah, of course. Probably my most pleasurable one was actually the first- Not the first time I discovered I was into kink, but the first time I actually took part in a heavily kink scene. I actually met this guy on Tinder and we had talked about it for a bit, like what we were into and whatnot. And, right, went and met him at a bar, and we hung out and then went back to his place where he has a bit of like, a sex dungeon. And, it was, hands-down, the best sex of my entire life. I continue to see this person, but the first time was still absolutely amazing. And that's kind of where I really stepped into my sub-kink role. So that was really amazing. The worst? There's been so many bad Tinder sex experience. I don't really think I could pinpoint one, to be honest. That's super fair. Is there ever something that like, somebody would do in the bedroom that just wouldn't (indistinct) and you'd be like, "oh, not again"? People that say that they're very into kink, and they are, you know, like choking, slapping, et cetera. And then you very quickly realize they don't really know what they're doing and they do something the wrong way and your body kind of goes numb or something. Yeah, absolutely. Like, put that to a halt very, very quickly. And there- I have no problems. I'm very open when it comes to sex and I have no problem telling my partners or whomever I'm with like, "Absolutely not." "Don't do that" or, "Keep going." So yeah. Yeah, definitely a great motto to go into sex with. Would you say you've ever faced any barriers to sex, or your sexuality? Oh, I don't think so. I was always raised in a very sex-positive environment with my family and like, my friends and whatnot. I was always encouraged. I was never really told not to do things. Just to do them safely if I am going to do them. So, not really, not that I know of. I've always been very comfortable with my sexuality and who I am. And, I'm always very open with my partners about that, and so they're always very open with me in return. So I really haven't faced too many barriers that I can think of. That's pretty awesome to hear. Also, do you have any personal mottoes, or ways that you find that you approach sex? Like I said, all sex is good sex, as long as it's consensual. I love having sex and I would never not want to as long as what the person that I'm having sex with is enjoying what we're doing. And as long as I'm enjoying what we're doing, I think it's great. Awesome. Michelle, can you tell us how you met Kenneth? (laughs) I met Kenneth on Tinder as well. I have told you, I have a lot of very, very good Tinder experiences, as well as very very bad experiences. I actually met him, came to the house. We hung out for a while, built a bond very instantly. Connected with him, trusted him full-heartedly. He's a very open person to be with as lovers, as a working partner. And, that was up there with my Tinder experience as close to number one to being number two. Love you, Kenneth. (laughs) And then one last question. For the folks watching these courses at home and trying to be better lovers, do you have any like, one top tip of advice that you would give them? Just listen to your partner. Tell them, and speak, as a sub and as a bottom, make sure that you tell your partner what you like and what you don't like there. And, as a top, put your ego aside and listen to your sub and that will provide awesome sex. Thank you so much. Thank you.

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