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Stuff is temporary. Sexual happiness is forever.

Running dry on gift ideas? Beducated can give something no material object could ever top: sexual empowerment.

Gift 1 Year – $119.99
No subscription. No hidden fees.
An illustration of an interracial couple hugging and kissing and holding a Beducated gift card in their hand.

Give them the gift of pleasure.

The ultimate gift for your wife, husband, partner, or friend. Make it a Valentines, Christmas or wedding gift.

  • 100+ video courses on sexual health & happiness

  • A world-renowned resource, backed by the industry’s top experts

  • A safe space for everyone to learn, no matter relationship status, gender, or sexual orientation.

Gift Beducated today.

Treat them to something that won’t just collect dust. Gift one full year of Beducated for just $119.99 instead of $199.99 — that's 40% off!

Gift 1 Year – $119.99
No subscription. No hidden fees.


Questions? We’ve got you covered:

What is Beducated?

Beducated is an online resource that offers courses on sexual health and happiness. We offer a unique library of 100+ video courses on everything sex and intimacy, created by the world’s top experts.

How does the gifting process work?

First, click on the button that reads “Gift 1 Year”. You will be redirected to the purchasing page, where you can fill in all relevant information and add the recipient's name. Upon completion, you will receive the gift card as a PDF file in your inbox with a unique coupon code. You decide how you will hand your gift card to the recipient(s): print it out, send it via e-mail, bake it into a wedding cake – get creative!
The recipient can redeem their gift and create a personal account at beducate.me/redeem.

To whom could I gift Beducated?

You know best who would appreciate a gift like Beducated. It works as an anniversary gift for a partner, a wedding gift for friends who just got hitched, or even a dear friend who is discovering their sexuality.

Is this a subscription?

No; access ends one year after the recipient redeems their gift card. Memberships purchased through gift cards do not renew.

9 out of 10 Customers Say Beducated
Increased Their Sexual Happiness

"The great sex teacher I never had"
I LOVE that you really listen to "us". I remember sending a suggestion one time about creating two courses... And for my surprise, not long ago I got what I wanted to learn!! Thanks for listening!!!

— Lily

"So much more than sex ed"
It's this really well done very tasteful site for improving and learning new tools for intimacy. It's not just a book off positions or techniques or something, it really goes to the heart of being close to someone.

— Nick

"Like nothing I've ever seen"
Beducated is like nothing I've ever seen before. Topics are well presented in an adult way and I have learned so much about my own sexuality and giving & receiving pleasure.

— Vicky

"One of my best purchases in years"
I have loved all the content I have explored so far [...] I would definitely list Beducated as one of the best purchases I have made in the last few years and I'm constantly encouraging friends to check it out.

— Ash

"Absolutely love it!"
It's honest, trusting, fun and delivered in such a safe way. Absolutely love it!

— Alicia

"A place to safely explore together!"
Beducated has given my wife and I not just a library of instructional videos but a place that we can safely explore and learn together. Even in a short period of time it has really helped us reconnect and rekindle

— Andy

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