Sexual Happiness for...

We honor that identity is more diverse. For the sake of simplicity, choose the category most suited to you.

Sexual Happiness for...

We honor that identity is more diverse. For the sake of simplicity, choose the category most suited to you.

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Unleash Your Sexual Happiness

…for more pleasure, intimacy, and connection! A complicated relationship with sex often holds many women and vulva owners back. But research shows that when we educate ourselves about sex, we experience more satisfaction! Start reaching your true pleasure potential with Beducated today.

The Pleasure Is In Your Hands

Did you know there are at least 5 different pleasure zones that can lead vulva owners to orgasm? Indulge in all those techniques, alone or with a partner! From touching to breathing, fingering, and toys, there is so much to explore. Know your body inside out, so you and your lovers never wonder how to please you again!

Give Your Lovers a Taste of Heaven

Be the wild, sensual lover that makes their knees shake. Discover communication tools, positions, strokes, and all other techniques that will have you both begging for more. With this new-found confidence, you’ll be the lover they’ll never forget.

Why Start Now?

9 out of 10 students say Beducated improved their love life. You could be next!

Study Sex Like Any Other Skill

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We learn best by watching, so step-by-step videos are our tried-and-true teaching method. All techniques are shown with real (and inclusive) bodies—without holding back. The courses include cheat sheets, audio guides, and reading material to maximize your learning experience. Try it today!

Vulva Owners’ Favorites

Want to master female orgasms once and for all? Explore 5 different pleasure zones solo or with a partner in explicit detail! Master clitoral, g-spot, cervical, anal, and nipple orgasms, and the cherry on top—multiple orgasms, of course! Who doesn’t want all of that?
Become a master at giving head. Learn everything there is to know about pleasing a penis and a vulva with your mouth. Know all the communication tools and the hands-on techniques of oral, that will blow your lover’s mind.
This course completely redefines your idea of touch, from soothing to full-body pleasure. Explore all the ways you can use your hands to pleasure a Lingam and a Yoni, for more discovery, connection, and healing.

If you menstruate, get ready for life-changing guidance. You’ll discover a whole new layer of self-awareness in this course. Learn the science behind your cycle and how it relates to mood and behaviors to build the ultimate self-care practice.

Learn the ancient Tantra practice of queens! The Yoni Egg practice honors the vulva as a sacred temple and connects you with your sensuality, desires—and muscles! Want stronger, epic vaginal orgasms? They’re here for the taking!

And So Much More!

You’ll get access to our entire library of online courses. And it just keeps growing and growing!

What Do I Get by Subscribing?​

We are the number one resource for sexual health & happiness. By subscribing, you get access to all online courses from the world’s top experts—that’s over 100 hours of videos and audio and new content every week! Make the most of the 24-hour free trial to decide if the platform is right for you.

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Advice With Our Sexpert Q&A

Whenever you have a question about your personal journey, Beducated sexperts are here to help. Tune in to our regular Q&A session with a sex coach and get advice tailored to your specific situation. Finally get answers to all your burning questions!
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Beducated is your ticket for sexual happiness! We offer a vast range of sexual wellness online courses backed by medical professionals and sex therapists. Here you can learn everything from sensual massage to kink in a safe and positive way.

We are the number one resource for sexual health and happiness. By subscribing to Beducated you get access to a library of different sexual education courses about topics like genital massage, oral sex, kink, and more. Our library is updated with new courses and materials weekly so you can continue discovering new roads to pleasure.

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