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Yoni Massage Online Course:
The Art of Tantric Vulva Massage

Mariah Freya
Founder of Beducated
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About This Course

The vulva is a pleasure palace just waiting for you to try the techniques in this course. Start your journey to yoni bliss today with detailed video tutorials, cheat sheets, and guided audio meditation.

What You Will Learn

  1. The foundations of giving and receiving a yoni massage
  2. Vulva anatomy and how to work with numbness and pain
  3. Pleasure-expanding vulva massage techniques for couples
  4. Self-pleasure rituals for mapping, de-armoring, and full-on bliss

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Mariah Freya

Founder of Beducated

Mariah Freya, Beducated's founder, Sex Coach and TEDx speaker, empowers individuals through transformative techniques to unlock their full pleasure potential. Through Beducated, she is making a global impact on making sex education accessible.

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Lessons and Classes

Total length:
90-180 min
  1. 1. Welcome to This Course
  2. 2. Download All Documents At Once
  3. 3. What Do You Need
  4. 4. Preparation Checklist
  5. 5. The 4 Pillars of a Yoni Massage
  6. 6. Receiving & Giving a Yoni Massage
  7. 7. Discover Your Clear Why
  8. 8. How to Initiate a Yoni Massage if Your Partner Is Unsure
  9. 9. Explore the Anatomy of a Yoni
  10. 10. Awakening Female Pleasures
  11. 11. Healing the Pelvic Floor
  12. 12. Working with Numbness & Pain
  13. 13. Warm-Up Rituals for Couples & Singles
  14. 14. Learn Full-Body Massage Techniques
  15. 15. Breath Awareness & How to Breathe During a Yoni Massage
  16. 16. Sitting Positions for the Giver
  17. 17. How to Awaken the Breasts for Couples
  18. 18. Yoni-Blossoming Ritual for Couples
  19. 19. Master Pussy Shiatsu
  20. 20. How to Enter the Yoni Mindfully for Couples
  21. 21. How to Map & De-armour the Yoni for Couples
  22. 22. Unleash the G-spot
  23. 23. Teasing the Cervix into Bliss
  24. 24. Final Integration & Stillness for Couples
  25. 25. Intro to Yoni Self-Massage
  26. 26. How to Awaken Your Breasts for Solo
  27. 27. Yoni-Blossoming Ritual for Solo
  28. 28. Let Your Clitoris Sprout
  29. 29. How to Enter Your Yoni Mindfully for Solo
  30. 30. How to Map & De-armour Your Yoni for Solo
  31. 31. Awakening Your G-spot
  32. 32. Tease Your Cervix into Bliss
  33. 33. Final Integration & Stillness for Solo
  34. 34. Step-by-step Yoni Massage
  35. 35. Step-by-step Yoni Self-Massage
  36. 36. Yoni Massage For Couples
  37. 37. Yoni Self-Massage
  38. 38. Course Completion
  39. 39. Audio Meditations
  40. 40. Insights from Sexologist Olivia Bryant, Founder of Self Cervix
  41. 41. A Podcast With Yogita About Yoni Massage

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Welcome back, this video is all around the question what do you need in order to practice a Yoni massage, what tools and toys will be useful, and how to prep your home for the best results. Let's start with the most obvious, you need to set an appointment with the one receiving a Yoni massage. Or, with yourself, if you practice a Yoni self massage. Quite common sense, right? I mean this might be obvious, but in my experience people do struggle to set up and initiate a Yoni massage. Especially if it's the first time. Why? Well, your mind might come up with the most ridiculous excuses why you don't have time for this. Perhaps there's a little bit of nervousness, performance fear, or that you might be doing something wrong. Okay, just take a deep breath. You can do this. Schedule at least two hours if you practice with a partner, and one hour if you're by yourself. And make sure you don't have anything stressful on your schedule right before and after. The receiver ideally shouldn't eat four hours before the massage for best results. The next highly important step is to set up a safe and sacred space. Perhaps you already have a room in your house which feels like a temple to you. We're here to worship, right, and this needs to happen in a room that is able to support you with this intention. What better place would there be than a temple itself, right? So if you cannot think of a room in your house, start with your bedroom. Perhaps get a few nice pillows, some silky bed linen, soft and warm blankets, depending on your climate zone of course. Fur can be especially nice in colder regions, or in winter times. I personally use a heating blanket for best comfort and extended periods of nudity. Make sure the room is heated to at least 25 degrees Celsius. Perhaps light some candles and use your favorite natural aroma oils if you want. Many students of mine actually ask me, do I need a massage table or a massage mat for this to work, or is my bed enough? Both works in my experience fine. So if you have a very soft mattress it will be definitely more physically challenging for the giver. Also in case you have a water bed I would actually recommend to move to the floor with a mat or actually get a massage table. For all the givers that feel quickly exhausted sitting cross legged or on your heels, I do actually recommend to move also to a massage table. It does make things a little easier, but it's not required of course. So what other tools do you need for the massage itself? One ingredient which you will always need is the massage oil. I personally use coconut oil. It's organic and it has really healing antiseptic ingredients to it. As a side note, if you are in a colder climate, make sure to liquefy the oil in a warm water bath beforehand. You can also get a feather or piece of fur or silk to really have some playful tools for conscious touch rituals. You will learn more about this later. I also use a sarong which helps the receiver to cover themselves in the beginning. And also if it feels a little bit like they need protection, a sarong is really nice to use. Also another important ingredient is what I call the squirting sheet. It's a waterproof baby blanket to cover the mattress, this is merely a psychological thing for the receiver to know that they can be fully open and surrender to the process without worrying that they're making a mess or anything wet. Another important ingredient is music. I provided a few of my favorite playlists for you below this video. And last but not least, let's look at some useful toys that can come in handy. I personally love to use the crystal wand. They are from natural material, non toxic, and just feel nice and sacred. The glass ones are also a great and cheaper alternative. They are a bit more affordable and they come in really fancy forms, which help you especially in the de-armoring process a lot. And for a bit more of a smoother experience I'd recommend the Lilo Ella. This beautiful toy is made out of medical silicone and it helps to massage the g spot because it has this beautiful curve here. I do recommend to get one of the mentioned toys for everyone practicing alone. So check out the links below this video for all of the products and recommended accessories. If you're practicing as a couple, toys are not necessary, but can sometimes be useful for deeper de-armoring. But more about this later. If you're interested in an overview and links to stores where you can purchase everything I mentioned, please see the shopping list below. In this video, we dive right into the roots of Yoni massage. We will learn where this practice originally comes from and on which three levels it works. And very important, we will be working with the four pillars, which are the crucial elements for a harmonious Yoni massage. So, first of all, a Yoni massage has very little to do with an erotic massage because an erotic massage has only one main intention: to give pleasure to the receiver for the sake of having a good time. It includes the so-called happy ending. Obviously, there is nothing bad about that, don't get me wrong. It just has another focus. Instead, a Yoni massage is further developed with elements from the neotantric movement. It includes techniques from different schools of massages. With elements from yoga, somatic body work, bioenergetic and sexual therapy. As opposed to an erotic massage, a Yoni massage works on three levels: pleasure, healing, and connection. It works on the level of pleasure. The pleasure level means a Yoni massage has the intention to awaken your sexual energies, helping the receiver to understand their sexual response and pleasure potential. It helps to awaken orgasms. So, Yoni massage offers a way to learn how to orgasm, or how to increase existing orgasmic sensation. Step-by-step, the receiver is guided into deepen their pleasures by learning to let go and by consistently knocking on the door to deep orgasms. Yoni massage also works on the level of healing. A Yoni massage has the intention to heal the receiver, releasing stored emotions and traumas on a cellular level, like shame and somatic pain. Believe it or not, the female vagina actually stores trauma and emotions. All our body parts do, according to somatic psychology. For me, for example, the aspect of emotionaL healing is incredible during a Yoni massage. Being a very emotional person, my partner, by now, is used to me crying and releasing those stuck emotions. Helps to de-arma blockages that the receiver may experience, which holds them back from fully expressing their sexual authenticity. The last level Yoni massage works on is connection. It has the intention to guide you into a deeper sense of connection with yourself and your partner. If you have one, of course. It leaves the receiver in a balanced and blissful state of awe. Some receivers, as well as givers, describe the Yoni massage as an almost spiritual experience. That's how it felt to me, really, when I received, for the first time, a Yoni massage. In tantra, an orgasm is actually considered as a glimpse of enlightenment. That's what makes a Yoni massage such an interesting practice for deeper soul connection. So, again, as a reminder, we have healing, pleasure, and connection as the three main levels a Yoni massage works on. So, where does it come from? Well, tantra goes way back, thousands of years. Tantra massage, as we know it today, was developed in the 1980s by Andro Andreas Rothe. He was the founder of the first tantra institute in Germany. Annie Sprinkle, the famous sex educator, was the pioneer developing Yoni massage further. Since then, many practitioners and teachers developed different styles of Yoni massages. Each practitioner bringing in their own essence. In this course, you will receive a great overview about common styles of Yoni massage, but it is also encouraged to develop your own style along this journey, so be creative. So, let's now look at the four important pillars that you'll always need to keep in mind when you practice Yoni massage. The first at utmost important pillar is consent. Any sexual interaction always requires consent. Both parties have to give each other permission and say yes to this practice. Otherwise, it doesn't work. Typically, Yoni massage is a full-body massage, which includes the genital area and can cover both external and internal massage points. Agree on certain boundaries if a certain fear blocks you from moving into this practice, and clearly state your consent towards each other. Openly give permission that your partner's allowed to practice with you. The second pillar is communication. When you practice a Yoni massage for the first time, there might be some resistance coming up for you and or your partner. Perhaps you will feel a little bit nervous or maybe there might be some fear or worries that arises, that you might be doing something wrong, or that you will feel pain and discomfort as the receiver. That's why communication is an important key for a healing and pleasurable Yoni massage. So, share with your partner honestly and transparently what's happening inside of you. Share your worries and share your needs, right, and there's also a side note for you. If you practice for yourself, it helps to write on a piece of paper all the emotions that come up before you're going in to the Yoni massage self-practice. Communication is also highly crucial during the massage. So, keep communicating, keep in touch as you're flowing through this practice. As a giver, ask the receiver constantly how they're feeling. Support them in feeling themselves through your questions. The third pillar is your intention, your why, and if you're unsure about your intention, ask yourself how do you want to feel like after the Yoni massage? As the giver, it's important that your intention is unconditional, so that you don't actually want anything back for it. As the receiver, focus on yourself. How do you want to feel like after the Yoni massage? When we set an intention, we often make the mistake that we start to expect, and are a little bit impatient with ourselves. So, don't make this mistake. Let go of your expectation and goals. Don't push yourself or your partner into any goal-oriented mindset, like she has to have at least one orgasm, or I definitely want to squirt, or I super badly want to experience another kind of orgasm beyond the clitoral orgasms. This way of thinking will always lead to unwanted pressure that will leave you, most of the time, empty-handed. So, be very clear again on your why, but let go of your goals and the pleasure will come. The last, but also highly-important element for Yoni massage is no judgment. Yep, it might get messy. It might be emotionally or physically challenging, so don't judge. If the receiver needs to cry, let them cry. Just be there for them as the giver. Don't ask why they cry. Allow them to just express it. There might be a lot of liquid. Again, don't judge it, just be happy that it's there. Embrace it. Be grateful for the receiver that they open up so beautifully. In this video you will learn what it means to be the receiver during a Yoni Massage and what it means to be the giver. Let's first of all understand the role of the receiver more. There are three important aspects for the receiver. The first one is trust, surrender and communicating your needs. Let's look into trust in more depth. When you trust your partner you will open up more easily and let go of fear and tension. When you can let go of your tension the magic happens. So make sure that you feel 100% safe with your partner you're practicing Yoni Massage with. So, what does surrender mean here? Surrender is a very feminine aspect that is often misunderstood. It doesn't mean being passive and powerless but rather the opposite, being active and powerful but with trust, love and softness. Have the courage to let go of old patterns and tension. In the process of surrendering you want to activate your witnessing eye, your awareness and be present with all the emotions and sensations that come up. There's nothing to be fixed within you. Surrender into yourself and start feeling what is alive. Use deep belly breaths and pelvic breathing to soften yourself into this. The last one is communicating your needs. The Yoni Massage is an empowering practice. It's not done to you it opens the doors for you where you can decide to walk through. So, let's say your partner hits a spot in your body that touches you really deep emotionally you can communicate to them to stay there and work deeper into this area. Speak up for how you want to be touched and ask for your desires. Now, let's understand the role of the giver more. There are three important aspects for the giver: presence, unconditional giving and asking for needs. The first is presence, it's actually one of the most important attitudes the giver needs to cultivate. When you are present the receiver will most likely open up. They will feel worshiped and will be able to express whatever needs to be expressed without any reservations. Practices like yoga, Qigong and meditation will help you to cultivate your presence in the long run. And obviously try to be in the moment and reduce all possible distractions to a minimum, including your phone. The second aspect for the giver is unconditional giving. Whatever you do, do it with a selfless attitude. You're worshiping the receiver and ideally you want nothing in return otherwise the receiver will never fully let go and surrender. The last one is asking for needs. This could also be called holding the space for the receiver. When you as the giver give a Yoni Massage it's upmost crucial to be caring and empathetic. Ask how they want to be touched and where. Ask how they feeling. Holding the space means taking care of the receiver's needs and you want to empower the receiver to communicate their needs. Yoni Massage can be a very healing but also very painful experience in the beginning, not just physically but also emotionally. There might be old trauma surfacing so hold her in your arms and communicate to know what's going on. As a side note, as the giver make sure you are comfortable too. Check out the sitting positions for the giver in another video. When you are relaxed you transfer the calmness to the receiver. The massage is obviously an energy exchange so constantly be aware of your inner state also use your breath to deepen your own relaxation and sync it with the receiver. Again for both the receiver and the giver communication is crucial to make this a process of growth. Both of you stay humble and trust your intuition to guide you. You already learned that the Yoni Massage consists of four main pillars. Consent, communication, intention and no judgment. I would like to speak about the third pillar in more detail, your intention, your why, for this practice to fully work you will need to be very clear on your intention. You need to be clear on your why. So let me ask you, why are you here? Why do you want to learn Yoni Massage? Why do you want to receive a Yoni Massage? And how do you want to feel after the Yoni Massage? Are you here just to have a good time? Or are you here to initiate healing or perhaps both? Yoni Massage is a powerful practice that's why it's important not to misunderstand it, just as a foreplay for sex. It's a practice in itself that requires room for integration before and afterwards. That's why I usually don't recommend sex during or after the massage. Not even afterwards? You might ask, well, usually most practitioners set a very strong focus on healing. So the receivers role is to fully be relaxed and be present with what is. There might be various emotions popping up and a purification of somatic store blockages may appear. And the more they're able to witness and I mean the receiver here and allow themselves to feel the process, the better it is. If they would suddenly engage in sexual activity, they transition from receiving into giving, which would disturb their awareness and be quite counterproductive for the healing journey. So make sure to talk about both of your intentions, before the Yoni Massage. As a short side note, while a Yoni Massage may feel purely pleasurable at the time later that day or the next day, the receiver may experience an emotional reaction. For example, shame or guilt over having allowed themselves to behave with such sexual freedom. It is important to embrace any emotional reactions that follow and observe them with interests and try to understand their messages rather than pushing them down or trying to get through them as fast as possible. For checking in with yourself and your partner, I've prepared you a worksheet that you can find below this video. I encourage you to print them out and fill them out. You may discover interesting insights into your personal and your partners why. (whooshing sound) In this video you will learn how to initiate a Yoni Massage if your partner is unsure. So you have a partner and you would like to practice Yoni Massage with them, but you don't know how to introduce them into the topic. Well, simply do the first step. Share that you're part of this course. Share you're intention why you bought the course in the first place and that you would like to watch and learn together with them. If they seem curious, tell them more about the amazing effects Yoni Massage can have for the receiver and the giver. And keep it in mind it works on pleasure, healing, and connection. Tell them about the multi-orgasmic possibilities, higher pleasure curves, and healing old wolds and shame. And also the opportunity to feel totally at ease. So if you are the giver and you're partner is a bit scared receiving a Yoni Massage, you can offer to set safe boundaries on how far you will go in the practice. You can, for example, start slowly. Perhaps start with a fully body massage first and take it in their own pace. Offer space to talk about their worries and needs and how you could support them to feel more safe and motivated. Listen to them carefully and acknowledge them for sharing it with you. If the receiver suffers from certain vaginal pain or discomfort, you don't have to try every technique in the first session that you're learning here. You can for example start with a normal body oil massage and then do the Yoni Blossoming Ritual as a start, and then take it from there in the next sessions. If your partner doesn't seem to be interested and hates all things that sound a bit woo-hoo. Share with them the non woo-hoo parts. If you are the receiver share with them that they can support you in experiencing more intense orgasms and pleasures. If you are the giver share that you both have that opportunity to grow your sexual relationship and to make things a bit more exciting again. There's nothing woo-hoo about this. If they still don't want to try it out, don't judge them for it. As a Yoni owner can start with the Yoni Self Massage, which I included in this course. You're partner might see the effects that it has on you and then get curious at a later stage. As the giver you can keep the techniques in mind and incorporate some parts into your love making. At last, once you're both ready, the best way to approach Yoni Massage is with a child-like curiosity. Use intuition and enjoy the process without shooting towards any goals or ideals, just enjoy. Hi. In this video you will learn more about the anatomy of the Yoni. The Yoni is a Sanskrit word for the female genitals. It means holy space or temple. The vulva describes everything you can see on the outside of the Yoni. It includes the mons pubis, the labia majora, which is the outer lips, the labia minora, which are the inner lips, the clitoris, the urethra, and the vaginal entrance. The labia majora comes in many different colors, sizes, and shapes. The tissue can be easily stretched without any pain. The labia majora surrounds the labia minora. These tissues are very hairless, and very sensitive to touch, so make sure in a Yoni Massage the inner lips are lubricated before you touch them. If you look at the hood of the clitoris, you can gently fold the skin back which is covering the gland of the tip of the clitoris. This gland is actually the most sensitive spot to sexual stimulation, so be very careful with it. The vagina, or also known as the birth canal, extends from the vulva to the cervix of a woman. It includes the vaginal opening, which may be partly covered by the hymen, the walls of the vagina, the G-spot, and the cervix, which is the entrance to the uterus. The vaginal walls, arch your fingers when you're massaging the inside during the Yoni Massage. So you may feel the soft fold of the mucus membrane, and these folds allow the vagina to stretch and mold itself around whatever is inside of her, including a finger, a tampon, a penis, or a baby during childbirth. During a Yoni Massage, you can push gently against the wall of the vagina. Notice where the wall feels particularly sensitive to touch. So let's move a little bit more inwards to the G-spot. About a third of the way up from the vaginal opening of the interior front wall of the vagina, that side goes toward the abdomen, is an area known as the Grafenberg spot, or G-spot. Many women experience a very intense pleasurable sensation when the G-spot is being stimulated. You will learn more about the G-spot in module four, but for now, just remember its location. So let's go further down into the cervix, the queen of deep orgasms. A little before the end of the vaginal canal, you can feel the cervix. The cervix feels like a nose with a small dimple in its center. The cervix, from Latin cervix uteri, means neck of the womb, which is the part of the uterus, or womb, that extends into the vagina. It is sensitive to pressure, but has no nerve endings on the surface. So on some days, you can barely reach the cervix. And the vagina can also lengthen slightly during sexual arousal, carrying the cervix deeper into the body. The dimple in the cervix is the opening into the uterus. The entrance is actually very small, and normally, only menstrual fluid leaving the uterus or seminal fluid entering the uterus passes through the cervix. The Yoni contains actually a huge number of nerve endings. The clitoris alone has more than 8,000 of them, which are interconnected to a large nerve network that can run up through the body along the spinal cord. The peak orgasms are mostly mediated by the pudendal nerve. However, humans can orgasm through other genital nerves as well, including the pelvic, hypogastric, and vagus nerve. We could talk for hours and hours about the detailed network of nerves and anatomy, but for now it's actually only important for you that you can navigate your way around this amazing organ called the Yoni. In this video, you will learn more about female pleasure and why we need to avoid overstimulation in one area but worship the whole female pleasure anatomy. The Yoni is a symbol of fertility and life, because all life is being born through the Yoni. And we can either look at the Yoni as another body part or we can look at her as a mystical entrance into life. The Yoni's not just a pleasure body part, but it can also bring deeper wisdom and connection to the Yoni owner. When we look at female pleasure, we have to understand a very important principal, which is called The Spiral Principal. I've learned this principal from the powerful tantra teacher, Ma Ananda Sarita. This principal says that a female body needs to be warmed up from the outside towards the inside of the body. So, that means you start with the very end of the body, ideally with the limbs. And you work your way towards the inside, going from outside towards the inside, like a spiral. Never start from the inside. Always start with the feet, the hands, and work your way towards the heart, the face, the legs, belly, and hips. Eventually, you work your way inward slowly. I will show you exactly how in the Yoni blossoming ritual. By the way, for men, it's vice versa. You can touch the penis rather quickly, because it's the center, and spread the pleasure towards the outside, like an outward-moving spiral. The warmup is highly important for the female arousal, so make sure you're spending a lot of time in the warmup phase before you approach the Yoni itself. Attention: Don't overstimulate the clitoris. The clitoris is a highly sensitive pleasure organ. If you overstimulate her and the receiver has an explosive orgasm, which might feel nice, you might lose the sexual energy that you just awakened in the warmup phase. So, let's talk a little bit about the different types of orgasms. There are the explosive orgasms and there are the implosive orgasms. A typical explosive orgasm is usually when the clitoris is being stimulated towards the point when a woman experiences a huge amount of pleasure. The explosive orgasm is the result of, pretty much, muscle tension inside the body until it results in a climax that lasts about 10 seconds or so. And so-called implosive orgasms usually last much longer and don't lead to this subsequent loss of sexual interest. Typically, an implosive orgasm is going beyond clitoral stimulation. That means the most common road to implosive orgasms is the shift of attention from the clitoris towards the vagina. The explosive orgasm is mainly activated by the pudendal nerve. However, humans can orgasm through other genital nerves as well, including the pelvic, hypogastric, and vagus nerves. Women often need to wake up their orgasmic potential in the hypogastric, through G-spot or squirting orgasms. And also, the pelvic nerve through vaginal orgasms. Activating these two nerves can lead to very intense womb and cervical orgasm and bliss. Many sexologists still believe that all female orgasms emanate from the clitoris, but this failed hypothesis has been thoroughly bunked by both science and also daily experience. Ultimately, orgasms happen in the brain. The genitals merely provide a suitable trigger. So, non-genital orgasms can happen when stimulation, for example, of the breasts or the nipples starts serving as an orgasmic trigger to the brain. Experiencing implosive and non-genital orgasms can actually be learned, and it can actually lead to a radical new way of experiencing your sexuality. It can also have an emotional form. For example, certain emotions of joy, which is so strong that you could even, that this could even be associated with an orgasm. By the way, every tingling sensation or goosebump-like sensation can be also appointed towards a deeper pleasure source. It's worth going deeper into the sensation to tap into powerful bliss here. What's important to understand is that the sexual energy is flowing through the body once it's activated. So, you want to stroke the energy with the massage through the body and make sure it doesn't get stuck anywhere. As a takeaway for you, let go of overstimulation in one certain area and spread the stimulation all around, starting from the outside, towards the inside, and working your way into bliss. And another takeaway for you, start to see the Yoni as a mystical part of a woman's body. Something that you want to worship as purely feminine, powerful, and ecstatic body part. Hi, in this video, you will learn more about the pelvic floor and why it's such an important body part in the Yoni Massage practice. And why we want to learn how to fully relax into it. The pelvic floor muscles work like a hammock to support the pelvic floor organs, including the uterus, the bladder, and the rectum. After Wilhem Reich, the pelvic floor should be more flexible, mobile and move with ease. So it can allow energetic movement, rather than being a blocker. So tension in the pelvis can create lack of sensation and numbness in the genitals. This of course affects sexual functions. So when our sensations and pleasures are absent, we lose our interest in sex. Makes sense, right? So the pelvic floor has a highly vulnerable web of nerves and also stores various emotions like anger and anxiety. The Yoni massage helps to release those tensions and can purified stored negativity, that hold us back from feeling more. Intense Kegel exercises, might be great for keeping the pelvic floor youthful and healthy, and you definitely should be able to do them. But for this process, squeezing our pelvic floor will make the pelvis only harder, which makes the de-armoring process very difficult. So as the giver, you will learn how to animate relaxation in the pelvic floor of the receiver in Module Four. As a receiver, you can learn how to relax your pelvic floor by yourself. It's called the pelvic breath, and you can use it in daily life, but also and especially during Yoni massage. So for a moment, close your eyes and place your left hand on your pelvic floor. Then take a deep belly breath. (breaths deeply) When you're breathing in, imagine that you filling up your pelvic flow with oxygen all the way down. Imagine your pelvic floor expands towards all directions during that inhale. And when you're breathing out, make an ah sound and imagine your pelvic floor sinks down and relaxes even more with ease. So you breathing in and expanding, and breathing out, relaxing. Really feel your pelvic floor here. Breathing in, expanding, breathing out, relaxing downwards. (breaths deeply) This breath technique called pelvic breathing, can be used during daily life whenever you are in need for relaxation, just sit for a few minutes, three to five minutes. It's fine to really find that relaxation in your pelvic floor. And during the Yoni Massage, the receiver, but also the giver can use this, especially in moments when there's a little bit of discomfort or where there's very intense amount of pleasures. It helps you to expand and give more space, to whatever you're feeling in that moment. In this video we talk about numbness and vaginal pain and why Yoni Massage is the perfect tool to release those blockages. The body is a magical, highly intelligent system which stores and remembers everything. So for instance when you experience strong shame in your sex life, usually the body remembers somewhere and stores those experiences somewhere on a cellular level. Most illnesses actually stem from emotions. And emotions come to our body as a result of trauma. And these emotions are not stored in our mind, they are stored on a cellular level. So if we are not aware of those stored emotions and don't cleanse them on a regular basis we start to develop physical numbness. Most of my female clients that come to me have numb spots somewhere outside or inside their Yonis. I myself realized this when I started working with Yoni Massages. Also certain pain without medical reasons often finds it roots in a somatically stored memory. It's important to look at the numbness and also pain not as something negative but actually as a kindness message of your body. It tells you what you need to focus especially here and use it as an opportunity to work through something and release it. It's really an opportunity to harmonize and cleanse. The de-armoring practice contains usually a practice of conscious touch, acupressure point massage and breath. In the Yoni Massage practice you want to specifically focus on those numb and painful spots as they contain the most healing potential. That's why we will learn how to map the Yoni and how to discover those painful spots and numb areas in module four. The great thing is that our body naturally supports us here. So when you experience a Yoni Massage as the receiver your body naturally releases endorphins which acts as a sort of morphine or natural painkiller. This helps the receiver to ease the pain and discomfort naturally. Remember this is a very vulnerable part of the Yoni Massage. And it requires deep trust and a highly safe and contained space to do this. That's why we will learn how to map the Yoni and how to discover those painful and numb areas in module four. You're here to learn how to give and receive a healing, pleasurable and connecting Yoni massage. Over the years of studying, practicing and learning Yoni massage from different body workers and therapists, I crystallized five main steps that most practitioners follow. The first one is general warm-up. The second one is full body massage. The third one is exploration, mapping and de-armouring the Yoni. The fourth one is awakening pleasures and ectasy. And, the final is integration and stillness. You already learned in module one more about the first part of the general warm up which is more the internal warm-up. So, for example how to set up the space, what you need, internalizing the four pillars of Yoni massage and also how to figure out your why, your intention. In this video I will give you a few playful rituals for the actual warm-up part of a Yoni massage. I personally recommend never to jump right into the massage itself but instead to segue into the space with a warm-up ritual for maximum effects. I notice that many people tend to skip this part, but I think it creates a special effect and helps the receiver and the giver to relax and feel more connected with each other. Also, if you are practicing Yoni self massage, I would recommend you to integrate one of the rituals that you'll learn now. One beautiful ritual is called Awakening of the Senses. So, you blind fold the receiver, ask for their consent of course, then use all sorts of tools to awaken all four senses of the receiver. The moment we shut off one sense, in this case the sight, we will perceive and feel much more with our other senses. You can use feathers, aroma oils, skin touch, some yummy fruits and chocolates, and perhaps even some sweet whispering words to enhance the receivers senses. Just be creative here. Another ritual is the Sensual Dance. It's a bit more of a playful ritual. So, you stand in front of each other a few meters apart. You start to dance in your own way. Obviously you play some music. Then, you slowly start to look at each others eyes and walk towards each other in a dancing manner. You do this until you hug each other, then you're syncing your hip movement in tune and with your partners breath. This can be easily practiced alone without a partner. Simply hug and touch yourself in the process. Another ritual is called Transfiguration Meditation. That's actually on of my favorites and you should definitely give it a try. It's an eye gazing practice where you sit again in front of each other and look your partner in the eye. Try to see beyond the physical. Try to see what's behind their eyes. Try to look directly into their soul. In the bonus section you find a guided transfiguration audio for this. If you're a solo practitioner take a mirror and focus on one of your eyes. Try to also recognize the magic within you. Another amazing ritual is the Conscious Shower. Have a shower together. Start to wash each other, one at a time. Do it very slowly with a lot of presence. Use the soap to glide along your partners body with a lot of presence. It's like in a tea ceremony. You are so fully present with every step. If you're by yourself you can take a conscious shower in the same manner. Just really slowly. Don't rub your body as if it was a tool. Wash it as if it was your temple. These are just a few ideas on how to warm-up and get into the mood for Yoni massage. Of course, you can create you own rituals, so be creative here. In this video, we will look at basic massage techniques so that you will be able to give a full body massage before you're diving into massaging the yoni. Why is this a part of the yoni massage? Well, because it's very important that the receiver is fully relaxed before approaching the yoni. Remember the inwards moving spiral. So, that's where the relaxing full body massage comes in. Watch out to never massage directly on the bone or the body parts that are irritated, a skin rash, or acute infection or bone fracture itself. So, that's pretty common sense, right? Also, be a little bit more careful with pregnant women. If you are not a professional, definitely consult your doctor beforehand if you're not sure. So, let's say you're both ready to go. You just segued into space with a beautiful warmup ritual. Then the receiver lies down on their belly into the nest of cozy towels and pillows and sheets. The giver then starts with a full body oil massage. But before you touch the body, just close your eyes for a moment and connect with your inner center. This is a very important part for the receiver. Then rub your hands together to warm them up. (hands rubbing together) This will increase your healing energies in your hands and also will comfort the receiver with warmth. If that doesn't work, bathe them in warm water beforehand. Then I recommend to do a presence touch for about 20 seconds. Simply place your hands one after the other with all the awareness you've got on their back. Stay there and don't move. Just feel and connect. Tune into the receiver's body. What helps is to sync your breath with their breath to ground the connection even more. There are different ways how you can use your hands to relax the recipient. Professional masseurs will always try to sync their massage grip with the breath of the receiver. So, the grip starts with the inhale and ends with the exhale. When you apply the oil, you can either rub it hot in your hands or have it preheated with a water bath. Then let the oil run through your hands and through your fingers to make this a very smooth process. The second option is in my opinion a little better because then you can keep one hand on the body and continue the connection. The more flowing the movements, the more relaxing it will be for the receiver. So start with a gentle pressure in the beginning and once the muscles are a little bit more warmed up, you can apply a little bit more pressure. But remember, this needs to be relaxing, so you don't need to go into any really painful de-armouring practicing at this stage. The more flowing your movement of your hands, the more relaxing it is for the receiver. By the way, this is also valid if you're doing a yoni self-massage. There are various techniques how you can use your hands for full body relaxation. The first technique I would like to show you is the full hand slide. The fingers are together, the hands are relaxed. With soft continuous pressure you do long slides up next to the spine for instance and again sync your breath in the movement. There is also the heel of hands which can be used for a hand slide. You can use this technique for a variation of the full hand slide. Another technique is the thumb slide. Use your thumbs to slide along the body. You can also circle the thumbs in a circular manner to work on deeper tissues. This is great for the back, the lower arms, and also the shins. The finger acupressure technique is especially used when there are harder spots or tensions in the body. Use the fist slide for back and thighs. Use the knuckles to massage any muscle tension out. Another technique is the hand squeeze technique. It's great for arms and legs and helps the receiver to relax even more. The finger squeeze technique is also great for muscle-dense body parts like lower back, feet, and hands. I use the angel strokes to let energies flow through the body and make the receiver feel like in heaven. Of course this only gives you a few ideas. Freestyle with those and remember to always communicate when in doubt. In this part, better to be too soft than too strong, especially if massage is new to you. In this video you'll learn more about breath. You will learn why breath awareness is so important and how to use your breath specifically during a Yoni massage. In various cultures breath is seen as a vital energy, as the cure for life. Energy and breath are inter connected, everything that we do requires energy and especially oxygen. The more creative and active and conscious we are, the more energy we require. So if you're unaware of your breath, you're not utilizing the full potential of it. During an Yoni massage a lot of sexual energy is being built up. This energy can be used for healing, transformation expanding consciousness and to vitalize mind, body and soul. With the help of breath and the mind we circulate this energy and in the same time we can spread the energy in a balanced manner throughout our system, to avoid any stagnation. Why do we need the mind here too, because the energy flows where the mind goes. That's why I recommend to practice this so called energy circle during an Yoni Massage to train this. You can do the energy circle during a Yoni Massage when you feel there's energy stuck somewhere and you can also do it to spread the energy after an intense emotional release of pleasure moment. It helps you to spread the activated sexual energy throughout your body and rejuvenate every body cell in your system with oxygen evenly. So how does it work? This is actually more important for the receiver than for the giver, but I encourage you both to do it. Imagine during the inhale, energy of white light flows from your pelvis up you're spine all the way up to the tip of your head and them imagine during your exhale the same light flows in front of you all the way down to your pelvic floor. So breathing in it flows up, breathing out it flows down. Breathing in it flows up along your spine all they way up to your head. Breathing out it flows in front of you all the way back to your pelvis, if this is a bit too advanced for you during the Yoni Massage use the deep pelvic breathing to spread your energy evenly. You already learned this in Module two. The pelvic breathing is actually great for the receiver to work through painful and intense sensations. It helps you too deepen the sensation and allows them to relax into it. As an extra tip if you the receiver are experiencing strong tension and numbness or even pain, you can hold your inhale a little bit longer so imagine with your mind that the energy flows to this particular area. The giver of the Yoni Massage can support the receiver by synchronizing their breath, and again never hold your breath in a contracted state. So never clench your whole body and tense up during the Yoni Massage, even when some moments it might seem like that's the right thing to do, but tensing up is counter intuitive for the activated sexual energy, if there's one goal it would be to relax yourself with the help of your breath. As an extra tip, if you the receiver are experiencing strong sensations, numbness or even pain, you can hold your inhale a little bit longer and imagine with your mind that the energy flows to this particular area. The giver of the Yoni Massage can support the receiver's by synchronizing their breath. During a massage, energy exchange is happening between the giver and the receiver. That's why the giver has to watch out for their inner state, but also, their outer physical relaxation. Giving a massage can be physically demanding and exhausting, especially if it's the first time for you giving a massage. That's why the right sitting positions are highly important to make sure your body's in a relaxed state. These apply to when you are giving the massage on the bed or floor. So, one position is the typical cross-legged position. This is great if you work on the head, the feet. You can, for example, place one leg above yours to reach the leg better. Also, this position is especially great when you're massaging the yoni itself. For some people, the cross-leg position is comfortable. For others, you might need to use cushions below your buttocks and knees to feel more comfortable. Another position is sitting on both knees. Place something under your knees for maximum comfort. You can also prep with a cushion between your heels and buttocks for extra support. You can also sit on one knee and stand on one feet if you are, for example, massaging the back of the receiver. You can also switch to sit astride of the receiver, especially during the beginning when you focus on the back too. As a takeaway for you, definitely take the time to get comfortable as the giver. The whole massage experience will benefit from it. Hi, and welcome back to module four. In this module, you will learn the exact steps how to practice the Yoni Massage as a couple. Again, the actual Yoni Massage consists of five steps. The first step is warm up. The second step is full body relaxation. The third and actual Yoni Massage is exploration, mapping and de-armouring the Yoni. And the fourth step of the Yoni Massage is awakening pleasures and ecstasy. And the last, final fifth step is integration and stillness. You already learned more about the warm up part and the foundations of a full body relaxation. Now, we are getting to the more intimate parts of the Yoni Massage. In this video, you will discover how to awaken the breasts. The breasts and the nipples are the physical extension of our energetic heart. To activate the heart, we want to spend enough time on the breasts during the Yoni Massage. It's actually not super important what exact breast massage techniques we use, but with what intention you do it. The more present you are, the better. Worship the receiver's breasts with all your heart. Also, follow the Spiral Principle here again, which you already learned. Which means, you work your way from the outside of the breast towards the inside. The insides are the nipple in this case. The nipples are the most sensitive part of the breasts. They are an erogenous zone. So don't over stimulate them, just tease them until they get hard. Keep your hands as relaxed as you can. Your hands are also your extension of your heart too. So you don't want to bring in extra tension here. During the Yoni Massage itself, I constantly come back to the breasts. Especially when I'm massaging the inner parts of the Yoni. It helps the receiver to spread the activated energy into the heart center. So start the breast massage with the circular movement without touching the nipples for now. Only after sometime, you're moving to the nipples themselves. So this is how it works. Place the center of your palms on the nipples. So, the tips of the finger are actually in the air, only the center of your palms are touching the nipples. Very lightly, keep the hands in a more or less relaxed state. Stay here for a moment and just feel the chi here. And then, start moving your palms in very tiny circles. Make a few rounds and then switch directions. And always check in with the receiver how they like it and if it's too hard or too soft for them. If you're curious about more techniques, you can have a look at an article which I linked for you below this video. In this video you will learn more about the Yoni Blossoming ritual. This ritual is a process done shortly before you enter the Yoni. It's a deep connection meditation for the receiver as well as for the giver. It can actually be used as a practice in itself. This may come in handy for all the receivers who not quite ready yet for penetration. The Yoni-Blossoming ritual happens after the warmup and full body relaxation. So as the giver, you already spent a great amount of time on the receiver's breast, belly, and hips. If your sure that the receiver's relaxed enough, sit in between the receiver's legs, cross-legged. Ask gently if you're allowed to touch the Yoni. Always ask for consent. Then place your left hand on the heart of the receiver, and gently place your right hand on the entrance of the Yoni. Use a gentle palm pressure to connect both centers, the Yoni and the heart in your mind. Simply merge them. This is of ritualizaton. Feel the heart energy from the receiver moving through the left hand to your heart, and emitting through the right hand into the receiver's Yoni. Stay there for a while and keeping the pressure. Whenever your inner voice signals, let go of the palm pressure between your right hand and the Yoni, but be extra slow here. Then continue with further massage around the pubic bone, the belly, womb area. By the way, I added in the bonus material my Yoni-Blossoming ritual audio guidance. Make sure to check it out, it will help you to follow along. But for now move to the next video where we will learn all about Pussy Shiatsu. In this video, you will learn more about pussy Shiatsu. Pussy shiatsu works with the outer part of the Yoni, the vulva. It actually includes everything that you can see. So it includes demon pubis, the labias, the clitoris, and the vaginal opening. In the Yoni Massage once you connected the receiver's heart with the Yoni, you can start with the pussy shiatsu. By then you should be sitting cross legged between her feet. So your feet are lapping over your legs. Again, use any props to make it as comfortable as possible for you. So I'm going to show you a few finger techniques that you can apply during the pussy shiatsu. I have here this beautiful model, the flashlight, which will help me to show you a few things. So you can start with your fingertips working through any tension around the mon pubis. So that's the upper part of the vulva. Then you're sliding down with your fingertips, down to the outer lips. So these are the outer lips. They'e a little bit smaller in this model. And these are the inner lips and we have the clitoris over here and the vaginal opening. So we're sliding down with our fingertips to the top of the outer lips and then we actually start to squeeze them together. So the idea in this squeezing pussy shiatsu is that you indirectly squeezing the inner part of the vulva. So you squeezing the inner lips and the clitoris together, by squeezing the outer lips together. So it's an indirect stimulation. It can feel super nice for the receiver. Then, just always work your way from up to down. That's kind of the natural movement in this technique and you can repeat that a few times. Then you can start stretching the outer lips. So these are actually very flexible in a real vulva scenario. So you can simply use your thumb and your index and really squeezed them away from the body of the receiver. So you squeezing them towards the outside. So that can go in ... in your direction where you sitting. It can go upwards or even a little bit downwards, but always away from the body. You will actually notice that they are highly stretchable and very easy to relax in that manner. Then another technique of the pussy shiatsu is the piano technique. So you're actually playing piano with the outer lips. Again, always make sure you have enough lubrication. So using coconut oil all around the vulva, this makes it also easier in this piano technique that you're actually sliding along the outer lips. Then you can use your knuckles, to actually massage in tiny circles all around the outer lips. So you might already be sensing with your fingertips beforehand that there're may be some small tensions. So if there's a certain tension or pain that the reserve receiver experiences, you can use your knuckle and actually go a little bit deeper into the sensation. Then you using a sort of soft, touch and squeezing touch to variate this circling sensation. So you're simply using your index finger and your thumb to just kind of squeeze all around the outer lips. Then you can do the whole process with the inner lips. So, and again, never touch the inner lips without any lubrication because they have a different skin type, which is way more sensitive and usually more dry. So what happens is if you touch it, it's kind of sticks to your finger and it's a very uncomfortable sensation for the receiver. So you always want to make sure to lubricate your hand before you touching the inner part of the the inner lips. Either the receiver's already naturally located, so it means the lubrication flows out from the vaginal canal or you just use some extra coconut oil again. So, well, you can start this again, let's do again the pussy shiatsu squeeze. So you simply squeezing them together from up, down. Just be a little bit more carefully watch out for the receiver if they enjoy the process or if it's a bit more uncomfortable for them. Just be a bit more empathetic here. By the way, not all women have them develop, so just see what you can do and if there's not much to stretch, you can for example, just use your fingertips and kind of just squeeze in them. So that would be the area where ... where they would be. And again, you could do some piano here as well. If that feels good for the receiver, keep walking your way there. Okay. Then in the pussy shiatsu we also include the clitoris. So we want to incorporate the clitoral hood, which is this whole area and it's the shaft over here. So we have extra skin usually that covers the clitoral gland, which is the most sensitive part of the clitoris. So you can for example, squeeze the whole shaft together. That's a beautiful indirect stimulation again, so it's not too intense for the receiver, but it's still nice and choosy. Then you can simply imagine it's a small penis, so you can actually move it up and down. So the whole shaft feels like a little sticky in there. Like a little ... Something that you can actually move. This way, you actually activating the lower part of the clitoris. Again, don't make sure to overstimulate the clitoris. It's not the end of the world, but if the receiver reaches orgasm through clitoral stimulation at this point it would be a little bit too early. So after you moving it up and down, you can press the clitoris to the sides. So you simply using your thumb or your index finger. So you pressing it to the sides. It's kind of like (mumbles) pressures style and it should be a really nice way of stimulating the clitoris again, indirectly. The clitoris can be really nicely used to tease the receiver centrally. But, once this teasing and once this sexual energy is activated, you can channel it into the Yoni itself. So you can use other areas to stimulate and use that activation there and you can also use it for therapeutic healing. So let's continue with the pussy shiatsu. So you can continue your way towards the entrance. So the entrance is here. You can kind of checkout to how close you are allowed to go or how it feels nice for the receiver. But then I want you to actually also work around the perineum which is more of the lower part of the vaginal entrance and it's between the vulva and the anus. So you can, for example, simply use your thumb to press into this area or you can use your index fingers too. You can do small circles as well in this area. And you can use again your knuckles to vibrate. vibrating in this area. Just to activate the pelvic floor and perhaps you feeling there's some tension, some knots in there. You can really nicely loosen up the tension through this style. If you feeling there's certain pain or tension around this whole vulva area, just don't ... Don't shy away from them. Check in with the receiver, how they're feeling, if you're allow to continue but just soften, loosen up the pressure a little bit and then bring in extra awareness. Imagine there's some light flowing through your hands that the universe sends you. So you can simply send certain energy there. So when you're, for example, pressing in deeply and the receiver is like screaming of some sort or telling you, "Oh, that hurts." Don't go all the way away. Just kind of loosen it up a little bit. So from very strong pressing to just lose pressure and keep the attention there. And then you can, for example, circle in this area or vibrate as well, and then intensify the pressure again and see what happens. Then to finalize the pussy shiatsu and move to the next part, which is entering the Yoni. I personally like to cup the whole Yoni again, so I'm simply pressing on the whole Vulva. It's a very comforting sensation or sensation that brings in safety. It's important before we actually entered the Yoni itself. So now move to the next video where you learn all about the important steps, how to entering the Yoni mindfully. In this video you will learn how to enter the Yoni with unconditional presence, while taking the needs of the receiver into account. A lot of my female clients experience vaginal pain during penetration, one of the root causes for this, in my opinion, is premature penetration. This pain is most of the time experienced around the entrance area of the Yoni. The problem is that many women agree to penetration even though their Yoni is not ready yet. This is often because they don't know when the Yoni is ready, and that's why special mindfulness is required during the entering process of both sides. The receiver needs to be 100% relaxed. If you as the giver are unsure, ask. Always ask. Continue with more full body massaging in case the receiver needs further relaxation. Focus especially on typical tense areas, like the hips, the jaw, the belly, the hands, and the feet. Before the giver enters the Yoni, I always recommend to do the Yoni Blossoming Ritual, to merge the energies between the heart and the Yoni. After that the giver has a short break, and washes their hands, to assure hygiene for the next part. Try to be super present with this part, and take as much time as the receiver needs to warm up. Check if their natural lubrication is activated, a good sign is when it's already flowing outwards of their Yoni. Check if their lips and clitoris are swollen. It confirms a good activation of blood flow, and sexual energies. Use enough coconut oil to lubricate the entrance, and your index finger. So, in this next step, ask the reviver if you're allowed to enter them. As the receiver, close your eyes, and feel into your Yoni. Use the deep pelvic breath to do this. And then ask your Yoni if she is fully ready. Be super honest with yourself and with answering. You are allowed to get more time and space to relax here. As the receiver close your eyes, and feel into your Yoni. Use the deep pelvic breath to actually do this. It helps you to tune in. Ask your Yoni if she is truly ready. And be super honest with yourself. You are allowed to get more time and space to relax. As the giver, if the receiver agrees, ask them to continue the pelvic breathing, and on the exhale, slowly enter. Don't rush this moment. The ideal scenario is that the Yoni invites you, to enter, not the other way around. Support the receiver to do more pelvic breaths, to relax their floor even more. Once you are inside, as the giver, simply stay there for a while, without moving. Feel them with all your presence. You can use your other hand to stroke up to their breasts, to remind them of the heart connection. Again, keep in mind that, you don't want to rush this moment. Incorporate pelvic breathing into the entering process, and support the receiver to fully feel honestly, when they're ready for penetration. This is a very vulnerable moment. So give each other the space to feel it. Now move to the next video, where you will learn more about how to explore, map and dearmor the Yoni. In this video you will learn everything about how to map and de-armour the yoni. Let's first look into mapping the yoni. This step is highly important for the receiver and the giver to explore and fully feel the inside parts of the vagina. In the yoni massage you take all the time you both need to enter the yoni. Then once you are on the inside with your index finger you can also add your middle finger, if it fits. Then very gently, explore the inside. First of all, feel the yoni, feel what's there. The receiver can describe what they're feeling, and then you can move to reflexology massage inside. And in this practice we are looking at the yoni like a clock. So the 12 is where the clitoris is. The six is where the perineum is. We have the three on the right side, and the nine on the left side. So you're moving in with two fingers just a few centimeters inside the entrance wall. I'm just going to show it to you with one finger because that's going to be easier for me. So you're pressing in for a few centimeters towards the 12 o'clock. So it's simply below the pubic bone, You're actually indirectly pressing on the pubic bone, you might even be feeling the bone there, and you're pressing upwards. Stay there on each point a little bit, I recommend 10 to 15 seconds, and let the receiver breathe into this area. So you really want them to map the yoni which means you want them to feel each part that you're pressing in. So feel to find out whether she's holding anything physically or emotionally stored in each block point. Again you're staying at least 10 to 15 seconds there. Then you move to 1 o'clock which is on the side, and again you press, she breathes, she can breathe out and in, whatever feels best for her. And you feel, so the receiver feels, you feel. And you actually do this entire clock rotation until you return to 12 o'clock. You can use the thumb in the lower area of the clock, so now it's 6 o'clock. You're pressing down, towards the receiver's anus. A lot of receivers also store a lot of tension over there so it's a really important area. And then you're moving to seven, eight, nine, and you can change fingers again. Always make sure you're as comfortable as possible. And back to twelve. Once you're at 360 degrees around the clock and back to twelve, you're actually moving one centimeter deeper. So you're going deeper into the vaginal canal, and do, again, another clock here. So this is the whole process is actually called "Mapping the Yoni" because you want to look for areas that are especially numb, or that feel a little bit painful, or tense for the receiver. And this process sort of helps you, the giver, as well as the receiver to map it, to understand it, and to locate those areas. And then the next step is the "de-armouring" step. You really want to focus on those areas that are specifically again numb, painful, or tense. So in my experience, most woman have tension stored in their vagina. As the receiver, if you're not fully relaxed, the vagina may feel numb, painful, or even a combination of both. And you don't have full access to your sensations and to your maximum sexual pleasure. The de-armouring process is a trigger-point massage that helps the receiver to release tension, and also suppressed emotion that is stored inside your vagina. So as a result of this process your vagina becomes softer and far more sensitive, which is great. So again, the giver and the receiver both are looking for places that feel a little bit contracted, that feels tight and tense. So when you locate a spot, the giver is going to point the finger towards this area. So you bring full attention there. So again, I might be finding a certain area in two so 2 o'clock, I notice 'okay, she's not feeling anything', the receiver is not feeling anything, there's a little bit of a tense, knot area so it's like a little tiny rice-corn that sits below the skin. So we want to bring all our attention there. Then you want to add further pressure so I'm actually applying stronger pressure, and yes, you can actually push into this pain or numbness instead of running from it. So help the receiver to move towards it, patiently, of course. Don't push them into anything that's way too painful. You go with it step by step. If you notice that the push is too intense, the giver simply releases a little bit. So I'm actually letting go again, a little bit. And I'm supporting the receiver with the pelvic breathing technique to fully find relaxation in the pelvic floor, so that really helps to find relaxation and help the de-armouring process to fully awaken. Of course communication is really required here so as the receiver, do the full pelvic breath to support this process. And again, the giver pushes in on the exhale, ideally because the exhale is when the receiver relaxes fully their pelvic floor, so it's the perfect moment actually to go into the relaxation. You want to bring an energy into the relaxation. Now here's the next really important key for the receiver in the de-armouring process. As the receiver, you are going to express through an "ahhh" sound. You're naturally doing this also during the pelvic floor breathing. Anything that you're experiencing and feeling, so perhaps you're feeling pain, sound the pain. Perhaps you're feeling anger, let that anger out. If you need to cry, cry. So the de-armouring process is really about expressing whatever is coming up for you until you feel it eases naturally. So you need to express what has been suppressed and you want to transform it, right? So let it out fully, and watch it transform. So as a final take-away, this whole process of pussy shiatsu and moving into de-armouring is a highly important part of the yoni massage because it really brings in that healing that letting go of stored emotions and blockages. So you really wanna be very vulnerable with this, make sure, as the giver, that you're supporting the receiver to go there but of course, in the same time don't push them, support them with love and patience, and be very present with what is. And from there you can move beautifully into the next more pleasurable part of the yoni massage. In the 1950s, Dr. Ernest Gräfenberg was one of the first western G-spot explorers, but, actually, the G-spot exploration started way earlier. 3,000 years ago, Chinese Daoist doctors developed the art of sexual healing, where they started to understand the power of this G-spot zone. The urethra contains a very dense V network and sexual stimulation of the G-spot leads to the swelling of those blood vessels. So not everyone is able to locate this area, though, but the G-spot is connected with the clitoral nerve. That's why clitoral stimulation will warm up the G-spot too. You might have heard of female ejaculation, or squirting, which is the release of transparent body fluid, not urine by the way. It's activated while stimulating the G-spot and it comes from the Skene gland, at least that's what some scientists say. Neither the G-spot nor the female ejaculation has been scientifically proven though, so ... even though if we look at some porn videos, we can actually see that it's happening in women's sexuality, but I guess that's not scientific enough. So, the G-Spot in Tantra is called the sacred spot. The Tantrics claim that squirting or female ejaculation is the manifestation of pure, raw, orgasmic energy. This mystical spot gets worked on a lot in Tantric Yoni massages, because it has the effect of emotional healing and release. So, how to do you actually find this G-spot? In the Yoni massage, the giver slides in with their index and middle finger, just a few centimeters, so 2.5 to 7.6 centimeters inside the vagina, which is the twelve o'clock position. Let me just show you on my model here shortly. So you're sliding in 2.5 to 7.6 centimeters inside the vagina, pressing on the twelve o'clock spot. So you're actually pressing towards the upper front anterior vaginal wall, up towards the pubic bone. So in this area, you'll find a place which feels like when you rub on it or press on it, like a little spongy walnut like texture, and the more stimulate, actually, this area the more spongy and walnut like it gets. Also incorporate the clitoral stimulation because it really helps to activate the G-spot as they are, as you just learned, connected through nerves, but it's in a way the root of the clitoral organ. So, when you're activating the clitoris, the whole organ of the clitoris, actually, is inter-connected with the G-spot. It's pretty much the root, the bottom part of the clitoris itself. The indirect clitoral stimulation will actually help to contribute to the swelling and help you find the location. But how can you stimulate the G-spot exactly you may ask? So I'm just going to show you this on my little Yoni egg here. So first of all, you're pressing on it, so you apply pressure on the G-spot. Press on it gently so you're a few centimeters inside and you're pressing on it with the tip of your fingers, and then you check in with the receiver how they're feeling about it and then you can add even more pressure on it. And you can let go and continue to a sort of eight movement, then you can do tippy taps that nicely activates the G-spot as well. And you can apply the come here technique, which is a famous G-spot activation technique. For that, you need, again, the middle and index finger, you insert them into the vagina, you find the G-spot and you curl them up as if you were telling to someone come here, rubbing the G-spot simultaneously. As a variation, you can alternate between your index and middle finger. And of course the more finger skills you develop the better simultaneously you can play with your thumb. So for example, you're doing your come here position and you're activating the clitoris and vaginal lips. Of course this requires a little bit of coordination, but it's nice to use the extra fingers on extra vaginal activation. Also incorporate the clitoris, as we know it will help the G-spot as well to activate. Now let's have a look at the main squirting technique. So let's say you already activated the G-spot. It's activated, you can feel it properly and there's already some pleasure happening for the receiver. This technique works for me as well as for many other women best so, but just as a side note, again, it's not about achieving anything, just be open, open for the process and try it out. What happens is that you're actually gonna change from sitting cross legged in between the legs to sitting next to the receiver. So you're sitting on the side of the receiver, and you're placing your middle finger and ring finger inside the vagina, with the finger tips on the G-spot, and then you actually start to hit the G-spot. So it's actually a movement that's coming from your shoulders... and ... you're sort of creating a pressure and you're hitting on the G-spot. This hitting sensation is not destroying anything. Of course, again, always check in with the receiver, how they're feeling, but it most probably creates a very intense pleasurable sensation for the receiver. This movement is actually quite physically challenging and be kind to yourself, of course try it out, but do it in your own pace. Many women feel, when their G-spot is stimulated, actually an urge to pee and especially in this squirting technique. So, again, I'm going to show you this on the model itself. So using your ring finger and middle finger entering about 2.5 to 7.6 centimeters depending on the receiver and you start to move upwards. Again, it comes actually from your whole body, so you're not just moving your fingers, but you're moving your whole arm. This way it's gonna be easier to use more strength and last also longer in this movement. Many women feel when their G-spot is stimulated an urge to pee. It's totally normal, just relax yourself as the receiver, relax yourself in the sensation and let go. Squirting doesn't contain pee and even if it does, I think it feels great to let go. By the way, that's where the squirting sheet comes in again. It helps the receive to let go. As the giver, encourage the receiver to fully let go. The receiver is allowed to express anything that's coming up, whether it's going to be pee, squirting, any emotion, any crying or laughter, everything is allowed here. The G-spot stimulation is a great way to release all tension that is left inside, so definitely give this power spot a try. Did you know, orgasms can transport you to another state of consciousness? They can transport you into an awe like state that almost makes forget your self. Especially cervical orgasms have this potential. The cervix is the gateway to a woman's womb, to her deep mystery. And historically the word cervix can be found back in the word deer. Maybe that explains the sense of shyness around the cervix. It's existence has been documented 2,000 years ago. The size and shape of the cervical opening varies. In women who gave birth via a vaginal delivery the cervical opening looks slit-like. So almost like a vagina inside a vagina. For others, it includes women who did not give birth, the cervix has a circular opening. The cervix has hundreds of glands which produce cervical mucus, and this mucus is like a natural clock. It's consistency determines in which phase a woman is in her cycle, and whether she's ovulating or not. In Taoism they believe that the cervix is connected with the heart, through the heart meridian. They believe if you open a woman's cervix, you open a woman's heart too. Once she trusts, once she surrenders, you'll discover a deep place where all life begins and her deepest desires can be fulfilled. So how can the giver find it? In the Yoni Massage, slide in again with your middle finger and index finger deep inside the Yoni. In case she has a very deep Yoni, you can tuck her legs and knees towards the face. This should shorten her vaginal canal. If you still cannot reach it, she can sit on her knees and upper-body up. So in this case, again, the vaginal canal should be shorter. If you feel a round spot in the end, in the back end of the Yoni, you know it's the cervix. Let's talk about how to stimulate the cervix to awaken these deep pleasures. So I'm going to show you with the Yoni egg again. So this is the cervix. If you can reach the cervix with your middle and index fingers, move them alternating back and forth, stroking the cervix. You can do the scissor movement with your middle and index fingers together, squeezing the cervix towards you. You can tap the cervix to awaken it from its sleep. And of course you can de-armor the cervix by keeping the pressure in one area of the cervix. Stay in communication about it, whether it's too strong for the receiver or not. You can tickle the cervix to awaken it. And you can stroke the front wall of the a-spot, which is another potential pleasure zone, by sliding with your fingers downwards. Then you can scoop the cervix from back to front, which will activate the a-spot behind the cervix. And you can pluck a fruit, in this case the cervix, as a variation technique. Most probably you won't be able to bring in three fingers, so what you do, you'd simply use two fingers. So, this is some techniques to give you an idea. But, of course, you can always use intuition and playfulness to find out various other styles of finger techniques. The cervix is a very sensitive spot, so ensure that the receiver is ready for it to be touched. Check if the receiver is lubricated enough, also check if her outer lips and also clitoris are swollen, that's another sign of sexual arousal. So you can play with all the tools that you've already learned so you can work your way from the clit, to the g-spot to the cervix, and then you can even go backwards. So once you've worked your spiral towards the inside, you can spin it towards the outside, but never vice-versa. So always start from the outside towards the inside, and then you can play in between those areas. You can incorporate the g-spot while you're stimulating the receivers cervix. And again, let the receiver express their emotions, support them in this. Let them truly feel their cervix, because many women are very numb in this area or feel pain. So again, be empathetic and patient with the receiver. And if you notice that the massage practice activates her pleasures, stay there of course as long as it feels good for her. Make sure you stay in communication about it. The awakening of the cervix can be a huge potential for a deeper spiritual connection. In this video we talk about the last highly important, but often underestimated step. How to integrate the Yoni massage experience. This is the last step of the Yoni massage process. The receiver might experience a lot of new pleasure sensations. Perhaps they experience emotional release, and healing happens on deeper levels. Perhaps they experience highly ecstatic moments of bliss. This experience need to be integrated fully. Ideally with the help of stillness. Because only in stillness the receiver can witness best what happened and let the experience settle in and integrate into their body. That's why I recommend to leave the receiver in stillness after the Yoni massage is finished. I always finalize massaging the Yoni with another Yoni blossoming ritual. Placing your left hand on receiver's Yoni, and the right hand on the heart to connect both centers again. After that the receiver just lies down on their back, covered with a blanket and space to witness their experience. The giver can meanwhile sit on their side and just close their eyes and mediate too. Perhaps you're a bit unsure when to finish the Yoni massage in the first place. Well simply follow your gut feeling with this or your physical boundaries. Usually you know when it's enough. I usually feel that the experience was intense or there was something that we're going into and that can be in a way the final moment before you're moving into the stillness and integration phase. Then I move into stillness with the receiver for about five to ten minutes. And, of course, sometimes it can be nice to continue, but there's no need to overdo it. So really, take a step backward and take it easy in the beginning. Also, be kind to your own body as the giver, because giving is physically challenging. So you do as much as you can within the boundaries of your abilities. - Welcome back to this module. You will learn the exact steps how to practice the Yoni Self Massage. In the Yoni Self Massage, it is also important that you warm up for the process properly. So set up a sacred space for yourself and practice with presence and intention. I personally love to have a conscious shower as a warm-up ritual. So I mindfully wash my body, gliding all along my body with delicious soap. Then I play some inspiring music and start to dance a little bit. In this dancing process, I then gently move to the bed and the whole process for the Yoni Self Massage starts with body lotion. I massage especially my face, my jaw, my breasts, see my next video for this. I relax my belly, my lower belly, my pubic bone, my feet, and my inner thighs with massaging with hand glides. So pretty much all areas where I personally feel tense and a little bit unrelaxed. Then I recommend you to do a Yoni Blossoming Ritual as a practice to transition to the next step, the mapping and de-armoring pleasure part. During the yoni massage practice, it's recommended that you allow yourself to move into different positions. Otherwise, you might get bored or a little bit stuck or even run cold in terms of sexual energy that you wanna build up. So, the main challenge in a Yoni Self Massage is that you keep the process exciting. It can be hard to focus on yourself and continue your play without getting distracted. So similar as in meditation, your mind also comes up with crazy reasons why you cannot meditate right now. You simply tell your body something else is happening, which helps you to shift your focus back to your body and feel more excited about it. So let's look at some of our options that we have. The first posture is lying on your back. This position is the most passive and most boring position, but it's very relaxing so make sure you don't stay here too long and it helps actually if you use a pillow underneath yourself, underneath your hips to help your sexual energy flow upwards. Another position is the lying on the back position or butt up. You can even hug a cushion, which feels very protective and comforting. Another position that you can do is the Doggy-style position. This position opens the heart and feels, for me personally, very protective, but in the same time, active enough so that you don't fall asleep. Another position is the Leaned Back position. This one gives it a certain activeness. You can use it if you wanna deepen your intention during your yoni massage and it's a great pose to do the energy circle in this position that you learned in another module. Another position is the Standing position. This one is the most active of all, of course. So unfortunately, it's not very easy to relax and orgasm during this position, but it can help you play with your energies and also channel it into, for example, great affirmations and intentions. Use this active momentum to circle your hips to the sides, for example, like a belly dancer. And you can also move your hips forward and backward to really play with that energy. Another position is the Sideways position, while lying on the side. This one helps the sexual energy to flow upwards as well, and it has a certain protectiveness. But attention, don't fall asleep here again, because it is a little bit of a more passive position. Another position is Cowgirl position. This one is great for having cervical orgasms and it's great for using affirmations. So you're simply using a pillow and squeeze, for example, the dildo in between the fold. You can sit on it and ride on it. Note, you can, for example, move your hips forwards and backwards, instead of upwards and downwards, just to see the difference here. Another position is the Kneeling position. It's almost like the Cowgirl position, but you're sitting on your knees and you're arching backwards. Note, see you can also move your hips forwards and backwards in the same manner as the Cowgirl position. Another position is the Knees to the Chest, lying on your back. This is a great position for reaching your cervix and G-spot with a dildo. And the last position is the Dancing position. If you struggle a lot with boredom or the feeling of getting too tired during a yoni massage, simply get up and dance. Moving your womb and especially your hips will help you to really get into the flow again, so play some music that inspires you to do that. Play with your creativity. Don't use the positions too strictly. You can just follow along your own body intuition. It usually tells you exactly what you need to do. Perhaps there is a position or movement that works especially for you. The idea is not to get bored, just be active. - In this video, you will learn how to give yourself a breast massage. This is actually a great warm-up for the actual Yoni self massage. The breasts and nipples are the physical extension of your energetic heart. To activate the heart, we want to spend a lot of time on the breasts during the Yoni self massage. I personally love breast massage as a daily self-love practice, but also for the health benefits. Breasts come in such a variety of sizes and shapes and colors, and they are a great starting point for us women to love our bodies. Celebrate your boobs for their amazingness. There are actually rumors that 90% of women worry about the sizes of their breasts, and others cry over their shape. We definitely need to tackle this issue. Our breasts, especially our nipples, are the first thing which enters a room. If we feel comfortable with them, we feel comfortable with the rest that follows. So, during the breast massage, the more present you are, the better here. So follow here again the spiral principal. You learned this already in module two. It means you work your way from the outside towards the inside. In this case, the inside are the nipples themselves. The nipples are actually the most sensitive parts of the breasts. They are an erogenous zone. So don't overstimulate them, just tease them until they get a little bit excited and hard. And also make sure to keep your hands as relaxed as you can. When I'm massaging my Yoni, I personally almost always come back to my breasts, especially when I'm massaging the inner parts of my Yoni. It truly helps me to spread the activated energy in my Yoni into my heart center. Now let me share with you my five favorite steps for the breast self massage. First of all, distribute some warm oil all over your chest. Then start your breast massage with circular movements without touching the nipples. Then start massaging your collar bone and the chest with really tiny circles with the tips of your fingers. You can also tap on it as if cleansing rain is coming down on your chest. You may feel some pressure at the beginning because the chest stores toxin, but don't be alarmed on this. Now, place the center of your palms on your nipples, barely touching, but they're touching. Let the chi of your healing palms penetrate your breasts. And hold that for a few moments. Breathe deeply into your heart. Now move to the sides of your breasts, without your nipples touching. So your nipples are free now. First, your palms wander from the sides towards the center. Again, your fingertips meet in the middle. It's a soft, gentle motion. You don't really squeeze your breasts, you're just moving in circles around it. And when they touch in the center, move your tips of your fingers, not your thumbs, over your breasts to complete the whole circle. And start again with your palm from the side to the middle, repeating this whole process. And change directions again if you feel like. To finalize, you can cup your breasts, and again, breathe wholeheartedly into your chest. It's actually not super important what exact breast massage you use, but with what intention you do it. - In this video, you'll learn more about the Yoni Blossoming Ritual as a single. The Yoni Blossoming Ritual is done before you enter the Yoni. It's a deep connection meditation with yourself. It can actually be used as a practice in itself. This may come in handy for everyone who's not quite ready yet for penetration. The Yoni Blossoming Ritual happens after the full body oil and breast self massage. So place your hand on your heart and gently place your right hand on the entrance of your Yoni, with a gentle but firm pressure. Connect both centers in your mind, merge them. Feel your heart energy through your left hand and emitting this energy with your right hand to your Yoni. And stay there for a while. Listen. Then slide your hand up to your pubic bone and continue with further massage around your womb and lower belly. Just follow your inner voice. Move to the next video where you will learn about how to awaken your clitoris. You can use the audio guide in the below section to follow along the Yoni Blossoming Ritual. - The awakening of the clitoris is an important part of your yoni self-massage. As you already learned, it's full of nerve endings, that's why it's crucial to be very gentle with it and work with her in a balanced way. She's just so pleasurable for most of us. The only thing is that, if we focus too much on the clitoris, everything else becomes meaningless. She literally overrides all other sensations with her very loud and obvious pleasure. That's why we just want to take it rather easy with her. But don't ignore her either, of course. So use her as an excitement partner. Whenever you feel a bit stuck, just activate your clitoris again, to give you some choosy pleasures, and then move to other areas with the activated sexual energy. Make use of the clitoral hood, it's a bit more of an indirect stimulation, which can be a great pleasure booster. So there are a few things that you can do as well, to activate your clitoris. First of all, you can squeeze the whole shaft together and move it up and down. You can press the clitoral hood to the sides, activating the clitoral gland indirectly. You can tap the clitoris and beautifully wake her up. And of course you can rub her gently, slower or faster, in the style that you enjoy. Play with your own imagination here, so don't overdo the clitoris itself, to prevent an explosive, quick orgasm. It's, of course, not the end of the world if you come, just try not to go there in the first five minutes, as you also wanna go deeper from here. The clitoris can be used to tease, but then, channel it into deeper parts of your yoni. So now, check out the pussy shiatsu video from module four and apply the same techniques for your beautiful vulva. - In this video, you will learn how to enter a Yoni with unconditional presence. Many women are actually highly disconnected with their Yoni and don't really know when they are actually ready. That's when premature penetration happens which might sound harmless, but actually in the long run, can have a major effect on the sexual experience of a woman. That's why we really need to learn by ourselves how to enter our Yoni with love and presence. Then we know it better in a situation with a partner. So you need to be 100% relaxed. Close your eyes and tune in with your body to see where you're at. Then continue with a more full body massage or dance in case you require just some further relaxation. Focus especially on tense area, like your feet, your hips, your belly, your hands, and your jaw. Before you enter the Yoni, I always recommend doing the Yoni Blossoming Ritual and also the clitoral awakening and pussy shiatshu. So try to be super present with this part and then take as much time as it needs to warm yourself up. Then check in if your lips and clitoris are swollen, again this confirms a good activational blood flow and sexual energy. And then you apply some coconut oil for the lubrication of the entrance and also around your index finger. Then, you close your eyes and feel into your Yoni. Use deep pelvic breathing to do this. And then you simply ask your Yoni if she is truly ready. Be super honest with yourself and respect what your Yoni is answering. Continue the breathing and slowly enter with your index finger on your exhale. Don't rush this moment. The ideal scenario is that the Yoni invites you to enter, not the other way around. So once you are inside, simply stay there for a while without moving. Feel your Yoni, fully feel her. You can use the other hand to glide up to your breast to remind yourself of your heart connection. From there, move to the next video on how to map and de-armor your Yoni. - In this video, you will learn everything about how to de-armour your Yoni. Firs of all, take all the time you need to enter the Yoni as shown in the previous video. Now, you're on the inside with your index finger. Also, you can add your middle finger if it fits. Then, very gently, explore the inside of your Yoni. Again, feel her by exploring her. Notice her texture. Notice her warmth, and witness your inner process with this. Now start with a reflexology massage just a few centimeters inside the entrance wall of your Yoni. Then, press your index finger and middle finger up against the 12 o'clock position, just below the pubic bone, and then you stay on each point a little bit, and allow your breast to flow into this area. You stay approximately 10 to 15 seconds, depending on how long it takes for you to really feel this area. Then you move to the one o'clock position. You press, hold, and breathe in. And again, feel. You can do this to entire clock rotation until you're back to the 12 o'clock position. If it's too tricky moving your hands around, you can use a glass dildo or crystal wand. So, this glass dildo is actually perfect because it has a handle, so it helps you to hold it better and reach the parts that you want to reach. Also, if you're using your fingers again, on the six o'clock position, you can also use the thumb. It actually works best in the upper leaning position, so you're leaning upwards backwards. Then move your fingers all around your vaginal walls with your index and middle fingers. Again, in circles, so you're actually circling a little bit deeper. Once you are 360 degrees around, then you go back to 12, and move one centimeter deeper inside your Yoni and repeat the whole process. This is actually the process which means you map and locate your Yoni. You're looking specifically for areas that feel numb or painful or even certain tensions. In the next de-armouring step, you really want to focus on those areas that you found in the mapping process. The de-armouring process is a triggering point massage that helps you to release tensions and suppressed emotions. As a result, the vagina becomes softer and far more sensitive to touch. You're looking for places that feel a little contracted, that feels perhaps a bit tight or tense. You're looking for areas that feel like a rice corn, but of course underneath your skin, that could be a certain tension. When you are locating spot like this, you are going to point your fingertips towards this area to bring your full attention there. Then you're adding further pressure. Again, you can use the glass wand to do this. So, you're applying pressure with the glass wand and pressing on it. Then you're actually pushing into the pain or numbness instead of running from it. You can really move towards it, patiently of course, step by step, take all the time you need. If you notice the push is a little bit too intense, you can simply release it a little and then intensify it on the next exhale. I actually do recommend the de-armouring process to use your full belly breath or pelvic breath to support this whole process. So, pushing in on the exhales, so when I'm exhaling, I'm relaxing, and that's when I'm actually can go into the tension. Now here's the next really important key for you. You're going to express through an ahhh sound anything that you're experiencing and feeling. Perhaps you're feeling pain. Sound the pain. Ahhh. Perhaps you feel the anger. Let the anger out. Ahhh. And, if you need to cry, of course go for it. Allow yourself to cry. Keep expressing whatever is coming up for you until you feel it's actually disappearing naturally. You need to express what has been suppressed if you want to transform it, so let it out fully and watch it transform. - In this video, you will learn how to awaken your G-spot and utilize its powerful pleasure for healing. The G-spot in tantra is called the sacred spot. It's your lady for watery, orgasmic fun. This mystical spot gets worked on a lot in yoni massages, as it has the effect of emotional healing and release. So how do you find it again? Slide with your index and middle finger just a few centimeters in, so 2.5 to 7.6 centimeters on average. Then press with your inner side of those fingers to your upper side, towards your pubic bone, which is the 12 o'clock position. You'll find a place which feels like, when you rub and press on it, like a little spongy walnut-textured area. The more you are stimulating this area, the more spongy and walnut-like it gets. Also incorporate a clitoral stimulation as well. It will contribute to the swelling of the G-spot and helps you find the location better. If you're practicing the yoni self-massage, I do recommend a G-spot dildo. So for example, you can use the LELO Ella, It has this beautiful curve here that helps you, stimulating your G-spot easier. You can actually insert the dildo and then place the G-spot area on this curve, and then you can move the dildo in this manner, to support the stimulation. So you can also use a crystal wand or a glass wand like this one, and it's actually great to stimulate the G-spot in a more relaxed manner. So you simply place the tip of the dildo in front the entrance of your yoni, and you gently insert it, with all the time that you need. And then you slowly start to move it up and down, in a very relaxed manner. And it automatically hits the G-spot in the right way. Then, whenever you're ready, you can either place the wand on the side next to you and continue with your fingers. So let's talk about how you can stimulate the G-spot. First of all, I prefer a kneeling position or a sideways position, it helps me to reach my G-spot better. Then I would recommend to explore your G-spot first with your fingers. To do that, you can simply press on the G-spot. And so you're pressing in a gentle manner. You can either stay there with the pressure, or you can tap on it. Then you can tickle your G-spot as well. So you're moving up and down in a tickle manner. You can explore it with your fingertips in an eight form. And also remember, always make sure that you're lubricated enough. So use a little bit of coconut oil if your vagina is not naturally lubricating enough. So the "come here" technique as shown in module four might work for you as well, but I personally find it physically challenging. That's why I'm using, again, the LELO Ella, the G-spot dildo which has this nice curve, so it's actually helping me to automatically do the "come here". So as you can see, it's naturally helping you with this position, and you just need to move downwards. Many women feel, when their G-spot is stimulated, an urge to pee. Don't worry, it's totally normal. Just relax yourself into the sensation. And I encourage you to fully let go. Squirting doesn't contain pee, and even if it does, it feels great to let go. So that's why also the squirting sheet is highly recommended for you, just to be able to let go fully. And of course, express all of your emotions, cry if you need to, laugh if you need to, the G-spot is a truly great way to release all the tension that is left inside of you. - In this video, you will learn how to awaken your cervix by yourself. Imagine this beautiful queen, your cervix. She sits right at the entry of your castle, your womb. It's her you want to connect with. It's your gateway to your orgasmic super powers, to your life force itself. The cervix is the gateway to a woman's womb, to her deeper mystery. When you open your cervix, you open your heart. If you have no cervix, imagine her on an energetic level. So once you trust, once you surrender, you'll discover, deep within a place, where all life begins, where your deepest desires can be fulfilled. That's when you've found the cervix. How do you find your cervix? Slide in with your index and middle finger deep into your yoni, following the instruction from previous videos on how to let your yoni blossom. In case you cannot reach your cervix while lying on your back, get on your knees and try it in this position. If it's still too deep, you can try a squatting position. So you're standing on your feet and you're squatting down. Depending on your time of your moon cycle and length of your vaginal canal, the depth of your cervix will vary. As an alternative, you can use a glass dildo, a crystal one, to reach it better. How do you stimulate your cervix queen? Gently start exploring your cervix first. Just place your fingertips on the tip. It actually feels like the tip of your nose. So, if you can reach it with your fingers, I do recommend to start with your fingers, and then move to the toys. Explore her form and try to feel her. If you don't feel much, don't get frustrated, just feel with your hand. Imagine you're really sinking in with your hand, with your fingertips, and you are exploring your cervix here. To wake up the cervix queen, you can tap the cervix. Simply tap her until she feels like she wakes up from her deep sleep. You can start to tickle her in a beautiful way to make her more excited. Then, also use your fingertips to stroke the front wall of the A-spot. You can scoop the cervix from back to front. This will also activate the A-spot in the back. I do recommend to use the dildo itself to actually de-armor the cervix. You use, ideally, the tip of your dildo, so it needs to be a toy that's a little bit harder. So I wouldn't recommend to use duh-lee-lo el-la for example. I would recommend a crystal wand or glass dildo. And you're simply following your own intuition what's needed, and what area around the cervix is needed with acupressure point massage. I personally love to use the cowgirl position for this, because you're ultimately deciding on top how intensely you can go into the acupressure. Be super honest with yourself in this process. So don't pressure yourself into any strong pain. And it's really important that you take all the time that you need. Incorporate also the clitoris and the G-spot as you are de-armouring the cervix, because it can help you to ultimately channel that pleasure more inwards. So be honest to yourself in this process, and don't pressure yourself. You really have to make sure if you're turned on enough and lubricated enough, for this whole de-armouring process around the cervix, because it's so deep inside. It's a very vulnerable spot, and that's why 100% arousal, so swollen lips, swollen clitoris, are truly important for this process. And if you realize, oh, I'm not as aroused at this stage, you really have to move back to the G-spot or clitoral stimulation, or to pussy shiatsu if you really feel like I need a new kickstart of sexual energy to go again deeper inside. And again, incorporate the G-spot while you're stimulating the cervix. So you can, for example, move back and forth between the cervix and the G-spot. It's a great combination of pleasure, and also de-armouring will be easier in this process. And very important, allow yourself, again, to express any emotions that might come up through the de-armouring and arousal of the cervix. - In this video we talk about the last highly important but often underestimated step. How to integrate the Yoni Self-massage. This is the last step in the Yoni Self-massage process. So you might experience a lot of new pleasure sensations. Perhaps you experienced emotional release and healing happened on a more deeper level. Perhaps you experience a highly ecstatic moment of bliss. These experiences need to be fully integrated ideally with the help of stillness, because only in stillness you can witness best what just happened and let the experience settle in and integrate into your body. Allow yourself to lie down after you feel the process is over. You can simply lie in a savasana like position as they do it in yoga, in the final relaxation phase. And also feel into your body, really use that time of relaxation, stillness and integration, approximately from 5 to 10 minutes. You can do another Yoni Blossoming Ritual, so you're placing your left hand on your womb and your right hand on your heart, connecting with both centers again. This will help you to feel the effects of the Yoni Self-massage and also acknowledge where you're at without any judgment involved. Just thank yourself for dedicating your love and time here. Congratulations, you've given yourself the gift of a lifetime. You've invested in yourself and in your relationship by having the courage to learn yoni massage. So, thank yourself for taking the time to embrace your sexuality. You now have the tools to create intimacy with your partner and can create a stronger bond together, not to mention the steps on exploring earth-shaking orgasms. You've discovered the foundations of a yoni massage and the miraculous world of female sexuality in orgasms. You've explored everything from the mindset and intentions to the female anatomy and pleasure potential. You discovered how to prepare and awaken the yoni to its full ecstasy and potential. And on top of that, you have the knowledge on how to practice also a yoni self-massage. I encourage you to use the breath awareness as a tool for further experimentation. So, whether you gave or received the yoni massage already or scheduled a date in your calendar, the journey continues. So, take a moment to feel grateful. This takes courage, so thank yourself for being here and for completing the course. Take these tools and play with them. Beyond the yoni massage, breath awareness, G-spot, and cervix awakening are amazing pleasure boosters for your lovemaking as well. And the connection rituals are fantastic to create deeper intimacy in the bedroom. See it as a fluid space for experimentation and creativity, and especially pleasure, of course. How you can make the best use of your investment in this course is to set up a regular yoni massage practice. So, we are talking here on a regular basis. This helps so much and will give you incredible results. So, pencil it in your date night at least twice per month to keep your sensuality and your relationship expanding. And don't treat yoni massage only as a foreplay, but as an actual practice in itself. So try making yoni massage the juicy main course, not just as a lead up to sex. So, allow your partner to receive the full effects without necessarily or always moving into lovemaking afterwards. And there's more waiting for you on this exciting journey. My course on lingam massage will teach you as a couple or single the powerful steps into worshiping the penis, the lingam. And if you're curious, check out the link below. If you have any questions, blocks, or perhaps something that came up during the yoni massage, please find support in our Facebook group. You can also send an email to our support team, and for that, see also the details below. Keep practicing and growing as a lover. This is an amazing journey for your empowerment as a human being. So, thank you for trusting us and joining us here. Much love to you.

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