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Squirting Online Course:
Learn How to Squirt

Lola Jean
Sex Educator & Dominatrix
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About This Course

Are you down to see what your body can do? Learn how to squirt with tasteful video tutorials and practical exercises. Grab your favorite toys, bring a waterproof blanket, and get to work!

What You Will Learn

  1. How to squirt with and without sex toys 
  2. What is squirt, and where it comes from  
  3. Myths and concerns about squirting 
  4. The anatomy of the pelvic floor

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Lola Jean

Sex Educator & Dominatrix

Expand your sexual horizons with Lola Jean, a Sex Educator and Pro-Domme who offers a fresh perspective on sexuality and kink. Lola equips you with the tools and knowledge to explore beyond your perceived limits, fostering personal growth and exploration.

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Lessons and Classes

Total length:
30-60 min
  1. 1. What Is Squirting
  2. 2. Common Myths & Concerns About Squirting
  3. 3. Vaginal Anatomy & Pelvic Floor
  4. 4. Toys for Squirting Support
  5. 5. Squirting Techniques
  6. 6. Sex-Ed Cat Shows How to Squirt 

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Hi, I'm Lola Jean, a sex educator and mental health professional. And this is squirting. And action. Is that a little too on the nose, too much? So squirting is an act where during a pleasurable experience someone will expel fluid from in and around their vagina. Why do we care so much about squirting? It's a physical manifestation of pleasure. I like to call it sexual applause. It's not necessarily an orgasm but it can happen with an orgasm. I think we're so obsessed with it because this act of pleasure of someone with a vulva can seem very mystical to us. And this is something we can actually see. Whereas we usually can't see a pleasure from an vulva or an orgasm from the vulva. You can't make someone squirt. You can assist in that process, you can have a really big role in the squirting but you can't make someone do that. They can always hold themselves back from it. Just like they can hold themselves back from an orgasm. It's like, this is me and my body doing it. Even if someone else is doing everything, like all of the physical part. And even if, once I get to that point, I'm not in control of the release cognitively, it's still something that I'm doing. - So what is squirt? A lot of people think that squirting has to eject from your body to count as squirt, 'cause that's what we see in porn but it doesn't have to do that. Squirt can trickle. It can dribble. It can eject. It can fall out of your body. It can gush, all of it counts, all of it is squirt. If it feels good, if there's liquid coming out, it's probably squirt. (upbeat music) At the end of the day, squirting is something that my body does. I don't really have that much control over it not happening, it's just the thing that happens to my body when I feel a lot of pleasure. So if a person isn't into that, whether they think it's pee or not, we probably shouldn't bang. I take a really hands-off approach to squirting 'cause there isn't one way to do so. I can just explain to you how it happens and what to be aware of your body as it's happening. But it's really your own journey and your masturbation journey to figuring that out. - It was just mind blowing that my body's capable of all these things. I had no idea. And I really thought that I knew what was best for me. And then that wasn't the case at all. I just needed to push through that discomfort and fear and then find out all this amazing stuff that I had no idea about. - As I was finding the things that were working, it did really feel good. Like it felt a lot better than what I was expecting. And I did get to a point where I was like, "Oh if I kept doing this, I think that something might happen. Or I think that I might come or I think that a shift might happen even though it's so different." I usually use powered tools to take it off. So just like having that time and that slowness and really just relying on my own hands, that did feel very empowering. (upbeat music) - Why did I set the world record in squirting? Part of it was to make the statement that we don't know as much about squirting as we think we do. When I set the record, I did so without penetrating myself and without orgasming. Just me and my trusty sidekick. (upbeat music) Just me and good, old reliable. (chuckle) This record didn't exist. Something existed for distance, but not for volume. So I sent a note to Guinness. And they were like, "Hey, we're a family organization.' Everything was by the book. But because Guinness doesn't really appreciate things having to do with sexuality, I had to do it on my own. (upbeat music) I broke science. Science said the max amount someone could squirt was 900, I squirted 1250, suck it. I didn't feel represented in what a lot of squirting education was saying. I didn't feel like my experience was being talked about. Both in the fact of how I taught myself how to do this, how I can do it on my own and how little it is related to someone else's experience. I didn't feel that solo masturbation was really represented when it came to squirting. It was all about toys, it was all about techniques. It wasn't about the experience of what's happening with someone's body and the importance of what's happening with the muscle groups and with the pelvic floor. (upbeat music) (upbeat funky music) - Okay. So Ms. Concerns, AKA questions, I'm tired of answering. The first one is, is it pee? And I think this is a debatable one too, because firstly I can't tell you how fun it is for when I have to defend what my body is doing and what's coming out of it. It's super fun. It's not fun. - I, like didn't know what was happening. And I thought that I had peed and like I was really embarrassed about it. And so I don't remember. I don't, I really don't remember who I was with but I remember for a while then I was like am I peeing or am I squirting or what's happening. And like, then I started, there was definitely a point like a period of time where I was trying to figure out if I like should go to the bathroom first to make sure I didn't pee. And so there was like, yeah some definite confusion about all of that in the beginning. - Why did you think you peed? Just cause it was wet. - It was wet. But I don't think I really knew what squirting was. - And maybe I just have too much bladder control where I'm like I'm holding it on because I think it's pee and I always thought it was probably like, do I need to go to the bathroom again? Even though I literally just went to the bathroom - The reality is, is that we know pretty much nothing about squirting. Any of the studies that are out there are kind of laughable. - I'm happy to use my body for our science and I will pee in one cup and squirt in another so that we can see the difference. And I can end this once and for all. (laughing) (funky music) Wasn't an easy task, but someone had to do it. (glass clinks) - So first of all, I can say that they look a lot more different than I was expecting. Like I think you can really tell that there's two different liquids in here. And this one, this one has a sort of faint similar smell, but it's more like essence of pee. - It's like, is this oatmeal? - Every time that I squirt the first scent that I'm hit with is like cereal milk. - Smells like (laughing) I don't know. - So when we ask the question of is squirt pee no, it's squirt. That's why we call it squirt. And we don't call it pee. There are some elements within squirt that are also in pee like urea and creatinine. That doesn't mean that it's the same exact substance. It varies person to person, what the makeup of their squirt is within these studies that have been done. What we have been able to find is that there is PSA which is Prostate Specific Antigen. And this is found in the contents of squirt. And there's a little bit in pee, but we find a much higher concentration in squirt. You might recognize this as PSA, Prostate Specific Antigen as something that is in prosthetic fluid that is found in ejaculate of those with penises. So what this tells us is that it's not just pee there is this element that comes from the prostate that comes from the skins glands, the periurethral glands, that erectile tissue surrounding the urethra. So we know there's this added element to it. Also, I have done my own anecdotal work, where I have peed in the glass, squirted in a glass, and you can see the difference. You can smell the difference. You can taste the difference. You can't really feel the difference. It kind of feels the same. It's hot. And then it gets really cold. So is squirt pee? No, but why do you care? (funky music) My theory is that during the period of arousal the body sends messages to all the water. That's like, get down there. We need you stat, everyone go. And that's why arousal builds up that squirt fluid but we have so much water in our body. So that's where I feel like it's coming out of, at the end of the day. If you're dehydrated, you can still squirt buckets. It might just take a little bit longer because you need more of that arousal period, more of that time for whatever liquid that's in your body to drain to the part where it ejects out of you. I like to be super hydrated. I mean, if this is the excuse that you need to drink a lot of water and be hydrated by all means, please do so. But there isn't a direct correlation to the more water you drink, the more that you squirt. Another concern people have is what about the mess? Squirting can be really messy and that's a real big turnoff for some people or if you're worried about the cleanup of it that may prevent you from having a good time and really doing all of your squirting and pleasure. There are solutions for that things that are better than laying down a towel. When people lay down a towel, I'm like, Aw, that's cute. (demonic voice) Save your towels. Don't waste your towels. There are disposable and reusable solutions for cleaning up the mess when it comes to squirting. We can use the Fascinator Throw made by Liberator which feels like a nice, shitty velour. And it's something you can lay on your bed. It will absorb or prevent that liquid from soaking through throw it in the washer, throw it in the dryer, move on with your life. For those of us who are maybe a little bit more on the go or want a disposable solution, we have Puppy Pads. Puppy Pads, or Wee-Wee Pads are not made for humans. They're made for dogs to clean up their pee, but we can use them for such same thing as chucks or medical pads. We can lay these down on the bed. We can put them in our bag. They're great for travel. Just throw them out when you're done. They are a little bit unsightly which is why the Fascinator Throw can be really great. But these are a wonderful solution for on the go wet messes. Also a great thing too to kind of put all of your different toys, lubey things, gloves to throw those away by wrapping up and tossing it. Is squirting an orgasm? And what does it feel like? You can squirt without orgasming, you can orgasm without squirting, or you can do them both together. - There's been some experiences where I've squirted where I almost didn't really realize it was happening. And it was like really big orgasms. And so it was like that I was much more caught up in that. And then it was like, oh yeah. And that happened. And so that's cool - Squirting, most of the time, isn't an orgasm and it's a lot easier to achieve than doing so. Between squirting and then orgasming. It's not to say that one is better than the other. They're just different. Can everyone do it? when people ask this, I think they're trying to ask, am I broken? Am I just unable to do this? Or am I physically incapable? The reality is, is that we'll never know. You can't do something to every person to figure out if everyone can do it. Also, there's something with genetics. I squirt, Mom squirts, one of my friends squirts, her Mom squirts. Know someone else, She squirts, sister squirts, Mom squirts. It's not to say it has to be in your genes to squirt but there is something interesting about it. It is my belief that everyone with a vulva is capable of squirting, if they have a coordinated pelvic floor and a good relationship with their vulva. (upbeat music) - So when people think of squirting, they think it's often tied to G-spot stimulation internally. But there are plenty of ways you can stimulate the G-spot. We don't have to penetrate ourselves at all in order to squirt. We can stimulate the G-spot internally, we can stimulate it externally, we can stimulate it hands-free just using our muscle groups. So for people that have a really sensitive G-spot, internally might not be an option for you, or it might not be the most fun option. I'm gonna show you different ways where we can stimulate this manually, but also we can do so without our hands at all. In fact, it's my favorite way, not to put anything inside of me in order to do the squirting. So to help us out, we have my oversized vulva that is just eerily symmetrical. This is Ramona 'cause (laughs), Mona perished in a fire so Ramona has replaced her. It is eerily symmetrical. I'm going to take out my clitoris model and it's important to show that this clitoris is not to scale at all, this is very small. It's also a flacid clitoris. When the clitoris is erect, the very tip of it will extend out, very similar to a penis when it gets an erection. The legs will also wrap around the vagina and the bulbs become mobile. (upbeat music) Why is the G-spot such a special place? Now, there's two reasons. One is where it's hitting on the clitoris. It's in this point right in the middle, towards the crux of the clitoris, right in the middle of that wishbone. So we're able to jostle a lot of the structure in a very interesting way, different than just the tip of the clitoris that we have access to externally. It's also a special place because those periurethral glands, the Skene's glands, that erectile tissue surrounding the urethra, it's also located there as well. So we're getting clitoris and we're getting erectile tissue. It's gonna feel pretty good. (upbeat music) So where does squirt come from? Doctor Zhana says it comes from the urethra. Dr. Laura Merrit says it comes from the Skene's glands, those periurethral glands. I think it comes from both, and both of those areas are very close together. The Skene's glands will drain into the urethra if they're not emptied. So that's why after you feel like you have to squirt, maybe you do pee a lot. So one of the key things for squirting and to get yourself to squirt is arousal, is engorgement. So like, pretty fun, right? (mellow music) So to get this area engorged we can stimulate it manually, we can stimulate it with our muscle groups, but there's also a bunch of erectile tissue in different parts of the vagina as well. - I like how the different muscles feel when you're moving the hips. - [Woman] Mm-Hmm. - It's almost like your clit moves with your hands and there's that stimulation externally. - [Woman] Mm-hmm. - So it's nice. - [Woman] Mm-hmm. - Definitely enjoyed that. - [Woman] Yeah. - So when it comes to that engorgement, I love G-spot massage. - [Woman] Flow to the area. Yeah? - Yes. (woman laughs) - G-spot massage is generally very slow, it builds up. It's not solely focused on the G-spot itself. So that's a great way where it can lead into squirting. However, it's not necessary to squirt. (mellow music) When it comes to G-spot massage, the perennial sponge, that collection of erectile tissue towards the bottom of the vagina is just as important, if not more, than the G-spot itself. So the perennial sponge is in the bottom of the vaginal canal. Maybe just like a couple centimeters in, pushing downwards. And that's a spongy-like material. So it doesn't feel like a sponge, similar to the G-spot, it behaves like a sponge. So if you've had a dry sponge and then you pour a bunch of water on that think about how that sponge responds and how that behaves. Now, there are also two spots in the vagina that are responsible for a majority of the lubrication. One is the Bartholin's glands, again, located more towards the bottom of the vagina canal near that perennial sponge, and the other are the Skene's glands, the periurethral glands. Those are the ones where squirt fluid comes out of that is surrounding around the urethra to protect it. Both of these areas are erectile tissue. Like other erectile tissue, when aroused, becomes engorged with blood. So the more engorged these two areas are the better it will feel. So don't think touching them immediately has to feel really good. You want to get yourself engorged so it feels better to the touch. (mellow music) - [Megwyn] Oh, there's so many ways to engage the clitoris. Sometimes I just think about contracting those muscles you know, and any time of the day really, to help me to center, to ground. Of course, we can use all sorts of different approaches of touch. We can connect to the clitoris directly through the labia minora or the labia majora with the clitoris. So sometimes even massaging in that indirect way you can start to kind of tease that clitoral energy and really unlock that neurological sensation not just in your clitoris, but as we're talking about, within that entire pelvic complex. So when the clitoris is in that active state of engorgement kind of think of it as a tree, extending from the clitoris and all the way around the urethral sponge, the vaginal canal, the pelvic floor, kind of like a giant neurological hug, if you will. Our body has erectile tissues, not only in our genitals but we also have erectile tissue within our noses, and within our ears. And so it's just a fun thing to think that our human bodies were designed with this potential for this erection capacity, for this ability to become aroused and sensually stimulated in so many different ways. All of these nerve endings connect back to what's called the pudendal and pelvic nerves, which in turn connects to the spinal cord and then right back up into the brain. (mellow music) - [Rachel] So the pelvic floor is this muscular bowl or hammock inside the pelvis. And it has a lot of jobs, one of which is to support the pelvic organs. So that would be the bladder, the colon, and the uterus, or the prostate. It also is involved in helping start and stop the flow of urine, start and stop bowel movements. It does have involvement in sexual function, obtaining, maintaining erections, orgasm, people get very focused on the key goal. And they're like, "I need to be able to be really strong. I wanna be able to lift a jet plane with my vagina or my pelvic floor. Like, I want to be the strongest person ever." But you need to be able to relax those muscles. So I wanna see, not only can they contract, but can they relax their pelvic floor? And I wanna see how well someone can lengthen. So the lengthening is what happens when you defecate or urinate. So your muscles need to be able to do all of those movements. There is some research they can improve orgasm, give you a more robust orgasm. Obviously everyone's different and how people experience pleasure and orgasm is so diverse and varies. So I really don't like to say, like, "Oh yes if you get your pelvic floor in this great, like, condition, and it's all healthy, that you're gonna have a great orgasm." 'Cause it's not that linear. - It's not all about having the strongest pelvic floor you can and lifting weights and Ben Wa balls. You want to lengthen the pelvic floor as well. It's about having a coordinated pelvic floor. The strength and the tightness of it, the contraction, that's just one part of it. - [Megwyn] As we learn to contract the muscles of the pelvic floor which are made up of these two layers of striated muscle, we also help to bridge that connection to those surrounding nerves, which can be very exciting but it also can be very grounding. Another really fun way to connect with your clitoris is actually through your own voice, believe it or not. Through your voice you have the potential to vibrate into your body's tissues, and also help to stimulate something called your vagus nerve. Our vagus nerve is this incredible communication pathway that basically weaves a connection from our brain into our visceral organs. And it acts as a communication pathway that is basically bi-directional, meaning sometimes our body's communicating to our brain and sometimes our brain is communicating directly to our body. Those sounds of the voice can actually help to bridge a connection to your nervous system and to your genitals. And they can really, really help to unlock some of those resistance patterns. So some suggestions for connecting to the vagus nerve, I love simply humming. Simply using my voice as a way to feel my genitals or feel the areas that I'm touching. But it's extremely helpful to learn how to specifically weave the connection of breath and that contraction of those pelvic floor muscles. You might want to think about the breath as an accordion that is actually inside the body. And it has this potential to expand from the top all the way down to the bottom. Facilitate that connection of contraction to those pelvic floor muscles. Why? Because it basically will propel that accordion to expand further and wider on that inhalation. And right as you reach the edge of that exhalation, see if you can feel those deep pelvic floor muscles contract as you exhale and expel the air out. As you practice this, it's gonna get easier. It's going to feel more and more natural, and it's going to be something that you can synchronize with any kind of sensual exploration that you're doing. (mellow music) - When it comes to actual devices to help us strengthen, I'm not a huge fan of Ben Wa balls, Kegel weights or Yoni eggs or things like that for strengthening. However, I do like what is called a Yoni egg. Yoni is tantra for vulva. I can't, like I hate myself whenever I say Yoni (laughs) Just a little, I just die inside. (dramatic upbeat music) What I do like, though not for pelvic strengthening are these crystal eggs. This one is Onyx. And this one is Rose Quartz. Some of them have a little hole where you can thread that inside so you can retrieve them. But what these are great for are not for strengthening but for muscle awareness and coordination because you can have one of these in your vagina and then you pee and it still stays in your vagina. It really shows you that the body understands the muscle coordination. Your body is smarter than you think it is. (dramatic upbeat music) Air pulsation technology, clit suction is what it's mimicking. These toys are no joke. I like to say that your body doesn't stand a chance against them. I think there's a warning on the label of the device that's like, "Don't use this for more than six minutes." These are really surefire ways. I feel like to get your body to feel an ultimate amount of pleasure. A lot of people end up squirting when they use these. There is a level that I like to call between holy shit and holy shit and that's where you want to live and push yourself. (dramatic upbeat music) Njoy Pure Wand. We've seen this before. We've seen it. We talked about a lot in pegging. This is just a really fucking phenomenals full. And this end, this larger end is more for G-spot stimulation though you can use either end for that. And when we're using this like a seesaw and not a saw, what this is really great for is having that stimulation and that engorgement using this nice, hard, rounded edge. What's wonderful is because when we're figuring out the time on time off, the time off, we're also getting some perennial sponge stimulation. This curved end here gets to push into that similar to our fingers when they're hitting down. So we can have this toy mimic what our fingers would do but with much more rigidity. (dramatic upbeat music) (upbeat music) - So these are G-spot stimulation techniques. They're not squirting techniques, nothing is a squirting technique. My squirting technique is do the thing you like. Do the thing you like, and coordinate your muscles with it. Contract your muscles, lengthen your muscles. Do what feels good to you. These things that can feel really good for people with vulvas, but they're not squirting techniques. You can squirt while they happen. You can squirt after they happen. A lot of people do, I'm just trying to get your G-area as engorged as I can. Just trying to do my best here guys. (upbeat music) So when we are going to enter the vagina, we can use one finger, we can use two fingers. If we use two, I like to use my middle finger and my ring finger for something all later show you, called the motorcycle rev. But we can start with one. And not everyone just likes to have something shoved inside themselves. Shocking, right? So if we want to be a little bit nicer when we're penetrating someone, another technique we can use is just taking the very tip of our finger, sticking it in that orifice and just making little circles, kind of allowing that opening to salivate, to welcome us in a little bit more. That and also feel pretty good for that person but that's a nicer way of doing so instead of just shoving right in. We also shouldn't expect our person to have enough natural lubricant to lubricate themselves. So always use lubricant, water-based if you're going to be using condoms or silicone-based products, but you can always use a silicone based one to have a little extra give to it. (upbeat music) After our person has salivated enough and welcomed us in. Let's say that I have now two fingers in my person but I don't have to. What I want to do at first is just kind of go around the clock and you can do this to yourself as well or to a partner. So going around the clock at the different hours maybe taking note of what hours maybe feel a little bit more interesting and then focusing on the three o'clock, the nine, the 12 and the six, but just pushing slightly as you do so. Now, when it comes to these two areas of the G-spot, the perennial sponge, both the spots we wanna engorge a bit more. What you're gonna be focusing on is time on versus time off. Time on your G-area versus your time off where you'll be stimulating the perennial sponge. So the benefit to this, is if you're very sensitive on your G-area, maybe you want a little bit less time on. But your time off, you're stimulating the perennial sponge. So time off also feels good. Now, the perennial sponge area I find that that part of the body, it likes to be stimulated either by using the back of the knuckles and kind of pushing down or our thumb, because it's a bit of a wider surface area. Our fingers, the tips of our fingers, those can be very hard and very difficult. So sometimes even when it comes to the G-area, that's a lot. And the fingers that we're using there is too much which is why we might need more time off. Another thing that we can do as well to ourselves or to our person is the motorcycle rev. So in this position, I've used my middle finger and my ring finger. So I can have other fingers free. And those are going in that natural hook-like motion, 'cause that's how the vagina goes. And what's going to happen is my index finger is going to rest on one side of the labia, my ring finger on the other. So now these two fingers are giving some nice labia love. They're probably getting a little bit of clitoral leg action underneath there as well. Now you wanna be wary of the thumb. Sometimes your thumb can kind of hang around, but if you're pushing in, that part of the body is really sensitive. So you might just want to tuck that thumb in. Now here's the fun part. So where the heel of your hand is gonna go, that has a lot of pressure. It's going to go on your mons. So over top of your clitoral hood kind of a bit above your clitoris and that pressure you're gonna give there is gonna give a lot of really good clitoral stimulation. So once you have this, when you're ready, you're just going to rev the motorcycle and then experiment around with that. These are all starting points. You can, by all means, veer off course and do something else that you really like. (upbeat music) - And actually, I did really enjoy, earlier here, the mix of like going back and forth. So like taking the focus away from external and also doing some internal stimulation and then... But not staying there. Like that. I think that that was helpful too. - Okay, So when we're doing this, there's none of this come hither. There's none of this really aggressive trigger finger. One is you can hurt people. It's not gonna necessarily feel good, especially if they're not aroused. Also when you get this aggressive motion, you're just heading for Queef Town, USA, which is a totally fine place to be, you just have to know you also signed up for it. (upbeat music) Be aware that sometimes when you have something penetrating you, it might be more difficult to squirt. Whether it's preventing you from completely contracting or lengthening your pelvic floor, your vaginal muscles. Sometimes that thing might need to exit you in order for this to come out. So maybe remove, if it's a dildo, if it's a penis, do that thing you really like, do your contractions, do your lengthening. We don't need something inside of us and a lot of the times that can make it more difficult. (upbeat music) So why am I showing more masturbation for squirting and not things for people to do together? When you're discovering your body, and discovering things that you like, it's a lot easier to do alone than it is with another person. When you're by yourself, you don't have worry if your body does embarrassing type things. No one's gonna know but you. When you're with another person, maybe you're worried about what they think of you. If they're having a good time. When you're by yourself, all you have to worry about is you. You can use the tactical move of flickies bringing your fingers towards your Palm to check on the level of engorgement of your urethral sponge, aka the G-area. If you ever hear that splish-splash sound maybe while you are internal in your body or someone else is, I am telling you now, you can squirt. You just have to figure out how to get it out of your body. - I didn't realize that mechanism that happens in your body fills it because it's aroused and it's... I didn't know that part, so that was great for me but that physical internal piece, I don't care for it. - Do you ever like internal? - I've never orgasm internally. - I will say though, once you turn the faucet on it is hard to turn off, so be wary. (upbeat music) I've been squirting my whole life. I haven't been squirting since I was masturbating or even orgasming. It was something that happened with a partner when he was going down on me. And I wanted to know what that was all about. So locked myself in my room and masturbated until I was able to replicate the sensation. Ask yourself why you wanna squirt. If it's to make someone else feel good, probably not a good reason. If it's because your body can do something and you really wanna explore that, probably a better reason. I have a really complicated relationship with squirting. I wouldn't trade it away for the world. I adore it, but it definitely is difficult. Squirting is something that is equally fetishized, as well as something that is shamed too. I loved squirting when I started doing it, it made people obsessed with my pleasure at a time that I wanted to be obsessed with my pleasure, but eventually it's like it became more about my squirting and less about my orgasming, because I knew squirting was easier to do and I had it in my back pocket, I started to lose sight of my orgasm. It also is something that is a real divider amongst people. Are you prepared to have people not want to be in your bed because you squirt? Are you prepared to have people question what your body does or shame you of it? It's not all sunshine and roses. Masturbation is a whole different journey now because I have to prepare for wetting the bed every time I want to arouse myself. It can kind of be a nuisance and it can kind of be annoying. (upbeat music) Squirting's kind of overrated, just like it's kind of overrated. It's not as great as you probably think it is. All of our bodies are capable of doing different things. I don't have that much sensation on my nipples. Some people can orgasm from having their nipples sucked. Like that sounds awesome. My body just can't do that. Some other bodies can. Focusing on what your body can do as opposed to what it can't. (upbeat music) - [Instructor] The tip of the finger circles at the entrance of the vagina. With two fingers inside, which will naturally curl moving those around the clock, knocking each hour like a wheel we are spinning that's hitting each rum. Those two fingers stay in the same position, isolating only the hours of six and 12. The back of the knuckles hitting the perennial sponge, the fingertips, hitting the urethral sponge, finding a rhythm that works for you. Maybe two up and four down. Our two fingers still internal, that pinky and index finger will sit in the line with the inner labia externally. and the thumb tucked in. The heel of your hand sits above the clitoral hood, resting on the mons pubis. This gives nice pressure to the root of the clitoris without much separation of the fingertips from the urethral sponge. Once you're here, you'll rev that motorcycle. You can also do this, keeping your hands still, and tilting or moving your pelvis around against your hand. Using a mirror, you can physically see how the contractions and lengthening of the pelvic floor look. Now there tends to be more movement if your vulva is in an arouse state. Both your sphincter and your vagina, will engage as you do this. The contracting and lengthening of the pelvic floor also engages in the internal clitoris. This aids an engorgement with the added bonus of feeling quite good. When you lengthen, you are flowering out like you're trying to push something out of your vaginal canal. Combine this with your pelvic hip tilts, for added effect. Combining the move you did with your fingers, and the pelvic floor engagement, discovering what feels better when contracting or lengthening as well as getting that real time feedback of the pelvic floor engagement on your finger. So back to those small circles, back to around the clock, the six and 12. You can use the technical move of flickies, bringing your fingers towards your palm to check on the level of engorgement of your urethral sponge, AKA the G area. When you feel enough engorgement, or here that splish-splash sound, now it's time to figure out how to get this out of your body. When it comes to the actual squirting as you lengthen your pelvic floor, do something you really like. This doesn't have to be internal. And if it doesn't happen on that go, you can keep going back to engorgement and pleasure techniques, before you try again. It may happen now, it may happen in a week, a month, a year. You may not even like it, but you also might. And that is for you to decide.

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