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Female Orgasm Online Course:
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Wondering what the secret is to vulva orgasms? It’s knowledge! Learn the basics of vulva pleasure, self-exploration, sex toys, and more with tasteful video demonstrations and follow-along exercises.

What You Will Learn

  1. How to touch the vulva’s different pleasure zones
  2. What you can do to expand your experience of pleasure  
  3. Techniques for achieving multiple orgasms
  4. Why sex toys are great tools for exploring new ways to orgasm

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Beducated Originals combines latest research and modern sex education for adults with established traditional practices. The platform aims to break the taboos surrounding sex once and for all and promote an open society.

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Lessons and Classes

Total length:
30-60 min
  1. 1. Welcome to This Course
  2. 2. Clitoral Stimulation
  3. 3. G-Spot Arousal
  4. 4. Cervical Sensation
  5. 5. Nipple Love
  6. 6. Anal Play
  7. 7. Multiple Orgasms
  8. 8. Guided Solo Session
  9. 9. Guided Couple Session
  10. 10. What’s Next

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I’m thankful for all I’ve learned. Beducated respectfully shares valuable information in a comfortable format. I say it in “our” or ”us” too because I’ve shared what I’ve learned with others. From exploring new things and ideas, helping to build our self confidence, to loving ourselves, and letting go of beliefs ingrained from our childhood/adulthood that just don’t work for us. Thank you!

Five green boxes with rating stars

it is useful content that I’ve highly recommended to my friends to subscribe to. I’m so happy I’ve joined and am looking forward to more lessons.

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I love all the education about sex and sexuality. I love, the love and care of each teacher, educating us about the many aspects of sex.

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Beducated has taught me so much and allowed me to expand my sexual curiosity to myself, without judgement and to accept all forms of pleasures <3

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Love everything about it! Have learned so so much. Made my connection to sex and intimacy so much more healthy and fun🙏🏽

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We all need a safe place to come to learn and beducated.com is that place. I am so thankful to find my community.

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...but only when you are ready to make the difference yourself in making a the difference and great shift in your and your partners sexual well being and how sex is experienced.

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Enjoyed all the educational videos. This is a great tool that helped me gain more confidence in my body. Highly recommended!

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Welcome to this Beducated online course. We're so glad to have you with us for this journey. Together, we'll be exploring the full spectrum of female pleasure. This course centers on five key pleasure zones. We are going to talk about different ways you can build and experience pleasure in each of these areas, both alone and with a partner. You'll discover a number of different toys and techniques. You'll also hear from other vulva owners who will talk about how the sensations feel for them. At Beducated, we believe in pleasure first and orgasm second. What this means is that you don't fail if your orgasm is elusive. In fact, we want to empower you to leave fake orgasms behind and discover a whole new spectrum of sensations, whether they happen to be orgasmic or not. But why is it that so many vulva owners aren't experiencing their full orgasmic potential in the first place? 97% of women say they've had at least one "I hate my body" moment at some point in their lives. This self-hatred is one of the main reasons we may feel disconnected from our desires and feelings. So what can we do? Well, in our opinion, the first step is to love that beautiful one-of-a-kind body that you have. The more you accept and tune in with your body and what it wants, the more sensations you'll be able to feel. This is why we recommend that you take enough time to warm up during each session before actually touching your vulva at all. We encourage you to explore every inch of your beautiful self. So now, feel free to dive in and watch our pleasure zone videos to get inspired. We also invite you to check out our audio files for more great tips and guidance. If you have any questions, you can reach out to our Beducated support team anytime. Or join our Facebook group to connect with other like-minded people like yourself. The most important thing during this course is to keep an open mind and curious mindset. Nothing has to be achieved here, only explored. (drum roll) - [Announcer] Let's talk about the pop star of female sexuality, (cheering and applauding) the clitoris. (instrumental bass music) In this video, we are going to talk about how to stimulate the clitoris for maximum pleasure. This seemingly tiny bit of biology is a big deal. In fact, science says that up to 90% of women can't get off without touching it. Most people know about the part of the clit on the outside of the body, just above the urethra, but did you know that this little nub is connected to its own incredible, internal network? In some people, this sultry organ can be up to 9 centimeters long. During arousal it fills with blood and hardens just like a penis. So, how does it feel to stimulate the clit? If you build up slowly, it can feel absolutely incredible. This is because the clit contains around 8,000 nerve endings, twice as many as most penises. (relaxed instrumental jazz music) - Clitoral pleasure for me feels like this really intense, concentrated sensation. - It feels warm. It feels moist. It feels like putting your hand in custard. - It's almost like an itch in a localized area of my vulva. - It feels like really on the edge often and it feels like. (exhales) - I feel it throughout my whole entire body. - It can be very subtle and build. It can be very intense and explosive. - It's just euphoric. - It's very reliable because I know there will be pleasure. - I think it's like ice cream: it's very, very tasty, but you shouldn't have it every day. - [Announcer] A lot of vulva owners say direct clit stimulation (upbeat orchestra music) feels too intense. (birds chirping) This is why a gentle and slow warm-up is so crucial for mind-blowing fun. Calm your mind and connect with your body first. (calm piano music) Then, massage your thighs, lower belly, and hips to get into the mood. You can also try breath work focused on hip movement. This activates muscles of the pelvis. As you move your hips, consciously breathe in and out. When you exhale, give your vaginal muscles a nice squeeze. (slow motion exhaling) Now, let's talk about techniques for whipping up arousal in the clitoral area. Try applying oil to the vulva. Place one hand on your vulva and let the oil run over it. There's also vulva shiatsu, a type of acupressure. You can do it by using your fingers to softly press on the outer labias. Or you can stretch each labia by gently pulling and squeezing them in all directions one at a time. Another technique to awaken your sensual powers is circling the vulva with your finger tips or sex toys. There's also the V-glide move. Just slide your index and middle finger in an upside down V-shape over the outer labias. You can also press on the clit to both sides, or you can use your index and middle finger to move the hood of the clit up and down. As you approach climax, stick to a consistent speed, intensity, and level of pressure. This is important because when you change things up at this stage, you can lose your momentum. Some positions work better than others for stimulating the clit. For solo play, lying on your back will give you easy access to your vulva. If you're with a partner, try the CAT, the Coital Alignment Technique. Start in missionary position and let him slide up his body to align his pubic bone with yours. If you feel that his penis and pelvis stimulate your clitoris, you're doing it right. There are many toys on the market designed specifically for clitoral stimulation. You might go for a classic vibrator (quiet vibrating sound) with different intensity settings. Also, suction toys are a popular choice. They use gentle sucking and soft vibrations to stimulate the feeling of oral sex. The good thing, it doesn't overwhelm the clit, as it's not directly touched. For partner play, you can get a C-shaped, couples vibrator. It stimulates you externally and internally at the same time, and can be used during intercourse. (exhaling) (quiet vibrating sound) (moaning) Either way, the world of sex toys is just waiting for you to explore it. (relaxed jazz instrumental music) - Clitoral stimulation is what makes my hips move up and down. What makes me moan. What helps me reach orgasm. - [Announcer] To sum it up, clit stimulation goes well with pretty much any other type of sexual activity. Combine it with anal fun, cervical play, or G-spot stimulation, for multifaceted waves of pleasure. (quiet piano music) - [Narrator] Everyone's heard about the G-spot, but have you found your own? In this video, we are going to talk about where to find the G-spot and how to entice it on your path to pleasure. The G-spot is an area of tissue packed with pleasurable nerve endings. It's located about a finger's length inside the vagina along its front wall. The G-spot's exact location differs for everyone. You can generally find it by feeling around for an area with a walnut-like texture. If that unmistakable "Oh!" feeling pops up, you're in the right place. It's a common misconception that stimulating the G-spot alone should be enough. The reality is that most vulva owners need some level of clitoral stimulation to climax. So how does pleasuring the G-spot actually feel? - G-spot pleasure is my favorite kind of arousal. - My G-spot feels kind of swollen. - Warm and juicy! - I find it doesn't matter how hard the touch is, it just creates this beautiful depth. - Such a beautiful, expansive, loving, emotional energy. - [Narrator] Often playing with your G-spot only feels pleasurable once the body is fully aroused. This is why so many women believe they don't have one. So if you're embarking on a G-spot treasure hunt, foreplay is crucial to a successful adventure. To fully awaken your senses, try sensual eating. Grab your favorite fruit and savor it fully. Then close your eyes and tune inwards. This will help you relax and connect with your body's internal experience. Take time to massage and caress all of your body parts. (breathing heavily) Your breasts. Your belly, your thighs. Slowly move on to your vulva, and especially your clit, to create natural vaginal lubrication. If you're not feeling wet yet, don't sweat it! Take your time, and know there's always lube to ease your journey. Once you've located the approximate location of the G-spot, try activating it with a few different techniques. Let's start with exploration. Mindfully slide inside the vagina, find the 12 o'clock position, and press up. (breathing heavily) Let go. (exhaling deeply) Move to one o'clock, and press again. Fully feel into each area, and be present with what you're feeling. Then use your thumb for the lower half, and move a few centimeters in after each round. (breathing heavily) Keep exploring with a different technique. The "Come Hither Motion". (exhaling deeply) Curl up your fingers and slide them back and forth. (breathing heavily) - Recently, I did a session where my partner was pleasuring me with his fingers and, so I asked him to pleasure my G-spot with this "Come Here" motion especially. And, it was quite mind-blowing! - [Narrator] When you play around with your G-spot, it can start to feel like you need to pee. This is actually a good thing, because it's a precursor to squirting, also known as female ejaculation. Squirting is an expulsion of fluid from or near the vagina during or before an orgasm. And this can feel amazing! (water splashing) This is how it works: use two fingers to stimulate your G-spot with consistent, strong pressure pulses. At the same time, place your other hand just above your pubic bone and try to press against the stimulation of the inside hand. (exhaling deeply) To actually squirt, stay present with your sensations and allow yourself to let go. (exhaling deeply) By the way, you can keep your mattress clean by putting down a few towels. So, what's the best position for G-spot pleasure? Doggie-style will allow your partner's penis or strap-on to consistently hit an angle that will stimulate your G-spot region. Cowgirl can also work if you lean back a bit and take control of the motion. Missionary can work, too, especially if you use a cushion to elevate your hips. There's a whole category of sex toys designed just for G-spot stimulation. It includes glass wands, curved dildos, rabbit vibrators and more. (breathing heavily) (funky music) (exhaling deeply) You can also try C-shaped couples' vibrators. They can stimulate the clitoris and G-spot at the same time and you can add it in to your intercourse. (moaning) (vibrator buzzing) (moaning) - Before I start with stimulating my G-spot, I always stimulate my clitoris first, which helps me find my G-spot, since it enlarges when I'm turned on. And, it helps achieve an amazing orgasm! - [Narrator] For some people, G-spot orgasms are impossible without simultaneous stimulation of other erogenous zones, like the clit, your nipples, anus, or cervix. Is it cheating to rub the clit during G-spot stimulation? Absolutely not! Your pleasure is the main goal. So don't worry about what it takes to get you off. Sit back, relax and make the most of your sensuality! - [Narrator] We don't often hear the cervix described as a pleasure zone, but with the right approach, stimulating it can indeed lead to powerful full-body pleasures. In this video, we are going to talk about how to spark arousal in this mysterious area. The cervix is located at the end of the vaginal canal, and acts like a gate leading to the uterus. You can find it by reaching a finger deep inside the vagina, and feeling around for a donut shaped structure. Cervical play is about stimulating the sensitive area rather than prodding it. It's important to handle this with the right sensual techniques to avoid discomfort. How does cervical pleasure feel? - It's so intense, it creates so much energy. - It's like a lot, there's so much there, there's so much pleasure, there's so much sensations. - Deep, strong sensation, and it's nothing like any other point generates. - I feel the skin on my whole body turn on as if I can feel everything. - I once remember having tears coming into my eyes when I had my cervix stimulated, just because I felt a new connection to my body that I hadn't felt before and it was like coming home to a long lost friend. - [Narrator] For cervical play to feel amazing, you want to wake the area up gently. First off, relax as much as possible, (heavy breathing) pick a comfortable setting, and enough time to be free from obligations. Massage and acupressure are incredible tools for foreplay, you can use a massage ball to wake up your hips, stomach and buttocks. You can use a wand to apply acupressure to your labias, perineum, and the muscles lining the vagina. Next you'll want to bring your body to a state of full arousal. This will create a foundation for pain-free pleasure. We recommend stimulating the clitoris and G spot before moving to the cervix, and, if you like, have lube handy to avoid any friction that might cause pain. To reach your cervix, try a few different positions. You can lie on your back, or on your side with one leg up. You can add your favorite toy, and try the cowgirl position as well. If you can't access your cervix, try getting into a squatting position, and if you're with a partner, reverse cowgirl is another option that can work well as you'll be able to control the movements and position. Once you've found your position, what can you do to experience that cervical bliss? (heavy breathing) First, connect with your breath while focusing on your pelvic area. Turn your attention inward, and allow any emotions that pop up to come through. Releasing pent up feelings during sex can be extremely healing. Try tapping on the cervix from all sides, many women also feel pleasure when their cervix is stroked or rubbed. Try an upward scooping motion that passes from the bottom of the cervix to the top. You can also massage your A spot with a glass dildo. (heavy breathing) This pleasure spot is located at the front wall of the vagina, just below the cervix. - My cervix is quite sensitive, so, if I'm not aroused enough, pleasuring my cervix can be quite painful. - I noticed that this painful feeling likes to be touched with more sensitivity, and not with pounding, for example, but more slow, gentle movements. - [Narrator] If you find tension or pain during the massage, breathe deeply and use pressure to release discomfort and reactivate those areas. (heavy breathing) If you want to add a toy to your massage, you can get a vibrator that's long enough to reach your cervix. The vibration helps to wake up numb cervixes. Dildos are also a great choice for exploring your cervix and the area around it. Want to take cervical play even further? Try combining it with other activities, pleasuring the cervix in tandem with the clit, G spot or anus might be the tipping point that sends you over the edge, opening up a whole new world of sexual pleasure. (upbeat music) - [Narrator] It's time to talk all things nipples. - If I'm stimulating my own nipples I use a very gentle touch. And it feels like a very heart-opening experience. - Having my nipples stimulated is a gateway to my yoni opening up. - [Narrator] In this video we will discuss how to give your nipples the attention they truly deserve. Lets begin. What we know to be the nipple is in fact made of three inter-connected parts. The Nipple itself, the Sulcus, and the Areola. Tons of nerve endings are ready to be ignited in this area. In fact, all chests, regardless of gender and size have the same exact amount of nerve endings. No one will be left out. So how do this mini pointers hold so much orgasmic potential? Well, science has it that nipple play can activate the very same regions of the brain as the clitoral or G-spot stimulation. That's a pretty helpful shortcut right? Its mostly down to the bodies release of Love Hormones. Otherwise known as Oxtocin. This is the clever chemical responsible for earth shattering orgasms. A few physical changes can occur during arousal. Some women find that their breast area becomes larger, increasing up to 25% of its size. The nipples themselves might also get harder and highly sensitive, yearning for more attention. What is the best way to warm nipples up? We suggest you start out with a sensual breast massage to get things going. Try pouring a little warm oil onto your chest paying close attention as it glides down. Avoid your nipples for now, while slowly massaging your collarbone. Then move to the chest itself in circular motions with a full hand slide. Change direction every so often. Feel a bit of pressure or heat? Don't worry, it's a sign that toxins are being released, making space for a deeper connection with your body. For some hot variety incorporate different sensations. Try tapping your fingertips gently across your chest mimicking the feeling of a light rain fall. You can also use a brush, activating a new sensation. Don't forget to breath while exploring. The possibilities here are endless. Experiment with what feels most pleasurable. - Nipple stimulation feels quite ticklish to me. So I like firmer pressure, pinching. - [Narrator] Now it's time to inch toward the center spot. With palms open wide slowly hover your hands over the tips, touching lightly. Respond to your bodies desire and apply different levels of pressure. Maintain this motion until the pleasure builds and builds to an intense, electrifying tingle. When trying nipple play with a partner invite them to lick your nipples with the tip of their tongue, using a soft flicking motion. A gentle blow of air or the use of an ice cube around the area will create an irresistible cooling effect. Sucking, nibbling, and biting are also perfect for more intense play. Explore your limits. Do you prefer gentler or sharper sensations? Lets look at the toys available for even more nipple fun. Feathers or silky clothes are perfect for teasing and experimenting with textures. While suction cups are also effective at mimicking mouths. A great option if you're without a partner. We recommend nipple clamps as a way to sustain and increase pressure to dizzying heights. A pair of these pinchers are a match made in heaven for a strong, concentrated squeezing. If you prefer consistent rapid sensation reach for a vibrating toy. Buzzing nipple clamps, a wand, or clitoral vibrator will work perfectly too. When in doubt use your solo or partner play as a basis for finding the best toy for you. To spice up your masturbation routine combine nipple play with a clitoral or G-spot stimulation intensifying sensation as you get hotter and hotter. - [Narrator] Mmm, butt love. In this video, we are going to talk about how you can make anal play both smooth and satisfying. - Anal play is awesome! - I love anal play so much! - Anal sex is one of my favorite things (chuckles). - I don't really like anal play, for me it's not a pleasure zone. - I really did not like anal play at all, now I love it, it's so good! - [Narrator] Let's talk anatomy for a sec. The anus passes through the pelvic floor and is made up of not one, but two sphincters, these rings of muscle are covered in thousands of nerve endings which can make stimulation feel fantastic. It's also right next to the vagina and legs and the clitoris. By indirectly stimulating these areas, you can open up a whole new path to pleasure. So how does anal play actually feel? - It feels incredibly intimate. It feels like it calls me to a deeper level of surrender. - I really have to deeply surrender to relaxation. - I know, the more I read and hear about it, the more interested I am in finding out more, learning and practicing. - Even after the next day, I feel so relaxed and satisfied. - It adds super pleasurable sensations to whatever is going on and it can awaken a certain animalistic rawness inside of me. - [Narrator] Before you dive in, make sure you've got body safe silicone or water based lube on hand, also think about doing an enema beforehand. The cleaner you are inside and out, the less likely you'll be to feel discomfort. Now, let's talk about the warm up. Take any steps you can to get yourself relaxed and aroused. You might also want to try waking up your body through sensual dance. Move your legs while lying on your back. Lift and circle your hips or try rolling around in bed. Try massaging the buttocks to warm up this area. You can use a massage ball for this. Shaking your cheeks can be another great way to wake them up and send blood rushing to this area. Next, you'll wanna get your back door used to being touched. Gently pull your cheeks apart and revel in the sensation of feeling exposed. We recommend a few techniques to make anal play awesome! First off, be generous with the lube. Drizzle it all over your anus, fingers and any toys you like to use. Next, gently circle the anus, with your middle and index finger. Try pulsating with both fingers on the anus. You can also use your index finger and thumb to help your anus relax by stretching it in all four directions. If you're down for penetration, place the tip of your finger at the entrance and gradually slide it inside. Once you've made it into the first knuckle, stay there for a moment and fully take in the sensation. We encourage you to take it easy and breathe consciously to stay relaxed. There are a number of positions that will work here. You can lye on your back with your legs bent. Or take it deeper by hugging your knees to your chest. You can also lye on your side with one leg bent, move around and experiment with what works for you. - Mmm, I also did have my partner recently during sex I was in the doggy style position and he inserted one finger into my anus and that was so pleasurable it blew my mind, I had no idea it would feel that good. - [Narrator] Using sex toys can make anal play easier and more arousing. Vibrators designed for anal play can both feel amazing and help relax the sphincter. There are also butt plugs in different sizes and shapes created specifically for anal play. Make sure smaller objects feel good before moving on to bigger ones. - If you don't do it right, if there's not enough lubrication or patience, it could be really painful. - [Narrator] You want to avoid micro tears so reapply lube as often as you need to. Don't feel too self conscious if you happen to make a mess. You're human and as they say, shit happens. - When the anus is stimulated it really triggers a deeper intensity in everything else I'm feeling, everywhere else in my body, if there's nipple play happening, if there's clitoral stimulation happening, if there's kissing, it really seems to just blow everything else up, amplify everything! - For me, I enjoy anal play in conjunction with penetration vaginally and clitoral stimulation. I feel it just enhances the whole experience when you want a little bit more. - [Narrator] Combining anal play with other activities can sometimes mean the difference between an unpleasant experience and an amazing one. Experiment with stroking your clit, nipples, or g-spot simultaneously and remember, it's about the journey rather than the destination. If anal play doesn't lead to orgasm for you, don't sweat it! Stick with what feels right and focus on the fun! (mid-tempo bass music) - [Narrator] Everybody likes to have more of a good thing. That's why we're here to talk about the O that keeps on coming (various orgasmic sounds in a row). This video is all about Multiple Orgasms. Multiples are created by the very same muscle contractions that spark single orgasms. If you happen to be a vulva owner, your body comes equipped with the potential to climax again and again. Multiple orgasms feel different for everyone. (drum beat drops) - Multiple orgasms are the best. They're unlike a quick orgasm where it's over and you don't wanna be touched anymore. - [Zena] It's quite a cosmic experience, it's really feeling those waves of orgasmic bliss moving through my body. - It was not only a vaginal or down in the pelvic area originating orgasm, but rather just an orgasmic experience. - It doesn't feel like having an end, like this is what I like about them the most, it feels like it can going on and on forever. - [Narrator] You'll be more likely to orgasm again if you take enough time to warm up with sensual touch and other forms of foreplay. Massage can be a great way to increase blood flow throughout the body, which is key to full sexual arousal. Try some angel strokes. They help to move your energy up and to spread it all over your body. (deep breathing) Use materials that create new sensations, like feathers or floggers, to activate your senses. Body brushes are another choice if you're seeking a feeling that's more scratchy than smooth. Have you ever heard of edging? It's a techniques that helps you experience intense pleasure waves. How does it work? Stimulate yourself to the brink of orgasm. Slow down, and then slowly build back up again. Repeat this a few times and and ride your pleasure waves. (bell dinging) As the pleasure level increases with every round, you'll be able to discover new orgasmic sensations. (heavy breathing) (heavy breathing) - [Narrator] After exploring new pleasure waves, you've got two options. Either you go over to the point of no return, and you have your final big O, or you don't, and simply cool off. (mid-tempo pop music) - When I experience multiple orgasms, it keep, it's like it keeps me in this state of pleasure, like a higher state of pleasure. - [Leah] And just when you think you're done, it starts again and you go on another wave, like a roller coaster going up and down and up and down. - [Viktoria] I go on the wave or, like, you're going more deep, and being more intense, and then coming up or coming up just a little bit. - [Brigida] Another then another wave and it becomes more, almost like you lose consciousness. - [Narrator] To be able to ride those pleasure waves, you need strong pelvic floor muscles. Kegel exercises are perfect for getting them in shape. When you add a Yoni Egg or Ben Wa Balls to your workout routine, you can switch on your vaginal nerve endings and re-sensitive them for pleasure. (light piano music) To do them, simply inhale and relax your pelvic floor muscles. When you exhale, tighten your pelvic floor muscles like you would if you were trying to stop peeing mid-flow. Repeat this process, starting with five to 10 minutes each day. (deep breathing) And what sex positions would help to experience multiple orgasms? Any positions that allow you to keep consistent pressure on your erogenous zones will work. Being on top will allow you to control the speed and positioning of your partner's penis or strap-on. What works for your first orgasm can lead to multiples too. And, what about toys? (vibrator buzzing) Vibrators are an excellent source of steady, non-stop stimulation, but make sure to not use up all your sexual energy right at the very beginning. Remember, this is about edging. (vibrator buzzing) (deep breathing) Dildos that are made of crystal, glass or 100% medical-grade silicon are a great choice too, especially if you seek some non-vibrational penetration after the first orgasm. Anal toys, like beads or plugs, can put pressure on other areas of the pelvis, like the G-spot or inner clitoral network. This makes for more delicious, on-going pleasure. (drum beat drops) - I can go from this really deep, G-spot orgasm into, like, an anal orgasm into clitoral orgasm simply just by starting to focus on different areas of my body. - [Narrator] There are many types of orgasms and any combination can be mixed together. You might start with a nipple orgasm, and move on to a clitoral, G-spot, cervical, or anal orgasm immediately afterwards. Try mixing different kinds of stimulation to find out what works for you. And, if multiples don't happen, (soft piano music) don't despair. You can always try again in the future. (soft piano music) (upbeat music) (cheering) - [Announcer] Congratulations. You've just given yourself one of the greatest gifts imaginable. You've invested in your own pleasure and your partner's by having the courage to explore your body. Thank yourself for taking this time to embrace your sexuality. You discovered the miraculous, beautiful world of female pleasure and how to build the foundation needed for a fulfilling sex life. You learned techniques like edging and how to stimulate yourself all the way up to your cervix. Everything starts with turning inwards, accepting your body, and connecting with every sensation. You discovered how to warm up your whole body and awaken each pleasure zone to its full potential. And on top of that, you now have the knowledge to enjoy the ride with a partner. You might ask yourself, "How can I continue from here?" One of the best steps you can take is to set up a regular pleasure practice. Pencil it into your calendar right now, at least once a week to help your sensuality and your relationship continue to expand. Also, share what you've learned with your partner and use that knowledge to spice up your next date night. You could also give some of the toys we recommended as gifts to yourself or to the special person in your life. If you're curious about how to grow and continue your development, check out the links below. If you have any questions, roadblocks in your way, or something that came up during your pleasure practice, you can ask your question in our Facebook group or send a message to our wonderful support team. You can find details for that below this video. The journey has just begun and is ever evolving. Now take these tools, get out there, and play. (upbeat music)

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