Throat Orgasm – The Magic Place at the End of the Rainbow

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Written by Mariah Freya

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Open wide. Those sensual taste buds in your throat? Yeah, they are about to be tantalized. If you’ve ever seen the movie, Deep Throat, an American pornographic film from the 70’s, you may recall a sexually frustrated woman on a quest to find her clitoris. When she visits the doctor she is surprised to learn that her most dire pleasure point actually exists in her throat.

Really? A throat orgasm?! While it may sound surreal, the throat orgasm is very accessible.

All you need is a willing cock and an unrestricted throat to get started.

If you are ripe to experience the sassy sensations of a throat orgasm, open your mouth and say “ah”. Below I will show you how to fire-up your throat and experience a mouth-watering orgasm.

Quick Facts About the Throat Orgasm

  • You may not need a cock to get started. Some say that singing a full-throated song can even do the job. One woman reported that she gets an orgasm while brushing her teeth.
  • Science says that there is a connection between a woman’s cervix and her throat because of the vagus nerve. These nerves can travel from the throat to the cervix hence activating a throat orgasm/vaginal orgasm.
  • Deep-throating shouldn’t be painful. Deep-throating is the art of relaxing your throat enough to let the penis slide in comfortably.

Anatomy of a Throat Orgasm: So Where is it Exactly?

The throat orgasm is a pleasure-point that exists, you guessed it: in the throat. Where this point is located may vary. It depends on the unique anatomy of your throat. For me, and for many other women, this pleasure-point is deep down on the back side of my air tube. Some women may feel it closer to the front side of their mouth, while others may feel it closer to the uvula.

In order to tickle this point, I have to deep-throat a penis. Your threshold, however, may be located closer to the entrance of your mouth, so go slow. There is no need to rush. Play around a little with your lover’s cock and see what feels good for you.

My Throat Orgasm Experience: Superhuman like

throat orgasm

I experienced a throat orgasm. It happened one day when I gave my lover a blow job while he was kneeling down. When I started deep-throating, I noticed that my throat started to get hot. As his penis engorged and continued to fill my mouth I noticed a barrier: the gag-reflex.

This barrier produces a knee-jerk reaction similar to the one we experience when we feel the need to throw up. Obviously not ideal when trying for a throat orgasm. Then came the eureka moment. As I started to get super horny I began to relax. My gag-reflex calmed down. My throat expanded and I began yearning for penetration. The intense yearning for penetration turned into an orgasm.

This is what I referred to as above as reaching a pure orgasmic state.

As the explosion began in my throat, I was able to direct its energy to the rest of my body. The result? A pulsating pussy just begging to be penetrated. Ahh, the bliss!

What Others Say or Do


There is still a lack of research surrounding the throat orgasm. There are few studies that support its potential orgasm powers, but there are some. In the book by Whipple, Beyer-Flores and Komisaruk, “[amazon link=”080188490X” title=”The Science of Orgasm” /]” the vagus nerve could be the key to experiencing a throat orgasm.

“Vagus” means wandering in Latin. This name makes sense as the vagus nerve is the longest cranial nerve in the human body. This potent nerve, whose branches travel along the whole extent of our body, is responsible for stimulating the voicebox, the throat, the upper palate, the heart, the lungs and the digestive system. It is also responsible for stimulating the cervix.

Whipple and Komisaruk pointed out that women with spinal cord injuries, who normally had trouble feeling their lower extremities, could experience a genital orgasm when the vagus nerve is stimulated.

Wow! Nothing like a strong mouthful of cock to awaken your lady bits!

Tantric Tradition

Have a big project to finish and can’t find the energy? Skip the coffee, a sensual blow-job may be your best pick-me-up.

Tantric community believes that the throat chakra can evoke a genius-like reaction.

This reaction creates, innovates and promotes life-changing ideas. By activating this chakra you can help re-energize and tune into your purest creative potential. So next time you feel like you are in a creative slump, reach for a cock instead of a cup-of-joe. It may be just the kick you need!


You can also check out the practice of Khecari Mudra, which involves placing the tongue above the soft palate and into the nasal cavity. This technique activates the nectar of immortality within us. It could also help activate the vagus nerve. In theory, it helps ward off disease and death. Mouth yoga anyone?

How to Get There: Reaching a Throat Orgasm

throat orgasm

Bodacious blowjobs that provide explosive orgasms are no longer reserved solely for our male counterparts. Oral penetration, when done right, elicits an electrifying orgasm for a woman as well. If you are a woman and are currently single, try for a throat orgasm by experimenting with your fingers or a toy. Stay as relaxed as possible and work your way slowly in. Take deep breaths and try not to choke.

If you feel a choking sensation arising, stop and begin again.

Practice with your partner. You can worship their cock with a conscious blow job. Relax as the penis enters. Don’t overwhelm yourself. Take as much time as you need. Take deep belly breaths and attempt to control your reflexes. The trick here is to surrender to the penetration. The hornier you are, the better.

You will know you are “there” if you relax into a pure orgasmic state.

A state where thoughts are non-existent. A state where your pussy is salivating to be penetrated. A state where all you feel is orgasmic bliss from your head down to your pretty little toes.

Go aHEAD, give more blowjobs!

Worship your man’s penis with a passion, but remember this is about your orgasm as well. Surrender into that deep orgasmic state. The throat orgasm is so worth it. It is definitely a climax worth adding to your potent potpourri of orgasms. Your pink palate will thank you!

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