Throat Orgasm – The Magic Place at the End of the Rainbow

Mariah Freya
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I used to only hear about this particular type of orgasm, but never took it seriously until I experienced it myself a few weeks back. So here it is – the throat orgasm!

While you are worshipping his cock you can have sassy orgasms, yep, inside of your throat. Maybe you’ve seen the movie “Deep Throat” from 1972 by Jerry Gerard. A great movie about a sexually frustrated woman who is seeking advice on how to reach orgasm. The doctor discovers that her clitoris is located inside her throat. She starts developing her oral skills and discovers the joy of, guess what, deep-throating.

Anyhow, this fiction sounds quite surreal, but if you dig deeper into the internet or open some Tantric books on the throat chakra you will at least discover some esoteric explanations.

Quick Facts About the Throat Orgasm


As the name suggests, it all happens in your throat. Quite self-explanatory so far. Some might already feel it inside their mouth or at the back of the mouth close to the uvula. Others might need to go further down – which is more likely.

So where is it?

The point that does the job for me (and for other women describing this phenomenon) is quite deep down my throat on the back side of my air tube. In order to tickle this point, I have to deep-throat a penis. And keep it there for a few seconds.

My Throat Orgasm Experience

throat orgasm
As I said, I wasn’t aware about this orgasm until recently. It happened when I gave my lover a blow job while he was kneeling. I sucked his penis. When I started deep-throating, I noticed that my throat started to get hot. I continued and noticed a little barrier. This barrier is quite typical and produces a reflex very similar to the one to throw up, but this time I mastered the reflex. I was getting super horny and was yearning for penetration. This yearning for penetration turned into an orgasm, once I opened up for being penetrated inside my throat. The trick was to surrender with my throat to his penetration. It’s a pure orgasmic state, where thoughts are non-existent. Just bliss. It all happens inside your throat and the orgasmic explosion throws your mind into an almost transcendental state.

What others say or do


You won’t find much.  Except in the book by Whipple and Komisaruk, “The Science of Orgasm”. They studied the vagus nerve, whose branches travel along the whole extent of our body. There seems to be a connection between a woman’s cervix and her throat because the vagus nerves travel through those parts. And Whipple and Komisaruk have shown in studies that women with spinal cord injuries who normally cannot feel their lower extremities, could feel an orgasm while the vagus nerve was stimulated through the deep penetration in the cervix.


In Tantra, you’ll find lots of information about this particular spot of the body, the throat chakra. One of them is this vast and almost genius-like aspect in us that creates, innovates and promotes life-changing ideas. It’s a very refined aspect within us.. Super inspiring. Throat orgasms can help to open up this aspect, to tune into your pure creative potential.

Looking into hardcore yoga, you will find the practice of Khecari Mudra. It’s a practice aimed at activating the nectar of immortality within us, to overcome disease and death. The main practice is to place the tongue above the soft palate heading towards the uvula and eventually touching it. Yoga states that with this technique there is great potential to raise Kundalini and to discover deep spiritual states of consciousness.


Doesn’t matter if it sounds weird: Give more blowjobs! Worship your man with passion. Show him your love. And surrender into a yearning state of being impacted or penetrated by him. Close your eyes and feel into your body. Breathe deeply into your belly to relax and control your reflexes.

It’s worth it. And it’s definitely an orgasm worth adding to your orgasmic potpourri.

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