The Art of Giving Head Like a Real Tantric Goddess

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Written by Mariah Freya


You want to learn how to give blowjobs like a real tantric Goddess? You have come to the right place.

On my own journey of worshipping dick, I have noticed a few essential ingredients that turn the experience from being something great into something paranormal. For the receiver and the giver.

1. Discover the Joy of Giving Head

Write down 5 things on a piece of paper you enjoy when you give head to him. Finding out what’s your motivation is key to discovering the art of giving head.

Are you doing it for him? The usual being at service motivation, because you want him to feel great, right?! But what about you?

From the perspective of a guy, there is nothing sexier than a woman wanting his dick. That’s what they’ve told me. It’s true. If you are giving head for him only, you are only a half-hearted worshipper. And he will know.

Passionately craving his juices is what makes a man confident, hot, and, even last longer. Start loving his taste, his smell, as if you wanted to bathe in it. Enjoy yourself as if you were licking a divine lollipop. And especially find your own joy in it. It’s not about a porn-like performance. It’s about passionate giving – unconditionally.

2. Consciously Receive Dick

Are you able to let him penetrate your throat?

For some of you this might be highly challenging. And it is a bit of a tricky one, I agree. You are the giver so you are in a sort of controlling and active position. Simultaneously receiving, or better, surrendering in front of his dick, is sort of confusing your role. It requires a certain skill – multi-tasking.

First of all, it’s not about perfectionism. It’s about the will of wanting.

Ahron de LeeuwAt the moment his dick is inside of your mouth, you can switch the roles between the giver and the receiver (best you do this consciously). Most deep throating is not necessarily difficult because of the anatomy – the tricky part is switching from being the giver to becoming the receiver.

It requires a highly relaxed and surrendering state for him to be able to penetrate your throat. Try to get there step-by-step. Be patient with yourself. Let yourself go a little more, gradually. Relax, breathe and enjoy this journey.

3. Have a Throat Orgasm While You Are At It

Which leads me to the next step – throat orgasm. Are you able to fully let go of your control? Also physically, your swallow reflex? Yes? You have mastered the art of full surrender while giving head.

From this moment on you can dive deeper into the joy it gives you.

The pleasurable tingling in your throat, that spreads all around your head and your body. Feeling your throat chakra opening up and maybe even a slight transcendental effect.

This is how it feels to me at least. You might also feel it in a different part of your body. But the potential is there for a full-on throat (blowing) orgasm. Feel free to read more about throat orgasm.

4. Transfigure His Dick into a Divine Phallus

Transfiguration is an ancient Tantric practice. It teaches you to look through body and flesh and try to see the divine essence behind it. Obviously not an easy task, but hey, fake it till you make it.

6217061869_c931b3f6d9Blow jobs give you a great opportunity to practice transfiguration. Worship his dick. Kiss it. Tell him that his dick is magic, so masculine, so hard and so divine. Try to look beyond size and form and see his divine masculine essence shining through.

It’s a mental process that banishes any negative connotations and transforms your blow job into an actual spiritual practice.

5. Seduce With Extra Eye Contact

Eye contact takes the transfiguration practice to a totally new level. Not only worship his dick – worship his whole being.

Through eye contact, you get immediate contact to what is called, in many traditions, his gateway to the soul.

And it’s super unifying to stay in contact with him anyhow. Make him hot with a sexy glimpse of yours.

6. Tease Him Hard

The biggest mistake I made in the past was finishing off too quickly. I guess it had to do with my half-hearted approach to being at service to him, instead of also staying in touch with my own desires.

Teasing is a high art of sexual play. It requires a soft form of domination. You enjoy the process of testing out his boundaries? Explore his pleasure curves like a mastered Dakini and understand what’s going on with him.

Play with his point of no return. Which is the point just before ejaculating – if he passes this point, he cannot stop his ejaculation. That’s why you should try to keep him below this point. And when he gets too close cool him off.

This is not about prolonging the agony but about increasing his pleasure curve tremendously. To a point where he could actually experience multiple orgasms without ejaculating. Woah, the male orgasm is not as simple as you thought, imagine that!


7. Finish in Bliss

what-is-an-orgasmAs this article is about the Tantric way of giving head I must not fail to mention that a Tantric blow job traditionally does not include an ejaculation.

Yep, the ideal in Tantra is working towards multiple orgasms without ejaculating. In the traditional way of Tantra men keep their semen to avoid mature energy drainage. It is said that semen contains a lot of life energy, which would be a shame to waste.

Check this beginner’s guide to find out more on Tantra.

Note: If you or your man wants to learn more about this, don’t start on your own, but get a professional Tantric teacher or a sex coach on your side to guide you through this process. No, there are no good books on this esoteric topic.

So if your lover is practicing it the Tantric way you gotta respect his boundaries and take him as far as he wants. You can help him with sublimating his energy towards the higher chakras, by stroking him upwards, along his torso. A great way to finish is to have a final meditation together where both of you use the blown up sexual energy for a higher intention.

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Mariah Freya

Mariah Freya is a sex & orgasm coach, urban goddess and founder of She opens up the topic of sexuality in all its diversity through her videos, articles and online courses. Mariah has a powerful global mission: Liberating sexuality from below the belly button up, and helping the individual grow through pleasure into fulfilment.

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