All Over the House: 5 Sex Positions for Every Room In Your Home

Sex Around The House
Written by Beducated Magazine

Looking to spice things up in the bedroom? Well, here’s an idea: get yourselves out of the bedroom. One study found that people having sex around the house are 33% more satisfied with their sex life than those only having sex in bed, with 10.5% more satisfied overall in their relationships.

That’s some pretty exciting statistics, especially when all you have to do is explore the house. Yet, it can seem pretty daunting when many of us are so used to the bed… Agreed, it’s comfortable, and it’s the right size and shape for your bodies to do their thing. How on earth would sex in the kitchen or the bathroom work? There are just so many obstacles…

It’s okay, we’ve got you covered. With these five positions, for outside the bedroom, you’ll become the master of the house, and of your relationship.

To get warmed up, why not fantasize about which room you’d most like to do it in. You could have a solo masturbation session in said room. Dirty talk or sext your partner about how you couldn’t help yourself and that you need to explore every single room together! Set a date, or a few, to try out each room and add props to the mix to take it to the next level––making it a sexy Cluedo if you will.

The Captain with the Wires in the Home Office

Sex on the desk

Though this is in your home office, this is 100% Not Safe For Work. Just make sure your conference webcam is switched off. The Captain is a perfect position enjoyed on a desk––whether you want to dramatically throw your paper and pens to the floor as they do in the movies, that is up to you (just remember you’ll have to clear it up afterwards).

If you are feeling super dominant, grab a wire and tie up the receiver’s hands as they lie on their back, legs in the air––Spread Eagle style. Penetrate them with your penis or dildo while standing over them to take full control! Show them who’s boss. Grab their ankles and move your hips to hit their G-spot or P-spot.

The Burner with the Spatula in the Kitchen

Sex in the kitchen

Lying face down over the kitchen counter, have your partner penetrate you from behind with their penis or strap-on. This fiery position will certainly heat up your sex life––just make sure the cooker isn’t on for your safety!

Communicate to your partner what thrusting motions you want––deep, shallow, fast, or slow. This position is perfect for G-spot and P-spot stimulation. To top it off, have your partner grab the spatula for some light, medium, or hard spanking on your perfectly positioned ass cheeks.

The Double Decker with Scented Candles in the Dining Room

Sex next to the window

If you don’t want your neighbors to see you through the window, the Double Decker is great for some risque secret sex around the house. Positioned just out of sight, lie on the floor, your partner on top of you, as if you were doing Reverse Cowgirl, but you’re both lying down, back to chest.

This can be super intimate, holding your partner tightly as you penetrate their vagina or anus.

For even more sensual intimacy, set the mood by lighting some scented candles. Anyone walking past may spy a dimly lit room, they may hear some strange sounds, but not a person in sight. If your partner does start to moan too inconspicuously, you are in the perfect position to cover their mouth to gag them.

The Sofa Spoon with a Vibrator in the Lounge

Sex on the sofa

Having a lazy day? This is the perfect Netflix and Chill position as you cuddle on the sofa together. Drifting in and out of slumber, slowly and gently stroke your partner in all the right places. Things will quickly get passionate, and you barely have to move a muscle! That is if you have a vibrator at hand, which you can use to stimulate each other’s nipples and genitals.

Slip your hand or cock into your partner and rock back and forth with the vibrator on their erogenous zones, till they reach oblivion. Just don’t forget where you were in that episode of that show you were half watching.

The Candle with the Body Gel in the Shower

Sex in the shower

Feeling a little dirty after all that sex around the house? Jump in the shower with your partner to get cleaned up, you wonderful filthy things. The Candle is a great standing position as you can penetrate your partner from behind while they hold onto your head.

Grab the lotion, lather up those bubbles and sensually rub your partner. Making sure to get those nipples scrubbed clean, as well as their neck and behind the ears to really turn them on. Challenge accepted? Fantastic, enjoy your adventures beyond the bedroom and into the unknown.

Be prepared for unexpected excitement and all sorts of obstacles that can be used in your favor. The limit is your imagination.

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