The Amazon Sex Position: Try the Spiced Up “Cowgirl” for Surprising Pleasure

amazon sex position
Written by Jazz Meyer

If you’re anything like me, you’ve gone hunting for exciting new positions in the pursuit of extraordinary love-making. One of the most tantalizing I’ve found is the little-known amazon sex position. If you’ve ever felt there’s a vixen in you, aching to explore your feminine dominance, this sexy woman-on-top position is for you.

The amazon sex position is the perfect way to explore your dominant side, allow more access to your clitoris, and control the depth and speed of penetration.

Embrace yourself as an empowered woman and sex queen in this position!

Even for the most adventurous of us, trying new things in the bedroom can be a daunting endeavor. Which is why I’ve put together this step-by-step guide. I want you to have the confidence to discover delicious new facets of your sexuality, the way I have!

What you’ll need:

  • A willing male partner
  • A pillow
  • Plenty of time
  • The ability to laugh at yourself!

#1 Create A Safe And Comfortable Environment

amazon sex position

Trust is the greatest aphrodisiac. Begin your love-making session by ensuring your partner’s comfort. Nurturance is a very gentle form of dominance and can introduce a power dynamic even before you get started.

Ask your partner to lay down, using the pillow for lower back or hip support. Encourage open communication, give him time to get comfortable and ask if he needs anything. Try to approach it as an experiment, free of expectations.

And of course, don’t forget foreplay!

Begin your session with a sensual lingam massage or a teasing blowjob. Getting him fired up is the perfect way to transition into riding him.

#2 Find The Best Position For Mutual Pleasure

When you’ve both reached a delicious point of yearning, gently guide his legs up to his chest. If he’s inflexible, this could be challenging, so keep checking in with him. Using the pillow to raise or lower his hips can ease the pressure on his hamstrings. It can also be used to tilt his pelvis towards you for easier penetration.

Channeling your Amazonian warrior, bring your knees to rest on the bed either side of his hips. Gently lower yourself onto his thighs. Even without taking him into you, this puts you in a position of power and dominance. Feel into his vulnerability and openness and honor his gift of trust.

#3 Slowly And Gently Attempt Union

The point of penetration can be a very powerful moment for both of you. Embracing the dominant role allows you to guide that experience.

Tilt back your partner’s cock and guide it to your yoni. Be gentle, as this can uncomfortably stretch his penile ligaments.

Pro tip: Leaning towards your partner can help ease tension in his cock.

Slowly push him into you and rest yourself on his legs. At whatever pace you desire, move up and down, or back and forth. Maintaining eye contact is a powerful way to express subtle dominance while connecting you in a soulful and sexy union.

#4 Play With The Dynamic

When you’ve found your rhythm, you can delve into the depths of a dominant/submissive dynamic. There’s an enormous potential for spiritual discovery in power play.

If you know your partner is into it, go ahead and explore your dominant side. Embrace the active facets of yourself, maintaining awareness of your partner’s energy too. Watch how he responds to your dominance.

Take this as an opportunity to explore the divine masculine and feminine.

Bring in a Shiva-Shakti meditation if that’s something you connect with. Or embrace the pure liberation of the carnal by talking dirty. Find whatever enhances the experience for you.

#5 Be Attentive To His Body

amazon sex position

The best lovers are those that attune themselves to their partner’s needs. How does he respond to your movements?

Go slow, allowing plenty of time to find what works best.

If you can’t find a comfortable position for both of you, there’s no shame in trying something else instead.

For some, the psychology of power play can be a very confronting experience. Be sure to maintain safety and trust before, during and after your sexual union. Agree on a safe word beforehand, and give gentle aftercare. It could help to read up on these concepts before you begin.

#6 Don’t Be Afraid To Experiment

Some variations of the Amazon sex position may work better for you. Squatting, instead of kneeling, allows for more control over your movements. If you find yourself slipping off his thighs, use a pillow to tilt his pelvis up for a more stable seat.

The reverse amazon sex position has you facing away from your partner. Your man will get a spectacular view of your booty, plus an intimate look at his cock sliding in and out of you. It doesn’t get much hotter than that.

The reclining amazon works with your lover bending his knees, keeping his feet flat on the bed. Lie on top of him, with your back to his stomach, allowing him to enter you from behind. This position is excellent for full-body contact, allowing your partner to explore your body with his hands.

#7 The Amazon Is An Equal-Opportunity Sex Position

amazon sex position

The amazon sex position is versatile enough to be used by pretty much anybody. The same position is great for two women with the help of a strap-on. For two men, the reverse amazon is a unique position for anal sex.

And now? The only thing left to do is go blow some minds in the bedroom! Use the Amazon in whichever way works for you and your partner to find ultimate pleasure.

When I first brought the Amazon sex position to my partner, you wouldn’t believe how eager he was to try it. I love a guy who’s up for experimenting and there’s something incredibly sexy about dominating a man. If your goal is to be an incredible lover, this is the perfect way to discover untapped sides of your sexuality and enter a new world of pleasure.

The beauty of your feminine power is waiting to be unleashed on the world. Go get ‘em tiger!

About the author

Jazz Meyer

Jazz Meyer is a born creative with a curious spirit, totally preoccupied with interpersonal dynamics and the innumerable ways there exist to be human. She takes great pleasure in delving into the conscious community, sexuality, communication, and relationships and loves to help others to do the same.

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