Yoni Steam – All You Need to Know about the Trendy Pussy Spa

yoni steam
Written by Kimberlee Meier

We’ve all heard about cleansing. Cleansing your skin, cleansing your soul… but what about cleansing your vagina? It’s time to talk about yoni steam!

Yoni steaming, which is also known as a yoni root steam bath or even vaginal steaming, is an ancient practice which basically involves steaming your vagina with herbs.

It’s a vaginal facial!

The process can help you relieve period pains, nurture your fertility and even help with pelvic pain associated with sex. Not only that, but yoni steaming can also powerfully and profoundly connect you with your own body, detoxify your uterus and unlock your inner self.

The ritual has been around since ancient times, but now it is being revived by women all over the world as a natural and intimate way of connecting with their body and solving some problems downstairs.

It’s time to explore everything you need to know about yoni steam, the exciting possibilities around the ritual and the benefits that await you!

yoni steam

Getting Started – What’s Yoni?

Yoni… what is it? It’s an ancient Sanskrit term that represents feminine power – basically, the power of a vagina (it literally translates to the source of all life).

So, the force of yoni in modern sexuality and techniques can take many forms! We are talking about all things yoni like yoni massage and yoni eggs – which all focus on your vagina, taking care of yourself downstairs and making sure you can get the most out of life in the bedroom.

The main force behind all these different paths into a woman’s sexuality is empowering yourself and opening your mind up to a load of different ways you can embrace your inner sex goddess, either through massage, the use of yoni eggs, or cleansing and nurturing your yoni through yoni steaming.

Please Don’t Try Yoni Steaming If…

Although yoni steaming is entirely safe, you should never try it if you are pregnant. If you have an infection or are menstruating – sorry, but you will also have to wait until these pass before you can give yoni steaming a try. The ritual is also not recommended for women who have an intrauterine device (IUD).

The Main Benefits of Yoni Steaming

yoni steaming

#1 It Can Help Cut out Period Pain

One of the main reasons why so many ladies are turning to yoni steaming is because the cleanse itself can help with a lot of the main issues associated with periods. If having your period spells pain, bloating and exhaustion – read on.

If you regularly get cramps, stabbing pains or aching, yoni steaming could actually help make some of the issues disappear. Some women have also said they see more natural blood flow (without clotting) after they started yoni steaming.

How does yoni steaming do this? Well, during the steaming process, the walls of your uterus are cleansed and any build up over time inside your walls can be loosened or released.

By doing this, you’ll get a more uninterrupted flow when you start your period.

It’s important to remember – a healthy period is bright red and doesn’t clot, so if you see either, you could benefit from a yoni steam.

#2 It Can Help Increase Your Fertility

Yep, yoni steaming is all about fertility benefits and here’s why.

You know how we just talked about how steaming can get rid of some of the nasties inside your uterus walls to help with your period? There’s more. On top of that, the steam can also help create ‘uterine membranes’ which, for those of us non-scientists, help to make your uterus more open to the chance of conceiving.

By syncing up your menstrual cycle and getting it back to its natural state (no nasties!), a steam also helps to increase the circulation in your vulva area and creates a more relaxed environment for your uterus, and you! Just think of it as becoming more at one with your uterus.

If you have possibly conceived, DO NOT attempt to yoni steam after!

#3 It Helps to Detox

yoni steam

As we’ve mentioned above, the yoni steam is all about vaginal cleansing – so it’s time to get personal.

Getting rid of build ups in your uterus and getting you back into a healthy cycle are all fantastic benefits from the steam, but the cleanse can also help you with other chronic problems like yeast infections and even a bad taste and smell.

Because the steam can target your vulva (where infections and odors live), the heat in the steam relaxes your pelvic muscles and, depending on what herbs you choose, create a natural circulation. All this helps with getting any infections or odors that are making themselves at home to move out.

#4 It Can Help with Problems in Your Womb

If you’ve ever had a common problem in your womb like an ovarian cyst, a fibroid, or even endometriosis, giving your vagina a cleanse may help to get rid of them naturally.

Think about this;

A lot of common problems like endometriosis happen because a part of you isn’t playing ball.

Did you know endometriosis is triggered by a lining in your uterus which starts growing in the wrong place? And cysts and fibroids? They are lovely little presents that are left after a buildup of fluid. So it makes sense that getting rid of early buildups can help to steer clear of these problems before they even start.

If you can get your uterus and vulva back to a natural, flowing state through a yoni cleanse, a lot of the problems which actually stem back to your period not flowing correctly can be written off.

#5 It Can Help with Pain During Sex

yoni steam

Women feel pain during sex for a lot of different reasons, so pinpointing why it’s happening to you might be difficult.

But a yoni steam can definitely help if you are feeling tension downstairs.

One of the ways yoni steaming can help with pain during sex is because the steam helps to relieve muscle tension and pain in your pelvic area. On top of that, many women have reported a tightening of their vagina after a steam, and because the steam actually gives you back some natural moisture you might have lost in your vagina, it can also help to improve your sex life as well.

The whole steaming process can also open up doors to keep building on those improvements in the bedroom naturally through yoni massage.

By now you’ve probably noticed a pattern; by helping to strip away nasties in the walls of your uterus, yoni steaming can help your uterus get back to a state with no toxins or other build ups that may be blocking you downstairs.

If painful sex is your big concern, you can check our article on how to turn pain into pleasure.

How Do I Get Started with Yoni Steaming?

Now that you know all of the amazing benefits of yoni steaming, it’s time to get you started on doing your own!

yoni steam bath

What to Expect from Your First Steam

The main idea behind yoni steaming is actually a yoni steam bath!

The main elements of a yoni steam are – yoni steam herbs, a herb pot, a sturdy, comfortable seat and a nice blanket to make the whole steam even more enjoyable and intimate. The process from setting up your pot of infused herbs to finishing the actual cleanse should only last about 30 minutes, and we suggest (depending on what you are hoping to get out of the steam!) giving your vagina a facial every week or two!

Create a Yoni Steam Spa at Home

Before you start, you’ll need to customize your herbs for your individual needs (period problem steams use different herbs to fertility steams – so see our list below) and get a decent seat as well. Remember, you’ll be sitting for half an hour!

Setting up your own yoni steam at home is super easy and affordable.

If you are on a proper tight budget, you can prepare your herbs and use your toilet for the steam…. Although this might take away from the whole connecting with your inner-womanhood kinda thing we are going for.

Once you’ve got everything ready, it’s time to steam! Head over to your stove and get a pot (that will fit inside chosen yoni steam throne when you are ready to sit) and add 1-2 litres of water. A good rule of thumb is putting about two litres of water for every 3-4 tablespoons of loose leaf herbs.

Add in your chosen herbs, bring to the boil and then let it simmer for about 10 minutes. Be careful that the water doesn’t go crazy when it gets boiling and don’t add it straight to your steaming seat  – otherwise, you may just get a burnt vagina instead of a cleansed one! Even then, let the steam off for a few moments before you sit over it when you put it into your seat. If you are using your toilet, then tip the mix straight into your bowl.

Once you take your seat, wrap a blanket tightly around your waist and your yoni steaming stool. This way, you are boxing in all the goodness and making sure you get the most out of the steam! When you are done, be sure to relax, rest and also take time to reflect on the experience of being more in touch with your inner self!

Here’s a quick video tutorial you can check out!

What Yoni Steam Herbs Should I Use?

Good question! One of the big ups of the yoni steam is that loads of different herbs will help you with various issues you’ve got going on downstairs – or if you just want a good old detox.

Yoni Pleasure Palace has pre-packed yoni steam herbs that you can buy in a bundle, or you can pick ‘n mix with the herbs that will best suit your steam and what you are trying to get out of it.

Here are some mixes you can use to narrow down a recipe and pin down whatever you are trying to fix –

For fixing your period and stopping sex pain – mugwort, rosemary, chamomile, calendula, motherwort, melon balm, dong quai.

For upping your fertility – wormwood, red rose petals, basil, rosemary, lavender, oat straw

For the ultimate vagina detox- marigold, rosemary, oregano, garden sage

For womb problems like cysts – nettles, red raspberry leaf, red clover, yarrow

Your yoni steam will work well with dried herbs, or even better, with fresh herbs. The dried herbs are not as strong as fresh herbs, but they still work extremely well and will infuse properly when you are creating your steam mix!

Please, do not use essential oils for your steam.

Essential oils are extremely potent and concentrated, so much so that they can do you more harm than good during your yoni steam!

Do I Need a Yoni Steam Stool?

In short, yes.

Because having a semi-decent setup of your yoni steam, if you are going to DIY route, will not only make it a bit more special but will deter you from things like sitting on a boiling pot and burning your vagina – it has happened to some DIYers on YouTube!

We recommend using a wooden box or even a birthing stool.

So, you have a few options. As we said above, you can use your toilet. But, the zen may wear off or be non-existent if you are sitting on your usual toilet seat.

You can get a sassy homemade yoni steam stool off some super creative folks on Etsy, or if you want a proper DIY look, you can get a [amazon link=”B00H7K9N0O” title=”cardboard ‘toilet‘” /] from Amazon which will also do the trick. It might even keep the whole thing a bit more incognito if that’s what you are aiming for.

Or You Can Go to a Yoni Steam Spa!

What the hell, treat yourself! A load of spas have either explicitly opened for yoni steaming or have added it as an extra treatment to their list.

Sure, they aren’t the everyday thing just yet so you might not have one near you, but a quick search on trusty google will help you figure out if you can get pampered or if you will have to stick with the DIY for a little bit. Punching in ‘yoni steam spa near me’ should do the trick!

So Are You up for Yoni Steam?

As you can see from our guide, not only can the health benefits of a yoni steam be phenomenal, but the fact that you can do it at home is a big plus!

Let’s get serious – a lot of the issues that yoni steaming can either help or get rid of entirely can be life-changing. A lot of us get massively drained from a bad period, not to mention if those problems spill over into the bedroom or, even worse, put the brakes on the baby train.

For something that we can try at home or better yet – make a day of it at the spa, yoni steaming could be the new, unexpected treatment on the block for our yoni.

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