How to Access Your Vagina’s Magnetic Superpowers

vagina superpower
Written by Courtney Halsted

Did you know that your vagina has superpowers? But for real? And I mean apart from the fact that she can birth a human out of her… that is really, really amazing!

The vagina, also known as Yoni, the Sanskrit word which means ‘temple’, ‘sacred space’ or origin place’, is the most feminine, receptive and magnetic point on the female body.

For all of us with a female body, the vagina is the seat of our consciousness. I mean that literally. We have four of our body’s main nerve systems that go from the vagina and either back into the spine or directly up into the brain. 8,000 of those nerves’ endings are in the clitoris alone. That’s a lot of sensation and information!

Our connection to and relationship with our yonis inform our ability to feel pleasure, be sexually open, unleash our creative power, maximize our consciousness (all that yoni-brain connection) and live in a state of general happiness and wellbeing.

Doing jade egg, conscious sexuality, yoni massage or other practices, like having lots of penetrative, loving orgasms, can really help you connect to your vagina, love her, and open up your ability to live in your fullness even more. I see it in my clients all the time.

That in itself is a super power!

But wait… it’s just the beginning!

The Polarity Principle

In Tantra, some of the qualities of The Feminine is that she is receptive and magnetic. She is energy. She is emotion, motion and everything in this manifest reality. By the Tantric definition, not the social definition, which is very different, the Masculine is consciousness and awareness. The ability to be cognisant of what is. We all have both of these qualities within us, whatever our sex or gender.

When we rest in one of these polarities of Masculine or Feminine, we can call someone, who naturally rests in the opposite polarity to us as a baseline way of being, whatever their sex or gender, to stand in that opposite polarity. I.e. if you’re more feminine, you can call your partner into more masculine presence by resting in that feminine energy.

This is what creates sexual attraction.


That feels so alive!

But how?

The Amazing Truth about your Yoni Entrance

The different parts of our vaginas (lips, entrance, G-spot, cervix) all have their own psycho-energetic qualities, much like the chakras in the chakra system do. Maybe I’ll speak about all the others another time, but after that long and necessary introduction, the area of the vagina, and her superpower, that I want to speak about today is the entrance to the vaginal canal.

Science calls it the ‘introitus’.

Say it out loud…



Let’s stick to ‘entrance’.

The super power of the entrance of your yoni is:


Imagine her as a ring of magnetic super pussy power. And the thing she is magnetizing is her opposite polarity. Consciousness. Masculine presence.

When the entrance of our yoni is healed and activated, she literally has the power to call those around her into full presence. Have you ever heard women complaining that men aren’t present with them? Or that they’re not doing the work?

When you are activating your yoni power, you have the ability to call masculine presence out in those around you simply by being. If women only understood their power, how different the world would be. Please, someone, send Melania Trump this post!

Yonis of the world! Unite!

When women heal vaginal trauma and live in their full power, we won’t allow our men to descend into the acts we see world leaders displaying today. We don’t need to rage and be loud to be powerful. Our love and magnetic pussy power can truly change the world around us if we use it correctly. It also will give us more confidence and connection to ourselves.

Let’s get this straight!

You’re not putting your sexual energy out on people and drawing them to you. You aren’t manipulating. You are not interfering it other people’s energy in any way.

All you are doing is putting awareness and energy in the magnetic part of your yoni and allowing the power of polarity to activate. This is how you call another into their natural energy and masculine presence.

You can do this with people you’re attracted to. You can do it with people you’re not attracted to who you simply want to have a more present encounter with. It doesn’t have to be about sex, although it can allow you to call yourself and your partner into quite incredible transcendent states during sex. More about that at another time. But it does work best with people whose natural energy is more masculine, no matter is they’re male or female.

I did this with a male friend once who was going into the trigger and projecting onto me. In a matter of seconds, he calmed down, looked at me and, owning his stuff, said: “I’m sorry, that’s my issue.”

Our ability to magnetize is huge once we learn who to use it. I have seen many women implement it and be seriously surprised that such a small thing could have such results. Try it for yourself and find out.

Not only will your magnetic yoni call others into more presence with you, resting in your magnetism will allow you to draw things to you in your life, rather than having to chase them. It’s a very different way of being and one that is totally counter to the main cultural conditioning in the West.

It takes a lot of trust in your inner feminine, but it is incredibly rewarding to live according to your natural energetic way of being, rather than forcing yourself to be another way.

The Magnetic Vagina Practice

Put your awareness on the entrance of your vagina and breathe. Notice what is there. What sensations. Accept what is there. Feel the pleasure, pain, numbness, arousal, throbbing. Whatever you notice, just accept and keep breathing.

The key here is your awareness and acceptance. With each in-breath, breathe in energy, and each out breath, allow what feels ready to leave, to leave. Don’t force, just allow. Keep bringing more attention here. Feel her. Do this for 5 minutes every day (or more).

Take it out into the world.

When you’re talking to men or people with strong masculine energy, intermittently put your attention on the entrance of your yoni. Watch how their eyes change, light up and sparkle as you do so. You may even notice that as you put your attention there, they lean in. And when you take it off again, they lean back.

If you’re having a strong conversation with someone, breathe, relax your body and put your attention on the entrance, watch how it calls them into presence. When we are truly present, magic can emerge. We can find a deeper connection with ourselves and each other.

Presence makes life so much more rich and fun.

Your yoni will be happy to be living in her secret superpower full potential.

I bet you will be too!

Magnetise presence. Increase the love.

It starts with you magnetic vagina!

About the author

Courtney Halsted

Courtney is a a coach, mentor, facilitator and writer. She is the Creatress of 'Fierce Mystic', work for self actualisation through sex and consciousness, as well as Transfiguration Circle Melbourne and Boom Online. Courtney has written one book The Powerhouse’s Guide to Full Expression, and is currently writing her second. Courtney works online and in person and is currently based in Melbourne. Her favourite things are sex, dance, nature, chocolate, love and truth. Not always in that order. She spends her free time making spiritual satire under the name of her alter ego 'Stacey the Psychic.'
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