Yoni Self-Massage: Connect with Your Ecstatic Nature and Heal Sexual Wounds

Self Yoni Massage Mariah Freya
Written by Beducated Magazine

There are few people on this earth who can claim to be free of sexual and emotional wounds.

And it is because the two of them are more connected than you would believe at first sight.

Where Do Sexual Wounds Come From?

Sexuality is at the core of our beings. It is our vital force, and it is directly connected to our drive to explore, to fall in love, and to deeply experience all the things that are for us to be enjoyed in the world around us.

But we live in a culture that puts our sexuality under constant judgment. It fills our head and our souls with feelings of shame, of inadequacy, and worst of all, of fear.

We have sexual wounds from our fears

Fear that there may be something wrong with our drive and our urges. Fear that our bodies will never be attractive enough, or that we’ll always be clumsy or self-conscious when we get in bed with a partner.

And above all, fear that we’ll never be able to find someone who will embrace us completely, who will tell us that our soul is beautiful and our sex drive is amazing and that there’s nothing more sacred and more fascinating in this world than our body and its sexual manifestations.

The Need to Love Ourselves Deeply

The truth is it’s so difficult to find someone with whom we can be completely open, someone to trust completely and surrender all of our doubts and insecurities to.

And it is simply because we haven’t learned how to be completely open with ourselves in the first place. How to love us unconditionally, and how to enjoy our body and our sexuality, and really every aspect of our being, to a full extent.

We want to share with you a powerful personal practice that is about much more than just sex, and that it’s specially designed for women to heal the negative imprints that our culture has left in our emotions, in our self-image and even in our vitality.

Self Yoni Massage

Yoni Self-Massage: Healing Sexual & Emotional Wounds

In our culture female sexuality suffers from so many forms of aggression and judgment to the point that many women do not feel completely comfortable looking at their own vulva, or exploring the inside of their vagina by themselves.

(Sidenote: Since we believe vulvas and vaginas are so magical and powerful, we like to use the ancient Sanskrit word Yoni to refer to the Sacred Gateway of a woman).

If you’re a man and you’re reading this article, make sure to share it with a woman you really care about. And if you’re a woman, you can’t miss this video for deeply transforming your connection to your body, your soul, and your emotions.

The Yoni Self-Massage Technique, with Mariah Freya

By giving attention and unconditional love to the most sacred and powerful part of our bodies, we can free ourselves of past traumas, limiting beliefs and any feeling of disconnection to our core: that ecstatic and empowered essence that we all know is present within us.

And you have the amazing opportunity to treat yourself to this gift. To be your own giver, your own healer, your own spiritual guide.

Please take that opportunity. Give yourself permission to try Self Yoni Massage with an open mind (and an open heart, as well). And you’ll be amazed by all the vibrant changes for growth and pleasure it brings into the different areas of your life.

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