How to Awaken Your Yoni Powers

Last year we had the pleasure to host the Conscious Sexuality Summit and presenting you 24 thought-leaders. One of those amazing experts is Sofia Sundari, who you also know from our Yoni Yoga course. As this topic is so hot at the moment, we’re excited to share her wisdom with you about the hidden Yoni Powers. In her talk, Sofia shares her own journey, why there are so many misconceptions, traumata and how to heal from this in a loving and feminine way.

We truly hope that this video is of benefit for you. If you feel like there is someone you know that needs to hear it, please don’t hesitate and share the love.

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Mariah: Welcome to the Conscious Sexuality Summit. I’m your host Mariah Freya and I’m super glad you’re tuning in today because I’m having a wonderful guest for you today. She’s my dear friend, a true mystic, and a tantra and Tao teacher and writer for She’s holding workshops and immersions around the world so she works with hundreds of people, mainly women but also men, in her retreats. Yeah. She’s just super inspiring being so young and so beautiful and her name is Sofia Sundari. Welcome.


Sofia: Thank you, Mariah, for such a warm welcome. I’m very happy to be here with you guys and be in this summit, as well, with so many amazing other teachers.


Mariah: Yeah. Yeah. I’m so glad you’re here today. You’re right now calling from Ibiza, a beautiful island. Amazing. I would love to invite you, Sofia, to explore with me today the topic of the forgotten secrets of Yoni powers as I know that’s what you’re really preaching and also living. That’s why I really wanted to talk with you about this very inspiring topic. Especially for the women out there but also for all the guys who are listening, it can be a true revelation to understand Yoni powers.


It feels to me that slowly, slowly, the world is waking up from many different sides. There seems to be a rising consciousness around the appreciation of the Yoni, especially the powers that she carries. I remember back then when I personally was still kind of cut and disconnected from my own Yoni which, by the way, means vagina in Sanskrit, holy temple. I always had the feeling that yeah, she kind of was talking to me but I rarely listened to her, actually. Sofia, what in your opinion makes us women so disconnected from this power?


Sofia: It got cut. Can you repeat that please?


Mariah: Sofia, what makes women so disconnected from this power?


Sofia: Yes. Oh my God. This is such a huge topic for me and for all the women that I get in contact with. For some people, it’s so shocking when the first time I say that it’s like I say … Sometimes when I put it that way I say, “If you want to know one really key secret for feminine happiness, it’s like the connection with the vagina,” basically, with the Yoni. For some people it’s a shock. For some people it’s like, “Oh my God, how can you speak about these things. We don’t usually speak about that. We don’t usually mention that. It’s some kind of place down there where it’s only used for sex and for washing and for peeing and something like this. For menstruation.”


In fact, it’s really, really amazing how much wisdom we can access through this connection with the Yoni. Really fascinating. Really, really fascinating. I’m just really everyday being blown away by signals and unmistakable wisdom, unmistakable intuition that’s coming from that place. The reason for disconnect is shame. Yeah. A lot of shame. Culturally, historically speaking. The power within women, the power for women. Not that long ago those women have been burnt on fires and stoned to death. Many, many women, they carry a lot of fear around shining, around being strong and powerful because we feel like somewhere deep in our DNA and our memory that, “Oh my God. If I’m going to be out there I’m going bring lots of envy, I’m going to bring lots of disturbance to this world. People are going get angry with me, and I’d better sit quiet and just stay like that.”


Yeah. Then the shame, of course, around sexuality because not many of us … As children it’s so natural to be in our erotic essence, Eros. It’s just so natural. It’s so natural for little kids to start touching themselves and exploring and showing each other’s genitals to each other. It’s just fascinating. Yes. It’s natural. Then, not very many of us have been encouraged and not many teachers or parents would come and say, “Oh, you’re exploring your erotic pleasure. Go for it. Excellent. Go explore your orgasmic ecstasy.” Yeah. It didn’t really happen to many unfortunately.


Mostly what happened was that we were shamed. We were like, “Aw, get your dirty hands out of there,” right? Of course we carry that and this needs to be feeled, this needs to be addressed, because this is precisely why there’s no much shame, because we know, deep down we know how much power there is. This is not our darkness that we are scared of, like Marianne Williamson says, but it’s our light, our power that’s most terrifying for us. Because when I become really powerful and I become really strong, “Oh my God, what’s going to happen to me? Am I going die? Am I going blow out of proportion? What’s going happen?” It’s scary. That’s why.


Mariah: Yeah. Somehow it seems that we project a lot of darkness to especially our vagina, our genitals. There’s so much that we try to, I don’t know, operate our vagina so she looks more beautiful. There’s so much of optimizing her in that beauty standard that we ignore the true beauty of her. What you said was really crucial. We’re cut off but we don’t actually realize that this darkness is actually the light.


Why do we still struggle to go into that darkness first to actually purify and transform it into that light?


Sofia: Yeah. The fear there. It’s like the labels we put there. Because darkness is nothing but a label. It’s something that we picked up along the way, but actually it’s so pure. Natural sexual expression is so pure. Oftentimes we think … We are programmed by porn or older ideas about sex, that sex is like this or sexuality is like this and that. We’re banging each other and la, la, la, la, la. Then it’s meant to be kind of edgy, dirty, like this.


In fact, it’s just so natural. It’s like sexuality is just so beautiful, when it’d done consciously. When we are really present with our genitals, with our energies, it’s just this most natural, authentic expression, you know? Sometimes about nudity we also have that thing. “Oh, these people are naked or something. Why do you post your naked pictures?”


Mariah: Yeah. Yeah. In Germany we invented the nude beach but still, there’s still a difference, too. Like looking at the body non-sexually and being okay with that but kind of actually just allowing yourself to show that vulnerability, right?


Sofia: Yeah. Yeah.


Mariah: Sofia, why is it that the Yoni is actually the secret for unleashing this power. I mean, we could also say, “Okay, maybe it’s my breathing that will unleash that power.” Why is it exactly in that place all the way below the bellybutton where the secret to that power sits?


Sofia: Because it is so charged. Because we have so much charged around it. No one is neutral. No one is neutral about sexuality. No one is neutral about the vagina. You go in the street and you say the word vagina and everyone’s going to have something to tell you, right? Or either they will shy away and run away and just pretend and forget this as a scary dream or something. Or they will kind of start debating or telling you, “How dare you speak like this?” Or, “This is disrespectful,” or something like this.


Mariah: How was that for you? How was that for you as an experience when you actually connected with your vagina? What was the difference?


Sofia: Amazing, amazing. It’s like at some point, it was a really specific point in my life when I realized that I have a vagina. Like, seriously. I didn’t know.


Mariah: You had …


Sofia: You know? You too. That’s what I keep hearing.


Mariah: Oh my God.


Sofia: Because I have it and all other womans too, they all have vaginas. Actually it makes such a huge different, you know, and then understanding how much we are carrying there. How much is conditioning. How much shame. How much bliss. How much ecstasy. How much potential is there. A book called The Vagina Monologues, it really helped me with that. It was years ago that I read it. I was like, “Wow.” I could feel all that pain, all that pain that so many women are carrying and so many misunderstandings and misinterpretations and lack of education like just ridiculous lack of education around our vagina, around the liquids, around the lubrication, around the color and the smell. All those things.


Then now for me it’s the most natural thing to touch my vagina and to smell it and to even taste its secretions. Which might sound completely outrageous for some but actually it is part of our body and we better own it and it’s a very important part of the body and it’s the most receptive, the most feminine part. It’s like if we are women we are sensitive, we are receptive. Our vagina is that core of our femininity. It’s also in Sanskrit, word Yoni sometimes is translated as, “The Source.” The source of all. The source of life. That’s where we all came from, for God’s sake. It’s like that symbol of the universe that gave birth, continuously gives birth to new things, to new energies.


We’d better embrace it, you know, and many women they have that thing that are uncomfortable touching their own vaginas. It’s like their more comfortable to go to a doctor and so the doctor touches them. Actually I’d say, you’d better really get a mirror and your finger actually, too, and just have a look at your vagina and study it and so no one else will ever tell you anything about your vagina that you don’t know. You will be the one in charge. You will be the one who owns it. This is so important. This is where our power is. This is where we start reclaiming our power again. Because it’s such a vulnerable place but at the same time so sensitive, so soft, and how she opens up when she’s happy. When she’s ready for sexual contact. When she’s excited about life she opens up like a flower. It’s so beautiful. She becomes all plump and puffy and opens sexually.


When she is not she’s just quite. She’s just really like quiet and is inwards, right? It’s an amazing potential there to really check in. I really make decisions on my Yoni, like seriously. I see that there’s such a power there and she knows. She knows if it’s correct for me to do something or not. Even recently there was a situation where in my mind I was like, “Oh, this is perfect. I can go there and do that,” and I was meant to do a very explicit photo shoot with someone. Nude, and I wanted to really pass a very sacred space. I was like, “Yeah, this person is great. They are great photographer and very professional and I love the images.”


Then as soon as I met him I felt my body just contract and I felt my Yoni was just not responding to that at all. Being really tense in fact. I was like, “No, but come on. He is so good. We can change it as we go.” No. Like, no, no, no. There was just no, no, no. We almost started shooting and I was like, “Okay, this feels like violence, actually.” Say no, and we stopped. Actually even in my life and the surroundings immediately things started shifting and becoming much more smooth.


Mariah: Sofia, how did you start it off? There was also time for you when you didn’t real feel connected to your Yoni where you really then feel like you could listen to her advice. What is your number one practice that really unleashes that power and that wisdom within our Yoni so we can actually come from that place, from that powerful place?


Sofia: Well, a very big part was once I became open to tantric practices, to tantra. Because I always loved sex and it felt great but when I discovered tantra I really saw that, oh my God, There is a real conscious way, really a way where we make love to cultivate our power, to spread our power, to unleash our power. Then it was in the tantric context I started opening a lot to different alternative, other types of practices and I encountered something that’s called Yoni egg. I was like, “Okay, egg for my vagina. Okay. Why not? I’m going down this weird, funky path so somehow I ended up there. Why don’t I try the egg thing?”


Then I got the egg and immediately I started kind of feeling like, “Oh, wow. There’s actually a practice for my vagina. How amazing is that?” I’m placing this stone into the vagina and I’m practicing with that. You’re doing it to reconnect, to identify my muscles, to really energetically make pelvic floor stronger and even physical, too. Also I immediately saw the effects are on my love-making. How my lover was acknowledging that and he was receiving so much pleasure and I was receiving so much more pleasure almost instantaneously. This was a practice of the Yoni egg and it was one of those really great tools that really helped me get started, until today. I’m doing a practice a few times a week and it’s always there’s more and more potential and more and more like I can …


Like now also I’m doing something that’s called Yoni mapping where with the egg we can tune into different areas of the vagina and there’s plenty of those areas. It’s not just kind of one place. Actually there’s lots of little aspects of it which sometimes feel pleasurable, sometimes feel numb, sometimes feel ecstatic, sometimes feel painful and burning and all these things. Then with the egg, with the massage, it’s possible to tune in and to kind of create this map of the vagina and understand how it’s also related with our emotions and with our brain and all the things we … Even some traumas might be coming out. Yeah, it’s a very fascinating world it opens up there. It’s one in where we learn to be conscious and present in the Yoni.


Mariah: That Yoni egg is deriven from the Taoist practice. They used it since thousands of years ago, right? Maybe you can tell us a bit more about the background of this practice and what can we already do today even though we might not have the egg yet, but maybe there’s a tiny practice that we can already do the really start understanding that mapping and figuring out, “Okay, where’s that and why does it not feel anything?” Or maybe, “I feel something specifically in a certain area.” Could you tell us a bit more?


Sofia: Yes, yes, yes. This practice is coming from … We didn’t know anything about it until like only some 30 years again or something because of Master Mantak Chia, Taoist master, who made it known. It is actually a very ancient practice which was not accessible to normal human beings because it was meant to be something that really generates your sexual power and really activates your being in the way that you become super, super powerful. Yeah. That’s where we started. There’s this power inside and it’s like many people are, either they’re scare of it or others who know, until recently, they are just keeping it very, very secret only for those who are meant to rule the world. You know?


Mariah: Wow. Yeah. That’s so amazing. It’s accessible now to us, right?


Sofia: Exactly. Now it is accessible, now it is available and it’s really fascinating the results that I am observing also in people, because I have this online course on Yoni Yoga and I’m in constant communication with the participants. It’s pretty mind-blowing, the effects. The orgasmic expansion. The connection, the general life changes. It’s really, really touching. Really fascinating.


Mariah: Beautiful. What can we do today already?


Sofia: Yeah. It’s great to get an egg but if you don’t know what to do with the egg it’s kind of … It can be nice souvenir or something. Or you can just carry it inside or just sleep with the egg and it’s just nice. This is okay. Of course it’s best to do certain practices with it. If you don’t have an egg, which probably most people don’t. Maybe it’s the first time you hear about something like this. Then it’s totally nice also to do some practices of touching the Yoni and also you can just get comfortable placing your fingers in the Yoni. You can get some coconut oil, which is really really nice for the Yoni. It has all these anti-fungal properties and so you can get some coconut oil and start gently massaging the Yoni and feeling, too, how it feels. Yeah?


It’s not about masturbation or something but it’s more about just exploring, like touching a sense that just touching and feeling into what is there. Then you can try to squeeze the muscles. Yeah? Squeeze the muscles of the Yoni. You can try to push the muscles out. Having your finger in and then you can start to kind of play and get familiar with the sensations in there. This would be practice that you can do anytime even if you don’t have coconut oil. You can use either, if you feel you are aroused enough you have lubrication and you can do it like this or you can use saliva as lubricant. There’s no excuse that you cannot do it today.


It’s powerful, just to start with that. Then actually even with this, even though I have all those years behind me with Yoni egg practice, sometimes I do just that and I just have my finger inside and I start to pull and push my muscles. Then actually some amazing effects can come from that. For example the amrita, or squirting orgasms that we can train ourselves to develop through that. Precisely this movement when you squeeze and pull the muscles in and then you really push them out and just by doing that and having your fingers pressing in certain points, this can be actually an amazing training for that. Then you can teach yourself to squirt just like that.


Mariah: Remind us again why should we really discover this area?


Sofia: This area? The Yoni?


Mariah: Yeah. The Yoni. The Yoni, of course. Yeah.


Sofia: Well, because it’s just powerhouse. Because this is where our intuition is. This is where our just … This is where we release lots of shame from our being and then generally we just become more and more free in life. Then it’s just the way you hold yourself, the way you speak, the way you walk, the way you dance, the way you feel in your skin. This changes as we process all that time. As we release all that shame. As we tap into the power that’s really there. We start to acknowledge, we start to appreciate ourselves more.


It’s all about the big, big degree. All this personal development or those paths that really, a lot of it starts and ends with self love. Developing a deep, deep, deep, profound self love, which actually the dimension of self love is incredible. The real self love is love for your highest self and therefore that self in other human beings. Then we cultivate that. We cultivate that self love. It’s from a deeper, deep place. Not just, “Oh, I’m pretty,” or, “I’m looking good today.” No. That deep knowing, and that’s where the love is coming from.


Mariah: Beautiful. Thank you so much, Sofia, for this amazing sharing. For this wisdom and those really practical tools that we can already start today to really unleash that Yoni powers by exploring her more and just being open to touch her, taste her. I really love that practical approach that you teach here. Thank you so much.


Everyone who is listening and is really curious about this practice about what Sofia was talking about. Yoni Yoga. The Yoni egg practice. Make sure you sign up for her list because you get a free crash course on Yoni Yoga and you get really easy steps how you can already start today. Make sure you sign up for that just below the video and yeah, thank you so much Sofia. That was real lovely. Yeah. This is the Conscious Sexuality Summit with Mariah Freya, your host, and see you next time. Bye.


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