21 Expert Tips on How To Do a Striptease

How To Do a Striptease
Written by Beducated Magazine

Are you curious about the art of undressing, but unsure how to do a striptease yourself?

Well, you’re in the right place. Welcome to becoming the ultimate seducer! We’ve spoken with four of the most delectable erotic dance experts to help you with the big reveal… your body!

And the best thing about it is that anyone can do it! Guys, girls, non-binary folk! Just take a feather out of this boa and trust yourself.

Before we get into the nitty-gritty, let’s introduce the professionals:

  • Miss Polly Rae – Burlesque Dancer and Striptease Teacher.
  • Andreja Bourke – Sex, Love, and Relationship Coach.
  • Madam Storm – Motivational Speaker and Founder of The STRUT Masterclass that empowers women in heels.
  • Jamboree Jones – PR Senior Account Executive by day and Burlesque Dancer by night.

And now, here are the expert’s 21 tips on how to do a striptease!

1. Set an Intention

First and foremost, think about the aim behind this striptease? Do you want to feel sexy for yourself or are you seducing someone? Is it about falling in love with your own body, or to playfully show off your moves? How do you want to feel and what are you trying to convey?

“The intention behind it is important, so you feel good and aligned throughout the exercise,” says Andreja Bourke, and “the more you know yourself, the sexier you become.”

2. Seduce Yourself

When teaching her clients how to do a striptease, Madam Storm suggests you practice touching yourself seductively in the mirror. “Look at how your body moves and fall in love with yourself, take note of how your hair falls down your neck, how your back arches when you bend over, the beauty spot on your inner thigh. Know your body inside out.”

Sensuality and seduction start with you and your connection to yourself.

Miss Polly Rae says it is about self-discovery, self-acceptance, enjoying your body regardless of insecurities, and feeling good. “And if you feel good, anyone watching will feel good too.”

3. Create a Playlist

Storm suggests you create a lover’s playlist, “something that makes you feel sexy and sensual.”

Choose music that turns you on, songs that make you feel sexy. Polly Rae says, “there are no rules when it comes to music as long as it makes you want to move.”

Jones reminds us that no song is “wrong”! “I’ve seen incredible dances to country, death metal, Pop, classical opera, etc. Make sure it feels like you.”

4. Set a Timer

Either make your playlist a certain length or have a timer handy. Andreja says to create realistic expectations, “say, 30 minutes”, or for as long as you feel comfortable stripping.

How To Do a Striptease Romatic atmosphere with candlelights

5. Create an Intimate Atmosphere

Time to set your stage. Jones says, “lighting is key” when figuring out how to do a striptease.

Try dimming the lights or lighting some candles. Storm says she “always finds the ones that are scented to be better,” but you can also burn some incense to add sensual aromas to the experience.

6. Dress-up in Your Costume

Exude glamour from head to toe, says Polly Rae, with “jaw-dropping lingerie, exquisite garments that accentuate in all the right places, killer heels, and a smile that weakens the knees.”

She adds to make sure your lingerie choice is easy to remove, with no complicated hooks or ties. “It doesn’t have to cost a bomb either, low priced beautiful lingerie is very accessible these days.” And remember, “if you are preparing to perform a striptease for your partner, you may want to practice with any new garments, so you are familiar with how they come off.”

7. Add Layers

Protip from Andreja: layer your outfit. “The more you have on, the more you have to play with pulling off.”

8. Add Props

Jones suggests using sensuous fabrics such as feathers and silk. You could also grab any piece of material that makes you feel sensually aroused. Andreja says this can be scarves, socks, belts, jewelry, or even blankets.

9. Create Your Character

Roleplay with your character and allow your inner seducer or seductress to come out through your personality. Polly Rae says, “commit to your persona and radiate confidence. This is especially effective if you are shy. You can sneak behind a character. Think of another sexy icon that you admire and try to channel them. Get out of your head, and just let yourself go.”

When learning how to do a striptease “see yourself as a seductress and create a character that allows you to express yourself freely and have fun with it,” says Storm.

How To Do a Striptease Woman in bed with a feather

10. Communicate Desires

Storm says that what works for someone else’s partner may not work for yours. Remember, we all have different needs and wants, so ask your partner what they want.

She believes successful relationships have excellent communication and it’s important to “have fun exploring one another’s desires.”

11. Cast a Spell

Using seductive language can be a great addition. If you want to be more vocal, Storm says, “words are like spells, so cast them carefully.” The tone of how you speak is what will turn your partner on, “the pace is also important, your language will heavily depend on the mood you want to set and the role you are playing.”

Not sure what to say? Check out our Conscious Guide to Dirty Talking.

12. Give Yourself Permission

Give yourself permission to self-explore. “The more we practice self-consent, the more we are able to tap into our instincts and can choose things in a more empowered way that serves our higher self,” says Andreja.

She suggests taking a moment to check in with your sensual self. Does your body want this? Do you want to be touched like this? Knowing exactly how you feel will help you to speak up when something doesn’t feel right in the bedroom. Ensure that your body and mind are on the same page before doing a striptease.

13. Dance with Confidence

Having confidence might seem like a no brainer, but Jones makes the point that everyone is likely to feel nervous when you are first learning how to do a striptease. Just “power through the initial strangeness and know that even if it dissolves into giggles, this person does find you sexy and gorgeous.”

She suggests “channeling your fears into an alter ego can really help,” which is where the character creation becomes helpful!

14. Worship Yourself

Even if you don’t initially feel like it, Storm says self-grooming is a must for any seducer or seductress. “Taking care of yourself is a sign of self-love. It says, ‘I’ve taken the time to worship myself, and you will do the same.’”

How To Do a Striptease Confident woman looking in the mirror

15. Slow It Right Down

Take your time with your striptease. Remember, there’s absolutely no rush, “the longer you take to relax and enjoy each reveal, the more exciting and effective the striptease will be,” says Polly Rae.

Take yourself or your partner on a journey of “excitement and suspense,” using your body to entice and hypnotize, says Storm.

Andreja agrees: “Why would you want to rush anything that feels pleasurable?”

16. Touch Yourself

“Don’t be afraid to literally embrace yourself,” shares Jones, “feel free to touch yourself.”

When seducing your lover, everything is to be admired. Storm reveals that it’s important to touch yourself erotically, the way that you want your partner to touch you. Turn yourself on, and by doing so, they will naturally be aroused. “And remember, wherever your hands wander, their eyes will go.”

17. Maintain Eye Contact

Make eye contact with the person you’re dancing with. Jones says, “don’t look down no matter how tempting it is. Eye contact draws people into your dance and is also insanely sexy.”

“Hypnotise and connect to your audience––even if it is yourself in the mirror by catching their eye,” says Polly Rae. “Don’t be shy. Hold their gaze.”

18. Play with Power Dynamics

As a dominatrix and seductress, Madam Storm’s favorite style of stripping is using the art of domination and submission at the same time. “I love playing with power dynamics. It keeps your lover on [their] toes, not knowing your next move, keeping the sense of surprise. Using your body and energy is electrifying when stripteasing.”

How To Do a Striptease Confident Woman

19. Be Vulnerable

Andreja believes what’s important when you’re figuring out how to do a striptease is the unveiling. “It’s a reveal. I think that’s why people struggle with it because they haven’t taken the time to look at themselves, to then share that with another feels very vulnerable.”

Polly Rae says that when she is stripping for her partner, she connects with herself in a more sensual way than she does when performing for an audience. Sometimes this feels even more vulnerable, “but in a way that makes me feel equally as good. I feel more connected to myself … as a sexual being.”

20. Tempt and Tease

Disrobe with “confidence, sensuality, and flair,” says Polly Rae. “Tempt and tease with your best assets. Again there are no particular rules when it comes to disrobing.”

Her advice is to “start with slow dance movement, get into the groove and the music, and, when the time feels right, remove each item of clothing. I always find it best to be still when removing a garment, then fill the intervals between garments with dance and movement.”

21. Have Fun!

Take everything you just learned and put it to the back of your mind––let it drift into your subconscious. The main thing to remember is to have fun when you are learning how to do a striptease! Be playful, says Andreja.

One of the ways Jones does that is with “lots of grinding and floor work and always a good booty shake or tassel twirl!” Just have a good time.

“Whether you want to make it light-hearted or an absolute foreplay warm-up, remember it’s for someone you love and trust.”

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