Meet Your Inner Slutty Sally and Unleash Your Erotic Self

Inner Slutty
Written by Cameo Haag

I believe that women experience extreme duality when it comes to sex. I call this the classic battle of Good vs. Evil. Right vs. Wrong. Light vs. Dark. Wholesome vs. Inner Slutty. I believe that most women feel as though they have to classify themselves into a sexual category.

This feeling of being in the ” right” and ” approved” of category can completely shut down the sexy, fun, excited, wild, hot and expressive girl inside. The wild more slutty side feels as though she is not accepted for what she brings to the table so she hides in the corner not willing to break free from her cage. She expresses herself with anger, rage, sadness, depression and eating herself into numbness. I am going to identify this personality inside and call her ” Slutty Sally”.

Slutty Sally is inside each and everyone of us girls.

She longs to be expressed and she longs to be acknowledged. Slutty Sally wants to be part of our whole self. She brings excitement, creativity, and sensuality. She awakens our sexual essence. Slutty Sally has the ability to make us feel alive. She can allow us to express our sexual wants and desires. She will open us up so we can feel , connect and express our deepest sexual desires.

Slutty Sally is here for a reason. She brings us into our beauty of embracing our sexual self. Slutty Sally is super fun. She is extremely open. She loves to receive and give pleasure. Slutty Sally loves to share her essence with her man.

Slutty Sally loves to make her man crave her, long for her, devour her. She knows what she wants and she is not afraid to create sexual dynamite.

Slutty Sally is confident in the bedroom.

She wears exciting attire and seduces her man and herself in the most sensual of ways.

Slutty Sally is a sexual woman, she is not a little girl. She walks with her hips, she licks her lips, she caresses her body and she consumes her mans attention. Slutty Sally wants to be approved of and accepted. She wants you to love her and accept her.

Slutty Sally is absolutely amazing and she will allow you to express your sexual self in the most beautiful of ways. Embrace her….Love her….Accept her. Allow her free from her cage so she can bring back that missing piece.

As a woman I know that Slutty Sally is easy to disapprove of. She can feel wild and uncontrollable. She can make us feel ashamed and dirty. Inner Slutty Sally can bring back many sexual memories that activate feelings of guilt, shame and resentment. Slutty Sally became an enemy. She became someone we feared. Slutty Sally could not be trusted. What other choice did we have…we shut her down.

We put Slutty Sally in a cage to punish her for her crimes and uncontrollable urge for sexual satisfaction. We decided that Slutty Sally could only do us harm.

Slutty Sally wants to be free.

She is screaming at you to let her out. Slutty Sally will behave herself. The two of you can co create to awaken your sexual diva and allow your sexual essence to be felt and expressed.

Allow your inner Slutty Sally to merge with who you are.

She is absolutely amazing and she deserves to be loved. Slutty Sally will bring you excitement, creativity, pleasure, laughter, sexiness and you will absolutely love being the seducer.

Inner Slutty Sally

Slutty Sally will awaken your senses and activate your sexual glow!

Here are 7 ways that you can love and connect to your inner Slutty Sally!

1. Allow yourself to have sexual thoughts

Our mind is such a powerful tool when it comes to revving up our sexual energy. Go deep into yummy thought about expressing yourself in a sexual way. We can become so wrapped up in everyday tasks that we can disconnect from our sexual energy.

When we focus on having at least 3 sexual thoughts a day and really enjoy these thoughts, our sexual essence will come alive.

Sexual energy is so much fun to play with.

What you think about, you bring about. So think delicious sexual thoughts at least 3 times a day and see the power of your mind in action.

2. Ditch the undies for a day

This small little trick can really keep you connected to the beautiful, sexual goddess you are. When we pick a day that feels right to us and wear no panties it is absolutely amazing. What a great way to plug you into sexual thoughts and sexual energy.

Try this yummy trick and see if you enjoy the thoughts, feelings and energy that gets activated.

3. Wear something that is absolutely slutty

This is such a fun thing to do. I personally have a bag of 10-15 dresses that are pretty slutty. When I am planning a romantic candlelight dinner or even just a movie night, this can really spice any evening up. We don’t have to leave the house.

Just wear it for yourself.

When we pick dresses or super sexy tops out, we want to feel comfortable so our energy can expand. So pick something slutty that you also feel amazing in. Allow yourself to remember what a seductress you truly are. This will remind you of your inner slutty sally and she will be so happy that you are playing with her. She loves to be wild and untamed. Let her express herself.

4. Eat some sensual food (a banana or some ice cream) while thinking yummy, slutty thoughts

This one is so much fun and can be done so simply. The next time you are eating a banana, don’t just chomp away. Take small, yummy bites. Allow the sensation of the soft banana to be felt on your lips and on your tongue. Think of all the pleasure you are receiving from eating this delicious banana. Go slow and be gentle.

Enjoy the satisfaction of awakening your senses and get lost in sexual thought. If you are feeling a bit frisky, you can always give the banana a little deep throat actions as well. This is so much fun and if your guy is near you, it can be super playful as well.

5. Write out a sexual fantasy and allow yourself to go deep into detail

We all have so many sexual fantasies. What’s yours? Take some time and write it down.

When we allow ourself the space to discover our inner sexual fantasies, then take the time to write them down, we can really remember our slutty sally self. She has deep desires and really loves expressing those desires.

Try this. You can go slow at first. Pick a desire that you feel is something you would like to expand on and allow yourself to get lost in a story. A story of complete pleasure and bliss. You will feel so much sexual energy and a sexy smile will definitely be on your lips as you are diving into the world of unexpressed desires.

If you are feeling brave you can always put your story in an envelope and send it off with your partner to work. They will love reading what your slutty sally wants and they too will get pleasure from reading this.

6. Listen to seductive music and move your hips slowly and softly

Oh , this one is my favorite. There is nothing like slow, sensual movement to awaken our inner slutty selves. Our hips hold so much power and pleasure. Our hips have the ability to allow sexual energy to flow and we can receive so much pleasure.

While you are sitting here reading this, slowly start moving your hips in tiny circles. Can you feel that? Can you feel the sensual energy that wants to expand? Put on a sexy, slow, sensual song and get those hips moving. Act as though you are drawing a figure eight with your hips.

This is one of the most amazing tricks that I have found to activate my sexual, slutty sally. Our hips are the gateway to our pleasure center. Commit today to take action and fall in love with those hips.

7. Love your pussy and all she has to offer

When we are wanting to express and play with our inner slutty sally , we must have a great connection to our pussy.

Our pussy longs to feel loved and accepted . She longs to be seen and valued for all that she is. She wants a deep connection with you. She wants to serve you and give you all the pleasure you desire in life. She deserves only the best.  She deserve for you to open your heart, mind and soul and to fully show up in life.

Our pussy is not Pandora’s box. She screams out  that she wants to be open. She wants to receive. She wants to give. She wants to exceed expectations. She wants to be seen and felt. She wants to be a pussy that is fully enjoyed and appreciated for all that she is.

We get to choose to no longer shun our pussy. We get to choose to love her. We get to choose to value her. We get to choose to cherish her. We get to choose to honor her. We get to choose to embrace her. We get to choose to trust her. We get to choose to allow her all the pleasure she deserves.

Let your inner Slutty Sally out! Allow her to co create with you! Love her! Approve of her! Accept her!

About the author

Cameo Haag

Cameo enjoys the good and the bad, the love and the hate. She loves expressing and feeling all emotions and enjoys supporting others along their emotional journey as well. Cameo is licensed massage therapist, certified in the emotion code and energy healing process.
A writer who blogs all about the power of releasing our heavy sexual energy and misbeliefs about sex so we can expand our yummy sexual creative energy and experience more pleasure in our life.
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