Erotic Game – Awakening the Senses for More Pleasure

erotic game
Written by Mariah Freya

A little gift for your lover. Because it’s Valentine’s Day.

Surprise your girlfriend or your boyfriend with something special?! Something she or he will love, I promise!

It’s an erotic game, something you probably never tried.

As we all know, we have 5 senses. Seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting and touching. Vision is the most dominant sense – 70% of all sensory receptors are found in the eye. That’s why it’s so interesting sometimes to take away the 70% and play with the rest to broaden those other parts too. Especially when it comes to erotic sensitivity. Feeling pleasure is all about fine tuning our awareness towards bodily sensations. So let’s start.

Prepare Your Play

For the sake of simplicity, as I write I am assuming that you are a heterosexual woman, preparing the play for your boyfriend. But this does not mean it cannot be performed on women by women, women by men, men by men or however you are sexually oriented. It’s a play for everyone.

Ideally, your lover doesn’t know what you are planning behind his back. It’s nice to use this play as a surprise for a birthday or a special occasion. The play is about awakening your lover’s senses through props. You blindfold your lover and place him on a chair (without back) or, better still, on your bed in a crossed-leg position. Ideally in a way that you can reach him from all sides. He can also lie down, but then he might fall asleep J, you don’t want that of course. If you want you can handcuff him, go ahead.

One Rule

You are giving, he is receiving. He is not supposed to touch you, talk to you or do anything. It’s all in your hands.

What You Need

For hearing:

–       Sound (some smooth sexy sounds in the background)

–       Bells

–       Meditation bowl

–       Instruments

For smelling:

–       Natural essence oils

–       Incense

–       Earth

–       Flowers

–       Nice smelling fruits (no durian fruit J)

–       Fresh earth

–       Smells with links to nice memories of his

For tasting:

–       Anything sweet you know he will love

–       Fruits

–       Melted or raw chocolate

–       Honey

–       Spices (Vanilla, cinnamon, anything you know he likes, except chili, you don’t want to make a SM play on him, right?) Some nice smelling spices can also be used for the smelling part

–       Coconut

–       Ice cubes are nice as well for an icy kiss

–       Whatever you think he likes to taste

For touching:

–       Silk (any soft cloth will do)

–       Your fingertips, fingernails and whole hand of course

–       Ice cubes

–       Candle

–       Feather

–       Massage ball

–       Coconut Oil with a few drops of nice natural essence oils

–       Cold spoon

Just be creative – I mentioned just a few for each sense to give you an idea. Play with your imagination. And let me know your ideas.

Awakening the Ear

So, now that you have prepared everything you are ready to go! Let him sit on your bed, blindfold him and whisper something sexy in his ear. Start making single noises (bell, meditation bowl, voice), in different parts of the room. Play with volume. Slowly start getting closer towards his ear. Once you are close you can move backward. Use the distance to educate his ear. Continue to whisper too. It’s super sexy.

Turn on a smooth sound you have already prepared on your computer/mp3. Or start playing a song, if you can play an instrument.

Continue for a little longer with the bells and instruments. Make him hot with some dirty talk. Then transition into the next sense.

Awakening the Nose

Now that you have some relaxing sound in the background, it’s time to open up your perfume paradise for him.

Be careful with his nose, smells can quickly become too intense, so wave the smell towards his nose with your hand to avoid overstimulation. Watch his face. Is he in love with the smell or does he wrinkle his nose? Let him smell the earth, this will ground him immediately. Let him travel towards an exotic country with a slice of mango, or some coconut oil. Smell is connected with our memory. Maybe you have an old perfume brand that you used to wear when you guys met. Or you know about a product he used as a teenager. It’s nice to play with this.

Awakening the tongue

His ear and nose are now highly aroused, he might be getting hot and is needy for more. It’s time for juiciness.

Feed him with fruits, from mouth to mouth. Rub his lips into melting chocolate. Yum! You can also use honey or even a sex smoothie. Dip you tongue into a bit of Vanilla. French Vanilla kiss. Boost him up with a bit of cinnamon, it’s an aphrodisiac, just like chocolate. How about some yummy crunchy coconut? Or have an icy kiss play with an ice cube flipping from your mouth into his.

Awakening the skin

He is probably boiling by now to touch you.  But no, he is not allowed. Just a bit longer. If he is touching you, tell him to stop. You are the master of touch now. Let silk and cloth swing around his body. Let him feel like a sultan in his harem. Use your fingertips, to produce goose bumps on his skin. Or maybe a little touch of your fingernails? Well, whatever he likes, it’s time to give to him. Feathers, for a subtle start. The heat of a candle, close to his skin for some adrenalin (Careful, don’t burn him!). A cold spoon out of the fridge for some shiver effect. Or even a wet and icy experience with the ice cube, along his spine. It’s all in your hands. You are the master. It’s nice to relax him in the end with some coconut oil massage, which could turn into a lingam massage. Or if you feel like it you can seduce him and let him touch you for an after play! This is up to your imagination.

Let’s play!

Picture by Pink Sherbet Photography.

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