13 Weird Sex Toys That Will Get Your Inner Freak On

Weird Sex Toys
Written by Kimberlee Meier

There are sex toys, and then there are unusual, funny and just plain weird sex toys.

If you’ve just started to use sex toys, or stick to mainstream gadgets, you might be surprised to find that vibrators and cock rings are extremely vanilla.

Kinky Toys

Yep, people around the world are getting freaky with nut crushers, alien sex dolls and… shock nipple clamps?

We’ve found 13 of the most unusual and weirdest sex toys on the market right now.

Who knows, maybe you might see something that perks your inner kink!

Fetish Feet

Yep, you read that right—fetish feet.

If you have an obsession for feet, you can actually buy a PVC pair for your own pleasure. Or, you can go full-tilt and get a pair modelled on porn star Belladonna’s very own feet.

fetish feet
They’re super lifelike as well – they’ve got heel arches and even neatly cut toe-nails.

Maybe a good one if you’re into feet but your partner isn’t—or vice versa.

The Gaga Vibrator

This toy was designed to let you really know what goes on inside you during sex.

Ever wondered what an orgasm looks like from inside your vagina? Well, the Gaga Vibrator lets you see everything.

gaga vibrator

And we mean, everything.

The stick vibrator has a state of the art camera at the end of it, which means you can literally watch yourself climax from the inside out.

The vibrator is also built for when you and your partner are apart—it pairs up with FaceTime to let your lover get a look inside you, no matter where they are.

Cock Ring + Cage

If you like cock rings, why not take them a step further?

You can now use [amazon link="B0094VL3UM" title="a cock cage along with cock rings" /] to get even more silicone pleasure.

Cock Ring + Cage

A full-blown cock cage might look like it’s locking a penis up, but once you get past the design, it’s actually perfect for getting firmer erections and delaying ejaculations.

Alien Sex Doll

Average blow up dolls are out—[amazon link="B000KBT06E" title="alien blow up dolls" /] with three breasts are in.

Alien Sex Doll

If a blue-skinned, three-breasted alien with suction cup fingers is what turns you on, then you’re in luck.

The Area 51 Love Doll is bright blue, has three holes, ass-shaped ears and comes with a free tube of alien lube.

Moving on!

The Nut Crusher

We are pretty sure a guy didn’t come up with this one. Why?

Well, you place your balls inside the crusher. And then you twist the corkscrew. There’s even a cock ring to make sure you, erm, keep everything securely in place.

The Nut Crusher

A lot of guys enjoy some pressure on their balls, so if you are looking to test how far they can go—this may be the weird sex toy for you.

Rubber Duck Vibrator

I Rub My Duckie—the name says it all.

This rubber duck is a weird take on the regular vibrator. Completely waterproof, the rubber duckie has three different speeds and comes in regular or travel size.

Rubber Duck Vibrator

The company that makes them has even released different ranges of the duck so you can get a bondage or collectors model if your heart desires!

Just don’t accidentally leave it anywhere your kids might find it.

Gas Mask Dildo

For someone who… gets turned on by gas warfare?

The dildo is exactly what it says it is—fitted onto a gas mask that will give you a unique viewing point from wherever you use it.

Gas Mask Dildo

It’s a one size fits all mask and 100% waterproof.

Funky or weird? You decide.

Portable Tongue Vibrator

This vibrator is built for anyone who loves head.

Small enough to fit in your pocket, this mini vibrator has the appearance of a tropical bird and has 10 silicone tongues to use, well, wherever you please.

portable Tongue Vibrator

Be careful not to send yourself into an orgasmic frenzy.

Cock Chastity Belt

Ahh finally, a chastity belt… for men!

Yep, you can now lock that cock up and throw away the key.

Cock Chastity Belt

Well, maybe not.

But these cock chastity belts don’t release until the keymaster is in the mood to do so.

No masturbating, either—it’s impossible to do so when you are wearing the chastity belt.

Cookie Dough Edible Lubricant

What’s better than cookie dough? Cookie dough flavoured lube! Because lube is just the kind of thing you want to be associating cookies with.

This lube is water based (so it won’t stick) and will make your bodies more ‘slippery’.

Cookie Dough Edible Lubricant

It seems there’s a need for weird lubes these days, and cookie dough lube is just one on the list. You can also get weed, bacon and the brilliantly named [amazon link="B00AAJHEAU" title="whiskey dick" /] flavoured lube.

A lube for every occasion, perhaps?

Shock Nipple Clamps

According to the product description on Amazon, these [amazon link="B00486ZYD0" title="shock nipple clamps" /] are ideal for “electro sex beginners”.

Why should underground sex-chambers have all the fun when you can hook your partner up to a pair of nipple clamps right in your own living room. How fun!

Shock Nipple Clamps

You can either give your partner a soft buzz with the clamps or a full blow electric shock! One Amazon review called them ‘the equivalent of an electric chair’.

Pig Tail Butt Plug

Because what’s sexier than pretending to be a pig during foreplay. [amazon link="B00GXNPEJ0" title="The plug is a 4-inch, bright pink tail" /] that will turn anyone into a barn animal.

Pig Tail Butt Plug

You can even pair it with a pig nose mask (apparently they are frequently purchased together).

Electric Stimulation Gloves

This [amazon link="B002EJMEDQ" title="pair of gloves will give your partner an electric shock" /] every time you touch them.

They may look like a pair of gardening gloves, but the E-Stim gloves are connected to a power box and give your partner mini-shocks whenever you touch them.

Electric Stimulation Gloves

Although depending on how far the power box is turned up, it may be more than a mini-shock.

The perfect way to add a bit of kink to that old, boring massage?

A Toy For Any Desire

Weird, wonderful and everything in between… these days, you can find a sex toy for just about any kinky desire. A rubber duck vibrator, a pigtail butt plug or a pair of a famous pornstar’s feet… whatever you want, you can find.

The best part about sex toys is they can fulfil any fantasy you wish for.

No matter how bizarre it may seem to someone else, toys can bring some serious fun to your bedroom.

About the author

Kimberlee Meier

Kimberlee is a freelance author who believes in an act of encouraging more people to tune in to their sexuality and also their soul, which will overall lead them to have a better lifestyle.

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