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G-Spot Bliss
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Experience the bliss of earth-shattering G-Spot and Squirting orgasms with the help of tried and tested techniques.

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What's Inside?

The G-Spot, also called the Gräfenberg spot or area, is a potent erogenous zone. Stimulating it can lead to squirting and help reach powerful orgasmic states. However, many of us often struggle to realize its pleasure potential.

It’s time to change that by starting your exploration. And this practical and research-based course is here to guide you through it. You’ll learn about the art of squirting and how to achieve the powerful G-Spot orgasms by following tried and tested techniques and step-by-step practices.

The course is made up of 90 minutes of video and audio lessons. They not only cover the anatomy and techniques but also talk about the pleasure principles and what you need for the orgasmic formula. Your instructor will also introduce you to the best toys and positions for G-Spot stimulation as well as help you troubleshoot the most common questions.

You might think that G-Spot pleasure and squirting practice is hard to learn and might not be available to you. However, this course makes it easy to understand and apply in your bedroom.

So, let the exploration begin! Today is the day! You shouldn’t postpone having such powerful and deep experiences any longer.

About the Instructor

Aida Lucie G Spot Bliss Online Course
Aida Lucie

Aida Lucie is a holistic sexuality educator that specializes in female pleasure and orgasms. She started her practice in Tantra and expanded her knowledge by diving deeper into pelvic floor health, modern sexology, and conscious sexuality. She believes that “bliss is our birthright” and is on a mission to empower vulva owners to discover their pleasure potential.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! While the course is focused on solo practice and the teacher addresses vulva owners throughout most of the course, you will benefit from knowing it all, too. Also, one of the lectures is dedicated specifically for partners. In it, you’ll learn how to help your partner experience a G-Spot orgasm.

The majority of the course is inclusive no matter your gender identity. However, note that the teacher might occasionally use the words “female” and “woman”. The pronouns used are them and her.

Many vulva owners think they can’t squirt because they’ve never experienced it. That doesn’t mean that you can’t get there. Most female bodies are designed in a way for squirting to be possible. What we encourage you to do is take this as an opportunity to explore your body and see where it leads you.

Have fun!

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