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Striptease Online Course:
The Art of Getting Naked

Kimberly Smith
Erotic Dance Teacher
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About This Course

It’s time to turn up the heat with erotic dance! Kimberly Smith’s Striptease course offers scintillating video tutorials that’ll awaken your inner seductress through the art of striptease.

What You Will Learn

  1. Sensual dance techniques to level up your love life
  2. Expert tips on seductively removing your clothes
  3. Beginner-friendly lap dance moves straight from a pro
  4. Erotic skills that’ll make you feel sexy and confident

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Your Instructor

Kimberly Smith

Erotic Dance Teacher

Step into your sensual power with Kimberly Smith, an Erotic Dance Teacher who crafts intimate choreography for solo or partnered performances. Her focus is on empowering you to embody a sexier, more confident self.

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Lessons and Classes

Total length:
60-90 min
  1. 1. Introduction to Striptease
  2. 2. Top Removal
  3. 3. Boyfriend Shirt Removal
  4. 4. Hidden Bra Removal 
  5. 5. The Super Glue Bra Removal
  6. 6. Cross Your Heart Bra Removal
  7. 7. Boyshort Removal
  8. 8. Side Slide
  9. 9. Thong Roll Down 
  10. 10. Jacking 
  11. 11. The Toss
  12. 12. The Drop

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The move today that we're gonna work on is taking off a top. There are a lot of tops out there. And for us to go through all the tops would be really difficult. So instead, we're gonna focus on a tank top like top and go through the steps. This would also work for a short kind of tight dress that doesn't have zippers, something stretchy. So in order to learn this move I need you to go fetch a tank top of sorts. It can be short or long. It doesn't matter, but it needs to have a little bit of stretch to it so that we can use it in this particular move. So go grab your shirt and come on back. I'll be right here. Okay, so you have your top on and you're ready to go. For this move, you also need to make sure that you're a little familiar with the reverse Robert, because we're gonna use it. And then we're also gonna incorporate the toss at the end. Those are two separate videos that you can watch at your leisure. So for this move, we're imagining that we're wearing again a tank top or a tight dress. This one's almost like a tight dress because of how long it is. And the first thing we're going to do is turn away from our partner. So whenever we're dancing, when we turn away from our partner, that increases the tease, right? Because they're seeing it come off but they're not seeing all the goods. Everybody has a butt, but not everybody's got this, right. So the first thing we're going to do is widen our stance a little bit because we're going to bend over and do the reverse Robert and then you're gonna cross your arms in front. It doesn't matter which arm goes in front but I can tell you that you're probably always gonna put your more dominant hand on top. I think this is the way it ends up working out. So you're gonna cross in front. Now, if you can go ahead and right then and there, grab a hold of the edge of your tank tops, go ahead and do that. But if you can't, this is where the bending over part is gonna come in. So we're gonna cross our arms and either grab a hold to our top. If we can't, we are going to reverse Robert as we hinge forward, until, there they are, our hands can grab onto the at tank top. Then staying in this position, you're going to start bunching up the top as you go back into a standing position. All right, so again, if the tank top was short, we were just dancing. Our partner is where? Correct, behind us and we just cross our arms and grab on it to the bottom. Okay, so we either come up from here or we've just grabbed here and we're gonna continue to bunch it up until our wrists are a little bit underneath our elbows. We're gonna keep this going until it's really nice and tight. So it's above our diaphragm, really high. Then from here, we're going to go into the removal phase. And in order to do this, you're going to take your top arm, which is gonna generally your dominant arm. And you're gonna be able to move that wrist around the elbow. Now, one hand won't be able to do that. So it's gonna be pretty easy for you to figure out which hand can do that. You're gonna go ahead and do that now. So take the hand around the elbow and then our next steps, you're not gonna be able to see me. So I'm gonna talk you through it first. You're going to bring your elbow straight up into the air, before you do this I want you to, especially if you're wearing a lipstick, close your lips, do one of these. And you're also going to look up. The reason that we look up is because we don't wanna get makeup all over our shirt. We don't wanna mess up our makeup and we don't wanna get lipstick over everything. Right? So if you're wearing gloss, lipstick, anything, no matter what you're wearing still because of noses, you wanna look up. So makeup or no makeup. You don't have to do that if you're not wearing lipstick, but makeup or no makeup, you're gonna put your nose up in the air. And then we're going to straighten the arms. All right, are you ready? Here we go. Watch first before you do it. 'Cause you won't be able to see me. So you're moving that hand around the elbow and then you're gonna close your lips, look up. And then you're just going to start to straighten your arms. Once the top has completely come off your head, then you can look straight again. Right, he's still behind you, your partner. She, he, they're all behind you. And then you're going to start to wad up the shirt, let it up, let it up, as you're doing this, especially if you have long hair, you can do a little sexy no to the ceiling. Like you're saying no, right kinda shake that hair out a little bit, then put the wadded up top into your dominant hand and take the other hand, let it stay up. As you take your non-dominant hand, you're gonna move it down, down the arm. And then it's gonna go back behind the head. And then that a hand that is up is gonna now come and follow the same path, it's gonna go back behind the head. So I'm gonna turn and show you those steps again, just so you can see a different vantage point. Okay, so again, if you're wearing a long top, you're going to be bending at the hips. If not, you're just crossing and grabbing, but I've got a longer top, so I'm gonna reverse Robert. I'm going to bend at the hips. My arms are crossing. I'm reaching, I'm grabbing. I'm bunching up, I'm bunching up, I'm bunching up. I'm going all the way up underneath the elbows, really high. My fingertips are touching the bra strap. I'm gonna close my lips, close my lips. Look straight up. Take the hand over the elbow. Look up, look up, look up, wad it up. And my dominant hand, take the non-dominant hand. It stays up, I'm gonna trace down my hand, letting the hand at the top relax, trace down my hand. And top hand is gonna come follow the same path. Okay, so remember, even though I'm showing you that back view, we're always having our partner behind us. So again, you've just done the whole hand down the body thing. And you wanna think of your top as kind of like a loofah or a sponge, you're washing yourself. You're so sexy in the shower, right? So that hand came down. It's on your hip here. And I just want you to continue to just wash your body a little bit, right? So a little bit on the booty, you can come back up to the shoulder. We don't wanna spend a whole lot of time here but maybe give it an extra three seconds of just, a one 100, two, 1000, three 1000. Then we're gonna toss at our partner. There's a whole video about the toss. So again, remember your partner's behind you and you're gonna toss, boom, and throw it right to your partner and then make sure that hand comes in nice and slow. And you go back into your movement. But the next step is very important. So don't this step before you turn around to reveal, you're gonna bring your hands up to the boobs and give the nipples a little pinch because hard nipples look better than soft nipples. So just give those girls a little pinch and then take your full hand. This part of your hand, cover and then do whatever turn you like. You can do a crossover turn, a hip turn, rolling turn, whatever turn you like. And then you're gonna turn to reveal to your partner. When you do go to reveal to your partner, maintain eye contact, as you do a slow reveal. All right, so let's do one more time with our tank top a little bit faster. Okay, so we're gonna do it one more time. And again, I'm doing a longer version. Stick out your hand, stick out your butt, not your hands. Cross your arms, gather it up. As you stand up underneath your elbow, close your lips. Look up, take the hand over the elbow, all the way up, wad it up in your dominant hand, let it come down the other arm, hand follows that position. Loofah, swash for a few seconds and then toss to your partner. So hopefully you can have some fun with this move when you're practicing it at home. Remember, you're looking for a tank top like shirt so it doesn't have to be a tank top, but it needs to have a little bit of stretch. So you can do that move. And always, if you're going strip out of something, make sure you practice with that particular item many times and with any accessories that you're wearing before you do it. So good luck with your tank top removal and I will see you in the next video, bye. (upbeat music) - I know I've seen it 100 times, so I'm sure you have too, the strip tees on television or film where the woman is wearing the oversized man's button down shirt. So we're gonna conquer that move today. We're gonna make sure that it looks sexy and cute and that you don't struggle when you're taking off your oversized shirt. So to do this move, you don't really need a boyfriend's button down. You can use one of yours. You just wanna make sure that it's a little bit bigger. You know, if it's super tight, really fitted, that's going to be difficult to get out of. So go and find a little bit of a looser, larger fitting button down shirt and come back and we'll get started. So once you have it on, you wanna button it all the way up leaving a little bit of buttons unbuttoned from where a brat strap is, all the way to the top. Okay, so we have our shirt on and it's buttoned up but remember, we don't want the top button. So if you pull it open, you shouldn't be able to see where a bra strap might be. So we're not coming out all the way up to here. I wanna have a little bit of sex appeal. Little bit of cleavage showing, little bit of chest when we start this move. And this is one of those fun strip tease moves that you actually can do facing your partner for a good bit of the beginning of the move. We're gonna start in a wide stance. And of course you should be doing something like the Robert, reverse Robert, hula, combination of those as you start the movement. So again, we're coming from some sort of dance. Maybe this is the end of your routine. Maybe it's the beginning, whatever works for you, but you're gonna take both hands up, right above that most top button and then wrap your hands around the T-shirt. It's not a T-shirt, it's a button down. You know what I meant. You're gonna wrap your hands around the shirt. And when we do this, you want to have a nice grip. So we're not holding like this, you're actually gripping onto the shirt so that you can move it. And then once we're here, we're gonna hold, like I said, hold tight and just move your hands up and down a little bit. This is something we're gonna do for three seconds max. Two is pretty good. So we're looking at one, 1000, two 1000, three, 1000, and then without looking down, we're gonna take those hands all the way down until they hit that first button. Since your hands are in position, you don't have to look down. We don't want this, right, while we're doing our dance. So you don't have to look down, you're gonna get to that first button. You're gonna move your hands out. And you're going to unbutton the button. Here's a few tips to make it look good. One, elbows. Remember, we're always thinking we're doing strip tease, we have stinky armpits. So we're not undoing the button like this, right? We're keeping those arm pits down, keeping those elbows back. And we're taking our time. You do not need to look down, your hands have enough buttons in your lifetime that you don't need to look. But if you are struggling, just keep going, right? So I'm gonna do without a struggle, right? So I'm looking my partner, brought my hands down. No struggle, undo the button and slide my hands down. But let's say you have a struggle, just keep doing it. It's a strip tease. It's supposed to go slow. They don't know. They won't know unless you show it on your face. So here I get, and I'm like, oh, this is a man's shirt, that button's on the other side. I'm gonna struggle with it. And I keep my face relaxed. Maybe I'll smile a little bit like, I'll stop. Like, you thought I was about to undo this button but I'm not, they don't know, play to it. Okay, if you're struggling, stop, little smile. And then eventually you'll get that button undone. It will happen. And then you're just going to slide your hands down to the next button. We're just gonna repeat it all the way down. This is supposed to be slow. It's supposed to be a tease, supposed to be a little bit of agony for your partner. So don't worry if this takes a long time, take your hand and down and again, the next button. Right, nice and slow even if it's a struggle. And again, the next button, if you feel like it's going so slow, you feel like this is weird. There's too many buttons. Take a pause, let your hands touch your body. Maybe put your hands into your hair and then move on. The only thing we're not doing as we're going down the shirt is we're not revealing the boobies. Okay, so as you unbutton the buttons, we're not unbuttoning and then going woo. You wanna unbutton and keep the shirt fairly close to your chest and fairly closed, right? So again we just go button by button, slow, making eye contact. If you do want to look down, you can, but it should be part of your routine. It should be making eye contact with a partner, looking down at my chest, looking at my body, a little look and then a little look up. It shouldn't be more like this. This is wrong. Yeah, don't do that. Right, okay. So it's a little glance, look up. When you finally get that last button. So again, let's say I was going, here's my last button. I undo, we're not doing this yet, right? We're going to then do a turn keeping everything closed up, right? There's just that little slit of skin. We're gonna turn, your turn up to you. You can do a hip turn, rolling turn, ballet turn, whatever floats your boat, pivot turn. So we're gonna turn. And then your partner is going to be behind us. So pick your turn and turn around. So now your partner is behind you and we're gonna slowly take off our button down. But again, we want it to look good. So instead of just, you know, pulling it off like we've had a hard day at work. We wanna make it look super sexy. So you're gonna take your dominant hand and you're gonna bring it midway down the shirt. So a little bit below where your bra strap would be. You're gonna hug your elbow into your body. And you're just going to open the shirt. You're gonna kind of do a pivoting move, keeping your elbow against your body, bicep against your body. We're just gonna do one of these bad boys. Boom, right? So once you open, then you're going to bring that shoulder little bit down and forward. So it should look like this, down and forward, as you bring the shirt further back. So your hand will again go from the last button, little turn. It's gonna reach for the midline. You're gonna bring your elbow in. You're gonna open the door. And then we're gonna bring the hand back and down and pull the shoulder forward and down. Then the best part is, we're going to look behind us and make eye contact with our partner. So we're gonna look behind, eye contact with the partner and then we're going to do the same thing on the other side. You can just release this side a little bit, again, open the door, bring your hand back and down. Shoulder comes forward and down. And then we just go into whatever dance we'd like to do. Reverse Robert, regular Robert, hula. And we slowly release our hands and bring them towards each other behind our back. As we do this, the shirt's gonna make some movement. So I'm gonna turn so you can see what that looks like from the top. So remember, our partner's behind us, we've already done all the unbuttoning and we've just turned around. So we are going to take our hand to the midline, sink that elbow in, open the door, bring our hand back and down, put the shoulder out and look back at our partner, hey, how you doing? (laughing) We're gonna turn forward and do the same thing on the other side, bring the elbow in, open the door, bring that shoulder out. And this time we're not gonna look back over our shoulder. If you really want to, you can, I'll feel it's a bit much, right? We're just gonna do a over the shoulder and then we're gonna bring our hands towards each other in the back, right? So we were just here, we just opened this door. Shoulder came out. Now our hands are gonna move towards each other behind our butt. And generally, the shirt will fall down just like this. Pick a hand, for me it's gonna be my right and start to gather up the shirt as you pull out the other hand, very simple. Take your time. If it get stuck a little bit here at the wrist, take your time. Take your time, then with it still on your arm, bring it around to the front. Okay, so again, we just had our hands meet in the back. We slowly pull that other hand out and then we come around the front, keeping the piece of cloth close to our body. And then it's here in the front. I'll turn so you can see what that looks like. You're here in the front and you're just gonna slowly, doesn't have to be super sexy. Now pull the other arm out. Just remember again, fundamentals of strip tease. Don't pull it out like this remember, stinky armpits, keep the armpits down. So you the other hand out, then, depending on how big it is you can wad it up and toss or maybe you can do a drop. All right. So let's try it one more time from the top. So we're buttoned back up and we're ready to do our move one last time. And I'm going to do this move as if you on the other side are my partner. So again, we start with, some sort of movement, hands come up, do a little bit of that up and down, kind of prepping them for what's happening. And then we slowly come to the first button. Or if we struggle, we don't show it, keeping our elbows in. We go to the next button. If you wanna let your chin lift up, expose your neck, make eye contact. You wanna close your eyes, slowly moving. You wanna look down a little bit you can, but we don't wanna focus. It shouldn't look like we need to look down. Once everything is unbuttoned, we're gonna keep it close to our chest and slowly turn, pick the turn of your choice. It doesn't matter. Once we're facing away from our partner, we are going to bring our elbow in, that dominant hand comes down to the midline. We open the door, pull our hand back and behind, shoulder comes forward and down. And then we look back behind, make eye contact with our partner. We do the same thing on the other side, elbow in, open the door, shoulder comes out. Then we bring our hands back to meet behind our back. Start pulling out that nondominant hand, bring the clothing close to your body. As you bring it around the front, slowly take the other hand out. And then we either toss or we drop. Ta-da, so that is your oversized, button up strip tease move. I'm like I said, I'm sure you've seen it a gajillion times. And now you have the opportunity to do it yourself. Just remember it takes practice. The key to this is stinky armpits and never rush anything. Take your time and make sure you practice with this shirt before, some buttons are on different sides depending on the shirt. Also, if you find that it's one of yours and it's too tight here in the wrist you can unbutton a little bit, but I would just challenge you to find something that's not too tight. It should be easy to get your hands off when it's buttoned and I'll just look better that way. So enjoy this move. And as always, I will see you in the next video. (upbeat music) - Hello, and welcome back. This move is a bra removal move, that you do while you're still wearing your shirt. So, this move is a lot of fun, but you have to have the right shirt. You need to have a tank top style shirt. So if it has sleeves or if you're wearing a dress this move isn't as easy to do. So you're looking for something, that's very similar to a tank top, and you're wearing a back closure strapped bra. So go ahead and add those two pieces onto your body and we will get started. Now, of course, most women can take their bras off underneath their shirt but we're doing this move to make it look sexy and part of our dance. So the first thing you're going to do is reach from underneath the back of your shirt and undo your bra. You're doing this facing away from your partner. From here, just like the Cross Your Heart bra move, you're gonna cross your arms in front and grab onto the straps, so that the nails on your pointer finger are touching your skin, and your thumbnail is facing away from your body. From here, the four nails are gonna scratch your skin, and move under the strap, and then you're going to open your hands wide like you're high-fiving the ceiling. Keep your hands wide here. You want to pull the strap away from your body. By keeping your hands wide, you're going to be able to move your hands down, around, and over the elbows and then through, just like Cross Your Heart until your arms have been fully pulled out of the bra. From here with a wide stance, we're going to bend over, just a little stripper bend here, and then take your dominant hand underneath your shirt, while grabbing the bottom of your shirt with the other hand, reach up grab the bra, and pull out. We're gonna give a little dangle here to partner, and then toss it away. From here, you can go onto another set of moves or continue removing your clothes. So let's try this again a little bit faster. So reach underneath the shirt from behind, and unhook the bra. Cross your arms in front and grab the straps. Pointer fingernail facing the skin, the thumbnail facing away, scrape the fingers underneath the bra strap and open the hands nice and wide. Keep them wide, as you pull your hands down towards the floor and around your elbows. Bring your hands together towards the center of your body, and then away from each other, taking your hands out of both straps. Make sure your feet are nice and wide and do a little stripper bend here. Take your non-dominant hand grab the shirt, dominant hand reaches under and grabs the bra, pulls it out, a little seductive dangle, and then tosses it away. And again, you go back into your other move. Now let's see this move one more time, in a dance. (upbeat music) That looks great gals. So keep practicing, and I will see you in the next video. (upbeat music) (gentle music) - Hello ladies, and welcome back. This move is called super glue bra move, and it is a strip tease move. We're going to learn how to take off our bras in a very super sexy way. So for this move you're going to need a bra. I want you to go and find any bra will do, but it needs to be a back closure bra. So it needs to close in the back and it needs to have two straps. So no strapless, no halter, nothing like that. So go ahead and go find your bra. And I want you before we get started too, just to loosen up the straps just a little bit. So loosen both straps and put it on and let's get started. A few tips before we get started. One, for my full figured girls. If your bra has four or five hooking eyes, do not hook all four or five, only do the top and the bottom. That'll make it much easier for you when you're taking it off from behind. Also make sure those straps are loose. We're not running a marathon or doing jumping jacks, you don't need all that support. And if you have longer hair before you start the move, I want you to do some kind of sexy move to get the hair off of your shoulders and behind your neck. So it can just be a lift and drop, whatever works for you. But I need that hair off of the shoulders. All right, so our bras are on. Let's get started. First of all, if you are doing this for a partner, it's very important that they are behind you. It's all about the tease. If you're doing this for someone, they know how it's going to end, right? But you want to draw it out. So you take off your clothes facing away from your partner. So they see that you're naked, but they can't see the goods. So you do a cute little turn, you're facing away from your partner. The first step is to take both hands behind your back and unhook the bra, keeping your fingers onto both straps of the bra from behind. So on hook. Then you're gonna take your left bicep and squeeze it into your left ribcage. Again, I'm teaching this move right handed. So if you're a lefty, every time you hear me say left, you just do the right. So we're squeezing our left bicep into our ribcage. And this will keep the bra strap from moving on the next set of moves. Your right hand is now gonna come across your body and grab the strap wherever's comfortable. And then again, this is with the thumb and forefinger. Then you're going to bring the thumb and forefinger up to the very top of the strap on the top of your shoulder. From here on, I want you to think that your thumb and forefinger are super glued to the strap. They do not come off. Your fingers are super glued at the top of your shoulder and you are going to lift up to give a little stretch and then lift out to give an extra little bit of a stretch. From here, you're going to smush, you're gonna take your wrist and elbow of the right arm and smush it into the cups. This is to keep them from moving, dropping, or revealing. When you're doing this move, you're still going to be doing your and lotion, there might be a time where he can catch some nice side boob and we're not ready for that yet. So you wanna keep the girls covered up. So you smush with wrist and elbow. Then from here, you're slowly gonna work that left arm out to put your left hand on your hip. Make sure when you put your left hand on your hip, that it's hand to skin, you don't wanna have any bra in between your hand and your hip or else it's gonna hinder the next bit of the movement. From here, I want you to make sure that your right shoulder is dropped. The next move is gonna be fast and quick. You're going to take your right arm. Remember, we're super glued, and you're going to bring it out to the side, pointing down to the floor, about a foot away from your right foot. So you can go ahead and imagine there's a little red X there and that's where you're going to be pointing with your pointer finger and thumb. It's going to be quick. It will look like this. Boom, it's very important here that you don't forget about super glue. If you forget about super glue, your bra will end up on the floor. If you did super glue correctly, your bra will move down your shoulder, over your wrist and end up hooked on itself, just like this. From here, we're going to do three stirs to the ceiling, stir, stir, stir. And I want you to really imagine that you're stirring something on the floor. So like, imagine you've got a very long wand or a spoon. And you're actually stirring something on the floor. Your arms stays straight. So you're not doing this or this or this, right? So let's try this again. Stir, stir, stir. From here, you're going to drop the bra. Boom, it hits the floor. Then your hand goes to the back of your head, over your hair, back down to your body and you continue your Robert and lotion moves. The next part is the reveal. Very exciting. But before we reveal, you're gonna bring your hands up to your nipples and give them a nice little pinch because ladies, hard nipples look better than soft nipples. Just like a hard dick looks better than a soft dick. Am I right? Right, so pinch the nipples and then cover. We're gonna do a reveal. And we wanna extend that tease just a little bit longer. So hands go to boobs, take the right foot over or left foot, depending on which hand is your dominant, unravel and get ready for your reveal. When you're doing your reveal it's very important that you maintain eye contact. Eye contact is the one thing that says you are confident. So as you slowly bring your hands off your breasts and onto your body, you've gotta be making that eye contact. Now, whoever you're dancing for is a polite person. And they've been taught to maintain eye contact when someone's looking at them. But trust me, that's not where they're gonna wanna look. So by holding eye contact, you're putting yourself in a position of power and control. And it's also saying again, I am super confident. Just take a look at two differences here. This is the reveal without eye contact. Again, not looking super confident, right? Now this is the reveal with eye contact, much better, correct? So now that you've done the reveal, you can move on to other moves or head straight to the bedroom, whatever works for you. But let's put the bra back on and try it all again a little bit faster. All right, bras on. We are turned away from our partner. Remember they're behind us and in the first move we weren't doing any hip or hand movements but this time around those hips stay moving the entire time. So decide on regular Robert or reverse Robert, whatever works for you and start moving those hips in that figure eight pattern. Take your hands behind and unhook. Take that left bicep and squeeze it it into your ribcage. Take the left hand and put it onto your body. So it's not flailing out in space. Right hand goes all the way across, grabs a strap, comes to the top of the shoulder and we are super glued, lift up, lift out and slowly move the left arm up and out and onto the hip. Making sure you're not holding the bra in place with your hand on the left side. Then from here, we wanna add a little bit of a pose. So before you do the quick arm movement with the right hand, I want you just to shift your hips to one side or the other. And then boom, out with the right hand, stir, stir stir, drop hand into the hair, onto the body. Pinch pinch, cover, turn, eye contact and reveal. Yeah, baby. Okay, let's do it one more time in full speed. Partners behind, bras on, here we go. Unhook from behind, left bicep, left hand, crossover, super glue, lift up, lift out, left arm comes out, left hand goes into position. Do your little pose, boom to the floor. Twist, twist, twist, drop hand into the hair. Pinch, pinch, cover, turn and reveal. Excellent, one more tip before we finish. If you find when you're doing this that your bra keeps getting stuck on your hand, you're not getting that nice little hook at the end that you're supposed to, that will have a lot to do with the way you're holding your hand at the end of the move, this is wrong. You wanna make sure that your hands are pointing down to the floor and your arm is too super straight. Another problem you might have is the bra getting stuck on your shoulder and not coming off correctly. Again, that is all about alignment. So when you're taking the bra off, you need to go directly to the right. If you go behind you, it will get stuck on the head of your shoulder. So don't go behind, go straight to the side and keep that wrist down and flat. Lastly, if you're practicing this like me with clothes on, what are you doing? You're at home. Get naked, put your bra on with nothing else on and it'll go a lot smoother. So keep practicing and I will see you in the next video. (upbeat music) - (upbeat music) Hello And welcome back. This move is called cross your heart and it is a bra removal move. This move is a lot of fun because you get to face your partner doing the majority of the move. So I need you to go and get your back closure, strapped bra and strap it on so we can learn the move together. (upbeat music) Okay, so you have your bra on and typically again we're facing away from our partner, but not for this particular move. We can face our partner. You're doing your Robert and lotion or a similar style and you're gonna reach from behind and unhook the bra. If you have troubles with this, you can always just hook the top and bottom hook and you can also go to the last set of eyes, so it's a little bit looser and easier to get off. The next thing you're going to do is cross your arms in front of you. So it's like you're making an X with your forearms and then you're gonna take each hand and grab the strap of the bra. It's important here that your hair is out of the way. If you have longer hair and it's in front of your shoulders, you're gonna run into trouble on this move. So make sure before you get to the step that you've taken your hair and you've put it behind your shoulders or you're wearing it up. So we've crossed our arms, we're holding onto the straps. And what we want to do here is take our four fingers, not our thumb, our four fingers and essentially scrape our skin so that we're scraping our skin and moving our fingers underneath the bra strap, on both sides. So we're scraping our skin and moving underneath the bras strap. And you're pinching the bra strap between your pointer finger and your thumb on both sides. From here, you're just going to open your fingers, like you're giving a a virtual high five to the ceiling. Open your fingers, nice and wide. And that will slowly maneuver the straps off your shoulders. From here, you're gonna take your hands down towards your elbow and try to keep the strap in between the webbing of your thumb and four finger on each side. Then I want you to caress gently your elbows, as you bring the straps around the elbows and then closer to each other in the front. Here's where you're just gonna let both arms release and slide all the way through, keeping the bra pressed against your body. You're going to keep reaching and reaching and reaching reaching until you get to both ends. One hand is holding the hooks. One hand is holding the eyes. Then from here, you're gonna pull nice and taught as you do a slow turn. Don't overthink the turn, just turn slowly until you're facing away from your partner. Now here's where the fun comes in. From here, you can either just toss the bra aside and be done with it or you can do my little rub-a-dub-dub move which I think is super cute. Stretch the bra super tight and lift it above your head, pulling tight on the right and on the left. Then from here, one arm down and back like you're rubbing your butt or drawing yourself off after a shower, back and forth, back and forth and then come back up and over. And then from here, boom, you can toss it to the side. Then as always, when we're doing a move where we're turning to reveal to our partner, we give our nipples a little pinch, we cover and then we turn to reveal and continue our dance. Remember when you're revealing, it's very important to make eye contact. He wants to look here. You wanna hold that eye contact that says you're in control and you're super confident. There's more about eye contact and how important it is in the super glue bra move. From here. move on to other moves or go to the bedroom. It's up to you. But let's run through it one more time to make sure that we have it down. (upbeat music) First, we unhook from behind and then we cross our forearms and press them against our chest and grab the straps. Make sure when you grab the straps, that your fingernails on your four fingers are touching your skin and your fingernail on your thumb is facing away from you. Then from here, you scrape the skin, bringing the fingernails underneath and open the hands nice and wide to bring the bra off the shoulders. Grab the strap in between the webbing of the thumb and the pointer finger and caress over the elbows while pressing against your body, bringing the straps together, pulling all the way through and grabbing either end of the bra, nice and tight. Do a slow turn here, either get rid of the bra or pull it up above you and do a little shimmy shimmy dry, And toss it away. Slow turn to your partner and reveal. And like only when you're learning a language, you gotta use it in a sentence. Let's use it in a dance. (upbeat music) (upbeat music) Looks good. So keep practicing this move and I will see you in the next video. (upbeat music) (upbeat music) - Hello, and welcome back. We're gonna keep working on some strip tease moves in this video, and we're gonna focus on taking off your shorts. And when I say shorts, I don't mean gym shorts. You're not wearing those to strip tease in, unless you're doing like a cheerleader thing, then okay. But generally we're talking about boy shorts here. So boy shorts look a lot like underwear. They're just a little bit more full figured. So go ahead and grab a pair of boy shorts from your wardrobe and come on back and we'll get started. Okay, so your shorts are on, you're ready to go. Remember, partners are behind us. The first thing we're gonna do is widen our stance. So I want you to lean into the left and step your right foot out so you're a little bit wider. Lefties, remember, you can always switch it up. From here, I want you to take your thumbs into the inside of your shorts and bring them around to the side. You're taking care here to make sure that your thumb is in between your shorts and your underwear. We just wanna peel the shorts off, not your thong at the same time. So from here, if you're doing regular Robert, I want you to go ahead and switch into reverse Robert. We're about to bend over and anytime we bend over, we wanna be doing the reverse Robert move. So you're doing reverse Robert and you're gonna slowly stripper bend forward. That means chest is pushing towards one wall, ass is pushing towards the other wall and we have a nice arch in our lower back. Then with straight arms, you're going to pull the shorts down so that they hit the crease in your booty right here. Don't go any further, just stop there. Do a one reverse Robert and then slowly pull them back up. Remember, we're extending the tease. We can do this again. Draw it out a little bit more. Reverse Robert, thumbs in position and pull right down to the crease. You can even look over your shoulder with a naughty little smile, and then pull it up one more time. From here, you can go into another move if you wanna really draw that tease out, or you can continue taking off the shorts. Let's say you're gonna continue taking off the shorts. In which case, the next thing you're going to do is to narrow your stance. That means that right foot that's out is not gonna come back to where it was before. But this is a little bit more narrower than your normal stance. I only want you to have enough space between your two big toes to fit in two fingers, maybe three, because we need space for those shorts to fall and hit the floor. So you've narrowed your stance, you're still reverse Roberting, and now we're gonna do the same move as before. Thumbs in position, and we pull all the way down to the crease in our booty, boobs pushing one way, ass pushing the other way. Here is where we lock our legs. Very important. We do not bend knees here, or it looks very ugly. So legs are straight. And next, you're going to take your pinkies and slide them into the shorts as well. So thumbs are on the inside, pinkies are on the inside and your other three fingers are floating out in space. Then you just start bringing everything down. If your shorts get a little caught in your crotch area, just do a little bit of reverse Robert until they release. And with straight legs, you're gonna go down as low as you can go. Now here's where we separate into two different types of students. You might be able to get your shorts all the way to the floor without bending your legs because you are more flexible, or you may only be able to get to, let's say, your calves or ankles, because your hamstrings aren't that flexible. So depending on who you are, you're gonna have a different way of finishing the move. We're gonna start with my more flexible girls. So you're moving the shorts down, you get it all the way to the floor, you're gonna take your hands around to the back of your legs and slowly stand up, letting the fingers go all the way up the legs and the butt, and then back into your reverse Robert. You wanna make sure that the shorts are completely on the floor, there's no bit of fabric hanging onto your shoes or any other part of your outfit. Okay, let's say you're not so flexible and you weren't able to do that. Instead you go as far as you can go and then stop, doing the same move on the way up. Hands to the back, slowly sliding all the way up, and then going back into a Robert and lotion. Next, for my not so flexible girls, you are going to take and lean into your left leg. You're going to point the right toe by lifting the right heel off of the floor and then push your right foot forward and then lift it up. The shorts should now fall and hit the floor just like they did for our more flexible gals. Then you're going to take the right leg and step it out nice and wide like you were before. Shift your weight into that right leg. Take the left foot, step on the shorts and then kick them out to the side just a couple inches. You don't need to go for 30 feet, a couple of inches will suffice. The harder you kick, the more likely you are to fall as well. So, more flexible girls, I'm sure you figured it out by now, that's exactly what you will do. Once your shorts hit the floor, you are going to step out to the right, put your weight into the right foot, step on the shorts to the left and then send them out to the side. You can cross them in front or bring them out to the side. It really doesn't matter, whatever you're more comfortable with. Now your shorts are off and you're ready to move onto other moves or continue stripping off your layers. So let's put the shorts back on and go over this one more time a little bit quicker. Okay, here we are speeding up the process a little bit. So first, we step out nice and wide. We're doing our reverse Robert, our thumbs going into the side. We stripper bend and pull those shorts down to the crease. A little bit of movement here, then we pull them up. We love teasing, so we're gonna pull 'em down one more time. Maybe look over our shoulder, give a naughty little smile, and then pull them up. We're gonna narrow our stance. Straighten our legs, stripper bend over and start sending those shorts down south. We're gonna add our pinkies into the mix and keep sliding down, down, down, down, down, down. If you can only get to your ankles, you stop here. If you can go all the way to the floor, that's great too. Hands go up the back of the legs all the way up into the butt, back into Robert and lotion. If your shorts aren't on the floor yet, you take the right foot, lift the heel, press the right toe forward, lift the right foot up. And then everyone will step out to the side, lean into the right leg, step on the shorts and either send them forward or out to the side. Then you're back into your Robert and lotion, and proceeding onto the move you like best. Let's do this one more time. Okay, so first you widen your stance. Reverse Robert, thumbs to the side, shorts come down just to the crease. Pull back up. One more time down to the crease. Cute little smile if you so choose. Pull back up, narrow your stance. Stripper bend, chest out, ass out, legs straight, shorts come down. Pinkies come in, all the way to the floor. Come on, girls, you've been working on that flexibility and everyone can go to the floor. Hands are on the back of the legs and they come all the way back up, rubbing that booty, working on Robert and lotion. Lean to the left, step that right foot out. Lean into the right, step on the shorts and get them outta here. Then go right back into your Robert and lotion and right back into the dance. Good job. So keep practicing. Remember, you can practice naked, you don't have to wear clothes like me. And if you run in any trouble, remember, go slow. Take your time. So keep practicing and I'll see you in the next video. (upbeat music) - Once you've stripped all the way down to your thong like me, you're going to wanna play with it as much as possible. So, we're gonna tease. We're gonna pull on it. We're gonna make it look like we're taking it off. And one of the moves that can do this is our side slides. In order to learn this move, you need to have a thong that you can put on now or put on, on top of your clothes if you're at home, just put on the thong by yourself. Why not? But make sure that you have a thong and then come back and we can get started. So, we also need to make sure for this move the thong is a little bit stretchy. So, hopefully you have one that has some give to it and we're gonna start by of course doing a Robert. You can do a regular Robert, a reverse Robert, but when we actually start the move, we need to be doing a regular Robert. But before that we have to get our thumbs into position and again, wearing your thong high. So, this is your hip bone. This is your waist. The thong is between your hip bone and your waist. And you are going to then slowly through a lotion, take your thumbs inside the strap. So, your thumbs are pointing down. Your fingertips are pointing to the side walls and you can pull the thong in this position. And then we're gonna start with the right side and right dominant. If you wanna start with the left, that's fine as well too but we're gonna start by going into corner number one and taking that thumb all the way forward. So where the string meets the triangle piece of cloth. And then we are going to pull out, back and down. As we move from corner one to corner, number two keeping our elbows in our armpits covered. Remember stinky armpits. So we are lotioning. We're doing reverse or regular but as we get close, we switch then into regular thumbs, go in, thumbs facing down. We go into corner number one, elbow goes in. We pull out out and down as we go back into corner number two. So by the time we hit corner, number two our thumb is kind of in that middle spot of our butt. Like whenever you get a shot in the butt they always put it in that spot right there. So that's where we are for this particular move. And let's try it on the other side. So you can see what that looks like as well. We'll do a nice little side view here. So we're doing our movement. Our thumbs go in, we go into corner number three on our left side, and then out, back and down. And again, that thumb is gonna end right in that little spot where you might get a shot in your booty. And then as you come back the thumb go goes back into position. Let's try it a little bit faster. Shall we? So we're doing our Robert and lotion thumbs go in we go corner number one to two and then corner three to four. Our thumb is coming back at the end of the move. It's coming back at the end of the move. If you're struggling with this move to think about once you get to the back, you wanna bring your thumb into your body and then slide it back to the front. So let's just focus on the right side for this particular move. Just watch my right side as we do it together. Thumb goes in out backing down, three to four. While we're doing this move, you just wanna make sure that we're not pulling that front part too far to the side, right? We're trying to keep this stuff covered here. Okay. So we're just, and when you're wearing this without like leggings underneath, you'll feel where it is. So it'll be a little bit easier. Hopefully if you're at home, you're practicing this with without leggings underneath, cuz you don't have to. So just make sure that you're not revealing too much as you're doing this move. And as you're pulling your thumb out that you're not letting your elbow come with it, right? Those elbows stay in. Remember stinky armpits as we pull back and away. And then when you're done, you can let your hands lift the thong back up into position. You can take your thumbs in the opposite direction and then go back into movement. So let's try that one more time. This move can be a little bit tricky trying to coordinate, again, it's when you learn how to Robert and lotion. It feels a little bit like that, but I promise with time and a mirror, it can got a lot easier. So again, you have a nice Robert and lotion. We go into regular Robert thumbs go in, we take our time. Then goes out and then when it returns, it's on the body. And then we're done, we keep the thong nice and high on the hips. We can play a little bit more with it if we like, then we go back into our movement. So just take your time with this one. The best idea here is to go very slow. Remember the fundamentals we are trying to avoid this right? Elbows out, moving the thong too much. It just takes practice. I know it feels really awkward at first but I promise you, you can get it. So good luck with this move. And as always, I will see you with your thong on, in the next video. (upbeat music) - This move is the roll down and it is a thong tease move. So we're gonna make it look like we're taking off our thong but instead, we're just gonna roll it down the back and then roll it back up. And in order to do this move, we need to make sure that we actually have a thong and not a g-string. The difference is all about the back, a thong has about an inch width, it's like the width of your thumb going up the back and a g-string is just that string, so make sure that you have a thong and let's get started with this move. First, we wanna make sure that we're pulling the thong tight against our body, and that has a lot to do with what we're doing with our hands. There's a bunch of different ways to do this but basically you wanna get a nice grip of the thong and you want to remember the fundamentals of striptease, which is armpits. So you don't wanna grip it and pull it against your body this way, right? Because that's opening up those armpits. So you can grip it, you can turn your hands. Just remember that we want to have the armpits closed and the biceps again, pressing into our body. So go ahead and feel around with it and find something that feels comfortable for you where you can pull the thong out and press it against your body without flaring your arm. So, for me, that's normally my fingers coming in and then I'm doing a little twist out and pulling in, right? Don't worry about what the wrist looks like, because again, they're looking from behind. So go ahead and experiment with that again, make sure you can find something that's comfortable for you. And then let's take a look at the back view. So again, we have those fundamentals, right? Armpits down, we're pulling out, pulling in. So you're going to pull tight, roll all the way down to that crease right there on your butt and then roll all the way back up. Then you can go into some other moves with the thong. When you're doing this move of course, it's gonna work a lot better when you don't have clothes underneath your thong. Remember to pull it tight against your skin, you wanna have that little roll. If you're having trouble, you can always practice side view in the mirror to make sure it looks right. So good luck with this move. And I will see you in the next video. (upbeat music) (upbeat music) - This move is called jacking. And this move sends subliminal messages to your partner. So basically we're kind of doing this move. So what does it look like? (indistinct) It's why it's called jacking. And it works of course well on a man but it works on a woman as well, too. We're all kind of turned on by this imagery. So for this move we're gonna have our thong on. I'm wearing mine over my clothes, but of course you can just be in your thong at home. And the first thing that we wanna do for this move is gather up the thong at the top with our non-dominant hand. But we don't wanna be exposing everything, right? So we have to do this a little bit carefully. We wanna make sure that first we kind of come in with our thumbs and make sure everything is lined up. It's a nice little trick to do to make sure that nothing's hanging out that's not ready to be hanging out just yet. So we're taking our thumbs in, making sure everything's lined up and then we're pulling up nice and tight with a wide stance here, our thumbs are closest to our body, our fingertips are kind of pointing out like guns. And by doing this, we're making sure that we're kind of like making a little pouch around the goods here. And then you're just gonna gather everything up with your non-dominant hand. For me, that's my left hand. Then your dominant hand, after everything is gathered up is just gonna travel down the line of the thong. But when we're doing this move you wanna make sure that your thumb stays close to your body right up against your body so that you're not exposing anything. Especially, if you're dancing in a room with mirrors you might give a little peaky poo on the side there. So again from the top, we're making sure everything's lined up with our thumbs. We're pulling everything up to make sure that everything stays hidden. We're gathering at the top with our non-dominant hand. And then our dominant hand, keeping a thumb against our body is gonna run up and down the thong. And when we're doing this, we're doing this in a way that makes it kind of seem like, we're doing this action. Okay? So again it's just a nice, slow move. We're making eye contact with our partner. When you make eye contact with your partner, when you're doing a move like this, it's kind of one of those, "Ah!", moments for your partner because they of course wanna return the eye contact cause we're taught to do that as polite adults. But what they really wanna do is look down the action that you're doing with your hands. So it's kind of a power play when you're dancing for your partner. So again, we pull everything nice and tight, tighten it up here and then move the hand up and down. You don't have to do this a bunch of times. It's maybe once, twice. Also keep in mind when you move your thumb all the way down, you're gonna lose your little pouch, right? So we might be exposing things we're not ready to expose. So instead, what you can do is move your thumb down about halfway and then use your fingers to go a little bit further, right? So it's kind of like a little tease action there. We're not going all the way. Fingers go down and then we come back up again. You can kind of keep the action at the very top of the move so you're not exposing anything and it's not something we're gonna do repeatedly. Right? You wouldn't. (laughs) That's kind of what we're saying. So one more time from the top in speed. We use our thumbs, make sure everything's lined up. We gather everything at the top. We do it once or twice making eye contact. And then we release everything back down, do a double check with our thumbs and then go back into our dance. So it's a fun move that we can throw in. It's a little naughty. Again, subliminal messages here. Just make sure that everything stays lined up. You are eventually gonna take that thong off but we're not ready just yet. So we're keeping everything covered. Enjoy practicing this move. And I will see you in the next video. Bye. (laughs) (upbeat music) - What do you do once you take your clothing off? It doesn't just evaporate in the thin air. You have two choices, you can either drop it or toss it. And today we're going to talk about toss it. And how do you know? Well what do I do? What do I drop or I toss? It really depends on how big that piece of clothing is and whether or not you can wad it into your hand like this. If you can wad it into your hand like this, then that is tossable. If you can't, that's gonna be a dropper. So today we're focusing on tossing. So you wanna make sure that you have something that you can wad into your hand, into the shape. I'm using a tank top today. That's pretty easy to do. So go ahead and grab that piece of clothing and come on back. For the next part of this move, we need a partner to throw it to. And even if you don't have a partner around, you still have a chair or a couch so you're gonna put your imaginary person in that couch, see them sitting there, and we are going to toss it to them. We're gonna start very slow and as we speed it up, it's gonna get a little bit faster. I'll show you what it looks like first in speed. There is my partner. I've just taken off my top. I can wad it into my hand. I do a little loofah and then I toss it right to my partner. Okay, so for this move again, we've got our waddable piece of clothing, we've got our partner sitting up, and we want to turn to face away from that partner. And you are going to take it into your dominant hand, for me it's my right, and then we're going to be looking at our partner over our opposite shoulder. So I'm gonna look at my partner over my left shoulder. And the first piece we're going to practice here is taking our wrist with a piece of clothing in it to our opposite shoulder as we do that turn. So we go from the wash, we bring the hand out in front of us, it slowly moves towards the shoulder as we turn, until we can make eye contact with our partner. And at this point we want our wrists to be very, or fairly close to our shoulder. Let's just practice that part again, very slow. Loofah wash, soap it up, and then turn as our wrist comes close to our shoulder. One more time. Loofah soap and turn, hand comes. Once we get here, we're going to release the item of clothing and because we're gonna be moving quickly it's just gonna continue to fly straight towards our partner. And we wanna do a little bit follow through. So once we release, we're gonna continue to have our hand point in that direction. Do we do this? No. Do we do this? No. You just have your hand nice and relaxed. Just like you've thrown something, right? Maybe that pointer finger has a little bit of a point but none of this, okay. So again, nice and slow. Loofah, loofah, turn, wrist comes to shoulder and then we would release, okay. But now we need it to get it to go all the way to the chair. So how do we do that? We move a little bit faster. Now when we move a little bit faster, we tend to lose our movement. We do things incorrectly. So I want you to practice multiple times with just the drop, okay. Very slow. So again, let's practice. Drop. One more time. Pick it up, turn around, get your squats in today. Loofah, loofah. Drop. Now let's pick up the pace a little bit. You're gonna turn a little bit faster. And as you're turning, you're also gonna move your arm a little bit faster. So everything's going faster. Again, once you can make eye contact, release and then hopefully it'll land right in the lap. Let's try little bit faster. Loofah wash. Boom. Ooh. And again, my hand is pointing in the direction of my partner. It's nice and relaxed. And our little watered up tank top went right into their lap. Let's try it one more time. Loofah wash. Boom. Easy peasy. The more you practice, the easier it'll get. Just remember, you want to keep your hand close to that shoulder. You want it to move in one, in kind of one fail swoop. What I see a lot when I see girls making mistake on this, they turn and then they toss with their wrists. So let me show you what that looks like. I got the loofah part down, then we get here and they go, okay. We don't wanna use our wrist. We're just turning and releasing. See the wrist is not moving. We're not getting here and tossing like this. We're just turning and release it. So if you're having problems, if you think it looks weird, pay attention to what your wrist is doing and your probably again doing that, that little wrist toss, okay. We don't want our hand to end up like this. Straight, pointing towards our partner. So good luck with this toss move. Hopefully it turns out, well hopefully your aim gets better as you practice. And as always, I will see you in the next video. (upbeat music) (upbeat music) - So, what do you do once you've taken off your clothing? You can't, I dream of genie in a way, you have to actually get rid of it. And the way you could do that is you can either toss it or drop it. If you have something large, something that you can't wad up into your hands, that's going to be a drop. So go ahead and grab something that's a little bit big, a little bit bulky and we'll go over that move. So we have the shirt from our button down video here. And although you can wad this up into your hand, it's still just a little bit too big. So this is gonna be better for drop. And whenever we're drop dropping something, we're just dropping it to the ground, but we don't wanna just, you know, do one of those. We wanna make sure that it looks as always, cute and sexy. So here's how we do a drop with something a little bit larger. Again, most strip tease moves are done when you're facing away from your partner. But again, this can be either direction depending on how you're doing dance but whenever we've taken something off and it's too big, the first thing we're going to do is bring it up towards the sky. And as we bring it up towards the sky, we wanna have a little bit of rotation in the wrist. So we're gonna bring it up towards the sky, little bit of rotation in the wrist. And then once it gets nice and high, you wanna make sure that your arm is perpendicular to the floor. So your hand is parallel to the wall, and whatever hand you've used to bring it up towards the sky. You're gonna take that same hip and pop it out. Then from here, we are going to tip the wrist down and just drop it. It's really super simple. And then from here, this top hand, instead of just letting it release down into your body, you're gonna take it to the back of your head and bring it down your neck and then into some lotion. So let's try that again from the top. So we got our big, bulky item. We've just taken it off. Maybe we've done a little washing with it. I don't know, whatever works for you. And then we're going to take our hand out, rotate our wrist as we bring the hand up, keeping the elbow locked. I see this a lot, I see a lot of this. Keep that elbow locked, rotate the wrist, bring it all the way up to the sky. So again, that hand is perpendicular, parallel to the wall. Stick the hip out and turn the wrist down and release it to the floor. There's your drop. Your hand then goes back behind your head, down over your neck and down into your body as you go into something else. Let's do it one last time in speed. And then talk about what do you do once it's on the floor. Third time's a charm, big bulky item, out to the side, take the wrist, bring it up nice and high, drop it with the hip out, hand goes onto the body, back into your movement. Now, you wanna go into some more dance moves so you don't want to fall down. You don't wanna hurt yourself by tripping on that big piece of clothing on the floor. So for this move, we're going to be taking our dominant foot and just sliding it across the floor to get that item out of our way. And again, we wanna make it look cute and sexy and we don't wanna fall down on our face. So we have to practice this move just like anything else. So make sure you have that piece of item, piece of clothing right in front of your body. Before we actually practice moving the shirt, you just wanna practice the movement itself. So you wanna take your weight into your non-dominant leg, take your dominant leg and straighten it. Keep the toe pointed and just swing it in front of you like that. It's a small swing back and forth. Make sure you can do this comfortably. You maintain your balance. This doesn't look very good. So we wanna make sure that we can maintain our balance. Just do this a couple of times. If you're not comfortable here, stop, keep practicing this until you do feel comfortable. But if you are comfortable with this we'll move on to our second step, which is actually putting that dominant leg, my right leg onto the piece of clothing. We're not pressing down too hard. Obviously we're not pressing down super light 'cause we do wanna move the clothing but we're not putting any weight into the right leg. That's what's really important. We're pressing down, but not putting any weight. So we are dancing and we can look here. It's okay to look but we don't wanna start the move by looking, put our foot. It's just a quick glance, so we're dancing. We can quick glance down, take your right leg on top of the clothing. Keep that motion of straight leg sweeping across you, release the foot back into position and then go back into your dance. So again, let's try that. Take the clothing in front of you. You're gonna bend that left leg just a little bit so that you can make contact with your right leg. So weight shift, bend the leg, make contact, keep the leg straight. Don't bend it. So keep that leg straight and just sweep it in front of you. Put it back into position and as a straight leg. So it stays straight as it goes back into position. And then back and into your movement. Let's try one last time So we've just dropped it, again, we can kind of dance over to it 'cause we wanna get it completely outta way. Put the weight into the non-dominant leg, slide it out of the way with a straight leg, straight leg goes back into position and then we go back into our dance. And if you do that, you should be able to continue without fear of tripping on it, walking over it and again, ending up on the floor. And if you do end up on the floor, just make sure you start doing floor moves. So good luck with the drop and the slide out of the way. And I will see you in the next video, bye.

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