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Reconnect with your sensuality & experience epic vaginal orgasms with this tasteful, easy-to-follow video course. All you need is 15 minutes a day.

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Why This Course?

We all want to feel full, orgasmic joy and deep satisfaction from sex and self-play. We want to feel radiant, sensual and confident. And we do have access to it — we just don’t always know how to get there.

This course is here to give you the roadmap to and through your juicy adventure zone — your pussy.

Believe it or not, many modern people are still either disconnected from their yonis — or at least not aware of her full potential.

Some suffer the consequences of negative body conditioning, sexual abuse or trauma. Others experience the emotional roller coaster of a hormonal imbalance.

The majority of them simply don’t know how to change their situation, so they end up giving up on their pleasure and happiness altogether.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. There’s an ancient Yoni Egg practice that can open the doors to an orgasmic evolution.

Woman holding Yoni Eggs

What Is a Yoni Egg & Where Does It Come From?

Yoni is the Sanskrit name for a vagina and means “sacred temple”. The Egg itself is a smooth egg-shaped cut crystal (usually a jade or rose quartz), used for pelvic floor exercises and sexual healing.

The Yoni Egg practice claims its roots in ancient China. Up until recently, this knowledge was only available to members of the royal family, and to select Taoist practitioners. Luckily today it’s no longer a secret.

Turns out it’s a fantastic tool not only for strengthening and controlling the vaginal muscles. It’s also key to better health, more fulfilling relationships and a happier life for so many vulva owners.

Tattooed Woman with Yoni Egg

We’ve created the Yoni Egg Online Course to inspire self-discovery, healing and pleasure, and to help you tap into this profound practice.

It’s super practical — you’ll get just enough theory, and dozens of techniques to play with. Some of them will relate directly to your pussy, others to your booty, breasts or your body as a whole.

You will explore various meditations, strengthening and relaxing sessions, healing rituals and massages. All in the form of easy-to-follow and tastefully filmed tutorials.

Since the entire course has been designed especially for modern busy people, you’ll be able to go through it in just 15-minute chunks per day.

If at any point you have any questions, our Beducators are there for you.

You don’t need any previous experience — just come with an open mind and heart.

Many vulva owners who finished this course told us that it helped them:

Yoni Egg

What's Inside?

Techniques Library
Follow-Along Session

Module 1: Essentials

Get to know your vagina’s anatomy inside out. Learn what a Yoni Egg is, how to take care of it and how *not* to use it. Meet your teacher and listen to her very personal story of healing and transformation thanks to the Egg practice.

Module 2: Warm Up

Learn how to insert and remove your Yoni Egg. Once you’re familiar with it, try various warm-up rituals like the Breast Massage Ritual or the Golden Yoni Healing Meditation.

Module 3: Sessions

It’s time to go really *deep*. Play with the tutorials like the Pelvic Floor Practice, the Yoni Detox Session, various Yoga flows (from energizing to Yin), Booty Workouts and more.

Module 4: Bonuses

Explore how to build and deepen the relationship with your vagina, and how to keep your practice regular (even if your schedule is very busy). Learn more about Crystal Wands and try the Womb Clearing Meditation. Also, level up your skills with the Advanced Yoni Weight Lifting Exercises.

Frequently Asked Questions

It would be best to get a Yoni Egg (or something similar, like Ben Wa balls) for this course to make the most out of it.

Nevertheless, the course is designed in a way that you can do all the practices even without an Egg.

Inside the course is an entire section about where to get the best supplies.

To begin with, it’s best to start off small and only use the Egg for 10-30 mins at a time. If the Egg stays inside you for longer than you want and expect, please relax and remember that it is doing the healing work. There’s no way for it to get stuck there, so no worries.

Learning to trust the process and let go of control sometimes can be one of the most important things, helping you to release the blockages and reset the old patterns.

Yes. By awakening and toning your vagina and pelvic floor muscles you can enliven various bliss spots within yourself, such as the G-spot and cervix. This course will allow you to discover your multi-orgasmic potential and gift you with new pleasure experiences.

Yes! This course is all about awakening your sexuality. And that doesn’t mean having more sex with other people, but simply feeling erotically alive and passionate about your life in general.

You might experience your love hormones peaking in your body which will nourish you with amazing energy for anything that you do. The Yoni Egg is the fastest tool we have to awaken our sexual energy.

Yes, this course is designed in a way that takes you gradually through your own sexual healing. Your body is usually the key to overcoming sexual traumas and by activating and making you able to feel your body more you can move through your blocks more easily.

Yes. This course takes you sexually to a totally new level, you’ll be able to feel more and tune in more with your sensual nature. There is always something we can learn.

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