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Lingam Massage Online Course:
The Art of Tantric Penis Massage

Mariah Freya
Founder of Beducated
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About This Course

Master the art of penis pleasure with this Beducated Original course. You’ll learn next-level techniques with easy-to-follow video tutorials, cheat sheets on essentials, and special bonus material.

What You Will Learn

  1. How to do a full penis massage from start to finish
  2. The foundations of penis anatomy, pleasure, and orgasms
  3. What is edging and how to integrate it into your massage
  4. Massaging techniques for couples and self-pleasure

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Your Instructor

Mariah Freya

Founder of Beducated

Mariah Freya, Beducated's founder, Sex Coach and TEDx speaker, empowers individuals through transformative techniques to unlock their full pleasure potential. Through Beducated, she is making a global impact on making sex education accessible.

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Lessons and Classes

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more than 180 min
  1. 1. Welcome to This Course
  2. 2. What Do You Need
  3. 3. Preparation Checklist
  4. 4. The Lingam Massage Principles
  5. 5. How to Become the Best Lingam Worshipper in the World
  6. 6. The Anatomy of the Lingam
  7. 7. Erect vs. Soft Lingam
  8. 8. Male Pleasure & Orgasm
  9. 9. Mindful Ejaculation
  10. 10. Connection Rituals
  11. 11. Learn Full-Body Massage Techniques
  12. 12. Comfortable Sitting Positions for Giver
  13. 13. Breath Awareness
  14. 14. Lingam-Heart Ritual
  15. 15. Lingam Massage Strokes
  16. 16. Edging & Riding Waves
  17. 17. Final Integration
  18. 18. Lingam Massage the Full Flow
  19. 19. Lingam Massage Cheatsheets
  20. 20. Course Completion
  21. 21. Prostate Massage is Now Offered as a Single Course
  22. 22. Lingam Self-Massage as a Bonus

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Welcome, my name is Mariah Freya. I created this lingam massage course, with so much excitement, to take you on a journey of growth. In this course I'm offering you everything, I know and learned on worshiping the lingam. I'm going to give you my treasure, of tantric knowledge. The insider info into how to give your lover, earth shattering orgasms, that connect you both deeply to each other. So, learning to give lingam massage, is super empowering. Really, it changed my sex live forever. And I'm so thrilled that you're here and truly, excited to supporting you on this journey. Lingam massage is actually a practice, and it's so juicy. I mean, making love and being a lover is a skill, right? And this course will empower you to be, more confident, to give an ecstatic, and soul-merging sexual experience to your lover. If you are receiving a lingam massage, then, lucky you. You're in for a treat. Learning to open, surrender, and simply receive, pleasure is something we can learn, and it has so many more benefits, even beyond the bedroom. Okay, let's begin at the beginning, as they say. All this excitement may have you desiring to, skip to the end. But, take a deep breath. And take a moment to understand, the direction we're headed. In this first module, I want you to start out the right way. What you need to know, and how to get started. And especially how you can get most, out of this practice, with the right intention. Lingam. The word rolls off the tongue. If you know what I mean? If you have never spoken this word out loud before, go ahead and give it a try. Lingam. It is a beautiful, juicy, and sacred word for penis. That I hope you will use again and again, to express your love deeply. I designed this course with so much love, because I believe in the power of, lingam massage to transform us. When we learn to worship our lovers lingam, it feeds into and inspires the rest of our lives. Perhaps, you will even become a master of giving pleasure. If you're longing to give your lover, or the lover yet to be, mind-blowing orgasmic pleasure, then you are in the right place. Perhaps you want to surprise your partner? Or, you're watching this course together. Even better. As your intimate guide, let me share my personal story on how I became, a lingam massage teacher. Really, it was not easy for me to give my first lingam massage. I had to pretty much kick myself in the ass. Honestly, I felt quite under pressure to- yeah, perform. And I expected, from myself, to be better, than I normally would be when, giving my partner a hand-job. There was somehow- yeah, such a high expectation, and in the same time I felt bored with, you know, the usual hand-jobs. Not super inspired to play with just my hands alone. So, I worried that just my hands alone, weren't enough. Or, that he would be better off just, you know, self pleasuring. I mean, it seemed that he was perfectly competent, in massaging his own lingam. So, what could I really offer? I received incredible yoni massages, from him in the past. Which is a counterpart, where the yoni, the vagina, is being worshiped, and massaged. And I was secretly wondering, how could I top that? Now, looking back, I can see that deep down I felt, I must, or I had to return a favor. Like it would be impolite of me not to, right? So, I wasn't really enjoying this. Or I was not fully giving. More robotically or unconsciously. Yet, inside I knew that, there was so much more to this exchange. That it was not about breaking even or balancing the debt. Later, I realized I felt that way, because I never truly allowed myself to, open up and receive unconditionally. This made me turn to lingam massage and, I am thankful that I did. Lingam massage is such a gift. It has allowed me to share with my partner, in ways I never knew were possible. When you are able to support your partner, to let go, be vulnerable, and just to simply receive pleasure. Then, we can see the raw beauty of our sexuality. In that spirit of giving, I have lovingly created this course, with video lectures from the heart, and guided follow along rituals. I recommend you to watch it in this order. However, I do understand the urge, to jump right into the practice. So, perhaps you will skip around anyways. This is your own private space, for you to experience the way you want, when you want, and how you want. You're taking this course so you can, give or receive, a healing, pleasurable, and connecting lingam massage. I've actually spent years, studying, practicing, and learning lingam massage, from different body-workers and therapists. I've found that there are 4 main steps, that most practitioners follow. So, the first step is, the general warm-up. The second one is, the full body massage. The third on is the actual lingam massage. And, the fourth one is, the final integration. In the first two modules, you will learn the basics, that prepares you to jump into, the practical teaching safely. Which starts from module 3 onwards. Also, if you are a man, interested in self pleasuring, and self exploration. Then, you won't want to miss, the bonus material on lingam self massage. You are invited to join our Facebook group, where you can connect with like-minded people. In the group you can share your journey. Actually, sharing is a great way to, savor the experience in this course. This very helpful to integrate your journey. You are not alone. I'm over in the group, and will be here to answer any of your questions. or comments. Actually, I can't wait to hear from you. Check out the how-to-link below this video, for more guidance. If you have any technical issues, please don't hesitate to reach out to our, wonderful support team. Also for that, see all the details below this video. With all that said, begin when you are ready. Slow down, take your time to enjoy, every single moment of your lingam massage course. Deliciousness awaits you! And in the next video you will find, what you need to being your practice. Welcome back. This video answers all of your questions about what you need to be completely confident. You will feel absolutely ready in every way to offer or receive this life changing experience. In the beginning, it may seem a little bit awkward, like when we are learning anything in life. But soon you will find it all comes very naturally. I'm going to tell you exactly what you need to practice lingam massage with confidence. In this video I will give you tools and toys to create a safe and sensual space for you, and your partner. Creating a beautiful atmosphere is part of the experience. So slow down and enjoy this part of the process. If the mood is right, then letting go will be so much sweeter and easier. OK, let's look at how to set yourself up for the sensual experience. The first step is to initiate the empowering and delicious experience. Set up an appointment. You may not normally schedule your intimate moments but trust me, things will go a lot smoother if you reserve time for this all to unfold. I would like to talk a little bit about overcoming resistance, and how scheduling the massage will help you. It may be surprising, although completely normal, that either of you may try and put off this intimate moment. You may find some inner resistance, simply because it's not your ordinary routine, like I mean, we're thinking outside the box here, so moving outside our comfort zone. But on the other side of resistance, is so much bliss. Practically speaking, setting a time and getting an affirmative yes, will help you to be ready to receive your lover. A little commitment never hurts anyone, in my opinion. Setting aside a specific time is especially helpful if it's your first time. So my suggestion is to embrace any nervousness, awkwardness, or excitement. It's all part of the experience. And it's natural to either of you feel nervous. Try embracing the excitement, rather than pushing it away. Actually, nervous tension can lead to an epic orgasm if channeled in the right way. Sometimes OK, actually, a lot of the time, when your experiences come up, our mind plays a little funny game with us. Like that naughty lover your mother always warned about. Your mind may come up with excuses like "I don't have time" or, you know you shut down in some way. Try and remember, you've been waiting for this. So suddenly, you may feel that urge, to you know, suddenly clean the house, or declutter your garage, just to avoid your original desire why you're here. Let's just move past this serious irony of all that right now, and get this one on the books. You absolutely don't have to perform for anyone. That is not what this is all about. This is about connecting, deeply, to your sexual potential and your partner. There's no right or wrong here. Just more and more opening into pleasure. So much awaits you on the other side of fear. So take a deep breath, (inhales deeply) you can do this. All feelings are allowed. Just schedule the time, anyway. At least two hours are essential for the full experience, and one hour is totally enough for the lingam self-massage. And make sure you don't have anything stressful on your schedule right before, or after. You're going to want to ease in and out of this one to savor every drop. And one last thing about time. Ask your lover not to eat around four hours or so before the massage. Pleasure will come more easy if their belly is not full, and in general you want them to be as comfortable as possible. Now take your time and enjoy setting up the safe and sacred space. Give yourself enough time beforehand to create a supportive atmosphere. If you take time to arrange everything in advance, you'll more easily melt into the experience rather than feel rushed or hectic. Basically, you'll probably feel more in to it, if the space is set up in a thoughtful, loving way. In general, aim to create a more meditative experience for both of you. If you inspire to go all the way, you can even approach the experience as an act of worship. Be creative, and try transforming your bedroom into a temple of sorts. An attention to detail to things like some nice pillows, and bedsheets and soft blankets will seriously do wonders to call in the magic. And if it's cold outside, you can even try fur, or a nice heating blanket. You want your love to be warm. And considering they will be naked for a while so heat the room up so it's comfortable for the both of you. Perhaps light some candles and you can use your favorite natural aroma oils if you want. And just be sure your partner is not turned off by the scent you choose, of course. And you can also use a massage table, or, a bed works both fine. But actually a soft mattress will make it more difficult for the giver. So a firmer mattress is usually better. And if you have a waterbed or a very, very soft mat, then I recommend to move on the floor with a mat. I also recommend a massage table if you feel uncomfortable giving the massage, sitting with your legs crossed or sitting on your heels. A massage table for sure makes things a little easier. But it's definitely not required here. Another crucial ingredient for the perfect lingam massage experience is massage oil. I personally like to use liquid organic coconut oil. Note if it's cold outside, then make sure to warm up the oil by letting the jar sit in warm water so it turns back into liquid. You can also use silicon-based lube for the actual penis massage. It's not necessarily organic but it does stay wet longer. Just know using too much oil makes the lingam less sensitive. A little goes a long way. You can actually try both and then ask your partner their preference. Either way, be sure to have towels and paper ready to soak up the access of oil or lube. What's also nice is to have a feather or a piece of fur or even a silk cloth. It's great to have this on hand for a very playful touch. A sarong, or a blanket, to cover the body of the receiver, also comes in handy. Of course another important ingredient is music. You'll find a few of my favorite playlists just below this video. And also check out the shopping list below this video to get links to purchase everything that you may need. In the next video, I'll share with you the lingam massage principles. So see you there. In this video, we'll dive right into the Lingam massage principles and its roots. I'm going to show you where this practice originally comes from, and I'm going to show you the three levels that it has an impact on. You'll be working with the three principles, which are the crucial element for Lingam massage. So first of all, Lingam massage has actually very little to do with a classic erotic massage. An erotic massage usually has just one main focus, to give pleasure for the sake of having a good time. And it includes the so called happy endings. Of course, there's nothing bad about that. Don't get me wrong. But Lingam massage aims to be more than that. Lingam massage was developed by Joseph Kramer, who created the idea of sexological bodywork. Kramer's work includes elements from what we call neotantric bodywork. And neotantra is like the western world's modern approach to the ancient philosophy of tantra. It includes techniques from different schools of massages with elements from yoga, somatic bodywork, bio energetic and sexual therapy. As opposed to erotic massage, Lingam massage works on three levels, pleasure, healing and connection. So let's look at the level of pleasure. Lingam massage seeks to awaken sexual energies. It offers ways to support Lingam owners to direct their pleasure, intentionally and harmoniously. It offers a way to acknowledge and focus that potential of male sexuality by body touch. So Lingam massage helps the receiver becoming more sensitive and in tune with that ocean of pleasure they never knew possible. And Lingam massage helps the one receiving develop sensitivity and understand at what degree they are actually aroused. So knowing what exactly and where they at, in what we call the pleasure curve, allows them to expand their pleasure and feel much, much more. This leads to the desired experience of Yeah, multiple orgasms. That's right, orgasm after orgasm, realizing our true sexual potential. So let's have a look at the second level healing. Lingam massage is meant to heal, it has the power to release blockages from old traumas, even on a cellular level, and it's transcending shame and pain. The body actually remembers everything. And you can experience this for yourself when you get massage or practice yoga, perhaps old memories come up that you thought you have resolved for many years. Lingam massage helps to let go of blockages which hold many men back from fully expressing their sexuality in authentic way. And healing happens when both partners are fully present. So if we connect knowledge and witness what arises, we can make space for real transformation to happen. And the last level Lingam massage works on is connection. I'm going to guide you as a couple into a more profound sense of connection. And I carefully made this course so that you will feel more balanced and totally blissed out after your practice. Some partner may even experience a deep merging on a spiritual energetic level. I certainly hope so. I hope by now you're ready to learn more about the original roots of Lingam massage, the exciting world of tantric sexuality. In tantra, an orgasm is actually considered as a glimpse of enlightenment. That's what makes a Lingam massage such an interesting practice for deeper soul connection. So before we get ahead of ourselves, keep in mind the three main levels Lingam massage touches, healing, pleasure and connection. Now let's have a look at this three important principles that are essential to keep in mind during your practice. First of all, the unconditional intention, the second one is communication. And the third one is non judgment. So the first principle is the unconditional intention. The why. So let me ask you a question, why are you here learning Lingam massage in the first place? What was your initial intention when you join the course? It's essential that as the giver your intention is free of any conditions. So if you can give purely for the joy of giving without expecting anything in return, that's the ideal scenario. Instead of a tit for tat mentality, or if I do you, you do me, simply be free of intention. There's no goal here, except whatever happens or whatever doesn't. It may seem ironic, but letting go of goals, like having an orgasm or keeping an erection, will lead to a much more honest and potent sexual experience. So instead focus on how you want to feel. Perhaps you want to feel more connected. So your intention could be, I intend to feel more connected, or I intend to stay open and curious. Or another intention could be, I intend to love and worship unconditionally. So as the one receiving the massage, ask yourself how do I want to feel during or after the Lingam massage? Try to allow yourself to receive fully, unconditionally without having that feeling to return the favor. Let go of that pressure to have an erect penis or ejaculate. When we set an intention we often start to expect and that impatient with the results. You don't need to try to achieve something. There is no goal, rather, this is a juicy experiment a new experience. If you're feeling pressure, then take a deep breath and embrace your feelings. If you're feeling excited, worried, anxious or concerned, then simply breathe. Look at how much you care about your partner. Give yourself a pat on the back for stepping into this amazing new experience. You are enough. You can stop this video shortly and again, ask yourself, how do I want to feel during or after the Lingam massage? Then write down your intention or share it with your partner if you're watching it together. By the way, if your partner is a little skeptical about the Lingam massage process, it helps to share your intention with them. If that doesn't work, you can sneak in some of the new acquired techniques, and they might get curious where you got that from and definitely one more. The second pillar is communication. When you practice a Lingam massage for the first time, there might be some resistance coming up for you, or your partner. As the giver you might be a bit nervous, whether you're doing everything correctly or not. Or as the receiver you might be worried that you ejaculate too soon, or that it might not work out for you. That's why communication is essential key to healing pleasurable and connecting Lingam massage. So I wanted to share with your partner honestly and transparent what's happening inside of you. Share your worries and share your needs. Communication is crucial before and after, but also during the massage. It's important to know how much pleasure the receivers actually experiencing. You will learn more about the pleasure scale in another video for now pause the video, and write down your worries and needs. Ask what am I worried about, and what do I need? If you watch this with your partner share it now with them, one person listens without interrupting the other one shares and then you switch. The last but also highly important principle for Lingam massage is non judgment. You may have many thoughts arising new ideas, sensations, or feelings coming up for you in the process, it is helpful to meditate so we can observe our minds natural tendency to react or judge. So, when judgment arises, try to witness it before you act on it. Ask is this really serving you? And then take a full breath out to let go. Try and find a neutral space where you can hold space for your own feelings and thoughts to arise, that any judgment pass on by. It is totally natural to have reactions and judgments, but they are not the point of this practice. So try and let any judgment pass like clouds in the sky, and stay focused on your intention. Honor your journey and value that process. You are perfect as you are in the here and now. And if you notice a lot of judgment of rising in your partner, then you can ease their concerns by giving an overview of what is to come. Go over the process with them and connect with them in a loving way, and share what you're going to do and how it will be done. I'm sure they're going to love it. And you will learn more about the process in the following videos. But a short introduction for your partner who's about to experience the massage is helpful, to short cut any judgments that may arise. Your partner may also feel the need to judge the experience itself. So for example, my partner loves the typical up and down stroke, and in the beginning he felt a bit bored with the new Lingam massage strokes that you're about to learn. I held space for his judgment and continue to explore this vast toolkit of pleasure. Soon, his ability to sense new pleasures had him thinking twice. A Lingam massage made things way more exciting and creative for the both of us. So as a takeaway for you, first of all setting intention. It doesn't matter what it is, it matters how you want to create that space. The second one is communication, before after, but also during the Lingam massage. And never let judgment rule the process. I'm going to share with you my number one secret that will make you a true lingam worshiper. You can invite you partner to watch this and learn my secret too. So off the top of your head, write down 5 names for penis. (soft music) Most probably you come up with mostly negative names, right? Like the most common names next to penis are cock, dick, prick, not the nicest names if you ask me. Digging a bit deeper you really find weird names that typically aren't very positive either. Like one night monster, anaconda, for instance. I believe we urgently need to revise our names for penis. Lingam is a beautiful word for instance, as it means wand of light in Sanskrit. If you're feeling dreamy then you could refer to the lingam as love lute, lance of love. Find your own beautiful word for this powerful organ. But honestly, a positive name isn't everything in becoming a great lingam worshiper. If you've been to India you've probably seen how they worship the Shiva lingam, which is the penis of their god, Shiva. If you're new to tantric philosophy, this may seem a little bit odd to you but we can see from how popular yoga has become, we can actually learn a lot from India. India has a huge belief system and we can find some supporting concepts to support our understanding of lingam massage. We can see a lot of love in this ritual worship of the lingam as a common symbol or metaphor in India. I invite you to bring the same love and devotion to this lingam massage offering. It may help you to connect deeper to your sexuality. A true lingam worshiper is someone who truly enjoys it. Someone who just loves the lingam. They love to touch it, caress it and spend time with it. Are you in love with lingam? Perhaps you need to heal your own relationship towards lingam first. Before you can genuinely worship with your whole heart. Are there perhaps negative associations? Old memories or negative feelings? I invite you to journal about this with your pen and paper. You can pause this video here to take your time to investigate or try this as a homework later. Embracing your fantasies in a safe and loving way is a good place to start. When you can accept your many fantasies, however wild, we can begin to open up and trust. From this open place, we can love and worship the lingam. So I invite you and encourage you to fantasize. So close your eyes for a moment and see yourself truly worshiping your partner's lingam or any imagined lingam. Men, I invite you to fantasize and imagine this experience of having your lingam worshiped. How does this feel? What do you see? Go ahead and close your eyes. (soft music) Now gently come back. If you are watching this with your partner, you can share your inner image and feelings with them. Or write it down and notice how this process makes you feel. It's actually very important that the worshiper, giver of the massage, energizes themselves before offering massage to their partner. So in your fantasy you may have been very turned on and lustful towards the lingam. That's the very trick. Allow yourself to be turned on too! Feel your own sensual being. You can for example squeeze your PC muscle, the muscle that you actually use to stop the stream during peeing to activate your sexual energy. It brings blood flow to your pelvic floor and creates sensations inside your body while you're giving the massage. So my first homework for you is to sit down with your partner and do a lingam gazing practice with them. This beautiful practice is not yet about massaging your partner or touching them, it's just about letting them lay there in front of you naked and you look at their lingam for about 3 to 5 minutes. Take a moment to gaze at the lingam go ahead, try this as an experiment. Play the role of the lingam worshiper and see what it does for your love life. I have a feeling you're going to fall in love with your partner again and again by seeing the lingam massage as an intimate act of worship. Hi, it's time to get a firm grip on the anatomy of the Lingam, if you know what I mean. Lingam is an ancient Sanskrit word for the male genital the penis. One of the many translations for this gorgeous word is wand of light it is my favorite anyways. A little anatomy goes a long way towards becoming a true master of Lingam massage. If you want to drive your partner wild with pleasure, then pay close attention and take some notes. It's time for your proper Beducation on the male anatomy. Most parts of the Lingam we can enjoy with our own eyes. So we can see the shaft which is that part of the Lingam. You can see the foreskin in this case it's already down. Moving the foreskin back you can see the head and the tip of the penis and anatomically referred to as glans. We have the urethral opening. And we have the frenulum, which is an elastic band of tissue under the glands that help contract the foreskin over the tip. So moving further down we have the scrotum and the perineum which is the skin area between the scrotum and the anus and of course we have also the anus. Others like the prostate and the testicles, we can feel only with our hands. If the receiver isn't circumcised the head is usually very sensitive especially when the Lingam is soft. So in this case be extra gentle and use enough oil or lubricant. With this basic understanding of your lovers anatomy, we can begin to explore. So discovering the anatomy with your gaze and your hands will give you a deeper understanding of the pleasure that awaits. When you are ready to begin the massage. Start at the perineum, at the scrotum and the shaft. Gradually arouse your love by slowly working your way to the sensitive tip. The tip of the Lingam similarly to the clitoris, will be too sensitive to immediately begin playing with. So enjoy some circling and stroking and stimulating here first. Once your partner is properly turned on the tip of the penis will be ready to receive your touch. The nerve endings around the frenulum, the underside of the shaft love slide caress and soft touch. Expect lots of lust when you carefully adore this sensitive part of your lovers Lingam. The underside of the shaft, around the frenulum area is like the male clitoris. (Mariah) Most men are actually unaware of this area, because rubbing the foreskin over the head of the penis, is their go to method to quickly reach explosive orgasm. This method makes them miss out on other areas. The scrotum is below the Lingam with the testicles. On right and left side. Like soft apricots. The scrotum is equivalent to the female vaginal lips. (Mariah) Caressing the scrotum gives an extra thrill. Check in with your partner frequently, especially here to make sure they enjoy it. For some the scrotum massage feels like heaven, but for others it can be uncomfortable even feel painful. It takes a bit of experience and practice to see what feels good around the scrotum, but it's worth taking the time to figure it out. The perineum between the anus and the scrotum is essential to truly practice the art of Lingam massage. Feel that little hill beneath the scrotum. (Mariah) That is the root of the Lingam. Explore it a bit further towards the anus and you will find a spot which seems softer and more elastic. This spot is full of nerve endings and pleasure potential. So if you press inside you can actually indirectly massage the prostate. The prostate is a gland about the size of a chestnut, and it is located above the perineum behind the pubic bone in the center of the pelvis. More and more people do recognize the prostate as the male G-spot. Although not for everyone the anus is an amazing pleasure organ it's close to the prostate and contains highly sensitive nerve endings. The anus has a bit of a bad reputation. Let's call it an image problem. You may find your lover or even yourself hesitant to be touched here. It takes a skilled lover to really open the anus to the pleasure potential it holds. The Lingam massage can be a very healing gateway to unknown male pleasures, and if you are feeling curious then the prostate massage module is for you. Let's be honest. The symbol of a large, erect penis is associated with masculinity. The false myth is that the bigger and more erect a lingam is, the more radiant, strong and virile a man is. This is, of course, not true. In a lingam massage, we worship the whole of the penis whether it's erect or soft. The thing is that many men feel ashamed if their lingam is soft when they think it should be hard. The issue is that we have taught men that there's something wrong with them if they can't get hard on demand. We shame them and then, as a result, they withdraw. Men are often longing for a bigger penis. Think of Viagra, penis pumps and other products and you can see what I mean. Most men think that women love big penises, but size isn't the issue here. Let's reframe the conversation and talk about compatibility. We're all looking for the right fit, right? Just like the lingam, women's vaginas or yonis come in all shapes and sizes. I can't emphasize compatibility enough. If a penis is too big for a vagina, it can be painful for the woman. And technically speaking, 2.5 to 7.5 centimeters is actually enough to give a woman a G-spot orgasm. Another myth is that the soft lingam means that the man is not feeling pleasure. This is simply not true either. Soft lingams can feel pleasure and have orgasms, same as hard lingams. In some areas like the head or the glands and the scrotum, the soft penis can feel even more. Anyone can experience pleasure, desire and orgasms with a soft penis. It's time to offer the soft lingam the same appreciation that the hard one receives. There can be many reasons why the lingam is soft, even when it's stimulated. With this in mind, so let go of the limiting belief that a firm lingam means you are satisfying your partner. It likely does not have much to do with how interested your partner is in you or how great of a lover you are. Male desire can exist on so many more subtle levels and be experienced in immeasurable ways. Certainly, the firmness of the lingam does not correlate with his masculinity or your desirability. During the lingam massage, the lingam will soften and if it is allowed without shame the receiver's heart may soften too. Your lover may become more vulnerable and more open and if you hold space for them to experience every moment of the massage without trying to maintain an erection. And, as a result, the emphasis may shift to a feeling that is more refined and more intimate. This is where healing truly starts. This course is all about expanding your understanding of male pleasure beyond your wildest dreams. What if I told you that men can orgasm without ejaculating. Think about that for a minute. This is a game-changer. And what if men could orgasm again and again continuously without stopping? Maybe you've heard of male multiple orgasms before or maybe you're like what, Mariah you're crazy, really! Conventional wisdom says that male orgasm is simple and straightforward and that it always requires an erection and it always involves ejaculation. Well, this is simply not true. We know that an erection and orgasm don't necessarily go hand in hand. Many scientists may have thought it impossible to have an orgasm without ejaculating. Yet Mantak Chia, one of the most famous Taoist teachers teaches hundreds of students to become multi-orgasmic. Also Hartman and Fithian recorded in their sexual logical studies 33 multi-orgasmic men. They showed that these men could consistently choose to have orgasms without ejaculation. Men can even attack late without an orgasm and feel no pleasure in it. And some men actually never learn to associate ejaculation with orgasm. Well, the good news is that men can learn how to separate orgasm from an ejaculation. This can lead to becoming multi-orgasmic. Sounds pretty great, right? So let's have a look at what exactly happens when men ejaculate while they orgasm. So check out this vertical axis on this chart. The vertical axis describes the pleasure scale from zero to 10. It indicates the level of pleasure a person is experiencing. The horizontal axis represents time or duration. So during foreplay, the male pleasure curve rises from zero pleasure to around four on the pleasure scales. Then further stimulation, for example during intercourse which is on average five point four minutes long, will lead to a so-called point of no return. By then the Lingam owner is at nine on their pleasure scale. The point of no return is when there's no turning back. The pleasure has built up to the point that it's incontrollable. That means ejaculation is inevitable if this pleasure threshold is crossed. Once the point of no return is crossed, the nervous system goes into an autopilot and the ejaculation can't be aborted anymore. This kind of explosive orgasm starts at the point of no return climbing the peak followed a few seconds later by ejaculation. After ejaculation, the man pleasure scale goes down and his erection is lost, and you know the story. Many men actually feel in a prompt loss of their sexual appetite, depending of their age and health of course, and it can even feel like a minor post-orgasmic depression. And as they say, what goes up must come down. So young man can sooner turn back to sexual plane continue but older men usually need to stop at that point. What is really interesting is that orgasm itself actually happens in the brain. We can see in brain scans, orgasm looks like an electrical storm. So orgasm happens in the mind, but ejaculation happens in the prostate and urethra. We can clearly see that they're two different things that usually, but not always, happen together. In reality, it's of course not that simple because orgasm also involves involuntary contractions. But my main point is that men can have one without the other opening up a whole new world of pleasure here. And of course, everyone is different. So some men may simply prefer to ejaculate with orgasm because they just love this kind of pleasure. However, usually more experienced men will want to develop their sexual powers and explore new orgasmic possibilities. So most of the pleasure comes from the orgasm itself rather than the ejaculation. So why not learn to have orgasm on top of orgasm for hours on end? I actually distinguish between explosive and implosive orgasm. So explosive orgasms are loud, intense and very physical in one particular part of the body. Again, it's when men step over the point of no-return and experience ejaculation hand in hand with an orgasm followed by loss of the sexual desire. For women the clitoral orgasm is actually quite similar only without the ejaculation of course. Implosive orgasms on the other side can be more subtle, deep and almost energetic. So it feels like it's floating through your whole body. And it might not happen between your legs but it can actually start from another part of your body. And they can occur multiple times. An explosive orgasm is like climbing a mountain and reaching a peak and then there's only one way down which marks the final destination of that pleasure journey. Whereas an implosive orgasm comes in waves and can go on and on. And an explosive orgasm comes with an involuntary contraction of your pelvic floor in your body. An implosive orgasm instead tends to support a continuous expansion of your pleasure into your whole body and also in your energetic body. So what would happen if you'd postpone the point of no return for a little bit and cool off and climb up the pleasure scale again? Let me ask all men here, I'm sure you all experienced a fast orgasm where you rush through the finish line as quickly as possible, right? You may have had orgasms where you lasted longer, perhaps edge to the point of no return, almost came, but then you didn't. And only after a long time, you decided to ejaculate. What orgasm felt better? I'm guessing you're going to say scenario number two. The one where you lingered and explored your pleasure before dipping over to the point of no return. So if you want to intensify and experience more pleasure, then men have to simply postpone the point of no return. It takes a bit of willpower and concentration but it's a very rewarding experiment. It's actually the same for all women in fact. So start with what I call riding pleasure waves, simply stay away from that point of no return and don't get close to this redline. Experience this little peaks of pleasure that unfold into a truly multi orgasmic experience. What I love about this is pleasure naturally raises your ability to experience more and more pleasure. You're expanding your ability to experience more and more sensation. And the point of no-return is pushed upwards while your ability to experience more and more pleasure increases. So just compare the level of pleasure of riding waves for a while with the level of pleasure of the fast orgasm. We're actually not at the same eight here anymore. The eight is suddenly more than 25. So over time, you open more and more to experience huge amount of pleasures. This expansion can eventually lead to non-ejaculatory or implosive orgasms. Experiencing ecstatic sensation you never knew possible. This process can begin to unfold simply by postponing the point of no return. You may be wondering exactly how you stay away from the point of no return and ride those waves of pleasure. There are two ways you can begin to explore this. And I'll give you more tools later in the course. So the first tool is to communicate the pleasure scale and stay below nine. I love the pleasure scale because it is so clear. It lets us communicate our degree of pleasure. And in this way, the giver knows exactly where the receiver's at. The Lingam muscles can then direct the energy accordingly so they don't accidentally guide their partner over the red line. We're aiming to sustain the experience, right? So if you're giving their Lingam massage, then introduce the pleasure scale and the point of no-return beforehand. During the massage, ask them what degree of pleasure they are experiencing on the scale of zero to 10. We want to maintain the pleasure level below eight just to be on the safe side. And nine means they're already about to pass that point of no return. So aim to move the pleasure threshold between four to eight to ride the pleasure wave and sustain the experience. In this practice, we want to communicate about the pleasure levels to avoid premature or unwanted ejaculation so we can ride the wave. Try to become a connoisseurs of pleasure here, learning to experience the dips and waves off the pleasure curve. The second tool is to push the point of no-return forward with edging. So check out my diagram that shows how we can intensify male orgasms by pushing the point of no-return forward. Otherwise known as edging. So it's a delicious sexual practice that also delays ejaculation. Edging shows and gives us a reference for the sometimes elusive point of no return. So playing around this danger zone is the first step to learn to ride pleasure waves. Here are the steps for you to practice edging. So first stimulate the receiver almost to the point of no-return, the edge, and then communicate frequently to know where they at on their pleasure scale. When you reach about eight, almost nine, pull back on the amount of stimulation. And I also recommend to slow down with your strokes and gently ease off to a stop. Let them cool off for a moment, then come back for another round, stimulate the Lingam until you come to the edge again. Over time, men will expand the ability to experience hayton sensations on the edge and ride the pleasure wave like a central Connoisseur. The eight will rise on that pleasure scale as they gain the ability to experience even more sensation. Explore edging with the foolproof pleasure scale as your guide and the art of Lingam massage lies in both communicating and knowing intuitively where the point of no return is. And through experience, you will know how to dip, spin, spiral, undulate and move the pleasure scale in central rhythms and waves to give your lover epic orgasmic experiences. Watch my next video where I share more about how we approach ejaculation in a Lingam massage and beyond. At this stage in your journey, we know that male orgasms are possible without ejaculation. This naturally raises the question, does a lingam massage end with an ejaculation? My suggestion is to offer the choice to the receiver. If ejaculation happens unintentionally, it should not be perceived as a failure. Learning to have implosive orgasms is natural for few number of men. While for most, it comes as an advanced skill through after many hours of training. So, communicate with your lover beforehand and during, if they want to experiment with implosive orgasms. Perhaps, they will change their mind during the massage, so stay flexible. Set an intention and try to stick to it, but be open to what comes up in the moment. This creates a better frame and also clarity for the both of you. In lingam massage, we actually tend to implode rather than explode. So, you raise the sexual energy up in the body, rather than pushing it away and releasing it. Body hacker like Tim Ferris and author of "The 4-Hour Workweek", shares that "Ejaculating less increases testosterone, sex drive and, also mental focus and efficiency." Who couldn't use more of that? This is nothing new. In ancient Chinese medicine, semen is viewed as life force energy. It is believed that every time a man ejaculates, he drains his vital power. If a man ejaculates too frequently, they believe his health will suffer. This is more obvious for older me, of course. And ejaculating frequently can lead to a lack of fertility, even impotence. That's what they believed. All that said, ejaculation is not your enemy. I'm a fan of making ejaculation special. It's what I call mindful ejaculation. OK, so hear me out. A mindful ejaculation is when a man is fully saying yes to it. And really sees it as something special. It's like when you're eating at a gourmet restaurant. If you ate there everyday, it wouldn't be special anymore, right? But consciously booking a table at your favorite restaurant and having a special night with your beloved is another story. So, if you as the receiver are watching this and choices to ejaculate, then enjoy it fully. No shame, no guilt, just pure pleasure. Approaching the experience with gratitude, thanking your partner and your body. And surrender into that relaxation and know that your energy will return soon. And at the same time, I'm asking you to be mindful and present about it. Notice what happens before and after the ejaculation. You can try to experiment and become your own sexpert. See what happens if you don't ejaculate for a week. And then compare it to what happens if you ejaculate for seven days in a row. Does your ejaculation, perhaps becomes flat or unexciting? You don't need to take my word for it, just do the experiment for yourself. Anyone can learn to be fully in control of their ejaculation. And when you have control over your ejaculation, you have the choice of when you to ejaculate. As oppose to ejaculating compulsively like most men. There's so many benefits to mastering ejaculation. A man can love for as long as he likes and give their partner epic pleasure. And then they can choose whether you want to ejaculate in the end or not. By the way, if you're watching this without the receiver, you can share this with you with them later on. A short word on premature ejaculation. If a man experiences uncontrollable premature ejaculation, it can feel very frustrating. Please never, ever judge. Remember the principles. Embrace them as they are in that very moment. The pleasure scale will support you and your partner to relax mentally, which is an important step to avoid premature ejaculation. Physically spoken, you need to make sure, as the giver, that you relax your partner deeply with the full-body massage and breath awareness that you will learn in the next module. Mastering ejaculation takes a lot of will power and dedication and patience. Men are actually rewriting deeply-rooted neurological patterns. And lingam massage is a powerful method for learning to separate orgasm from ejaculation, and experiencing implosive non ejaculatory orgasms. Men can train their bodies through dedication and self practice. So, make sure you check out the lingam self-massage for next steps in that direction. Mastering ejaculation is a life long journey, but I'm going to give you the best books, articles, and podcasts to get started. As the giver, the desire to make your lover ejaculate is natural. It's a basic biology. So, take a moment to listen to the story you're telling yourself. Embrace your partner where they're at and whether they choose to explore implosive orgasms or not. In this role, it is important to simply be supportive. Subconsciously or consciously, ejaculation is often the goal. Let go of that goal and allow yourself to relax into the practice itself. It is not important whether your partner ejaculates or not. The focus can be on your willingness to be present in the moment and accept whatever comes up. So, as a takeaway for you, it may seem strange, but my personal sentiment is that semen is precious and I try to use it as a precious gift of my partner. You can try relating to every part of your partner's body, sexual fluid and all in the same way. From this video onwards you will receive more practical knowledge on how to give or receive a healing, pleasurable and connecting lingam massage. So as a reminder here the four steps most practitioners follow. The first one is the warm up, the second one is to full body massage, the third one is the beautiful lingam massage itself and the fourth one is final integration. After you have created the right atmosphere and introduced your partner to the concept of the pleasure scale and the point of no return, you can begin now with the warm up. I know you've been waiting for this moment. The warm up can be approached in three playful rituals. So are you ready for some play? It is nice to offer a segue before we begin with a full body massage. You may be inclined to skip this part but don't, it creates both relaxation and connection so you both can go deeper into the experience. Initiate a pre massage ritual by setting the scene as we've covered in the previous videos. So you've scheduled at least two hours for the massage and created a beautiful atmosphere. If you're using oil, make sure it's warmed up and you're ready to be fully present in the moment. And for the givers, it is ideal if you take charge of setting the scene, actively holding the space so your partner can simply surrender and fully receive the experience. Begin by sitting with your partner face to face and take a few minutes to share your intention for the massage. This is a very important moment to connect and also awaken that intimacy between you. You may have some resistance coming up, but trust me, this step is vital. Once you've shared your intentions, then begin with an opening ritual. One of those connection rituals is awakening of the senses. Prepare an assortment of central tools to awaken your partner senses. You can blindfold your lover or ask them to gently close their eyes. An eye mask like this, or simply a scarf will do the trick for you. The idea behind this is that our other senses are heightened when we remove one from the equation by turning the gaze inwards, our sense of taste and touch and also smell are awakened. Enhance your lover's sensation by using a feather for example, or an aroma oil or even gentle touch. Some yummy fruit and chocolate and also sweet whispering words will be amazing for this. This is the time to play so explore and be creative here. Another one of those connection rituals is called eye-gazing meditation. This is one of my favorites and you should definitely give it a try. So sit in front of each other, face to face. Look your partner in their eyes, lovingly, aware, and consciously. Try to see what's behind their eyes. Sense that deeper connection and try to see beyond that superficial, that mask that we might build up in front of our physical bodies and try to gaze lovingly into their soul. I also invite solo practitioners into this meditation. It may feel odd, but it is a wonderful tool to cultivate self love. You can for example, take a mirror and focus on one of your eyes and try to recognize the magic within you. You can also introduce the lingam-gazing practice I've presented in module one. So for that take a few minutes or as long as you like and honor the lingam as a beautiful part of the whole. So fall in love with your lover's lingam in this practice. Ideally, you can practice both meditations, first the eyes then the lingam. We are working to overcome shyness here, so try to actively show you adoration and affection for the lingam. You can even bring your hands to the heart center and offer a moment of gratitude for this incredible instrument. Or you can also share any thoughts and feelings that come up in a loving way during that meditation. Another beautiful connection ritual, is the bathing ritual. Have a shower together, wash one another one at a time. Do it with a lot of presence and very slowly, with presence use the soap to glide along your partner's body and if you're by yourself, take a conscious shower in the same manner. Bathe yourself lovingly and centrally. Wash your body as if it were your temple. These are just a few ideas for how you can warm up and get into the mood for lingam massage. Use imagination. I want to encourage you to be creative and playful. Awaken your fantasies and create your own ritual. Welcome back. At this stage in our journey, we're ready to introduce the full body massage. As you can see by now, we're really taking our time to build up the actual Lingam massage. But we're definitely getting closer. Warming your partner up with a full body massage is the best way to ease them into a relaxed and ecstatic experience. Impulsive orgasms are often full body experiences. So in this massage, we're waking up each part of the body to be fully alive and open to receive pleasure. Men's sexual energy begins at the genitals and spreads outwards to the extremities. In Dowes Tantra, they say that the anatomy of the male arousal or male sexual energy begins at the lingam and opens outwards, moving like a spiral. With this in mind, technically, we could go for the gold and begin directly at the lingam. However, we don't want to heat them up too quickly. Rather a full body massage gives you a lot of the opportunity to arrive fully in their body. The massage helps them to relax, and connect that intuitive place where they can communicate their level of pleasure. So as a side note here, avoid rubbing bones directly or body parts that are irritated, like a skin rash or bone fracture of course. Okay, so once you have created the space and invited in Timothy through your connection ritual, You can invite your lover to lie down on their belly into the cozy love nest of towels, pillows, and sheets. Cover them with a blanket or sarong, and slowly take that blanket off to caress them with it. This will feel like in heaven for them. You can also use a feather to stimulate the senses again. Now you begin with the full body oil massage. Learning massage comes, of course, with experience, so the more you practice and receive massage, the better. Regardless of your level of experience, trust also your intuition and communicate with your partner. When your partner's comfortable and you're ready to begin, close your eyes and connect with yourself first before you actually touch your lover. Then rub your hands together to warm them up and generate some healing energy. A technique I like to use is what is call presence touch. So, simply place your hand one after the other on their back with all your awareness you've got. Stay there. Don't move. Just feel and connect. You can close your eyes again for that. And you tune into the receiver's body, listening to their body with your full awareness. Try also synching your breathing with their breath to ground the connection even more. There're different ways how you can use your hands to relax the receiver. A professional masseuse would typically sync their massage grip with the breath of the receiver. So the grip starts with the inhale, and ends with the exhale. You can rub the oil in your hands until it becomes warm. Or preheat it with placing the bottle in a bowl of warm water. Let the oil run over your hands or through your fingers to make this as smooth process. Heating the oil is nice because then your hands are free to remain in contact with your partner. In general, it's nice to maintain a continuous touch from start to finish, to not break the flow of energy. The more flowing the movements, the more relaxing it will be for the receiver. So start with gentle pressure in the beginning, and once the muscles are warmed up, you can apply a bit more pressure. The massage should be relaxing, so avoid any painful deep tissue massage. The more flowing the movement, the more relaxing it will be. There are various techniques how you can use your hands for a full body relaxation. You can try them out on yourself, also to practice, or if you're watching this with your partner, practice along with me on their back. So the first technique I would like to show you is the full hand slide. The fingers are together, and the hands are relaxed. With soft, continuous pressure, giving long gentle slides. You can massage up along the spine, and down along the sides of the waist. Continue syncing your breath with the movement. You can alternate the full hand slide, gliding one up and the other down. Do a v-form with the full hand slide, cross your hands and let them slide outwards and then cross them again. I personally love to rub the lower part of the back, the sacrum by gliding with the full hand slide back and forth really fast. It's stimulating important nerves and has an activating effect on the sexual energy. Another technique you can do is the thumb slide. Your palms are next to each other. The tip of the thumbs are moving in circular motion forward. This is great for the back or lower arms and shin. You can also alternate the sliding of the thumbs with single strokes. For that stretch the skin with one hand and glide with the other hand, thumb forward with stronger pressure. There's also the heel of hand slide. Press your heels onto the area you want to massage. And your fingers are in the air. Use your whole body weight instead of just pressing with the arm. This way, muscles are being pressed on the bone and circulation starts. Use the fist slide for back, feet, and thighs. Simply slide your fist forward in an easy and relaxed manner. It works into the muscle tissue, and it is similar to the heel of hand slide. You can use the finger acupressure technique as well. It is especially used when there are harder spots or tensions in the body. You can also use the thumb acupressure technique for more stability and strength. Another way to apply acupressure is with the palms or with the knuckles. All acupressure techniques with the finger, thumb, palms, and knuckles are great for dearmoring numb areas or tension in the body. The hand squeeze technique is great for arms and legs. For that, squeeze the legs in opposite directions. If the area turns red, don't worry, then you know that a strong plaque circulation is activated. Another technique is the finger squeeze. For that, glide your thumbs outwards using your finger to squeeze into the moving skin parts. This technique is great for muscle dense body parts like lower back, feet, and hands. Or as a variation, you can use your thumb, and index, and middle finger to squeeze skin together and pull it away from the body. I love to use the angel stroke to let energy flow through the body and make the receiver feel like in heaven. For that, use your finger tips. And also, to give a nurturing head massage, this is an amazing practice. Of course this only gives you a few ideas. Freestyle with those and remember to always communicate when in doubt. In this part, better be too soft than too strong, especially if massage is new to you. During a massage, energy is exchanged between the giver and the receiver. So if you're giving the massage, then be aware of your inner state of being as well as your physical comfort. Giving a massage can be physically demanding and also exhausting particularly if it is new for you. So sitting in the right position will help you relax and feel more comfortable so that you can give freely. Whether you're massaging on the bed or on the floor, it is helpful to know how to sit so that you can enjoy the experience. Let me show you a few positions that will help you to feel more comfortable. You can try the classic cross-legged position. This is great for massaging the head, and also the feet. You can place one leg of the receiver above yours to reach better. Also, this position is especially great when you're massaging the lingam itself. For some people, the cross-legged position is comfortable. Where for others, you might need to use a cushion below your buttocks and knees to feel more comfortable. Another position is sitting on both knees. Place something underneath your knees for maximum comfort. You can also prep with a cushion between your heels and glutes for extra support. You can also sit on top of your partner when you're massaging the back. You can also sit on one knee and stand on one foot if you are for example, massaging the back of the receiver. You can also switch to sit on the side of the receiver. And if you don't need a lot of acupressure for the massage, this is a great one for you. Definitely take the time to get comfortable as the giver. The whole massage experience will benefit from it. Breathe is essential to awaken the depth of you and your partner's pleasure. Breathing consciously with full awareness will heighten the pleasure found through lingam massage. In various cultures, breath is seen as a vital energy. It is fuel for life. It's an important instrument for training ourselves to focus and expand our ability to give and receive more and more pleasure. In particular, breath practices can give us both energy and awareness, and we can use it in our Lingam Massage. Energy and breath are interconnected. Everything that we do requires energy and oxygen. And the more creative, active and aware we are, the more energy we require. So deep and conscious breathing creates energy, energizing us so we can experience life to its fullest. Energy flows where the mind goes. So bringing awareness during the massage to our breath helps us stay present with the moment rather than drifting off. When you receive a lingam massage, you will also experience many sensations in your body. So naturally, you may lose your awareness as the mind tends to wander. So constantly bringing your awareness back to your breath and it will help you to stay in your body. If you find your mind wandering, just come back to the breath. I recommend both partners to use breath as a constant companion during the whole lingam massage. (mumbling) invite your partner to come back to the breath if you notice them drifting off. Here're my five different breathing techniques to use during the massage. My first one is simply feeling breath. So I would like to invite you to close your eyes for a moment. Now, start to follow your breath, how it's naturally flowing in and out. Try just to follow your breath instead of alternating it or changing its rhythm. Feel the oxygen flowing inside of your body, how's caressing your throat and filling up your lungs. So nothing needs to change here, just simply become aware of your breath. Feel how I watching the breath, it naturally brings you back into the body. Feel how your body's nurtured by the natural inhale and exhale of your lungs. You can now gently open your eyes again. Notice how simple that exercise was and how immediately it was anchoring your awareness inside of your body. Now the second breath that I would like to show you today is the rhythmic full breath. It's a bit more of a dynamic breath. So for this breath, rhythmically breathe in deeply and out in a relaxed manner. I want you to breathe in through your mouth. So emphasize on the inhale and allow the exhale to happen naturally by itself. You can move your lips as if you're sucking a big straw. It's actually important to stay relaxed. So let's do it now together. So I'm breathe in through my mouth, (breathing in like slurping) and exhaling in a relaxed manner. (both breathing with rhythm) Keep breathing and feel how the oxygen is nurturing your body. Enjoy the full rhythmic inhale, now keep breathing flowing without pausing between the inhale and exhale. And let the strong breath awaken your senses and fuel your body with healing oxygen. If you want, you can move your pelvis with the rhythm of your breath. So I'm breathing in, moving my pelvis forward, and moving out, moving my pelvis backward. (breathing with rhythm) You can imagine that when you're inhaling, you bring energy from your genitals all the way up along the back of your spine to your head, and then let it cascade down the front of the body, spilling over the crown of the head back to your genitals. So I'm breathing in, (breathing with rhythm) You can add, on top of all of that, an extra pelvis squeeze on the inhale to intensify this sensation. By the way, there's an amazing partner practice that you can do with this breath tool. So simply hold your hands and start moving in a circular manner, alternating the breath. So when you inhale, the partner exhales, and vice versa. (both breathing with rhythm) The next breathing technique is the lingam breath. This technique only works for man. So start with the full rhythmic breath, (man breathing with rhythm) now imagine your lingam is a tube and you're breathing in from the tip of your penis on the inhale and to the root of the penis, and on the exhale, breathing back from the root to the tip again. Now, breathe in this manner a few times and feel your lingam fully, release any tension in the lingam and letting go with the exhales. Another way is to imagine that you're breathing into your genitals like a straw. So use your mind to move the energy in and upwards as you inhale, and on the exhale, let the energy move out and downwards. The next breathing awareness technique is the energy circle. So for that, I would invite you to follow along with me. Now, take a deep breath strongly into your nose, and imagine during the inhale energy, white light flows from your pelvis all the way up the spine to the tip of the head, and as you exhale through the mouth, imagine light is flowing down to your pelvic floor. So again, breathe in through your nose, exhaling through your mouth, and let the energy circle in your beam, breathing in, white energy penetrates from the pelvic floor all the way up to your crown, breathing out, energy naturally sinks down back to your pelvic floor. (breathing with rhythm) Now, gently come back and open your eyes. Just feel the effects how the energy was circling through your body, naturally nurturing your whole beam. The last breathing technique I'm going to show you is tantric breath. You again start to take a full inhale through your mouth, (breathing in like slurping) and imagine the breath is moving all the way down to your pelvic floor, and on the exhale at the sound "ah", with the intention of letting go. In this sound, you can express whatever is alive in you. So I'm breathing in, (breathing with rhythm) (both breathing with rhythm) if you are the giver, you can support the receiver in sounding and expressing by doing the same exercise. Avoid holding your breath in a contracted state at any time of the lingam massage. Try not to clench your whole body and tense up during the lingam massage. Even though in some moments, it might seem like the right thing to do, tensing up is actually counterintuitive to activate in sexual energy. So, instead, try to keep breathing with deep belly breaths. If strong emotions or sensations are coming up for the receiver, use breath as a guide to surrender to those sensations. This is also true for very strong pleasure. If the receiver keeps breathing, the pleasure waves will continue to flow through the body. As a takeaway, don't underestimate the power of the breath. Try to keep it constantly flowing and stay present with it. The breath is the key to unlocking the magic of lingam massage. In this module you'll learn how to practice the Lingam massage as a couple finally. Again the actual Lingam massage consists of four steps. The first one is the warm up. The second one is the full-body massage. The third one is the actual Lingam massage. The fourth one is the final integration. You already learned different connection rituals for the warm up and the foundations of a full-body massage. At this stage you're probably primed and ready to move deeper into the intimacy of Lingam massage as a couple. To begin the massage you'll learn the Lingam Heart-Ritual. This ritual is the transitional moment just before you begin to massage the Lingam. The ritual is designed to help your partner connect their Lingam with their heart. It's also another moment for the giver to honor and adore the Lingam like an act of worship. So when you sense your lover's fully relaxed after the warm up and full-body massage sit in between their legs with your legs crossed. I personally love to make this moment very mindful, so Lingam gazing will be a great way to prepare you for the Lingam heart ritual. Ask gently if they are ready for you to touch their Lingam. Always ask for consent. Now place your left hand on their heart and gently place your right hand on the perineum, the place between the anus and the root of the penis. Then gently apply pressure with your right palm. With your hands lovingly holding these two energy centers and see if you can connect them together in your mind. Try and unite the heart and the Lingam through your loving touch. Engage your intention and the energy of your body to merge the energy of the heart and the Lingam. Feel the heart's energy moving into your heart through the left hand and give love out to the right hand. Try emitting this loving energy you have just received back into your body through your right hand. In this practice we are creating a kind of energy circuit. Receiving love through our left hand and giving through our right hand in the continuous loop. Stay there for a while and just practice and also trust your inner voice. It will let you know when it's time to move on. I recommend to move intuitively, so when you're ready very very slowly release your right hand from the perineum first. Then move your left hand down from the heart to the Lingam holding it firmly with two hands. You can internally bow or do an actual bow if you feel inspired to set the tone of reference and devotion we are aiming for in this Lingam massage. I hope this supports you to begin this Lingam massage practice with a whole lot of heart. In the next video you'll learn all about the Lingam massage strokes. I'm so excited to teach you a wider variety of lingam massage stroke techniques for a more creative way to stimulate the lingam. Offering a little bit of encouragement to your lover to explore and try something new will go a long way and after this course, you will be well equipped to help them expand their orgasmic horizons. It actually takes time to learn how to receive this kind of touch and break out of old habits. I personally love to play with the intensity and the speed of each stroke. So just make sure to stay in communication with the receiver and also use the pleasure scale the you already learned to avoid a quick ending of the lingam massage. I personally recommend practicing each stroke at least one minute or two just to get the hang of it. And if you notice your lover really enjoyed one certain stroke, then definitely revisit them. Naturally, your lover may be very curious to watch you do your new magic. I recommend either a blindfold or encourage them to close their eyes. It's not about them seeing and understanding. We want them to fully feel into this experience, which is, of course, much easier with closed eyes. Just stay patient. This process is slow to unfold. If you don't receive immediate feedback, that's totally okay. Some strokes take a bit longer to take effect whereas others will have your lover moaning with pleasure right away. My general recommendation is to slow down. If we move slowly, together with the breath of the receiver and also our own breath, it helps us to stay present and keep the body awareness alive. You already flowed through the full body oil massage and the beautiful lingam hot mutual and are by now sitting cross-legged between his legs. Now we're ready to truly worship the lingam. You can stop this video now and get a toy or you can also use a cucumber and start practicing with me along. Apply plenty of oil before the first stroke. For that, place one hand on the lingam and use the other one to pour oil over your hand. There's also The Oil Move where you slide your hands from the perineum all the way up to the lingam alternating your hand slide and spreading the oil. The next strokes which I will be sharing with you will be very healing for the receiver and meditative for the both of you. So we have, for example, the Heart Slide, which reminds the receiver of the lingam-heart connection. With his lingam lying on his stomach, hold the root of his shaft with one hand. Then stroke softly up to his heart with your other hand and then back down on the sides. Then switch your hands and repeat the sensual movement again. Now let's continue with the Lingam Shiatsu. This is a great technique to apply at the beginning of the lingam massage. So stroking with this technique will ground your lover and slowly awaken the lingam. Start from the root of the shaft, pressing the lingam with your thumbs and index finger. After you press then you release and move up centimeter by centimeter. And then repeat from the shaft again. Don't forget to apply this pressure also on the side of the lingam. The next stroke is the Rock Around the Clock. For that stroke, alternating with both hands from the root to the tip of the lingam, you are moving it like a hand circling all around the clock. And after one round, you can switch directions and move counter clockwise. This stroke works only when the lingam is soft. Don't do this when the lingam is erect because you can actually really hurt the receiver. The next beautiful stroke is the Belly Delight. This is a great stroke to apply when the lingam is also still soft. So stroke gently, sliding the hands up towards the belly of the receiver. So you slide again from the root of the shaft, moving all the way up to the belly and you're actually pressing the lingam a little bit into the belly. And you can slide on the sides of the belly down. Another beautiful meditative stroke is Greeting the Frenulum. With the tip of your thumb, I recommend you circle around the frenulum. The frenulum is an elastic band of tissue under the head of the penis that connects the foreskin. You'll find heaps of nerve endings here, so I recommend to circle first in one direction and after some time, you switch directions. You can also tease with the thumb and your index finger. So you can hold the frenulum and sort of stroke it a little bit up and down, pressing and squeezing it very gently. Make sure you watch the receiver. I recommend taking time for this stroke as it becomes really delicious over time and it's a beautiful meditation to really sink into one spot of the lingam. The slower and more present you are with this stroke, the more magical it actually becomes. Also, don't stimulate other parts simultaneously. So rather, go deep into this motion by focusing on the frenulum itself. It can actually be a practice in itself. This is a full body experience and I recommend to move at this stage to the perineum to activate this area too, then move via the scrotum strokes, which I will give you in a moment back to the lingam itself. So let's start with the Perineum Massage. For that, use your thumbs to massage the perineum, rolling endlessly. By the way, you're indirectly massaging the prostate here. Now you can use your index, middle, and ring finger to move in small or bigger circles. You can massage, in the same manner, the perineum with acupressure. For that, simply pulse in deeply. It can actually take quite some pressure, and apply pressure, keep hold it, and then release. You can also form a V with your index and middle finger and massage the perineum to the sides of the scrotum. Another amazing perineum stroke is to vibrate the perineum. For that, I recommend you make a fist and place the front of the fist at the perineum. Then press in and keep that pressure for a little bit, but communicate with your partner what amount of pressure they enjoy. Then you start to vibrate gently by shaking your fist but keeping the pressure on the perineum. Then after some time, you can move the fist and turn it a little bit and continue with the vibration. So the next strokes are dedicated to the scrotum of your partner. They're also an important pleasure source on top of the lingam. The scrotum massage can literally carry your partner away. Just see for yourself, but I recommend to stay in communication because some men actually feel very sensitive around their scrotum so be very delicate. The first stroke on the scrotum is going to be the Ring Bells stroke. For that, form a snug circle between your left thumb and index finger to hold the scrotum tightly together. The skin of the scrotum will gently stretch, so be gentle and take care not to squeeze the testicles. Use your other hand to caress the testicles. You can gently tease the testicles or even pluck them a little bit. If the receiver is very close to an eight or a nine on their pleasure scale, but you want them to keep on longer, you can actually use this stroke to help them cool down. Just leave the caressing part out, meaning you stretch the scrotum but away from the body and you stay there. Let's continue with the tingling of the scrotum. So stay, again, in communication with your partner, use your fingertips from below the scrotum and stretch down and tingle them into bliss. The next stroke I'm going to show you is the Balls Stroke. For that, slide your hands, alternating from the perineum over the scrotum all the way up to the shaft and the head of the lingam. Keep those strokes coming. The next stroke I'm going to share with you is The Ring. For that, form a ring a ring around the scrotum, again between the base of the lingam and the testicles. Be careful not to squeeze the testicles. Now move the scrotum up and down and simultaneously move the lingam also up and down. Now these next strokes I'm going to show you will be heating up things for your partner, so use them mindfully and with care, constantly checking in on their pleasure scale to make sure it's not ending quickly. These strokes can be nicely used for edging and riding waves but for more tools and tricks, make sure you check out the next video. One of those highly pleasurable strokes is Skiing. Hold the lingam on the sides with both hands and ski with your thumbs, alternating from the root to the tip of the lingam and up and down. Definitely experiment with speed and also pressure here. The next lingam massage stroke which I found is unforgettable for the receiver is the Screwdriver. For that, use both hands surrounding the lingam and move in opposite directions. My next stroke for you is the Healing Stroke. It sounds quite innocent but trust me, it's way more than that. So hold the lingam with both hands and stroke with one hand up to the belly and with the other hand down the the testicles. Now stay here, gently stretching the lingam before you repeat. Another cheeky one is Jelking. For that, hold the lingam with one hand and jelk it, alternating with the other hand up. Be very careful, this is very stimulating. The next two strokes are siblings. So start with the Fire Maker. To make fire, place the lingam between your straight hands and start rubbing it together like a fire stick. Make sure you use enough coconut oil for this stroke. To cool off, continue with the other sibling, the Rain Maker. Sprinkling your finger tips in a tapping manor up and down along the lingam, from the top to the root, like rain falling. The next stroke is The Prayer stroke. It's highly arousing even though it sounds quite gentle. So, to do The Prayer, hold your hands like in a prayer surrounding the lingam. Now move in different speeds up and down. Another very similar stroke is the Crossed Prayer. Similar as in Prayer, hold your hands, but this time with crossed fingers, surrounding the penis. Now, slide your thumbs along the inside of the lingam, massaging the lingam nicely. As a small variation, you can simply cross your thumbs as well. The next technique is The Stroke. For that, move from the lingam root up to the head. Alternating hands and repeat this movement nine times. Now, when you finished with nine times, stroke from the head all the way down, also nine times. When you're done, change directions again and repeat it eight times in both directions. Be aware that this movement is very similar to the exciting up and down movement, so use it wisely. If you are in the edging mood, use the Skyscraper. So hold the lingam with your strongest hand and mindfully move your hands up and down playing with pressure and speed. This stroke is highly familiar to the receiver. You'll see. I recommend the stroke especially if you want to edge your partner towards the point of no return to intensify the pleasure. This stroke will always work in case you haven't found any other strokes that'll heat up the receiver. Use the Prayer or the Crossed Prayer as an alternative here. Now, the next strokes are mainly massaging the glans of the lingam. Know that they can be highly arousing and in the same time, overstimulating. So make sure you add extra massage oil on the glans for a smooth experience and stay, of course, always in communication with your partner. One of those strokes is The Juicer. It's as juicy as it sounds. For that, stroke the foreskin down, holding the root of the lingam with one hand and placing your other hand and fingertips on top of the head, juicing the tip from right to left, as if you were juicing a lemon. And you can switch directions. Now you'll learn The Snake. Gently stretch the foreskin down, holding it down with one hand. Your right thumb and index finger form a snug circle just below the head of the penis, and then turn that clockwise as far as your wrist permits. Repeating that movement continuously. Then you can change directions. The next stroke is the Rainbow Rub. For that stroke, again the foreskin down as needed and hold the root with one hand. Place your other palm on the head, the glans of the lingam, and massage it gently in circles. Now let's tease the Crown of the King. For this stroke, hold again the root of the lingam with one hand and form a ring with your index and thumb, again surrounding the lower part of the glans. Then gently massage in circles. And change directions. The next stroke and also last stroke the works on the glans is the Palm Boogie. It's a bit similar to the Rainbow Rub but a bit more active rocking and extroverted. Well, it's a sort of boogie. So stroke the foreskin down if needed and hold it with one hand at the root. Place your other palm on the glans and simply go boogie. The last three strokes I would like to show you are mainly resting strokes. These can feel delicious when the receiver is in a very meditative and slow space or when they are practicing a more intense breathing awareness technique like the rhythmic breath or the lingam breath. One of those strokes is The Pause. This one is not really a stroke actually, but indeed a pause from the stroke. For this one, lay one hand on the lingam and one hand on the testicles. Hold still, but without pressure. This one is great if the receiver needs to cool off or take it down a notch. Another resting stroke is The Man's Cave. Hold the lingam with both hands and try to touch as much skin as possible and hold. And the final stroke you're going to learn here is the Hold Me. Hold the lingam with both hands tight and intensify the pressure, but stay, of course, always in communication with the receiver if it feels great for them. Once you've tried all the strokes, go back to the one that turned the receiver on and start playing with edging and riding waves. Please watch the next video for further guidance. And if the receiver wants to ejaculate in the end, support them in this process but stay, of course, always mindful with it. If the receiver wants to continue with an anal prostate massage, support them too, of course. In any case, I recommend to spread the energy into the body after the main lingam massage strokes. For that, glide with a full hand slide from the lingam up the the heart and back to the sides. Stroke from the lingam up to the nipples, armpits, and back down the arms. And stroke also from the lingam down to the thighs and back inside the thighs. Afterwards, don't forget to move into the integration stillness phase. I shared with you 30 different ways how to massage and worship the lingam. These techniques may stimulate a different response in your partner than you and they are used to. You may have aroused them quickly or they may have stayed soft the entire experience. Remember there is no goal here. Either way is totally fine. Accept whatever comes up for you. In this course, you'll develop skills to support your lover unconditionally and trust in the process. The more familiar you become with the material, the easier it gets. In this practice, we awaken and integrate the pleasure in a harmonious and balanced way. So after you've played with all the lingam massage strokes, your partner's sexual energy may be fully activated. That means it's time to explore edging and riding pleasure waves together. I will now share with you a few tools that you can use during this phase of the lingam massage to balance the sexual energy of the receiver. Having a few ways to balance the sexual energy if it's too high or too low is very helpful towards achieving our full pleasure potential. To awaken and at the same time harmonize sexual energy and reach the full pleasure potential, learn the following tools. The first tool I'd like to share with you is the spiral theory. So from the start, men love to have their lingam touched. Their sexual energy begins at the genitals and spirals outwards. Whereas for women, sexual energy begins at their extremities and the spiral goes inwards. So make sure that you're moving the spiral outwards, directing the energy with the movements and your intention. So, we don't want the energy to stagnate and be concentrated just at the center. The pleasure has to go. If you open up and direct the energy in this spiral, the massage becomes then a full body experience rather than limited to just the lingam. So build up their pressure riding the wave and then spread the energy outwards. You can simply use a full hand slide to glide from the lingam all the way up to the heart of the receiver and then back on the sides. This will be spreading the energy into the full body. This gives the concentrated energy a direction to move in an intuitive undulating movement. You can edge towards the point of no return and then sensually pull the energy outwards to ripple out into the full body. So, another amazing tool that you've actually already learned is edging. We've explored edging as the existential key to intensify male orgasms. It's also a wonderful way to help your lover ride those waves of pleasure. So as your partner edges towards the point of no return, slow down and ease in and change up the strokes or gently come to a pause and give them a moment to catch their breath. So explore and see what happens. In the beginning, you can simply pause or stop completely and then over time, once you get used and your receiver also knows exactly where their point of no return is, you can move to just slowing down or switching the stroke. Another amazing stroke while the receiver is very high on their pleasure scale is the ring bells. I already shared this with you. So just remember, you actually don't caress the testicles. You just stretch the balls away from the body. This is again a great stroke to relax the scrotum and ground your partner into their body. Another amazing tool that you can use to help the receiver edge or ride their pleasure is to use other reflex zones to build up pleasure. So, the penis hotspots will actually vary from person to person. But the frenulum, so where the underside of the head meets the shaft, is one of the most sensitive areas of the lingam. There are actually many nerve endings that live there and give rise to intense amounts of pleasure. Don't forget the testicles and the perineum as well especially if you notice that your receiver is very sensitive to the lingam touch. Another way to use the reflex zones is to connect the north and south. By touching the stomach, pinching and stroking the nipples, and massaging down to the lingam and up again. Also experiment with all strokes and figure out which one climbs the pleasure scale. So certain strokes are brilliant to take your partner very deep into the experience and some of them can have very meditative energetic effect, where others will be very arousing and helping your partner to climb the pleasure scale quickly. It's important for you to know that it's not about keeping them on a constant high but actually riding those waves. That means that you're allowing also the valley to happen. As the giver, your task is to figure out which ones climb the pleasure scale and with those you can support your partner in edging and riding their pleasure waves. Make sure you use the pleasure scale of course that you've already learned to communicate when it's getting hot. So encourage the receiver to say at what degree on the scale they are at, especially when things are heating up. Only they know exactly where they are at, right? So simply ask them, "Where are you at on your pleasure scale?" Another tool is the TABS method. Use the TABS method when the receiver is at a nine or higher on their pleasure scale. Keep tabs on your partner's pleasure level so you can ride the wave with them to the bliss of multiple orgasm. TABS actually stands for think, avoid, breath, and squeeze. So this is the last resort to keep the receiver in the zone of having implosive orgasms. If the receiver is not watching this material, make sure you share it with them. So let's look at what think means. As the receiver, simply think about something else. I personally recommend instead of thinking about your grandma, think of the center of your forehead. You can even gently look up towards the center of your forehead and focusing on the center of your forehead emphasizes that focus that you wanna achieve. Then avoid is another point when you're heading towards the point of no return. So the head is the most sensitive part of the penis. As the receiver, tell your giver to stroke further down your shaft. So if you are heating up too fast, you can simply ask them to pause. Then let's look at breath. Use a full rhythmic breath or a full belly breath to bring oxygen and focus into your body. Breathing directly into your chest may actually stress you out even more. So relax your shoulder and breathe calmly. Squeeze is another very important part of the TABS method. So, squeeze your PC muscle hard like you're doing an intense kegel. Hold that squeeze for at least 10 seconds. The longer you can hold, the more you will be able to spread the energy through your entire body and focus on lifting the energy upward. It will help you to last longer or avoid explosive ejaculatory orgasms. Another thing you can try is doing a few medium-length squeezes or a bunch of very fast ones. Training your PC muscle is a very sophisticated secret to last longer. So becoming master of your sexual energy and control your ejaculation requires always your PC muscle. So you want to make it a whole body experience, then use the BMS method. This is again for the receiver. So to intensify the sensations that you're experiencing in your body and move the pleasure through your body you can use BMS. Breath, movement, sound. Use the breathing tools that you've already learned in previous modules. (breathing deeply) And also move your body and hips to create that movement. It actually helps you to expand and allows you more activation. And also use sound like ah to spread pleasure throughout your body. Sounds like ah will help you to experience full body pleasures better. And another last but highly efficient tool to edge and ride waves is sublimation. Sublimation here refers to moving energy from a lower and also slower frequency to a higher, more refined and faster frequency of vibration. This is actually great when the receiver feels sexual energy is stuck in their genitals and it's not moving into their whole body. So sublimation can be achieved by simply the mind of the receiver. So, as the receiver, bring your attention to your genitals and as you're approaching the point of no return, slow down, breathe, and visualize that the energy is moving from your pelvis upwards through the heart and all the way up to the crown of your head. You can support this action by squeezing your pelvic floor. As the giver, you can also sublimate internally to intensify the action. So let's do this together. So I'm imagining my sexual energy is sitting right at the center of my womb. So for women it's at the womb on the pelvic floor and for men it's at the lingam on the pelvic floor. And I'm squeezing my PC muscle. So I'm squeezing and relaxing, squeezing and relaxing, squeezing and relaxing, and with each squeeze I'm pulsating that energy along my spine all the way up to the crown of my head. So this is an amazing way to really activate that sexual energy first of all and bring it up to a higher level of self-consciousness and awareness. So apply these powerful tools together with the lingam massage strokes and you will together discover an incredible source of pleasure. By the way, I created an extra video for all the receivers to help them debunk the masturbation patterns. Practicing this on top of the lingam massage will support them riding the waves into implosive orgasms. So check that out. The last stage of our lingam massage should not be overlooked. Take time to receive the full benefits of your experience. And don't underestimate the importance of closing this experience mindfully on both you and your partner as you allow the massage to thoughtfully come to a close. One of the aims of lingam massage is to allow for emotional release and healing to happen on a deeper level. Perhaps your partner experienced ecstatic moments of bliss, or they may have released shame, and guilt, or fear. Help your partner to integrate whatever comes up before they move out into the world and on with their day. When you have completed the massage, slowly begin to transition into the closing lingam-heart ritual. Placing the left hand on the receiver's perineum and the right hand on the heart to connect both centers again. If the receiver ejaculated, their lingam will be sensitive so be very delicate here. If they didn't ejaculate, follow your intuition. You know when to finish. Simply follow your gut feeling and your physical boundaries as well of course. So be kind to your body as a giver. Giving is challenging on many levels. It can be physically and emotionally or even mentally, exhausting at first. So do as much as you can while honoring the boundaries you need. The ideal way to integrate is to pause, rest, and simply be still. In a meditative stillness, the receiver can witness and reflect on what's happened. It can take time in a restful and calm state to let the chu sink in. As they begin to settle, the integration will happen naturally. Support your partner to have a gentle landing by staying present with them and gently allow them to rest. You can feel connected to them by being energetically supportive as you wind down the physical aspects of the massage. Cover your lover with a blanket and give them space. You can sit by their side and meditate in stillness for five to 10 minutes.

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